What Story Are You Telling with Your Life?

If you have followed my blog for more than a few months, you know that I am a huge fan of Don Miller and, especially, his most recent book, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years: How I Learned to Live a Better Story. In fact, I recently had the men in my Mentoring Group read through the book and discuss it. It is life-changing.

That’s why I am so excited to share with you about Don’s Storyline Conference. This is a two-day event held in Portland, Oregon on June 6–7. Don designed this conference to help you examine your life—who you are and who God created you to be—and then guide you through the process of creating a more meaningful story.

Gail and I will be attending the conference this year. We are really excited. It could not be coming at a better time for us. I want to invite you to come along. I do hope you will sign up. I think it will be well-worth your while.

Don also has a special treat in store. Everyone who attends The Storyline Conference will have the opportunity to test-screen the new movie, Blue Like Jazz, based on his book by the same title. Director Steve Taylor and cinematographer Ben Pearson will continue to work on the movie, but the Storyline audience will be able to give their feedback before they make their final changes.

In case you are wondering, The Storyline Conference is designed for:

  • Those interested in personal development;
  • Those in the midst of a transition; and
  • Those who want to live a bigger, more compelling story.

Over the course of two days, you will discover:

  1. How you are uniquely wired
  2. How to create a filter for your major decisions
  3. How to be motivated by a single life-purpose
  4. How to take up every day knowing what you are supposed to do
  5. How to inspire the world with the story you are attending
  6. How to partner with God in the work He is already doing
  7. How to create a a storyline you can reference for the rest of your life

If you want to register for the conference, you can do so here.

Questions: What sounds interesting to you about this conference? Why would you like to attend? You can leave a comment by clicking here.
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  • http://www.leahadams.org Leah Adams

    Unfortunately I am already scheduled to be elsewhere the days of the conference, but this topic interests me because it is what I have been thinking about, speaking about and writing about for the better part of 3 years. The Bible study that I wrote deals with the topic of legacy….if you were to die today, what would those aroumd you remember about you? What are you leaving for the generations that come behind you? Not materialistically, but your faith, character and holiness? I believe that it is a topic that most people do not think about proactively.

    I hope that there will be DVDs of the conference available afterward. Thank you for letting us know about it.

    • http://michaelhyatt.com Michael Hyatt

      You might check some of Don’s current resources, Leah.

      • Anonymous

        Great link for those of us unable to attend. Thanks!

  • Jviola79

    I would love to be drawn for this giveaway because:

    1) I have been asked to start
    a women’s minisitry at church

    2)I am in the middle of transition as this is a church that we started attending in the last 9 mos. so it has been a huge change for my family & I

    3) I know that God is doing something in our lives through all this change & I want to be a part of His story.

    So this conference sounds like something I would greatly benefit from at this time. Whether I win the giveaway or not, thank you for sharing about this book as I am now going to be sure to get it & read it – no matter what :))

    Thank you for this opportunity & book recommendation!

  • ann80

    I would like a free ticket because I have been driving my minister for several years now saying I know God wants something specific from me – but I don’t know what it is.

    • http://www.leahadams.org Leah Adams

      Good morning, Ann80. Have you asked God what it is He wants from you? God is eager to show us His will and plan for our lives if we ask. Granted, He doesn’t usually show it to us in its entirety, but rather one step at a time. Perhaps you are already walking out those first steps and don’t even realize it. Blessings to you as you seek Him best for you.

      • ann80

        Yes been asking – pretty much non-stop. Feel like a 4 year old – when are we going to get there?

      • ann80

        Yes – pretty much nonstop. I feel like a 4 year old – “when are we going to get there?”

  • http://davidsantistevan.com David Santistevan

    This conference sounds amazing. It seems like a really personal conference aimed at pushing people to action. God has recently been stirring my heart to expand my story. I’ve also read Don’s book and it was a nice kick in the pants to start making it happen. I am convinced I need to make some changes this year and I feel this conference would help me get there. I’m making it public. I’m committed. What I want to do involves starting a new business, recording new music, and raising up more worship leaders with a zeal for God’s presence and discipleship. I want my story to be a story that’s remembered.


    Thanks for all your help, Michael (and Don).

  • Don Current

    I am currently struggling with the issue of what story I am trying to create. I spent 20 years living someone else’s story until my factory closed almost 2 yrs ago. Since that time I’ve been working on several businesses/projects that are more in line with who I am, but it’s just not taking off as I had hoped.

    I have “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years” on my book shelf to read. Perhaps I should move it up on my reading list.

    Several online friends went to his conference last year and highly recommended it. I’d love to attend. I even have family out in that area and my wife and I are looking at adopting 3 of her cousins children who live in eastern Oregon currently. More additions to our story and theirs.

    • http://michaelhyatt.com Michael Hyatt

      I like the distinction you made between living someone else’s story and living your own. Very good.

  • http://profiles.google.com/beccahcanada Beccah Canada

    Wow. What an eye opening conference to attend. I have been in the pharmaceutical industry for the past ten years, and as you can imagine this is a shrinking market. My company is actually going to do layoffs in three weeks time. I have been really thinking about what I can do in this life to not just go through the daily grind AND your blog has helped tremendously!
    My boyfriend and I have been talking about living a simpler life, loving others as God would love us, traveling while we can to places we have never been, and letting go of keeping up with the Jones’.
    I am a great communicator who loves to be passionate about what she is doing. I am open to what God has in store for me, and I am a hard worker. I know God will provide for me, and I am open to his will. I seek him so if you see fit I would love to attend this conference.

  • bsams127

    I would love to attend this conference because it is about due ruin and tapping in to those areas of your life that God wants to mold into greatness. I am at a crossroad of development in the worlds second largest company and I am trying to find a way to break through. Donald Miller has proven to me to be one of the most inspiring and insightful authors I have ever encountered. This conference would be life changing.

  • Kristy Ensor

    Attending this conference would be a wonderful experience for me as I’m in the midst of a transition.

  • Nancy Ferrin

    I would LOVE to attend because I am seeking God’s story for the “second half” of my life. Recently my 30-year marriage ended in divorce and my 30-year career in computer programming dissolved as my system was migrated. I am left without current IT skills and a burning passion to serve the Lord. Only He can show me how to put the scattered pieces together. This would be an amazing chance to hear His voice and follow. Thanks for considering me. Blessings…

    • http://michaelhyatt.com Michael Hyatt

      You are at a transition point. Wow. Thanks for sharing.

    • Anonymous

      I just read a blog post entitled “You Can’t Have an Omelet Without First Breaking Eggs” The title enough was enough to minister to me. I’m sure your second half will be better than the first, yet built upon the wisdom of the first! I hope you share your journey with us!

  • Anonymous

    The conference sounds like it will be a great blessing. I would like to attend for since I was laid off from my secular job about two years ago, things haven’t gone well. I have some health issues, my wife is recovering from two cancers. I am in the ministry, which is fulfulling, but my confidence in myself and to a degree even in God has been severely shaken as I have had trouble finding my purpose, including adequate incomes to pay our bills. I’m in 64 and have found that getting a new corporate job is difficult because of age discrimination. We have been surviving but I have been attacked by lots of self- doubt and depression. The conference sounds like a good way to get properly reoriented and productive again. My other motivation for attending the conference would be an opportunity to see my 94 year old mother who lives in Orgeon who I haven’t able to visit for a couple of years due to our financial shortfall. Thanks for your consideration of this request.

    • http://michaelhyatt.com Michael Hyatt

      I am so sorry for your situation. You have really been through it! God must be up to something significant.

  • Mmodesti

    I would love to attend the Storyline Conference along with my wife, Nancy. The past four years have been very difficult for us. She had a falling-out with her business partner, and we lost that and then her father, (a very dear man to us) and our “Aunt Jackie” whom we had adopted and had moved into the new home we’d had built. All of this within a month. It hit Nancy hard and she lapsed into a depression funk, developed health issues and has been in and out of hospitals for the past several years. Finally, she had her thyroid removed last month and has begun to ‘resurface.’ I gave her the Million Miles… book last week and she’s just begun to read it.

    I am in a group of men who meet Saturday mornings to study the Bible and talk about ways we can live a better study. We recently read The Next Christians together and are now ready to figure out a way to help our community. I myself have worked for the same company for 25 years and can theoretically retire in 5 years, but I’m giving a lot of thought to what I can begin doing now to prepare for that chapter of my story and the story of our family. We have 3 great kids – all teens now – who have weathered the storm well these last several years. I want them to have meaningful stories and characters in their lives too.

    My parents divorced when I was 9 and I moved with my Mom and my 3 siblings (I’m the oldest) to Vida Flats, Oregon. Its right oustide Eugene Springfield. I eventually moved back to Arizona to live with my Dad, but it was a very transitional period in the story of my life. I’ve often thought I should get back there and spend some time retracing my steps. I’d have a great excuse to do that if I had free tickets to the Storyline Conference!

  • http://www.joemartino.com Joe

    I’d like to attend this conference because I just picked up the book a few weeks ago and I use Narrative Therapy a lot in my work. I would also like for the links to work in this post and actually take me to the conference webpage, not a link telling me I can’t be in your mentoring group. I’ve had enough rejection today. :)

    • http://michaelhyatt.com Michael Hyatt

      Okay, that is really embarrassing. I am so sorry! I have now fixed the links. Thanks.

  • http://jasonfountain.blogspot.com Jason Fountain

    Unfortunately, I would not be able to attend the conference, but I wanted to mention that I think Don is an incredibly authentic Christian. He has the courage to voice his struggles, his triumphs, his insecurities, and the challenges that he faces in his walk with Christ.

    I read Blue Like Jazz years ago and it struck a unique chord in me because of his raw honesty. His blog always challenges me as well.

    Micheal, I found your blog through a friend about a month ago and I can’t tell you the difference it is already making in how I view my life. After I read your post on how to start a blog, I decided to quit talking and do something…so I started two weeks ago. I don’t even care how well it does – that’s not the point. I just wanted to do SOMETHING…and stop talking. Thanks for the “right-on” topics.


  • Anonymous

    Thanks Don for offering the tickets and thanks Michael for sharing more about this conference.

    My wife and I are interested in attending the conference for a few reasons:

    First, we are at a very interesting place in our lives. When the blog post pointed out that the conference was designed for “those in the midst of a transition,” my ears perked up. My wife and I are on a wonderful God adventure. For 16 years, I worked in a cubicle in corporate America and a few years ago, I resigned to chase a God dream — to be a storyteller for the Kingdom.

    Secondly, as a visual storyteller (film and video production), I’m fascinated with the “Blue Like Jazz” movie that’s in production. I’ve been following its progress since day one, and as a producer, I’m very excited to see how it’s coming along.

    And finally, Don, I love your writing! So wonderfully simple and yet so life-changing. Thanks!

  • http://twitter.com/everydaytrigirl Beccah Canada

    Wow. What an eye opening conference to attend. I have been in the pharmaceutical industry for the past ten years, and as you can imagine this is a shrinking market. My company is actually going to do layoffs in three weeks time. I have been really thinking about what I can do in this life to not just go through the daily grind AND your blog has helped tremendously!
    My boyfriend and I have been talking about living a simpler life, loving others as God would love us, traveling while we can to places we have never been, and letting go of keeping up with the Jones’.
    I am a great communicator who loves to be passionate about what she is doing. I am open to what God has in store for me, and I am a hard worker. I know God will provide for me, and I am open to his will. I seek him so if you see fit I would love to attend this conference.

  • http://twitter.com/C_Graves Cindy Graves

    I am a huge Don Miller fan as well. What I find so inspiring in his writing style is more of what he doesn’t say as opposed to what he does say. Don’t get me wrong, I love what he says, but the fact that he forces me to think, seek hard after God and make up my own mind is refreshing and challenging to me even as I am entering the “second half” of my life. There is an urgency I feel to finally get it all together and start living before it’s over.

    And a preview of the “Blue Like Jazz” movie would be icing on the cake!

  • Rogerhaynie

    In 14 days I will retire from public education. As I enter into the home stretch, I am fascinated by the idea of being motivated by a single life purpose. Looking back I think about all the things that are wrong, things I wish I could have changed. Looking forward, I start thinking about what one thing could I change if I had that focus of a single life purpose. And it truly is possible to discover all the things you have listed, then what an opportunity I would have to share it with others.

  • http://uma-maheswaran.blogspot.com/ Uma Maheswaran S

    Good luck to all the contestants who are vying to attend the conference. I am looking forward to the after-conference resource materials.

  • http://rogerpeace.wol.org Roger Peace, Jr.

    Before I finished reading the post, I went and ordered a copy of Don Miller’s book. I am pretty excited to read the book. As to the conference, I can see why you are so excited about it. As a leader in a large ministry I often find myself asking the questions, “am I in the right spot?” “is this really what God has for me” “at the end of my time here, will people say I was greatly used by God, doing exactly what God meant me to do”

    My wife I am talk about this topic a ton, are we investing and developing in what God has planned and desired for us. Our ministry is a stage of transition from one Executive Director to the next and I know I want nothing more to be fulfilling the list you shared above.

    Two statements you made above have had me thinking since I read them, How to be motivated by a single life purpose and How to partner with God in what He is already doing. So often I know I find myself getting in the way of what God is doing and trying to do in my life.

    Look forward to reading the book, and hearing more about the conference as time goes on! Would be stoked to attend for sure!

    BTW – we are using your Building a Personal Life Plan personally and also with our small group from church, the resource has been so helpful and timely!

    • http://michaelhyatt.com Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, Roger. I think you will really love Don’s book.

      Thanks also for your kind words about my e-book. Don will be interviewing me at the conference on stage. We are going to talk about how the e-book fits into the story process.

  • Joy Argow

    I would love to attend the conference to hear Don’s perspective on this topic. My blog really is ‘my stories’ …. Travelling… Work… And just life. I often wish I could share more and positively influence readers in their persuit of their creator. Everytime I even consider giving up writing I will receive a comment letting me know how they were impacted. Once I had a total stranger come up to me at church to introduce herself and say the same… A really surreal moment for me as I realised people I may NEVER know or even hear a comment from is reading my stories! I don’t rate myself as a pro writer… But I have this deep desire to learn how to write more intentionally out o the experiences of life. To leave a legacy. To point people to a journey with Christ in a real and authentic manner.

    The awesome thing about the conference dates is I will actually be in the States then.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Joy Argow aka @aussiejoy

  • http://ohchog.org Randall Spence

    I have interest in attending this conference and accessing this material for several reasons:

    1. I have recently worked through Michael’s e-book Creating Your Life Plan and have found the journey revolutionizing. I did it on my annual prayer retreat that I schedule each year at a Trappist monastery for five days.

    2. I am a denominational overseer with responsibility for 225 churches and over 600 ministers. Many of them struggle with knowing just who God created them to be. While I coach and mentor some of them, I want to develop an in-depth mentoring program that will help them gain laser like focus for their lives and ministries thus producing greater impact for the kingdom.

    3. I want a part of my legacy to be that of mentor to many of the young leaders of the church today who hopefully will pay forward what they have received from me. So while I would really like to attend this conference for my wife and me, it is really more for those whom I am called to serve. A big part of making my life have maximum impact is that of impacting a younger generation of leaders of the church.

