What Have You Been Putting Off?

I cleaned out my bedroom closet this morning. I’m not sure what got me started. But once I got going, I couldn’t stop. I literally got rid of half my stuff.

a clothes rack full of shirts neatly in a row

I can’t tell you how good I felt after clearing out all this clutter. With the recession, less is the new more.I completed the whole task in about an hour, using three criteria:

  1. Does it fit? I had clothes from a time when I was heavier—and thinner. I tossed both.
  2. Is it in style? I don’t buy clothes that are too trendy, but I still had stuff that I would be embarrassed to wear now. I swear, I had some clothes dating back to the Reagan administration.
  3. Is it in good repair? Some of my favorite sweaters were downright natty. A couple of my suits were worn or stretched out.

This was a good reminder that those tasks we keep putting off, don’t really take that long to accomplish. Getting started is the hard part.

Question: What have you been putting off that you just need to do? Extra credit: What should I do with all the clothes I need to toss: charity? consignment? eBay?

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