    • http://michaelhyatt.com Michael Hyatt

      This really does fit hand-in-glove with my e-book. In fact, Don is going to interview me on-stage about it.

      I like that you are thinking about how to apply the conference with others.

  • Garry

    I feel like my story is being left on the editing floor as I am making a change from 30 years of pastoring and being a police chaplain. This sudden and unexpected change means that the audience (me) does not know what to expect as a finish. The conference may help me shape that process.

  • Marty

    Blue like jazz was so helpful in challenging me to be bold in sharing the Gospel. What a great opportunity to have a chance to learn from donald miller. I woujld love to attend the conference. _marty purks mepurks@gmail.com

  • http://www.moneypress.com Richard Hartian

    Hi Michael, first I believe the link (2 of them) to the storyline conference above is incorrect…and second, for me and my house the timing is perfect for an event like this. I have just closed my mortgage bank (after 18 years). We ended on a financially positive note, however from a personal perspective I’m “spent”. My career has been very succesful and from those looking in something to strive for. From my perspective it has been a misstep from God’s plan. Im looking to find out what, if any, God’s specific plan has for our (my) life.

    I’m finishing reading “Living the life you were meant to live” by Tom Patterson. The story line conference seems to be a perfect fit…thanks for sharing!

    • http://michaelhyatt.com Michael Hyatt

      Thanks. I have now fixed the links.

  • Owens Leslie

    I would love the opportunity go to the storyline conference. I have read A million miles and it was inspiring. If I Had the chance to go It would change my life.

  • Carla

    This is perfect timing for me and I will check into registering (in case I don’t win). This week I put my house on the market. I also have an appointment for an interview with a local speaker’s bureau. I have pulled out my paints and supplies and am reset to begin painting again (after many years’ hiatus). My doc has pronounced me well on the road to physical health after many months of illness. I attend The Next Step Recovery service at Ginghamsburg Church (www.ginghamsburg.org) to worship and grow in my recovery as a co-dependent.

    God has been showing me in a myriad of ways as I declutter my home, my life and my health that He has been preparing me to re-enter this wonderful and interesting world of public speaking. With a passion for evangelism and teaching and Gallop Strengthsfinder results that reinforce these, I am moving forward toward a new life map with a bit of fear and trembling knowing God is at work in a mighty way. Through this conference I would build on my DCW, YFC, curriculum development, teaching and private personal care experience to help bring others into a deeper and meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ.

  • http://twitter.com/joemartino Joe Martino

    I would love for the opportunity to attend this workshop. I would never be able to afford it on my own at this stage in my life. I am a full time doctoral student and a work two jobs besides owning my own counseling practice. I am obsessed with this idea living my life in such a way as to tell a compelling a story. There are so many things that I want to accomplish that I’m not sure where to choose some of the time. This conference would give me an opportunity to learn many times and to spend some time with just my wife.

    • RachelThurmanRigdon

      What’s up, Joe? :D

  • http://twitter.com/JinJJa Justin Yang

    Read the book & have always wanted to attend on the his conferences. Would especially love to attend this conference because I’m currently in a situation to plant & start a new multi-cultural and multi-ethnic church in our area. Very curious to know & find out the story God wants to write with the life He has given me. :)

  • Jeff Abramovitz

    I would love to attend this event however my son is getting married the day before so I will be preoccupied. However, after 20+ Years as a finance and accounting executive followed by serving more than six years as a full time staff missionary with a large international ministry, I recently started my own consulting business and a non-profit ministry to men/fathers. As I embark upon this journey during the second half century of my life, I plan on doing the last half more intentionally and according to how God has wired me than I did the first half. I don’t want to coast to the finish line but want to sprint to the end, leaving everything I had in this life on the “field”. And, then with great anticipation, expect the greater reward with The Lord for eternity. To glorify Him with my life is now my life”s mission. I believe this conference would have been a great catalyst to that end (and would have loved to be able to go-but seeing my son begin his legacy as a man of God will be pretty special too :). Thanks for the opportunity you”re giving people to live more intentionally with their God given skills and story. Blessings.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mr.frank.tan Frank Tan

    I would love to attend the conference [I do see my life story as part of the weave that God is actuvely including in history (His Story)] and would greatly appreciate a couple of tickets for me and my wife for the following reasons:

    1) My story has been at the intersection of different cultures (Philippines-born ethnic Chinese, married to Taiwan Chinese, three children born and growing up in U.S., and served/serving in children’s ministries in multi-cultural or North American Chinese churches). I have a need to understand where my different cultural background and influences fit in in my life journey (story) as I encounter God and His story.

    2) I am at an intersection of stories in the church I serve in, as I connect with people from English and Chinese backgrounds, older and younger generations, parents and children. Understanding how God has equipped me in my story will be instrumental in bringing about those connections, and moving forward.

    3) I serve at a church in Atlanta for the last two months, while my family is still in the Portland, OR area until July. I get to visit them for a few days each month but I need every excuse to get back to Portland.

  • Anonymous

    The most intriguing idea of this conference is that of developing a personal story that is truly more compelling. All of us want significance, but I have been thinking lately about what significance matters more . . . personal/now or eternal. I would love to experience great success, but I long to leave a mark that rings through generations and goes beyond just what God allows me to do in this life.

    I am in a transition from my my staff position as a Worship Pastor. Over the last year I have sensed God calling us to a new place. We feel called to lead a generation and leave a legacy among worship leaders and artists. The church I currently work for can’t afford this position and the one they need of a Creative Arts Pastor. I bowed out to make room for what they need, knowing God has called us to lead in this way.

    We have already seen God provide opportunities. I love this idea of developing a storyline that resonates with who we are, tapping in to that thing God has put inside of us and then being able to remind ourselves periodically so we can stay on target.

    To hear others stories and be inspired them is always a bonus also. I think when we see others on the same journey, sometimes it’s the fuel we need to take the next step and enjoy the next leg of the journey.

    Thanks Michael for your insight and leadership. Know that what you’ve been able to glean and discover makes a huge impact on many,

    – KC Clark

    • http://michaelhyatt.com Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, KC. I appreciate your kind words.

  • http://twitter.com/chuckazooloo Chuck Harris

    1. i want to go because i’m currently going through a divorce and really don’t know what the next chapter of my story even looks like. i long to live a better one. did i not have a good enough story for my life to continue with my wife? or is God using this as part of the story? i know two days probably won’t answer that question, but i’d love to see if it helps spark the fuse that moves me toward the forward.

  • Susan

    Reading the @63dac09c8ac698e564286fa8473dd9ba:disqus Donmiller book has made an amazing impact on my life and helped me realize that my life as story has already been quite a ride. I have read the book three times and each time I come back to the fact that as a teacher I want to help my students live a better story! That is why I would LOVE to attend the conference. Thank you @MichaelHyatt

  • Patlayton

    Michael, Thank you for this amazing information.
    I get so much from your daily posts that just this morning I finally created a “Michael Hyatt Posts” Folder in Evernote (which I learned about HERE!)I WILL be going to this conference! Free tickets would allow me to bring my daughter who was born in a bathroom to a 17 year old Birthmother at 22 weeks gestation–God scooped her up and placed her in our family. SHE is just 22 but has a story to tell! She loves Don Miller and was just reading his last book intro out loud to me a few days ago. It made me cry to hear her “get” what he was saying.I just kicked off a Woman’s Conference last year called “Imagine Me” that is so similar to this event. I would love to learn from the experts–how to make it even better!Choose Us!PatPlus, I can’t wait to meet you and Gail :)

    • http://michaelhyatt.com Michael Hyatt

      I like the title of your conference, Pat. Awesome!

  • http://www.christopherneiger.com/blog Chris Neiger

    I wouldn’t be able to make the conference because I don’t have the vacation days but I wanted to say that Don Miller’s Million Miles book was one of the best books I’ve read recently. I picked it up for my summer vacation last year and learned so much from it.

    The book inspired me to to look at my life and think of it as something that has real potential to impact others’ lives. I want to create a great story with my life, and the first step is realizing that we’re all creating a story whether we know it or not. It’s our decision on how good it’s going to be.

  • Waltersps

    We would love the opportunity to attend the Storyline Conference in order to lead the way for our six grandchildren to write the best story for their lives. Since all of our stories are interwoven, we want to be a part of creating the setting, developing the character, helping through the crises, and celebrating the resolutions of each of their ongoing stories. We’re looking for a family legacy to actively involve them as a team as we all serve one another. Is there anything more beautiful than the love shared through the body of Christ? We were introduced to Don Miller through Catalyst in Atlanta – and are avid readers of his work, especially A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. A June 6th and 7th adventure would also be a great celebration for our 40th anniversary! Thanks for helping us write our family story!

  • ES

    i would like to attend this conference because i believe it would help point me in what i need to do with the rest of my life. my professionial life seems to be in termoil on an almost daily basis having worked for the same company for 13 years and my income has went down every year for the past 3 years. at my age it is not easy to make the transition to something else. i believe God has a plan for me to follow however, as we all know, some days the waters get muddied by what we let into our lifes to interfere with it. whether i win the tickets or not i will find a way to be able to purchase the book.

  • Mjmoog

    Thank you for the opportunity to for a chance to win a ticket. The reason I would like to attend the conference is I would like to bring my 20 year old daughter with me. She is struggling and wrestling with these questions herself right now. As a father I have struggled with these too, so I feel ill-equipped to help her on her journey. Attending the conference with her would be an experience that would allow me to walk along side of her and share something life changing together. She and I are both very purpose driven. Because she has not identified her purpose yet, she is very lost and I want desperately to create an environment she can find the answers she is searching for and this conference is exactly that.

  • http://www.griffhome.com Tim Griffin

    Absolutely! This sounds amazing – and it’s in my home territory. Before I read the post here Michael I knew it would be worth passing on and a tweet will soon be on it’s way.

    I have someone in mind I would invite to be there and will make sure they get a ticket one way or the other. Thanks for passing the goodness along.

  • Carolyndyck

    I have only recently begun to read Donald Miller’s work – his ‘greatest hits’ book which include Blue Like Jazz, Through Painted Deserts and Searching for God Knows what. I am completely captivated by the the writing of this man who tells it like it is. His outlook is the most practical, down-to-earth approach with a total grip on the reality of life – I would so very much like to bring my son (the free book you were giving away & I won a copy for him) & myself. He is in the throes of transistion – having just come back from Europe; I am in the throes of transisition as I’m doing palliative care for a partner & this would provide an opportunity to hopefully bring my boy (he’s 33) back from a soured belief to a vibrant reality of walking with Christ. For me – a time of refreshment & new direction for a single life that is approaching. Thank you for your consideration & all the opportunities you offer.

  • http://goinswriter.com/ Jeff Goins

    I heard @Donmilleris:twitter speak in Nashville last year after A Million Miles came out – love the theme behind this book and the changes in his life that are part of the story. I’m sensing that I’m in a season of personal growth and transition, in which I’m asking a lot of deep questions about what I’m uniquely gifted and called to do.

  • Ken S

    What a wonderful opportunity. I can honestly say that I have wandered a million miles in the last twenty years to find out I just completed a lap on the track of discontent. My mentor has described me as a thoroughbred running with a sack over his head. I attended Ken Davis Profesional Communicators Summit over ten years ago but I allowed myself to get distracted by “paying the mortgage” instead of following my heart. I am at “that point” now that I want to do it the right way this time. Hopefully “40” really is the new “30”.

    BTW, on a side note, I gave that book to my father in law after I read it. There was a lot of tears in discussing it. He shares many of the scars that Don talked about with his own father who he still does not have a relationship with. He now has Parkinsons and we are making every day count with him. It is possible to do that million miles in a lot less time that you think.

    Thanks for the blog and sharing your life with us. I have enjoyed it since I stumbled upon you on Facebook.

    • http://michaelhyatt.com Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, Ken. 40 is the new 25!

  • http://profiles.google.com/p31.rachel Rachel Olsen

    I’m out to create a satisfying life that is pleasing to God. So I’d be thrilled to attend this conference. I’m always interested in personal development and learning to live in a way that positively impacts others. Not to mention #4 on your list above is appealing. But mainly I’d like to attend because, like you, I’m in the midst of some career transition. Thanks for the example you set, and the giveaway.

  • http://www.adventuresinthekitchen.com Cheri

    I would love to go because his book was life changing to me. It made me start to think intentionally about living a better story in my own life. I recently became unemployed and am at a key point in my life – will I be courageous and follow my dreams and God’s calling, even in a crazy economy where things are so uncertain. This would be amazing, especially if I got to meet you and Gail too! Thank you for the opportunity.

  • Anonymous

    I would love to attend this conference. It looks like this conference is exactly for where I am at in life. I am in a transition period where I am wanting to know exactly where God is directing me and how I can best serve him in my life. I am in Sydney Australia though and it would cost me too much to come for this conference even if I did receive the two free tickets which is a shame but I will still promote it. Anything to do with finding the purpose of God for someones life story and understanding the way you’re created I am on board with.


  • http://www.alifeoverseas.com Laura@LifeOverseas

    I loved reading “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years.” I loved the challenge to not “auto-pilot” your life– which seems the typical default for most of us, doesn’t it?

    Though I wouldn’t be able to make the conference, I look forward to hearing about it and it’s impact via the blogworld.

  • http://www.dailyreflectionsforsingleparents.blogspot.com/ Scoti Springfield Domeij

    When the cares of life pull and tug, how do we take up every
    day knowing what we’re supposed to do? Someone once told me my storyline played
    out more like a soap opera. My godly mom reminds me those difficult experiences
    I didn’t want equipped me for ministry. I would love it if my best friend of 30
    years and I could attend together. Both of us want to use life’s crushings to live
    life on purpose and help others pursue God’s purpose and passion God. However,
    sometimes we struggle with patience wondering if we’re making headway against
    life’s headwinds. My church, one of those large Willowcreek-types, approved a
    ministry for single moms. Wahoo! I’m on the singles leadership team and will be
    part of the leadership team to begin this new outreach to encourage single
    moms. This is a major praise in a church-age where the majority of church
    budgets exclude half of the adult population. Would love to learn the tools and
    apply them to my life to help other singles figure out their storylines after
    the story arc of their lives crashed and burned.

  • http://BrandonCordoba.com Brandon Cordoba

    To make more of a difference in my biz. & my life.

  • http://jonfulk.posterous.com Jon Fulk

    I am a 31-year-old who still doesn’t know exactly what he wants to do with his life, although I do have a few ideas. I’ve spent the last 9-10 years trying to make a career out of teaching French, and I’ve made some accomplishments. Still, this path doesn’t seem to fit exactly with how God has uniquely gifted me, and I am looking for a way to merge my myriad interests with a way to make a lasting impact on this world.

    Michael, your e-book has been helpful in the process so far (I am just at the beginning at this point), and I am almost halfway through Don’s book (Million Miles…), which I am enjoying as well. One of my bigger dreams is to become an author one day as well, but before I write the stories of others, I want to begin writing a better story for my own life!

    Since I currently work for a public university who is facing deep budget cuts over the next few years (at least), now is the perfect time for me to get serious about writing a bigger, more compelling story.

    A few of my interests: social justice, education, technology, language, culture, theology, history and more… Help! :)

    • http://jonfulk.posterous.com Jon Fulk

      Email: jonfulk (at) gmail (dot) com

  • Bette

    I would love to attend the conference as a gift to myself. I am a Life Coach and have the joy of working with other women as they discover what God’s purpose is for their life. Being in what is now more popularly described as ‘the second half of my life’, I am not content with status quo. I am content with knowing that God is leading my life and with following his lead. God is bringing incredible men and women into the spotlight that are breaking all the molds of what we have been trained and formed with. I thirst for the newness of God and I want to apply that newness into my life and into the lives of those I come in contact with. I believe God is using Don Miller and Michael Hyatt as part of his newness!!

  • misty

    At 34, I feel I am still trying to figure out how God wants me to live & be and how to bring more glory to him. Life has had it really tough moments, but He has been with me all along the journey. I feel my life & business are going thru a change and I am trying to listen to that “still small voice” and develop me as He see’s fit. I feel sometimes I ask too many “why’s”…but then knowing how many “why’s” to ask and get to the answers is critical. I can only imagine how this conference will delve into a part of my heart that only God sees and with his help and your help I can now see. I am very pumped after yesterday’s Chick-Fil-A Leadercast Event and know that life will be going thru some changes for me as I reflect on the time. I believe this would only enhance that for me…either way, whomever WINS these tickets will be blessed and you are very generous to give this away! May you and Gail enjoy and get what you need out of it!!!

  • Teasicannon

    “To be continued”…Do you remember the frustration you felt as a kid (the olden days) when the show to which you had given 60 minutes of your full attention betrayed you like that? No resolve. Just a tension building climb toward a climax for which you would have to wait yet another week. This is how I would describe my story as of today. The plot thickens, complicatsions arise and come to some resolve…but the climax seems to evade me – the grand purpose for which I’ve been created – the deep cry of my heart. I feel it right there, as if behind an invisible curtain, and that is as frustrating as – well, it’s frustrating. The antagonist in my story has lost many battles, yet his resolve is still strong. And, I believe I have been an engaging protagonist at times, yet…I would love to learn more about how to make this gal an even more well-rounded character. Single purpose…story of influence…inspiring conflicts that when won glorify God to the max. Yes, I’d love to learn more about these. And, what an exciting chapter it would be in my story to win a free trip to a life-changing conference! :)

  • http://profiles.google.com/stephenalynch1 Stephen Lynch

    I read Million Miles the summer after college graduation; talk about great timing. I’ve gotten the chance to share the idea of “living a story” to some close friends looking for direction in life, and it’s been great to be a part of their transformation. Especially in my generation (young 20’s), there are lots of dreamers. Now, more and more of those dreamers are turning into doers.

    I will not be able to attend this conference, but I hope the two winners will write great stories with their lives.

  • http://joeburnham.com joeburnham

    Last December, in an act of foolishness, I threw away my marriage, reputation, and career. Ever since, I’ve been working on putting my life back together, which includes things like accepting the consequences of my actions, confessing,

    individual and group counseling,
    training for a new career, and trying to be the best dad I can be to my son.

    For those who’ve walked this journey with me, the response is twofold. First, they’re amazed that I’m doing as well as I am. Given everything, I should be in a corner in the fetal position sucking my thumb, but I’m not … and I’m not just surviving, rather, I’m on the verge of thriving. One friend wrapped up this sentiment with the words, “I am so glad that this incident served to redeem, re-focus, and renew. Things like this have destroyed lesser men.”

    The other response is that, given my journey, I’m in a unique place to serve others, and it would be a waste not only of my gifts but the experience itself to not use it as a ways to bless others. While I have some ideas on how I want to do this (and “A Million Miles” fueled my ideas to this point), I really need to refine them and I believe there’s no better way to do that than for me to attend Storyline.

    • Vern

      Joe, God doesn’t waste pain. Keep offering it the way you are, through your story, and it will encourage everyone to trust that redemption is not only possible, but it’s ours for the asking.

  • http://www.jeffrandleman.com Jeff Randleman

    I would love to attend this conference. I really feel like I need something like this.

    I’m turning 40 this year, and have been in youth ministry for over 20 years. I’m at the point now where I question how effective I can continue to be in this arena. I’m struggleinfg to organize my life, trying to be more productive and effective, but seem to be only making my life more confusing.

    I’m looking at the story of my life and I can’t even see the next chapters. I feel like one of those choose your own ending books. You know the ones that change the ending based on the decisions you make while reading it. Except my endings are all blank pages. I’m really struggling with purpose right now, trying to be the man God wants me to be. I’m just not sure what that looks like right now.

    That said, I would love to go. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Beth Brawley

    Mom of five, working full-time in ministry in a growing church, in the midst of some major life transitions and looking forward to fully embracing the unfolding of my story – this is the first I’ve heard of this conference, and boy, would I love to go! It’s exactly where I am in this season of life, and everywhere I turn I see evidence of God’s whisper of direction. Perhaps this would be one more whisper….

  • Jessi

    I would love to attend this conference and win the tickets of course. Living of Life of more is something I have wanted for so long, it is something I strive for but I don’t always know how to get past my ‘block’s or fear. My husband and I were both with YWAM, for 7 years ( before we were married and after) and now for about 5 years have been back in the ‘real world’ working, business, family.(I am a stay -at -hom mom) We have been moving towards ministry again, we are doing it with in the church , on the side, but we both long to live the best life we can and I guess right now we are trying to figure out what that looks like for our family.

  • Shawnlei68

    This is a theme God keeps bringing back around in my life and I sense I am on the cusp of possibility and don’t want to shrink back. Attending this conf. would definitely help me take my next step on the journey.

  • Rogerhaynie

    I’ve been thinking some more about all of this and I keep coming back to the idea of what one thing could I change that would have tremendous impact, and I always come back to this issue of fear. Why is it that in a nation that boasts of its freedom and democracy, so many people are controlled by fear? They are afraid to share about what they know is a better way to do something at work. They are afraid to share about something they know is wrong in their workplace or their community. They are afraid of presenting a new idea or way of thinking. Basically, they are afraid to stand up for what they know to be right and true because they are afraid of the consequences. They will not tell you what they really believe because they don’t believe you are ready to hear it.

    I believe every leader creates an environment. He or she either creates an environment of openness and trust or one of fear and compliance. But even with the leader who works diligently to create an open environment, people will still be fearful. They are still afraid to step out boldly and seek new ground. It goes back to your previous post of who is he for?

    So what is the one thing we could do to begin to eradicate the fear? How do we get people to feel safe in boldly proclaiming what they know to be right and true?

  • Anonymous

    I have considered this conference since first reading about it in the blogoshphere. It makes a fitting companion to your “Creating a Life Plan”, which I am currently working through.

    Now in my 30th year of full-time ministry, I find myself challenged by new thoughts, new borders, new boxes from which to be free. I hope to prepare for another generation of service, but I need to settle a few things first. This conference sounds like a perfect launch point for the rest of my ministry.I appreciate the consideration.

  • Josh

    Getting together with people to examine our lives & look at where God is leading each of us and championing each other sounds really interesting to me. I would love to attend this conference as I’m in a place of transition and have a sense of where God is leading me next, but this conference sounds like it would be a great help. Thanks for writing about this, Michael!

  • Bcole39

    I’ve been a Don Miller fan for quite awhile. Even though I’m in my 70’s, I still have more to add to my story. I think Don’s conference would help me add value to my story.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_Q4BC23JDPHTVGSQAUDU3FECZD4 jill

    One of the stories that has defined my life has been some deep pain, followed by God’s intimate redemption. And I think most people’s lives will have that kind of crisis with redemption following close at it’s heals. I am writing a memoir right now with this as a back drop and find as I write that the themes of the story are changing and the book might be very different that I first supposed. I have read A Million Miles in a Thousand Years and absolutely loved it. I have read everything Don has written. As I allow God to weave my story, I am so intrigued that he might have something different in mind for how I go about telling my story. Maybe Don’s conference would help me walk some of those steps in between. I live in Central Oregon so getting there would be a breeze. :-)

    • Vern

      I’m voting for you, Sister Jill, if voting means anything. You and Michael have an incredible story, and you’re such a good story teller!

  • http://successbeginstoday.org/wordpress John Richardson

    Don Miller is one of my favorite authors and his book has motivated me to look past ordinary, and see what God has in store for my life. This week, my job position was eliminated where I work. I have to make decisions over the next two months where I go. This conference happens to coincide with a planned vacation, so it may be right where I need to be. Thanks Mike, for sharing this link.

  • Vern

    Who wold have guessed, based on my careful planning, and the vehicle of stratospheric success I built for us, that my story, our story, would not cut a clean arc through blue skies and disappear by piercing the stratosphere. Who would have chosen this life for me, one that lifted off so majestically, but went ballistic in the mode of the Challenger disaster, with telltale puffs of smoke on the cameras,, then a heave and shudder and then the fuel designed to burn us all the way to our chosen planetary destination burned in a nanosecond.

    Good and evil burned, dreams and nightmares and everything in between took the brunt force of exploding life, then burning bits no bigger than quarters drifted back to the earth we had hoped to escape. And the story ended.

    And then it began.

    The signs of life were subtle at first. Who was expecting a resurrection?

    And I was sure, as a byzantine story unfolded, that one day I would write it. Fictional maybe, so the exposure might not be so traumatic. Twists and turns, and unlikely coincidences became the ebenezers that cobbled together and recited, made the next leap possible, but as the unlikelihood of the story grew, the hope of fiction faded; no one would believe such a tale.

    And I wondered, as I waited in the story, why it wasn’t time yet, to write. And quit waiting in the story, and I learned to live in the story, connected to the pain, connected to the joy, and increasingly connected to a world thirsty to sit in a diner and hear there is hope, and that God heals, and that it’s not ever, even with the fat lady belting out Jimmy Hendrix. It’s over when it’s time to start again, it’s over when it’s time for resurrection, in this life or the next, and so it just isn’t really ever over, no offense to the fat lady and her voice.

    It’s coming time, I think, to tell. Time to write what has been true and is becoming more true.

    Maybe it’ll be at a conference with a bunch of folks who have committed to honoring their own story by the writing of it. Maybe the encouragement that Dan Allender and his beloved “To Be Told”, that germinated in my mind the idea of the beauty of story even when the story’s ugly, might bear the fruit of a story that finds it’s way to the immortality that writers achieve when their books are ultimately sold by the pound. I’m not afraid of the bargain bin.

    Having lived this story, the ebenezers remind me that engaging is the deal, and the process of writing and sharing and being inspired by community in Christ drives a transformation that is enough, even if nothing else happens.

    I really want to go.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_Q4BC23JDPHTVGSQAUDU3FECZD4 jill

      Mr. Hyatt – Choosing Vern would make this world a different place. That is what he does…He makes the world different with his story and his presence. He reminds me of Jesus that way. He and I have never even met yet he has impacted me with his words in different ways. I just couldn’t help but root for him.

  • Rachel

    I would love to attend the conference and explore how these themes help provide structure and focus to my life. Unlike individuals in corporate leadership positions, my life is marked by being a “responder to other people’s needs” during this season in my life. Consequently, my job changes minute to minute, and I am often disappointed when I make plans. Yet, I crave the laser-like focus that provides a durable skeleton and direction to my days. I have completed a life plan, having recently downloaded your life-changing e-Book. I would love to attend the conference as a mother and wife seeking increased personal direction/discipline in my role as a “helper,” not a front man. Do you think Don Miller’s teaching speaks to individuals in primarily dynamic caretaking roles, as our lives can feel the most “watery” of all? Thanks.

  • Manny P.

    I would love to be apart of this conference for many reasons. The reason that stands out to me the most is that I know God will always be challenging me to go beyond the ‘status quo’ in my lifes purpose. As I am continuing in my story of life I see God’s hand in it but I know there is more to it, and nothing would help me more than to receive an outside perspective that would help me to continue the story God has set in place for me and my family.

  • http://twitter.com/ScottPostma Scott Postma

    Michael, I have been debating about going to the conference already, but wasn’t sure if it was worth the sacrifice involved to swing some classes I’m taking to finish a degree in Creative Writing.

    I’m on a currently on a journey seeking this “better story.” I have been involved in ministry and church planting for the past seventeen years, but have become very passionate about writing in the past couple of years. That’s when I discovered Don Miller. I went back to school and am seeking God’s direction on how all this is supposed tie together and where it’s leading me.

    Thanks for the great blog. I’ve been reading it now for a couple of months and have been greatly encouraged by your post. Blessings.

  • Robyn Whitlock

    I feel like I’m at a cross roads and really need to be more focused in life. I am so disconnected to my passions right now…maybe this is just the thing for me? I don’t know. But I’d like to find out.

  • http://www.tnealtarver.wordpress.com TNeal

    You had me at “Story.” I love stories. I love to read them. I love to write them. I love to hear them. I love to tell them. And then to live them? That’s even better. Don Miller’s “Blue Like Jazz” resonated with my soul. I know a two-day mentoring experience with Don would bless my heart and enrich my life. The blessing would be multiplied in the lives of those who come under the influence of my speaking, writing, and living as I live under the influence of the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Nicole

    I just recently took a long road trip and brought the book on CD for A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. It was one of the most thought provoking and challenging road trips I’ve ever taken. (I was also just getting started with your Personal Life Plan, which works hand in hand, I think.) I was particularly struck by his premise that the best stories involve great personal sacrifice – for someone else… and I realized that little in my life is done for someone else. I’m sure the Storyline conference will be well worth whatever you have to sacrifice to be there.
    I’d love to go! (eyebrow waggle)

  • Millie Smith

    Clearly I had this post in my paste button and something weird happened…sorry for the repeat posting!!! Tell me how to edit and I will cut the excess off! so sorry!

  • http://twitter.com/jennyarnez Jenny Arnez

    Reading Don’s book has been life changing for me. It’s given me a paradigm shift and a great desire to live a better story. I want to attend the conference to gain more tools to live that story.

  • dgregoryburns

    I am a pastor who is headlong into burnout, just went through a major church split with lots of relational betrayal. God has blessed and moved in amazing ways. what once was a dying lifeless in focussed church is vibrant, missional and growing inward and outward. But I want to know what is next, what more GOd has, MY life and the church are ready for what is next but does that include me as pastor? Also, I need to rediscover my story, God’s story for me. I need a catalyst to recharge my batteries, give me new hope, n=renew my spirit.

  • http://profiles.google.com/indytide Scott Luck

    I am pastor who has devoted his entire life to building the Kingdom and people. I want to be challenged to make my story as big as I can. I believe the sessions, the connections with people and the time to reflect and pray would be life changing! Michael, thanks for pushing us to think bigger!

  • Steve

    Don Miller is one of those ‘quiet hero’s’ of mine. I have read everything he has written. He is willing to ask the tough questions of life and faith. I devoured “A million miles.” Being one of the 78 million baby-boomers in America, I am especially interested in applying his methodology to those in my generation. For the next 20 years, every 8 seconds a person in this world will be turning 65, realizing that there’s another 20 years to live, and asking the question, “What’s this final third-this chapter -of my life supposed to look like?” Answering this question can mean the difference between continuing to be a contributor to life, or laying in the restful arms of mediocrity and just living -out the rest of life being a consumer.

  • Elizabeth_a_wallace

    I believe the Storyline conference will equip individuals to write about faith and authticity in a candid way, equipping those persons to share about struggles, delights, and frank discovery with a real relationship. Having an opportunity to be in community with others with the same purpose will fan a flame into a true movement!

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t always filter appropriately in the past and my kids suffered for it. I’ve made a lot of progress there and the relationships with my kids are much improved, and improving, now.

    My son is a young adult at a crossroads of what he should pursue with his life. I am working hard to get to points 6 and 7. I would love to be able to attend this with my son who now lives in Portland. Not only would it change us individually but I know it would have a great impact on the growth of our relationship as we both pursue God’s plan for our life.

  • Michelle

    I will actually be 20 miles south of Portland during this conference in Sherwood, Oregon. My Dad is having heart surgery, so I am flying from Chicago to help take care of him. Good timing.

    My life has been unbalanced as I’ve been focused on debt reduction and working a lot of hours to reach my goal. I’ve never known what God has for my future – no clear direction other than being where He wants me right now. I’m not good at the planning and setting of goals – for the next six months much less five or ten year goals. This conference looks like a good tool to help me sort out some of these things and get some clarity, direction – and balance.

  • rtucker

    as a young adult pastor, this conference looks great. unfortunately, i can’t shell out any money due to our adoption that we are processing. i have been a big fan of don’s since “to own a dragon”, which is my favorite book.

  • Mark Gredler

    I would like to attend because I am in the middle of transition, searching for my life story, and at some decision points in my life. I started a blog as an elder at church (markgredler.wordpress.com) whose theme is love. As I posted yesterday, our destination we arrive at tomorrow is decided by the path we pick today, the path we’d like to let our deceitful heart guide us to.

    I worked for over 33 years, retired, withdrew most of the money from a retirement account to help one of my children, went back to work at less than half my pre-retirement rate, after 8 months working in another city, arrived at April 15 and paid every penny I had saved in those 8 month, plus the pay check deposited that morning, for additional tax liabilities due to my retirement account withdrawal. But that afternoon, April 15, someone called to express some concerns about this child of mine, and I made further attempts to help, and to point out needed changes. Well, to sum it up, this child no longer talks to me or my wife. It’s hard to pick the right path when you are lost and don’t even recognize where you are, or even that you indeed are lost.

    This week my 86 year old father had two surgeries, and I could not be with him. But before the second surgery I was able to share over the phone how much I love him and how much I appreciate all he has done for me. He shared that he wished he could have done more. And that is part of my story too – how do I want my parents to remember me? How do I want my four children to remember me?

    My 81 year old mother has emphysema and has said she doesn’t think she can make another trip back to Spain with me (I lived in Spain 10 years and go back every year for a visit). Tomorrow is a day I will try to share (long distance) with her as well how much I appreciate her great love and tremendous support over all the years.

    So I look at whether to continue post-retirement work or to return to my retirement goals of writing and publishing some of my photos of Spain, and how to replace the car one of my kids totaled.

    I also ponder what I can do to make more good memories with my wife, although it will be hard to top the one from 1983, our seventh anniversary. There’s a TV news clip on that, in my Feb 18 post on my blog. I found out about your blog and this conference from my wife, today, who believes part of my story is finding ways to improve my blog and enlarge the audience of it.

    I’ll stop with that – I see I have been much longer winded than other commenters.


  • Lopezjacqueline92

    I’d like to go because Im in my 3rd semester at community college, and let’s face it … My story just got really dull. I’m expected to sit through 3 more semesters even though I’m not sure what my ultimate goal is.

    Aside from that, I just discovered Don Miller. Along with reading Blue like Jazz I came across the idea that Jesus doesn’t want us to be these pushy Christians who don’t want to hang out with non-Christians. I guess that’s the transition I’m in. From a girl who wouldn’t dare to miss a church service out of fear that God would disapprove of my communicating with those foreign worldly people who sin, to a person who realizes the gospel is never going to reach a non-believer if all the believers are locked up in a church building.

    Oh… And did I mention I’m a broke college kid? ;)

  • Kimberlyteamer

    How interesting this conference sounds!
    I would love to win tickets to this conference because it sounds like it would be incredibly inspiring. I can’t imagine not walking away from it without a sense of empowerment and clarity.
    I must confess, if I were to win, I would gift my husband with a ticket (if not both). He deserves to participate in an event like this. He is a special man with a special message. I would love for him to develop his storyline.
    Thanks, Michael.

  • Rhondakay

    Donald Miller is by farrrrr my favorite author/speaker. I’ve been Honored to hear him speak once before about 5 years ago and I was blown AWAY. His latest book has challenged me to the Max. All of his books are phenomenal and his thinking is so simplistic and powerful at the same time. It’s like we always think to hard about the bible and he kind of straightens ya out. Ive written about him as well http://smilingsmyfav.blogspot.com/2010/08/ladies-and-gents-donald-freakin-miller.html
    It would be a tremendous thing for me to attend his conference. Good luck to all!

  • Robin Lee Hatcher

    I would love to attend a conference like this one, and Portland is not all that far for me to travel. May 10th is my birthday, and it’s one of those milestone birthdays. I may be getting older but that doesn’t mean I want to slow down or stick with the status quo. I want to be smack-dab in the middle of God’s will for my life, right up to the instant He chooses to take me home.

  • Elliemichelley

    I am a huge fan of Donal Miller. He is so real and raw about life. He doesn’t candy-coat things or offer precise formulas. He doesn’t minimize suffering by giving pat answers. I’ve had life experiences that have led me to question my purpose and have caused me to put up walls around my own dying heart. I’ve built fortresses to keep people away, but have in turn isolated and paralyzed myself. The worst of these life experiences started when I was only four years old. I have been battling against the impending bitterness and despair for 24 YEARS! I think it’s time for that to stop.

    I heard a podcast of a session Donald Miller did on the stories our lives tell a few years ago, and it struck something deep and dormant in me. It spoke to a part of me that has all but died. I craved to hear more. I think this conference would be a continuation of those themes that spoke to the inner recesses of my heart. I’m not looking for a solution to my problems, but rather a kick-start to the journey that needs to begin in my life. One of healing and one of passion. I’m a rather melodramatic person :) so the thought of an epic life story is something that appeals to me. And again, I love Donald Miller, read every book of his I can get my hands on, and think his conference would be one of the only “Christian” conferences I could relate to.

  • Jespeseth

    I am in the midst of serious life changes and evaluations after 17 years in pastoral ministry – and sadly I have no clue what is next. I am struggling in my faith and many of my core beliefs have been challenged so I am seeking a greater understanding of what is next in my story.

    I would welcome the opportunity to go, listen, and see if I can discover something about life that will lead to some answers.

  • Jrees09

    My husband is a writer and one of Don’s biggest fans. I would be able to attend this conference with him! I posted a link via twitter (@Jhelene).

  • steve.

    #2 is complete and now for #1:

    In short, I am in transition after finishing my undergrad, returning from a brief stint abroad, traveling and working, and not seeing any propethic writing on any walls of late. I read through “A Million Miles…” a few weeks ago and really enjoyed the book.

    My thinking (perhaps theology) are shifting less from a “wait and listen” mentality to one that plans in a humble and intentional way. It’s quite a shift frankly. Going to the conference would help cement the transition happening in me and give it a directive boost. Thanks ao much for the consideration!

  • Joshua Henness

    I have never been a big reader. I often pick up book start reading them and loss interest. That has never been the case with Donald Miller’s books. Reading his books has led me to belief that I actually do enjoy reading if I feel like the author is speaking to my situation and challenging me to do more. I now consider myself a big fan of his and see him as a cyber-mentor of mine. It was through following his blog that I was led to your and my wife and I are now working through your digital book on creating a life plan. I also have talked to my pastor about using your book for our small groups during the Fall semester.
    After reading A Million Miles in a Thousand Years, I felt challenged to do something big to get me out of the routine of my life as a Jr. High teacher and father of two young boys. I felt like I had started on a journey. Since then I have read Crazy Love by Francis Chan and Radical by David Platt and feel like I am at a crossroad in my life and I have been praying for God to nudge me and my family in the direction he wants us to go to live a more meaningful life. I see Donald Millers conference as a chance to continue on this path I feel I am on and maybe as an opportunity to start living a more compelling story that is not about me but that is God centered.

  • http://twitter.com/Tammy_Skipper Tammy Skipper

    We recently moved across the country to the area just south of Seattle. We have two teenagers who will graduate high school right about the time my husband can retire from the military. I seem to hit roadblocks every time I start moving forward in my business. While I have read his blog and had several friends recommend Don Miller’s writing, I have yet to read one of his books. This conference sounds like an opportunity for the kind of reflection on our lives that we seem to need right now. It also sounds like his book just moved to the top of my reading list.

  • CPM

    I’m sure there are many more deserving people, but I thought I’d share my own likely silly desperation. I’m days away from finishing the first year of a PhD program and haven’t felt more confused about or detached from life–despite the fact that with incredible certainty I uprooted my husband and moved 2000 miles West to pursue this degree.

    I always feel like I’m playing catch-up. Academia is tough. Elitist. Exclusive. I understand that insecurity is embedded in the graduate student experience, but I also feel that as an extremely reflective person, I’m trying really hard to be something I’m not. Problem is: I don’t know what I am. I know I have gifts and abilities that can be used to bring glory to God, but I feel a bit stifled by this program and I’m wondering whether it’s “worth it” to hang in here for another four years, or to prayerfully consider using my talents in another way.

    If that didn’t make sense, it’s because it doesn’t to me either! And precisely why I think the Storyline Conference would be revealing. I want to live on purpose, and I don’t want to just go through the motions because it’s what people expect of me.

  • Adompe3

    The first day of spring 2011 my wife and I moved to St.
    Augustine Beach Florida. It was a dream
    come true. It was also the first time we
    have ever moved somewhere simply because it was the place we wanted to live rather
    than moving to a place for a job or other “practical” reasons. It took 6 months from the time we made the decision
    to move to actually making the move. I
    was unemployed during that time so I was traveling from our home in Richmond,
    Virginia two weeks out of every month to engage in a job search in
    Florida. During that time I read
    through A Million Mile in a Thousand Years at least five times. I dog eared pages, underlined sentences,
    circled passages and wrote in the margins.
    This book was part of my motivation to keep moving toward living intentionally
    rather than letting the current take me where it would. God kept reminding me of the other difficult
    stories I have lived and how much they have done for me. I have recommended this book to countless
    individuals and purchased it for a couple of others. It would be awesome to attend the conference
    and dive deeper into this message. I have
    ideas for living even bigger, life changing stories and inviting others into living
    their own bigger, compelling stories. So
    please choose me. Thanks.

    Alex Dompe – adompe3@cavtel.net

    • Vern

      Alex, I love that you suck the marrow out of a book… you punish the bindings as you pull the truth out and invest it in your life and the lives of your friends, a group in which I’m privileged to be counted.

  • Mark

    Several years ago I changed careers thinking that would be the catalyst for a better life. It has cost me everything and has left me broke, in debt, with little moral support and seemingly no options or hope.

    I long desperately to live out the life God has called me to, yet it seems so elusive and cruel; I don’t think He is hiding it from me but I’m unable to see it. When I read “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years” it became clear that I was far from alone feeling this way and that I had fallen into a trap thinking that enjoying my work would be the key. Don taught me that joy is not found by escaping the bitter parts of life but by embracing them.

  • John DeLeo

    This sounds like a great thing to attend. At age 56 I am still learning about myself, and this would be a great tool to learn more. It is important to remember that God is at work everywhere, and we are not bringing something new to the table, we are really trying to figure out how we fit into what He is already doing. I would like to attend this conference to learn….yeah learning is a good thing.

  • Steve Mulder

    Hi there Michael my name is Steve and I am relatively new to your blog, I have been following it over the past few months and have found your content very helpful and engaging esp at this particular time in my life. I have forwarded many of your posts to a number of different people in various leadership positions and different vocations, who have also so enjoyed what you write about. So thank you and keep the posts coming.

    On another note: A little about me and why I would love to attend the Story Line Conference. I am a 26 year South African Graduate student at Regent College, Vancouver, currently studying my Masters in theology. I have a goal and desire to preach, pastor and lead God’s people within the church and in the corporate world. I have a passion for leadership and empowering people to be who God created them to be and to live out there lives using what God has placed in there hands in the most effective, significant and spirit empowered way.

    I have just recently finished reading Don’s book
    A Million Miles in a Thousand Years, and it really brought new perspective in my life – i loved the way he speaks about story and life as story. In conjunction with reading the book and downloading a copy of creating your life plan… I have started to put together my very own life plan, because I want to be more intentional about the story that I am living. Firstly, I would love to attend the conference because I am at an age and time in my life where its critical to think and pray about these things so that i am living in the right trajectory of God’s will and so I am become all God created me to be, I believe the conference will bring about the kind of opportunity where I will be able to learn and engage in this in a focused manner. Secondly, I am not on the this side of the world for very long and I dont have these sorts of opportunities often in Africa. Thirdly I would most definitely attend the conference if I had the resources and capacity at the moment, but being a student in a foreign country means that things are really expensive and with the exchange rate not in my favor, 2 free tickets would certainly ease the burden of cost to say the least. Please consider me favorably. Many blessingsSteve

  • christina

    I read “A million miles” at a time of a lot of uncertainty. I spent a year traveling and doing missions and afterward didn’t know ‘what to do next’. I felt that people invested to much in me (financial support, expectations) but I didn’t know where to go from here. Reading “million miles” gave me a different perspective for looking at my situation, one of hope and adventure. Savoring the ‘down’ time coming off such a previously crazy time.

    I heard about the conference shortly after reading the book and I immediately thought that this would be great! I still have so much to ‘process’ and put in context and I think something like Storyline would be so helpful. I’ve been wanting to go but the combination of traveling AND ticket makes it hard…I would also be super excited to see Blue Like Jazz-something that I supported and followed very closely when they were planning on making it…really there are so many reasons ;) Thank you for doing this and being so generous-what a a great idea!!!

  • http://www.kimberlysink.com/ Kimberly Sink

    Don’s message bit deep into my heart, and I’m doing my best break free of fear – to live a good story. However, I’m feeling frustrated lately as I try to figure out how to translate that into “big picture” action. I want to live out God’s kingdom principles, here & now, but the new stuff I find myself caring about has no outlet! I need some focus and wisdom in how to get it out, in a way that would best benefit others. This conference excites me because I feel like I’m at a crossroads – I’m concerned that if I don’t find a way to channel this energy, it’ll burn out. Sorry, this is all coming out very dramatic….I still get surprised by how passionate this newly awoken heart can be! :)

    Whether I end up at Storyline or not, though, I’m walking with a God big enough to reach into my life and speak to me. I trust the same for the rest who have commented. God’s at work! How awesome that we get to be part of it!

  • Roman

    I would like to attend Don’s Storyline Conference because I believe it is the perfect opportunity to help craft/live a better story. I will be a senior in college this fall, and there will be many opportunities upon graduation that will determine what kind of story I will live. I believe the Storyline Conference will help me be intentional about the story I live, and help me plan/live a great story; combining my ambitions, values, and priorities into a story that glorifies God and helps other people.

  • http://www.Hart4God.com Tim Hart

    I think undertanding our story in the light of God’s story is the greatest single achievement I can leave wi the students in our ministry.

  • Anonymous

    I fancy myself a storyteller, but I have spent most of my life telling other people’s stories.. a college thespian, a film student, and eventually a PR girl for humanitarian agencies, I’ve always felt most at home telling stories, just not my own. It wasn’t until my own story collapsed on me, my “happily ever after moment” came to an emotional halt when my wedding to my highschool sweetheart, of 12 years!, was called off five hours before the wedding- that I began to think about my life as story. With my plot line gone, I was lost. I had relocated to get married, left job and friends behind, and was faced with a ghost of a wedding dress, mounds of reception meatballs, and lovely gifts to return. Add to the general clean-up, I was devastated and I questioned the author of my story, wondering where God was in what seemed an absurdist plot.

    I had few certainties at that time in my life, but I knew I had a passion for children and loved working with at risk communities. Desperately wanting distraction, and selfishly-escape- I traveled to Africa to serve on short-term missions trips. Though my heart was still broken and my mind distracted, the women and children of the slum of Kibera were just the catalyst I needed to re-think the story I had been telling with my life. As I began to serve them by telling their stories, I realized I was finding my own.

    Somewhere through this healing process, I came across Donald Miller’s “A Million Miles”. As I began to think about my life as a story and ask the tough questions Miller provides in A Million Miles, I realized my story could only be told through telling the stories of at risk women and girls. I want to give the women and children of Kibera the opportunity to write and re-write their stories. This project is a work in progress, having just the seeds of great potential: filmmakers to teach and document the stories of the women as they workshop their stories; mentorship opportunities; and classroom to classroom connection using the power of film and technology to connect the girls of Kibera to outside support.

    A subscriber to Donald Miller’s blog, I’ve wanted to go to Storyline since he announced the conference. Have had deep conference envy. As I said, at this point, I just have my “characters” down and this conference would give me a chance to workshop my own story before doing the same for others.

    For more info on my journey to healing in Africa please visit my blog, stories of the stronghearted, http://rachelmillicentsmith.wordpress.com/ it’s new and it too is a story in progress.

    • Vern

      Milli, you know the secret of whole hearted living… thankfulness and generosity as a conduit from Christ. It won’t stop the pain, but it soothes and heals and redeems, and gives the pain purpose.

      • Anonymous

        vern, am loving the word redemption….its my prayer for me, and then for others….thank you for saying that…deeply humbling.

  • Anonymous

    I fancy myself a storyteller, but I have spent most of my life telling other people’s stories.. a college thespian, a film student, and eventually a PR girl for humanitarian agencies, I’ve always felt most at home telling stories, just not my own. It wasn’t until my own story collapsed on me, my “happily ever after moment” came to an emotional halt when my wedding to my highschool sweetheart, of 12 years!, was called off five hours before the wedding- that I began to think about my life as story. With my plot line gone, I was lost. I had relocated to get married, left job and friends behind, and was faced with a ghost of a wedding dress, mounds of reception meatballs, and lovely gifts to return. Add to the general clean-up, I was devastated and I questioned the author of my story, wondering where God was in what seemed an absurdist plot.

    I had few certainties at that time in my life, but I knew I had a passion for children and loved working with at risk communities. Desperately wanting distraction, and selfishly-escape- I traveled to Africa to serve on short-term missions trips. Though my heart was still broken and my mind distracted, the women and children of the slum of Kibera were just the catalyst I needed to re-think the story I had been telling with my life. As I began to serve them by telling their stories, I realized I was finding my own.

    Somewhere through this healing process, I came across Donald Miller’s “A Million Miles”. As I began to think about my life as a story and ask the tough questions Miller provides in A Million Miles, I realized my story could only be told through telling the stories of at risk women and girls. I want to give the women and children of Kibera the opportunity to write and re-write their stories. This project is a work in progress, having just the seeds of great potential: filmmakers to teach and document the stories of the women as they workshop their stories; mentorship opportunities; and classroom to classroom connection using the power of film and technology to connect the girls of Kibera to outside support.

    A subscriber to Donald Miller’s blog, I’ve wanted to go to Storyline since he announced the conference. I’ve had deep conference envy, but it seemed out of reach. As I said, at this point, I just have my “characters” down and this conference would give me a chance to workshop my own story before doing the same for others.

    For more info on my journey to healing in Africa please visit my blog, stories of the stronghearted, http://rachelmillicentsmith.wordpress.com/ it’s new and it too is a story in progress.

  • Sonny Lemmons

    Why would I like to attend? I’m turning 41 this year. Two years ago, I left a career in higher education administration spanning almost 15 years to be a stay at home dad. My story took a RADICAL left turn when this happened, and I’ve wrestling, struggling, fighting and sucker-punching my heart trying to figure out exactly where I am supposed to go and what I am supposed to do now. I have ideas, I have dreams, I have inklings of where I think my life is leading me…but I need something to help me focus. To help me get some clarity – to say nothing of attainable, measurable goals. To help me figure out if I’m listening to my voice or God’s.

    My storyline is being written, and I just need to understand the language it’s being written in.

  • Kenli Edwards

    Donald miller has been a writer I have always loved. His books have challenged me and made me think on another level. If I was able to afford the conference I would totally have signed up before now. I work with college students at a christian university in Abilene Texas. College is a crucial time for everyone. I try to mentor college students and mentoring means knowing your story to better help others in their story. I would more than love this opportunity.

  • http://twitter.com/brentgoers Brent Goers

    Why do I want to attend the conference? Where to start… I know that everyone has a unique personality & story to tell, but it’s easy to lose focus & forget what God’s purpose is for ME. This conference can help provide the guidance, framework & motivation I need to live a clear, God-centered life. I’d love to experience this conference with my wife to discover who God created us to be – together.

  • http://masterpieceintheworks.wordpress.com Kelly Long

    After a year that I refer to as “The Gauntlet” as I just survived by the skin of my teeth, God grew and matured me in unbelievable ways. Up to that time I had beat up on myself, because I believed the voices saying I ‘didn’t have my priorities straight” and ‘like anything you would write would matter to anyone.” In the fall my very bossy best-friend harrassed me to start blogging. It blew the cobwebs off and I have been so blessed. Things keep falling into place and in my gut, I know God is up to something-even if it is just to grow the relationship between us. So far we are having a blast and I am learning so much. If I do not take that leap of faith, I will be in disobedience. Due to my mom’s failing memory, it hit me that I am now the keeper of the family’s stories, which are rich in how God’s hand moved through their legacies. Thank you for offering this and may you be greatly blessed-even if you don’t pick me. :)

  • http://karendalycook.com KAREN COOK

    When I read your post about the Storyline Conference I felt my heart quicken. I am living out the description you wrote for who the conference is designed for.

    I am finishing my masters in Psychology degree after being out of school for 20 years. I am pursuing becoming a Marriage & Family Therapist.

    I find myself being drawn into something bigger than myself but it presently lacks definition.

    This has been a year of firsts for me. I began my first blog, I had the opportunity to speak at a women’s conference, I was hired as a retreat worship leader for the first

    time and last but not least for the first time I am beginning to believe that God has something planned for me much larger than I can imagine.

    I am hungry to learn how to marry my gifts and desires in a manner that would glorify God and allow His work to be done through me by using my story.

    I believe that this conference could be the catalyst I need to begin living out the dreams that God has placed in my heart.

    Thanks for providing a place of resource and encouragement!

    Grace & Peace ~ Karen

  • K Majorsky

    I read this book last summer, and it totally changed the way I look at my life. Here is a blog post I wrote after I read it:


    I think this is a great way to approach life. This book, this conference and Donald are totally inspirations for living the life I want. Thanks!

  • Joe

    I love Donald Miller and his raw honesty. Several years ago, I picked up Blue Like Jazz for the first time and it literally sent me on a path I had never been. I’m a student pastor and was feeling (still am!) a stirring in my soul about ministry and my life. Articulated in those pages was what my heart had been trying to say for many years.

    When Searching For God Knows What? came out it was the kick in the seat that I needed to start changing how I ministered and more importantly lived. I even bought 20 copies and handed them out to my graduating seniors.

    Unfortunately, my wife and I could not afford this conference trip. So when I saw on your blog about giving away 2 free tickets- my heart jumped! His ability to weave a story, to tell a narrative, to connect is what draws to his writing and his speaking.

    I have many spiritual mentors in my life, and even though I have never personally met the man, his guidance (through his writings) have helped me walk closer and differently with my Creator. Whether I’m able to attend this conference or not, his willingness to allow God to work through his brokenness has changed how I see the world, and Christ’s love.



  • http://twitter.com/redhedrev Mike Rowell

    I would love to be part of this conference! The list mentioned above are all things I want – like everyone else, to be sure: but to get my mind around being intentional about it, to develop the processes by which those things happen for me, would be amazing. I am called to ministry, and I have a unique story to live out: I would love this help in doing it!

  • Leah Dankertson


    Have so appreciated your blogs the last number of weeks – please keep writing!

    As for the Storyline Conference – gosh I would love to go! But alas, it’s too many bones for this gal to wisely fork over, so if I got the gift of being able to go – it would be an amazing blessing. Like so many of your readers (and comments here!) I find myself in that unbelievably weird tension of being called to live a rich story, but also knowing that it’s within a story much much bigger and grander and more complex…and seemingly out of my hands than I can begin to fathom in my every day. And like so many I tend to focus on what’s right in front of me, reacting as it comes along – only to find that my passions are standing still by fear and indecision….if that makes sense.

    I think Storyline would allow me to take a much needed step back. Look at my passions (design, photography, writing, encouraging other people’s passions, ministering to creatives) and my fledgling freelance business, and begin to see what pursuing obedience looks like. So many of us – myself being a prime example – have been given gifts, ideas, passions, inspirations and God’s asking us to step out in faith. Try it out. Maybe fail. Maybe not. But to step on the water and not look down.

    All that to say, I look forward to hearing the stories that come out of this conference – and hope mine can be one of them.

  • http://twitter.com/DrDaltonSmith Saundra Dalton-Smith

    This conference sounds like a needed beam of light into the darkness of my current transition. Love it when friends quote “God only give us enough light to take the next step.” What happens when the light causing a halo effect? You end up in a blurry place fixated in time. You are not losing ground in your pursuit of purposeful living but there is also no forward movemet. Time to sharpen my vision and pinpoint light to the places that need it most.

  • Morrow_nick

    Hi Michael!
    I would love to take my wife to the conference for several reasons. Through a series of bad decisions, we had our son before we were married, and our relationship was rocky at best. I actually got Don’s book the day before our son was born, and finished it in less than 24 hours. I shudder to think that I might not have made the life-altering decision to be the best father I could possibly be, had I not read that book. So the book and the thought of living a great story along is enough for me to really want to go. Since then, we have been blessed to commit to each other through marriage, buy a house, play with/manage a band, and most recently, take on new jobs…

    Which is the more pressing reason I’d love to go w/my wife. She has recently taken on a job with a Christian non-profit, and I’ve just taken a new job this month in radio. We are also expecting another child in the fall. Ultimately, what we feel called to do is transition, somehow, some way, into a role in music ministry, either within a church or a non-profit, and build God’s Kingdom by engaging people through music and art. I have also just started online courses in a “Christian ministries” degree program, to that end, but we are anxious to start making strides towards music ministry, and while we feel that the Spirit is definitely guiding… aren’t entirely sure how to get there.

    It seems that there are so many people here that would benefit so much and want to live great stories- you have a difficult task Michael!

    May the Spirit guide you,
    -Nick Morrow

  • tracey solomon

    My life is story at a point of plot twist.

    I have been a full-time Stay at Home Mom for 21 years. The nest is beginning to empty. I have 2 in college and one in third grade. Each day I wonder- “What next?” Dreams that I thought were lost, have been reawakened. Opportunities I thought I’d never have- have begun surfacing. (Writing, speaking etc.)

    The “Not now’s” have become “Why not, nows?” Going to this conference would give me the opportunity to focus on creating a plan that answers those questions. And puts the answers into action.

    My mothering story isn’t over, but it’s changing. I can’t wait to discover- what’s next.

  • http://profiles.google.com/wmlaohoo Will Laohoo

    I’d love to get picked for this because:

    1. I’m in a time of transition professionally. I have a good job, but I feel that God is calling me to something more, and I’m trying to figure out what that something is.

    2. This coming fall, I’ll be volunteering with Campus Crusade for Christ with a campus group whose main staff member for the last few years is moving out of state. I’m excited about helping in the lives of college students, but also scared that I may not have the capacity to face the challenges ahead.

    3. The young adult group at my church is going through a time of transition, and I’ve been asked by the leader to aid in the process. Again, excited, but sometimes uncertain if I’ll be able to rise to the challenge.

    4. I live on the other side of the country, so I have a lot of economic disincentives surrounding the decision whether or not to attend. Getting the conference for free would likely tip me over the edge.

  • Tim R.

    I would love one of the tickets. I am preparing for a major transition in my life and would love to setup a storyline while I’m still young that I can build on throughout my life.

  • Anonymous

    First of all, thank you for this opportunity. I would love to take my husband Gene to this conference. Over the last 3 years my husband has had 4 back surgeries & lost his job due to his condition so I am working a day job and a night job. Before his back went out he was running a few miles a day and lifting weights. As hard as it has been to see him lose strength, abilities and confidence in being our family’s provider I have seen his faith and passion for God increase. Being in bed for weeks at time recovering he began to share God’s Word through text messages. He now sends out a verse 3x/week to over 100 people via a text. He used to play football and some of his college buddies, big former NFL players have been asking him about God. One even asked him for a Bible. He is allowing God to use him in his present situation and it has been amazing. I know he struggles with not working (he was just approved for social security disability), but I believe that God wants to employee him in Kingdom work. I believe God has greatness planned for him/us. Being in a role I do not want to be in as the provider, I am learning how to encourage and back down from trying to control and be the helper God has created me to be for Gene. Goes against the role I’m in, but I feel it is so important that Gene knows that he may not be out working 40 hours a week, but he is still the man of our home and family. And bottom line, God is our Provider, not me or my 2 employers…God.
    I think this conference would teach us so much and be such an eye opener to Gene’s soul. Being in God’s Word has helped him in times when depression has tried to strangle any hope out of him as he used to hold 2 jobs and worked hard to provide. I think all of the 7 things you mentioned that are in the conference would be beneficial to us and others as we embed what we learn into our hearts. Especially 4-7.How to take up every day knowing what you are supposed to doHow to inspire the world with the story you are attendingHow to partner with God in the work He is already doingHow to create a a storyline you can reference for the rest of your life

  • http://twitter.com/meansandrew Andrew Means

    Come June 11th I’ll be graduating from my graduate program at The University of Chicago. These next few years will be some of the most defining of my life. I’ll begin my career, making decisions that will affect me for decades to come. I don’t want to get sucked into the doldrums of the standard life. I want to live differently. I don’t want money to dictate my work decisions. I want to escape the mundane and live the inspired.

    I’m at a point of transition as well and I think the timing of this conference is perfect. I left my stable, safe job in ministry to go to graduate school and pursue something that is even now still elusive. I know God has great plans for me but I feel as though I’m looking at them through fogged glasses, I can’t see with clarity.

    For these reasons and so many more I’d like to be a part of the conference. Don’s books have been an inspiration and comfort to me and I couldn’t think of anyone I’d rather hear from as I begin to plan out this next season of my life.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=34314433 Eric Hillgren

    I want attend this conference because I want to keep defying the odds…
    …as a product of an American epidemic, growing up in a fatherless single parent household, I have been on an AMAZING journey with God. I truly believe God stepped into my life as my biological father check out. As a young kid I was faced with tough choices and one of the toughest decisions was when I chose to move out at the age of sixteen. At sixteen, the place I used to call home turned into a host of domestic violence, an already absent older sister, and drug addiction. Never once giving into drugs or a destructive lifestyle I chose to rise above my circumstances and make a life of my own.Continuing on a journey of redemptive value, relationships have since been mended with family members who have made one-eighty changes in their lifestyles. With a history of less than impressive grades through high school combined with financial hindrances I never thought college was an option. Little did I know, I qualified for grants and scholarships and had a huge supporting cast that gave me focus and determination, realizing I was fully capable of performing academically on a collegiate level. Thus far, with a passion to make a difference I have received such honors as Missouri State Freshman of The Year Award, collegiate handball accolades of Sportsmanship, All-American, All-International, Open Doubles Champion, several team titles, and qualifing professionally. Maintaining a GPA of 3.2, I’m pursuing a Bachelors of Social Work (BSW) at Missouri State University with an expected graduation next Friday, May 13th 2011. Most recently I was accepted into the Missouri State Legislative Internship program where I have served as an intern for Senator Bob Dixon who represents the 30th district in Springfield, Missouri at the Capitol in Jefferson City, Missouri.I could never have made the choices that lead me on the path that I’m on today without the love and supporting cast of my fiancée, Katherine MacKoul, friends, family, and most of all my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This conference I’m sure will be yet another connection that will further change my life trajectory. Don Miller and those that have helped founded The Mentoring Project have led me through college, compelling me to pursue a degree in social work. The stories they have shared resonate so deeply with me, I believe that challenging the fatherless story I can get the most out of it and it can get the most out of me.

  • Jason Hanselman

    A Million Miles in A Thousand Years changed the way I think about life. It was so profound to me that I have recommended and given away several copies of the book. After reading it I thought, “Well, now that I know
    … I need someone to please tell me
    to do this.” The Storyline conference is exactly what I need.

    My family has been in ministry for more than 15 years… and we are looking for “unconventional and non-traditional” ways for doing ministry in the future. Not only will the conference make some of those things come alive, but spending a whole day with people who are looking for better ways of “writing our stories”… that would be invaluable.

    Last year, we experienced what millions of other Americans faced — unemployment. We moved from Colorado to Idaho in the summer of 2008 to plant a church, by the summer of 2010… the church laid us off for financial reasons. Slowly, God is mending that wound and healing our lives… Storyline could help us weave a story of broken-ness into a story of hope and transformation. We have a unique story… and we need the help of Storyline to get it out of our hearts and into our world… please help us get to the conference… it would mean the world to us right now!

    Jason & Mary Hanselman

  • http://forgingleaders.com Jeremiah

    Donald Miller sparked my imagination with A Million Miles In A Thousand Years; he also urged me to action. I immediately “got it” when I read his approach of writing your own life story. His big idea inspired me to create a company devoted to leading a revolution in men’s leadership. Through Forging Leaders, my leadership coaching company, I help men to “become the hero in your own life story”. I use the framework of Joseph Campbell’s “hero’s journey” to help men write their own life stories. I began this quest about a year ago and in March of 2011 I was able to quit my day job to build Forging Leaders full time. There is no doubt that if I wouldn’t have read Don’s book, I wouldn’t be doing what I am now. I owe him BIG TIME.

    Jeremiah Miller
    Forging Leaders

    • http://forgingleaders.com Jeremiah

      wow! After reading the comments of everybody else, I am humbled. There is so much strength and compassion on display. Michael, I will pay my own way to the conference. Please remove me from consideration for the free tickets.


  • http://profiles.google.com/maxandrewdubinsky Max Andrew Dubinsky

    1 year ago I quit my job to pursue life as an author. Now I am homeless, and I live on the road driving across America. I seek God in the streets and faith outside of the church on Sunday. I blog about it every Wednesday at http://www.makeitmad.com. I would be very grateful to attend this conference.

  • Jmhardy97


    As a business leader and a father of three, I just turned 40 this year and made a commitment to change my life as well as give back to society. I was a man who started raising three children alone when I was 21. Today, God has truley blessed me and this conference sounds like the perfect thing to help me take my life to the next level while positively impacting the world.

  • Anonymous

    p.s. did i say this was right around my birthday? had already thought of asking for it as a birthday present, but just too much to ask….
    no pressure:) what great comments from all here! thanks for the opp to post.

  • http://twitter.com/ehillgren402 Eric Hillgren

    I want attend this conference because I want to keep defying the odds…
    …as a product of an American epidemic, growing up in a fatherless single parent household, I have been on an AMAZING journey with God. I truly believe God stepped into my life as my biological father check out. As a young kid I was faced with tough choices and one of the toughest decisions was when I chose to move out at the age of sixteen. At sixteen, the place I used to call home turned into a host of domestic violence, an already absent older sister, and drug addiction. Never once giving into drugs or a destructive lifestyle I chose to rise above my circumstances and make a life of my own.

    Continuing on a journey of redemptive value, relationships have since been mended with family members who have made one-eighty changes in their lifestyles. With a history of less than impressive grades through high school combined with financial hindrances I never thought college was an option. Little did I know, I qualified for grants and scholarships and had a huge supporting cast that gave me focus and determination, realizing I was fully capable of performing academically on a collegiate level.

    Thus far, with a passion to make a difference I have received such honors as Missouri State Freshman of The Year Award, collegiate handball accolades of Sportsmanship, All-American, All-International, Open Doubles Champion, several team titles, and qualifing professionally.

    Maintaining a GPA of 3.2, I’m pursuing a Bachelors of Social Work (BSW) at Missouri State University with an expected graduation next Friday, May 13th 2011. Most recently I was accepted into the Missouri State Legislative Internship program where I have served as an intern for Senator Bob Dixon who represents the 30th district in Springfield, Missouri at the Capitol in Jefferson City, Missouri.

    I could never have made the choices that lead me on the path that I’m on today without the love and supporting cast of my fiancée, Katherine MacKoul, friends, family, and most of all my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

    This conference I’m sure will be yet another connection that will further change my life trajectory. Don Miller and those that have helped founded The Mentoring Project have led me through college, compelling me to pursue a degree in social work. The stories they have shared resonate so deeply with me, I believe that challenging the fatherless story I can get the most out of it and it can get the most out of me.

  • http://profiles.google.com/kahoosbt Shelley Ledfors

    I would like to attend the Storyline Conference as I seek what God has for me in the next phase of my life. For years my story was, primarily, wife, home school mom, and caregiver to aging parents. Each of these roles has ended or changed. The parents are all with the Lord. I cared for my mother-in-law (who had Alzheimer’s) in our home, her last year of life. Later, I helped Dad with Mom’s care following her strokes. A few months after Mom passed away, I took care of Dad in our home at the end of his battle with pancreatic cancer. In other changes, I am blessed (hmmm…okay, we’ll go with that…yep, blessed) to have hubby around full time, now, following his retirement. Our marriage has even survived a recent house remodel. Fortunately, the good Lord endowed me with a sense of humor, so the retirement and remodel have been great sources of amusement. But now, the last of my former roles is ending; my son completes his at-home education this year, and is deciding what’s next for him. In fact, if I receive one of the free tickets, I would pay for my son to attend the Storyline Conference with me. We each need to discover the story the Lord has for us when we grow up.

  • Suzanneburden

    The lessons learned from A Million Miles have stuck with me–asking God to help me tell a better story, and realizing I need to do things that help to propel the plot forward.

    I am ready for a conference like this because:

    1) I am halfway through an MA in Theology and as a 38-year-old female am finally embracing the fact that God wants me to use my gifts of teaching, leadership, and encouragement for His Kingdom.

    2) I’m not sure if I should pursue a pastoral or church leadership role–or find an “outside the church” role where I can heavily use my writing and communication gifts while teaching/preaching as a lay person.

    3) I am, frankly, quite isolated and need the encouragement and charge that comes from creative community and from clarifying how God wants each of us to contribute to the Grand Story he is telling.

  • http://www.forward-living.com W. Mark Thompson

    Uh. I must have been living on an island – or under a rock. I have not heard of this conference. But it seems to be geared toward answering the very question I’ve been asking all my life? It’s why I went to school to and got a Psychology degree. To try & figure out who I am. It’s why I serve. To help others see I represent more than just flesh & bones. It’s why I write. To create and try and make sense of what I’ve been blessed with. It’s why I put myself through situations that stretch & challenge me emotionally. So I can see what I’m really made of. It’s why I sing. To celebrate the blessings of who I am, how I’m made, and enjoy the life I’ve been given. If this conference can help me dig deeper into those questions, I really want to be there. Thanks for turning me on to this, Michael!

  • http://twitter.com/ingerlogelin Inger Logelin

    My story=HIS story=history. I’ll be Blue Like Jazz if I don’t win those tickets to Don Miller’s Storyline Conference.

  • Anonymous

    I would love to attend the Storyline Conference. I loved, “Million Miles” and have a kindred connection with Don.

    In the spring of 2004, I went with a mission team to Brno, Czech Republic. CZ is considered one of the most atheist nations (per capita) in the world. I’ve returned several times since, including a recent trip in November of 2010.

    I’ve had the opportunity to watch people grow up over the last 7 years, including two sisters. When I first met them, they were aged 10 and 13. They were orphans. Innocent and forgotten. In November, I saw them for the first time in over three years. They immediately recognized me and were excited to see me, which was encouraging about my past mission trips. On a field trip with all the kids from the same orphanage, I learned the older sister now lives with her boyfriend and has a pretty rough life. The younger, well, I was surprised when I saw her and a friend drop their drug paraphernalia right in front me and another guy on our team. They quickly hid it, but it was obvious these two innocent girls grew up in a state orphanage with no guidance.

    Since my first trip in 2004, I have been trying to develop ideas and having conversations with Czech natives on how to build a strong and consistent missionary presence and help to mature and strengthen the Czech Christians. I really believe one way would be to have a Christian run orphanage in the city. There are some in some outlying villages, but the city needs it as well. My heart aches day after day on how I can help change the story of some of the orphans there. Forgotten? Not anymore? On a path to destruction? Not anymore. We know the answer is Christ. But I need an “inciting incident” to help change the direction. There are many lost people there, who also need an inciting incident of conversation or relationship. There are Christians who need encouragement, support and discipleship.

    I want a better story for me and for others. I’m not sure at this point how to make it happen.

    Conference or no conference, I hope people reading this will pray for me and for a greater awareness of the need of Christ in this small European nation.

  • http://tonychung.ca tonychung

    Personally, I’m surprised that Don didn’t send me comp tickets, after all, I coauthored Million Miles: http://topsellingauthors.com/world/top_stories/1383/3913/tony_chung – LOL!

    I got the idea from one of your blog posts awhile back. Remember that?

    Anyway, my story has been quite complicated, but I’d really like it to tell it more simply, with more impact. My music page on Facebook page says I’d like to write songs that sound like Donald Miller set to music. Attending the conference may help me with that goal.



  • Joelle

    This conference sounds so relevant to where I am at right now. I graduated with my bachelor’s degree in 2009 in education, but in the two years I have been out of school, I realized that I wanted to change my major and pursue social work to hopefully someday work with or start my own nonprofit organizations that helps to combat poverty in some way. I am planning on leaving my job in August to begin a Master’s program, which is a transition I am looking forward to take. I saw that you posted some of Donald Miller’s resources in a comment. I will be sure to check them out. Thanks for posting.

  • http://www.fbcgallatin.org/Larry/ Larry Yarborough, Jr.

    “A Million Miles …” was a book that changed me. I’ve held it up to my congregation, quoted from it and spent my days differently because of it: choosing adventure over latency. I even wrote about it (http://wp.me/s1kQCc-183). It’s shown me that all excellent stories are brimming with plot twists, challenges and opportunities for victory. Mostly, it’s fueled me to push through strong resistance for the gift of what lies on the other side of hardship. As a pastor, a big part of my job is to help others live into the larger story God has planned for them. Send me.

  • http://twitter.com/TD_Pope Taylor Pope

    Donald Miller is so much a part of my story that it sounds really cliche to write a post to win tickets to a conference about Donald Miller talking about story, but let me share the impact he’s had on my life.

    I was raised in a great home with great parents that loved God and I was active in my youth group in junior high, but looking back now, it’s clear I was riding on the waves of other people’s faith. It was not my own. By the time high school hit, God was put on the bookshelf. He represented a very boring, legalistic way of living to me. Sports and other not so healthy interests took over my life. I thought there was no way that following God could possibly be the best way to live this life.

    After I finished high school, however, I met a man named Troy Shirley, who was and still is, on staff with Campus Crusade. He got involved in my life and started pouring into me. This was huge for me. The tipping point, however, came when he gave me a book called Blue Like Jazz. I took it home and couldn’t put it down. I still remember those next few days where every night I would sit down and read this book that read like someone had taken my exact thoughts that I wasn’t able to quite articulate and wrote them all down in this incredibly beautiful and poetic way. And then the picture that Miller began to paint throughout the chapters of what following Jesus is really all about. How it is about loving God and loving people, not judging and just accepting everyone for who they are; how it’s about living in community and getting to know strange people you would normally never bother meeting in the first place. He opened my eyes to what the Gospel looks like when it’s truly lived out. For the first time, I began to understand what it means to be a Christian – that it’s all about love, and that one can give his life to no greater cause. I read that book and I said, ‘Ok, if this is what it means to be a Christian, then I’m all in.’

    Since that time the Gospels have affirmed what Miller advocated in his book and I’ve spent the last five years trying to learn more and more about what it means to follow Christ and participate in His Kingdom. It’s been mountains and valleys, but I know for a fact that I would not be where I am today nor would I be who I am today if it weren’t for Donald Miller. Going to this conference would be – pardon one more cliche – a dream come true.

  • Doug Gehman

    I’m a leader, and a writer. I just wrote and produced a story – The Journey: a modern adaptation of Jesus’ Prodigal Son Story – told with music and drama on stage before an enthusiastic audience of 500. Don’s writings were a big part of my inspiration and motivation to take a risk and do it. I am now thinking, praying about how to go to the next level in story telling – both by living it and by doing it in my work – through more of this form of story telling. That is why this conference is so intriguing.

  • http://twitter.com/thedailyrob Rob Brock

    “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years” should be required reading for all high schoolers! My copy is thoroughly marked up, and I’ve shared many quotes and ideas from the book.

    I’d love to attend the Storyline Conference with Donald Miller, but not just for the learning, the focus, and the challenges. The value of a conference like this comes from the relationships forged on a shared journey, the “iron sharpens iron” friendships that would provide encouragement and foster accountability.

    My wife and I have been praying about where God is leading us, and we are focused on the changes we need to make to see our dreams become reality. Having an opportunity to attend the Storyline Conference would be such a gift on this journey!

    Thanks for your ministry, and for sharing this great opportunity!

  • Stephenpbrooks

    All 3 reasons to attend hit home for me. Young family, new house, looking for new job/ direction – lots of transition and big decisions. and btw, a huge don miller fan.

  • http://connectwithrandy.com Randy Cantrell

    My encore career is teaching, inspiring and encouraging higher human performance in education. For over 35 years I’ve been a business guy. At the start of this year – after a few years of intentionally winding down my old career – I began to collaborate with my now grown children, both public educators. Leaders are good story tellers. I’m interested in helping educators become better story tellers. More importantly I want to help them learn how to inspire young people to live a great story. Teachers and school administrators can help kids develop leadership in crafting their own story through creativity and innovative thought.

  • http://profiles.google.com/heather.knight.pdx Heather Knight

    I wanted to attend the conference last year, but I had just returned to Oregon from an around the world adventure. My reason for wanting to attend the conference this year is simple and complex. I spent 5 months traveling around the world last year. I started my journey with a pilgrimage on the road to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. I walked (bus and train too!) 800km across Northern Spain for five weeks. As you can imagine, lots of “stuff” bubbled to the surface while spending all that time walking and thinking and meeting people from all over the world. I continued my “pilgrimage” around the world to Italy, Hungary, Israel, Jordan, India, Thailand and Japan. I volunteered in India and Thailand, teaching English. It’s been just over a year since I started this adventure and I’m still trying to figure out my place in this world. While on the Camino, I realized how little I really need in the way of material items to live life fully. My life has become more about experiences and less about “things”. I know I need to make some bigger changes in my life, but I’m unsure how to go about it. I think the Storyline Conference would be a great way to kickstart these changes and give me some direction.

  • Usiel

    I’m a Brazilian pastor and I’ll be here. at States, for the next 30 days. The reason I come is to be far way from everything and have a special time to seek God’s will for my next years. I’m exactly in the meddle of a transition. For the last 4 years I was working in a public bank. I’m part of a institute that works with Christian young people (17 to 24). Our goal in this institute is help them to prepare themselves to take high position in the society in order to spread the Kingdom of Christ. We’re all volunteers there (www.lni-institute.org). I had an invitation to serve a church in my town and others opportunities. I want to be sure about what God wants me to do. This is the reasons I would like to attend The Storyline Conference.

  • Kimberlyim

    I would love to have the opportunity to attend this conference with my husband because over the past two years God has been weeding out of our lives the securities of the world. This has left us struggling at times because we saw that all too often instead of living out our story with God we were allowing the fears of job security, “need” for posessions, and approval of others to determine our choices. Throughout this process God has begun specifically helping me to dig through my story. I am just now, two years later,beginning to see the impact of my past on my present and future. I long for my husband and I to confidently engage the world knowing that God is writing the story of our lives and desires us to come along side him in that! I desire for us to embrace our unique wiring and see how God use us to share with the world the story he has given each of us! I will be losing my job in august and desire to use my story as a platform to share what God has been teaching me. My husband lost his job in architecture and is now starting a new career. We are selling our house and moving to a new city. All of this transition will be used for God’s glory…I know this to be true. I believe God has been placing this theme of story before us for a reason and would love to learn more through this conference!!!

  • Sam poe

    This conference sound interesting because I would like to more clearly take up each day knowing what I am supposed to do. I want to attend this conference because I am interested in discovering for myself and helping others to discover how to live more fully in God’s Big Salvation Story.

  • Laural A.

    Michael, thank you for providing a place that stirs up hope and vision, dreams and conversation. The comments page has been so good for me to read this morning! My husband and I are long time fans of Don (from way back when Blue Like Jazz first came out and nobody knew what we were talking about), and so I intended to enter both of us for those two tickets to the Storyline Conference. But now, after reading many of the other comments already on the page, I am humbled, amazed and encouraged by the stories I see here. I see people who have been struggling through divorce, job loss, separated families… your courage and hope are humbling. Thank you for sharing with the rest of us the reality of where you are and the rawness of your hope that God will show up and tell a story to you and through you. I’m encouraged that I don’t need to go to the Storyline conference right now – I can wait a while. I can’t wait to check back and find out who is going… and again later to hear what God is doing in the lives of those who went.

  • Abe

    As I read through the comments I can’t help but think that others are far more deserving to go to this conference than I am. No doubt! Yet I feel an event like this might be just what I need at this point in time. This seems to be a time of transition for me as it relates all areas of my life. I am confident that my story is meaningless if not connect to His story and I think the conference may help to make the connection much clearer.

    I am working through staying in this city or moving, keep investing in my current career or launch out on my own, how to put my gifts to use in the church, city and culture and making them all connect somehow. Storyline may be just the ticket to do so.

    Thanks for considering me.

  • Jennifer Kitchin Gill

    I want this. I can’t go on my own. I don’t know what story I am in. I don’t know how to figure it out. I would love the opportunity to know what kind of story I am writing, and participate in it. I love Don’s work. Love! I am praying that I might get in on this great opportunity.

  • David Manning

    Michael – thanks for even just the chance to go to the Storyline conference. I actually looked into going a couple of months ago, but it just was not in the family budget. I’ll go next year if not this year. I just finished reading A Million Miles in 1,000 Years. I devoured the book in a matter of days which is unusual for me. The book really spoke to where I’m at in life right now. God is putting all kinds of amazing possibilities in front of me to live a better story. Picking the right storyline and mustering the faith in the face of risk seems to be the trick (reference your recent post on Praxis). The other question I have of this journey is how do I bring others along as well; my wife, sons & daughter; the men I mentor, my house church; those who are observing my life… I was asking God just today, how do I bring them along with me in their own storyline? I live in Portland, OR… I’d be so honored to go. I will both post to FB and tweet per your request. All the best to you, David

  • Connie Jakab

    sounds like an amazing conference. I would be honored to attend simply because I have a passion to inspire the world with God’s story. I’m continually learning about how to live missional and desire to do all I can to partner with God on His Kingdom. I would love to learn how to create a storyline I can reference for the rest of my life! I am His and ready for what’s next….

  • Joy2be_s

    Examination of one’s self has to be one of the hardest things to do…for that reason I would love to go to this conference. To be guided, challenged, and inspired in a group led by a remarkable person and author would be a blessing. We all have a story to tell, and I would love to find out where my story will take me.

  • Patsy

    I have been pursuing insight into our stories, not only how they impact us, but the significant impact they have on others. This conference fits into my learning-theme and draws my heart. I am a huge Donald fan and I have followed his emotional and financial wrestlings with his movie so I would love to view it.

    Our stories hold the keys to our well-being as well as our connections with others, so any expansion of my understanding would be a gift to me…and an enriching gift to the thousands I am privileged to speak and write for each year.

    The quality of my offering is influenced by the quality of my ongoing education…this conference sounds first class.

  • Alicia

    I have been reading Don’s work for a long time. His writing is so compelling and always challenges me to examine my life and its purpose. I would love to attend the Storyline conference because I feel like I’m truly at a crossroads in my life. This could be the very thing that God can use to speak to me and where I’m at. I feel like there is more to my story than what I’m currently living and I’m ready to take the challenge and finding it out. Thank you for this once in a lifetime opportunity. I would be honored to be chosen.

    Thank you,
    Alicia Guyselman

  • http://profiles.google.com/missdlb123 Dana Brown

    I heard about this conference a few weeks ago and decided I just couldn’t afford to go. I live in Portland so transportation costs are not an issue; the conference cost is though. I have been a fan of Donald Miller’s even before he was THE Donald Miller. I stumbled upon his first book, Prayer and the Art of Volkswagen Maintenance (published under a different title now) in the summer of 2001 a year or two before Blue Like Jazz hit the scene.

    The circumstances and surroundings of my story have changed many times over the course of my life; but not the specifics. Some people would call it “schizophrenic” but I call it being open to adventure. Being single has allowed me to serve God in many different venues.

    I left a full-time ministry job 1.5 years ago and thought I was moving towards where God was leading me next. But somewhere, since then, I fear I’ve gotten lost along the way. I’m struggling with my voice pushing out God’s and I hate that.

    I think this conference will get me back on that path…and maybe I’ll find out I’ve been schizophrenic after all.

  • Jamikins22

    I would honestly like to go & take my best friend who wants to go. She is in a time of transition and growth that I’m so proud of her for doing because it’s not easy. I loved the concept of a filter for decisions. I always think there has to be a way to sift through the tough calls in life.

  • Crystal

    I wanted to go to Story Line last year! It was painful (and encouraging) to read all the tweets during the event. Hopefully this year I can win a ticket & go join with others to learn & discuss how to live a meaningful life amidst life’s continually challenging transitions. Plus I could stay with & see my sister in Portland! Yay!

  • http://rickywidjajakusuma.wordpress.com Ricky W.

    I’m a huge fan of Don and have been thinking to attend the confrence!

    Gotta love his books n writing.Anyway, I’m a senior in college graduating this summer. There’re lot of questions as to what kind of future should I pursue since it’s all kind of laid out there. I’m excited, but am also afraid as well. What if the next step I’m taking is not going to align me with the kind of story I want to live? How do I know? How do I align what I want with what God has planned? I’ve read the book, but then looking to where I am right now, I ask the question, “What now?” I hope by attending this conference, I could make that step to make my life better story. I also live in the awesome city of Portland, which if given the ticket I’ll definitely come!

    Thanks for posting this up!


  • http://twitter.com/jcarlnelson Joel Nelson


    I greatly appreciate the information you share in your blog. Your link back to your mentoring post was excellent. Thanks for what you do. Who knows what seeds you’ve planted. The Harvest is going to be so awesome! Be blessed.


  • Yarnista

    I had wanted to attend this conference but simply couldn’t afford the tickets plus airfare. Just couldn’t do it. A FREE ticket would be life-changing for me.

    Why do I want to attend? The name of the conference alone speaks so personally to my heart: Story. It’s how I think and feel as a writer, it’s how God hard-wired m, its been the thrust of my life since I was just ten years old. To be able to tap into that more deeply — what a blessing that would be. And my life has been one huge transition for nearly five years now (with another major change looming on the horizon). This would just be an invaluable conference at which to be. I can’t tell you how badly I want to be there.


    yarnista at ymail dot com

  • Dan Meyer

    I would absolutely love to go to this conference! What an amazing opportunity to learn more and take home some more tools to share with people! I am a pastor and I teach a class right now that combines an exploration of strengths, spiritual gifts, personality, passions and experiences that God has entrusted to us. This is a conference that needs to be shared with everyone but the Body of Christ needs to grow so much in this area so that we can become all that God has designed us to be for His glory and our good. Thanks for being faithful to do what God has called you to do Don. Michael, you have also been an inspiration over the last year and a half that I have been following your blog. God has given you a wonderful combination of wisdom and humility. Thanks for sharing it…

  • Anonymous

    Hi Michael! I appreciate your recent blog entries as you’ve been transitioning to this new phase in your life. I, too, am at a transition in my life – but not due to lay offs, marital issues or other hardships. I simply feel restless and that I need to be the hands and feet of Christ more often. I just don’t know where to start. My husband pastors a small church, we brought our daughter home from Kazakhstan about 4 1/2 year ago and while I know my duties are wife and mother are important, I still feel there is something lacking.

    This conference sounds very interesting to me because of the guided activities that will help me analyze who God created me to be and that I will have the opportunity to network with others. I have things I’m passionate about, but I don’t know what to do with that where I live. Well, that and I might get the chance to meet the amazing Mrs. Hyatt in person. :-)
    Be blessed!

  • Kristen Wilson

    Old story: Child bride at 18, four kids by 21, Pastors wife, ministry leader, marketer, help meet. New Story: Soon to be empty nest-er, heart stirred for so many things in this new season, so much yet unwritten…praying to hear from God and find His direction at the Storyline Conference.

  • http://twitter.com/DanielMeyer67 Daniel Meyer

    Great opportunity for a great conference. I am sure this will be life changing for attenders and have a ripple effect of hope for many. http://michaelhyatt.com/what-story-are-you-telling-with-your-life.html

  • Jenny ecklund

    Attending this conference would be a dream for me. I am a 20-something about to graduate college, and though I am full of passion for the poor, and for building the church I don’t know the steps to take to make my calling a reality. My heart is full of doubt, and i am yearning to be able to do something huge with my young life. And well, Portland is where I feel i might be headed. There are a ton of street youth in portland, that are needing to be loved and guided in the right direction. I’ve never been to Portland, but i feel as if I can call it home and I think this conference would not only give me a chance to see Portland (which i may someday call home) but also, an opportunity to be refreshed, encouraged, and pointed in the right direction… so that story my heart is yearning for can hopefully be written.

    And with the other ticket- i’d make sure to bring another 20-something full of passion and uncertainty whose story is also waiting to be written in a big way!

  • Deborah Besaw

    I usually read beyond the word “Free” to find the true nuggets from my reading. This time I had to stop and question providence. I am grateful that you have offered these tickets for your readers – but they have indeed cost us all. My cost has been the price of ignorance, rebellion, and poor judgment in past decisions. I believe many bruising rabbit trails may have been averted if I’d had a mentor or the wisdom of articles like yours in times of past need.
    Much comes to mind regarding the favor I seek of God for a ticket to this conference. However, none speaks better than the words I received from Him when I was stuck in the bottom of a hopeless pit.
    “Where you are going you have been before.
    I purposed you to know this even in your own life so that you would know what you are headed for. The path you will walk will not be an easy one, nor has it been cleared or paved by others – but you have known its way. Take that which your father has shown you, and take that which he walked in, for surely you will walk in his shoes. His feet trod where others dared not tread, he walked where many said he could not, and he walked where many did not even know. He was a pioneer, he was strength, and he knew there was nothing he could not do. That same spirit is in you.

    Tempered with love and patience you will walk into every dream you ever had, every vision I have ever shown you, and everywhere you purpose to go. Find yourself, for you have forgotten who you are – find the child I see. When you know who you are, then you will find the strength you need and you will know that there will be nothing that can stop you when you walk the path I have prepared for you to walk.”

    My father has been gone for over a decade, and it seems some gem of identity in unspoken words may have passed with him. I still search. I know I must fight past this obstacle that has me barred like a stallion at the starting gate waiting for lever to unlatch his freedom.
    Yes Michael, I would like to stand amongst those who seek God’s favor for all that will transpire from this conference – yet I will rejoice for the two who go. God’s blessing has wonderful purposes for the whole Body of Christ! And thank you for the opportunity!
    In Him,

  • wac

    “Those in the midst of a transition.” That describes my life for the past 10 years. Enough said…

  • Kevin Penner

    I have reached 25 years in my field of teaching. There have been a lot of highs and oh so many lows. I want to examine my life more closely through Don’s Storyline Conference, because I want to be one of those people who ‘finish strong.’ Or should I say ‘stronger. ‘ Don’s approach to making our life a better story sounds fresh and relevant approach to this.

  • http://twitter.com/BYvonneGreen Yvonne Green

    The more we know who we are is just the beginning of knowing how God has hot wired us for His Kingdom –

  • Anonymous

    I am hearing God whispering to me about a new development in my life. Actually, I believe he has been speaking to me about this for a long time, but I am finally paying closer attention. I am working through your book “Creating a Personal Life Plan” and am seeking clarity about how to live out my life purpose. I have been thinking and speaking about purpose for some time, but am now recognizing without a better plan to live and create a better story, my purpose can stay too “safe”.
    I want to attend this conference to learn, make connections, and discover new opportunities to make a difference. I love the concept of story creating, story telling, and story living. An entire two days immersed in discovering more about myself and developing a story with @donaldmiller, @mhyatt:disqus and others would be a thrill for me for sure!

  • Louise Thaxton

    This reminds me of the Building Champions Experience last September when God spoke so clearly to me while working through my Life Plan. Although I had prepared and tweeked my Life Plan several years ago, it was opportunity to FOCUS on what was the story I wanted to write for my life. I actually read A Million Miles in a Thousand Years on the plane home from the event – and you are right – it was life changing. This event sounds incredible and an opportunity to truly begin a new chapter in your life

  • J Radosevich

    I would love to give these tickets to a friend.

  • Northerngril

    I can’t wait to hear Donald Miller ‘In His Element’ at the Storylines Conference. Donald really has a gift for being down-to-earth without losing his connection with God.

  • http://profiles.google.com/daynamite79 Dana Metzger

    My husband and I are 30 & 31, with 2 little ones at home. In our crazy post-college, pre-mortgage days, we spent a year teaching English in Mexico and were deeply impacted by the people there. Since then, he has built a career in IT and I have built us a home. As we approach our 10-year wedding anniversary this summer, we have been feeling a calling to return to Mexico as full-time servants of the poor and orphaned. This time we’d be writing our children’s childhood stories, as well. We read A Million Miles together several months ago and were profoundly challenged and would benefit greatly from going deeper at the conference. We would have automatically signed up, but on one modest income, it’s unfortunately not an option for us financially. It would mean so much to us to be able to have some time away, learning from Don and others, and work out what the future story of our family is meant to look like. Thank you for this opportunity! I’m going to tweet about your give-away. :)

  • http://profiles.google.com/loriamcclure lori mcclure

    The first time I saw this on Donald Miller’s site, I knew I would love to go, that it would be good for me to go. Unfortunately, there just isn’t a financial way for it to happen this year. I figured if it was meant to be, the money would be there for it. I know that I want my story to matter, and I get too distracted with the ‘shoulds’ of this life. I need to streamline and get with it because time is valuable. I don’t want to waste anymore of it.

    Thanks for the contest. I generally don’t enter them, but I couldn’t pass this one up. It would make my heart happy to win :)

  • http://dianerivers.wordpress.com Diane Rivers

    I’m a huge fan of Don Miller – his book “Searching for God Knows What” has been transformational to my thinking. I’ve also read “Blue Like Jazz” and “A Million Miles”. All excellent. This conference would be amazing to attend! Plus, I’ve never been to Portland …

  • stacy

    About a year ago, my dream fell apart in a really hurtful way. I survived the crisis and took a job to help stabilize our family. I’ve been really grateful to have a job, but I realize that I have more in me than what I’m doing. I’ve been asking God for healing, for sure. I’m still pretty broken. And I realize the time is here where I need to press ahead and let God write new dreams on my heart. I have some ideas. When I think about it, I get pretty stirred about this: How can I unleash the creativity of middle schoolers and send them on a path with world-changing confidence? I figure if you can give kids a taste of bringing an idea they have to life, they will carry that experience with them their whole lives. Teach them at a young age that their creative ideas have merit and can change the world, and must. I don’t know what that all looks like. Is it becoming a middle school drama teacher? Is it founding a summer camp/internship? Is it hosting a contest? I don’t know. But I think Don’s conference could help shape a new dream and bring it into focus a bit.

  • Kellye

    My husband and I feel called by God to start a business to help mission groups be more effective. We are in the naissant stages and this conference would be an opportunity to look at how we have been prepared and how our partnership with God and one another may evolve.

    Thank you for sharing so freely in so many ways — your contributions are appreciated!

  • http://profiles.google.com/leesyadams Elise Adams

    I would love to attend this conference…this would be the perfect education/encouragement my husband and I need at this time in our lives. We are both facing career changes and desire to know exactly what God’s purpose for our lives is! We have little pieces of the puzzle…but the list of all the aspects Don will cover sounds transformational. My husband is underemployed–after years of substitute teaching in the LA school district he’s working as a CNA and we’re not even close to making ends meet. I am blogging, caring for my kids (3 under 5) and have a ministry/business in it’s first baby-steps. We know God has a place for us in His BIG picture, we’re just unclear what that place looks like.

    Thank you for continuing to be an inspiration, for sharing this opportunity with your readers and for offering these free tickets. I am PRAYING and HOPING we’ll be the winners!

  • http://profiles.google.com/leesyadams Elise Adams

    And I just Tweeted a link :-) Facebooking a link next!

  • Anonymous

    I’m a writer…I have a story to tell that I think will change the way people think about loss and God’s role in that. I think my story can help people with their own losses. That being said, now that I’m on the other side of this loss-phase of my life, I want to acquire technicolor, laser focused, full on, all out purpose driven living. I need help with that. This sounds like the ticket.

  • Mark K

    Everyone has a story, and no one can argue against it. Developing a greater understanding of the story that God is writing in my life, I believe, would not only help me to discover the purposes for my life but will also help others to pursue and discover theirs.

  • http://twitter.com/imilligans Andy Milligan

    Our family is transitioning from Las Vegas to Africa this summer. We’ve
    been developing and running a nutrition program there for the last 2
    years after 10 years of working for an investment bank and a couple
    software companies. Don’s book is the best I’ve ever read about the
    power of story. Whether it’s a sales meeting or sitting around a fire in
    the African bush, community is developed and life is shared through
    story. We’d love the chance to learn how to shape and share our story
    with people wherever we meet them. Thanks Michael for the opportunity to
    grow, and for sharing your story with us.

    • http://brevis.me Robert Ewoldt

      Andy, where in Africa are you moving?

  • http://twitter.com/jillsayler Jill Sayler

    I’d love to attend this conference because: 1) I know I have a story to tell, 2) I began writing this story a few years ago and even have a title, just somehow got put to the wayside along the journey, 3) I’ve never been to Portland and love being inspired by new places, 4) I could use some inspiration and a few days away

  • http://www.imilligans.org Andy Milligan

    Our family is transitioning from Las Vegas to Africa this summer. We’ve

    been developing and running a nutrition program there for the last 2

    years after 10 years of working for an investment bank and a couple

    software companies. Don’s book is the best I’ve ever read about the

    power of story. Whether it’s a sales meeting or sitting around a fire in

    the African bush, community is developed and life is shared through

    story. We’d love the chance to learn how to shape and share our story

    with people wherever we meet them. Thanks Michael for the opportunity to

    grow, and for sharing your story with us.

  • Allison

    There are so many reasons why I would be honored to go to this conference. Many people search and search for their purpose in life, and I am no different. I rescently went through a major life shift with the loss of an unborn child and my husband leaving me shortly after. Events like that tend to make those involved re-evaluate their purpose. I would like some guidance in figuring that out for my life, and being a single parent puts a financial restriction on my ability to attend The conference in Portland.
    Please consider my story for this privilege. Thank you!

  • Kristen Wilson

    Old story: Bride at age 18, mother of four by 21, Pastors wife, ministry leader, marketer, help meet – living a lot of other peoples stories. New Story: soon to be empty nest-er, beginning author/play-write, so much stirred on my heart, so much yet unwritten – praying for direction and Gods leading for my story yet to be unfolded.

    • Kristen Wilson

      I ended up re-posting this from earlier as it was not showing up. But my apologies if somehow it is on here twice. Blessings Michael, pick me.

  • Joe Mudd

    Hello Michael,

    A couple of weeks ago I stumbled onto your blog. I don’t remember how I found my way here, but I spent much time reading after the discovery.

    Last week my wonderful daughter Sarah sent me a link to one of your posts. She told me how much she enjoyed your writing and thought I might find the blog post interesting. As luck would have it, that post was already open in another browser tab.

    So maybe something (or someone) is pointing me in this direction.

    About that conference…

    I have two really great kids. I’ve long considered them to be my legacy to the world, my “life story.” Yeah, I know most parents feel that way. But I’ve never had a doubt, those two guaranteed I’d leave this world a better place than I found it.

    But then our son Richard died.

    That was nearly two years ago.

    The hard drive containing my life story crashed. I know I should have made a backup copy of that hard drive, but, well… you know how that story goes.

    I feel silly saying that, because I’m still dad to an amazing young woman. I’ll still be leaving this world much improved.

    And unlike many of the others commenting here, I still have a job that pays me well. I have lots of love and support from family and friends. My wife and I seem to be in good health.

    Yet, everything changed. Our story needs a rewrite.

    Not sure I know how to do that.

    Perhaps that’s where I’d learn.

  • Andrew Acker

    Yesterday I quit my job. I struggled for month’s on what the right decision was, battled through frustrating days, and prayed endlessly for God to illuminate the path for my life. While I may not yet know my career calling, I know that I want to carve my career, not chisel it. To move forward, I had to close one chapter of my life, and now find myself in a unique interlude. So, as cliche and convenient as it sounds, I want to attend this conference because I’m truly 1, interested in personal development; 2 in the midst of a transition; and 3, want to live a bigger, more compelling story.

  • Leslie Danielle87

    I would be stoked to be able to attend storyline! I’ve been through a year of transition and while things are settling down, it is the perfect time to continue to transition. Million miles is a book that changed the way I view each new day and I refer to it like a lighthouse anytime things get a little murky. I’m a huge don miller fan, I think he is one of the greatest storytellers of this generation and have been honored to witness and be a part of the amazing story of blj the movie. Remarkable.

    I come from a long line of complacency and starting but not finishing. I dont accept this as my story. Storyline can help give me resources to walk out this new path. I would love the opportunity!

  • Jared Shetler

    This conference interests me in large part because it’s Don’s conference. I have read several of his books, and thoroughly enjoy his writing. Also, I am in a time of transition currently. I’m 20 years old and just started a brand new job with a 3-year commitment. I feel like my life is a fairly direction-less right now, like I’m not really doing as much as I should/could for God and those around me. I would have hopes that this conference would help to give some motivation and direction for my life.

  • Anonymous

    I attended last year. The content was powerful. It’s one of the few conferences that I still go back to the binder regularly. The “vibe” was intimate and laid back– but still excellent. And the setting— Portland is great city. I wish I had an excuse to return again.

  • http://twitter.com/davebaldwin Dave Baldwin

    Thank you for the opportunity Michael, but the dates don’t work for me. I feel like I need something like this so that I end up finishing well. As I look back on my 61 years of life I see God’s hand in where I have come from and where I’m going. This conference sounds like a good check-up for someone in my stage of life.
    Have a great Sunday!

  • Mbruggink

    A couple of years ago I experienced burn out in my professional career. I went into a period of deep depression, but recently I’ve been reaquinted with my heart. I would like to bring this positive transition to my work and relationships. I believe the Donald Miller conference will increase the momentum to foster this change and can act as a springboard to dive into an exciting new chapter of my story.

  • Mark Mathia

    Timing is everything. Don’s conference appears to be a perfect match as I am in full process of asking the question, “what is our story?” to the people I lead in my organization. In business and life it feels like a new normal has set in and a great time to explore my personal story.

  • http://profiles.google.com/brodie.taphorn brodie taphorn

    For sometime now I have felt like I stepped into a period of life that will one day be characterized by the phrase, “God is doing something very important.” Things are happening, the image of who I am going to be is coming into focus.” Perhaps this conference will be the means God uses to bring this phase of life to completion.

  • Tmoucka

    Mike, I’ve often thought of the life stories we write as a collaboration – one that is never quite finished. Many people act as contributors or co-authors of our stories as we go alone.As we near the end of our stories we become contributors in other’s stories. The richness of the mosaic only deepens the more we include. Bless you my friend.

  • Luis

    Because I’m 37, and, even though I’ve tried very hard to find this out, I still don’t know …

  • Andrew M

    I would love to go. After I graduated I saved up to go to Africa, volunteering in a school outside Kenya. Transitioning back to the North American world has been bewildering, I don’t know where I fit.

  • Kim L.


    Reading these comments makes me hesitant to even post
    anything. I don’t know how you will choose; I will be praying for you. What a
    powerful reminder of the deep desire people have to make a difference.

    I’m studying teacher identity and plan on conducting
    research using narrative inquiry, examining how stories shape personal and
    professional identities. I just read some work from researchers who equate identity-building
    with story-telling; and I often think of Don’s writing when I read different
    articles. I’m interested in how we
    define “who we are” and how that affects our actions, and I want to learn more
    (for my writing, for others, and for myself)…so that’s why I want to attend

    I don’t envy your decision. Thank you so much for doing


  • Anonymous

    Michael, thank you for the opportunity to enter.

    I love Don Miller’s books and blog.

    I would love to attend this conference because I’m in a transitional stage with my position as a mom (my son graduates high school in a few weeks) and my daughter starts high school in the fall. I’ve been a stay at home mom for the past 14 years. I do a little writing and speaking and photography on the side. So far not for money though, but that needs to change fast. I need to start helping our budget because college isn’t free. I have a hard time charging for talks, ect.

    I need to make some major decisions this summer! Either jump into speaking, writing or photography full-time (could I do all 3? or is that not focused?) or get a real job outside the home.

    I’m scared. And I can’t imagine working at Starbucks is my best story and I’m not sure I’d even get hired anyway…I’m over 40. Mid-life has a way of rattling my confidence, esp. being home all these years.

    I think this conference would help me hone in on who I really am. Then that knowledge could propel me to do whatever needs to be done with passion. I can’t be passive much longer.

    I want to live the best story possible, according to God’s design. I could use a little help from those who I respect who already are!

  • RJ

    Several years ago while I was at Bible school, my writing teacher first introduced to me Don’s book Blue Like Jazz. I loved the rawness, the honesty, the humor. I had never seen such a combination of those before. I was an almost instant fan. Blue Like Jazz and Searching For God Knows What helped change my view of Jesus tremendously. A Million Miles and A Thousand Years changed the way I look at the way I live my life. I know a fulfilling life doesn’t come from just sitting around doing easy stuff and spending money on myself.
    I am a twenty-two year old guy and am just wrapping up my first year of teaching school. It has been rewarding, fulfilling, and enjoyable. I am also planning to teach next year. Here’s the problem. At one point I thought teaching could be career for me, but now I’m not sure. I enjoy it. I just don’t know if that’s what I want to do with the rest of my life. I really don’t know what I plan to do after that. I think it’d be cool to go to a third world country and help poor people or pursue my interests in writing, music, or photography. Hopefully, going to the Storyline Conference would help me figure some of that out. My brother is just finishing his third year of teaching and is starting a new phase in life. He’s already gotten an offer to teach at the same school where I teach. I think he’s facing some similar decisions.To go to Portland for the Storyline Conference to hear Don Miller speak would be a dream come true. (especially with my brother who is also one of my best friends) Thank you so much for doing this and I hope whoever is selected will get the tools they need at this conference to live a directional and purposeful life. Thanks again.

  • Scot Longyear

    This conference comes at a great time in my life. I am in a time of transition, currently serving ast the Sr Associate Pastor at a large church. Next year, it is likely that I will be offered the job of Sr Pastor. This will be a major decision as I determine my course in life through the lens of who I am and the mission I am pursuing. I would benefit greatly in learning how to filter everyday actions in light of my overall voice and mission as I serve inside and outside the church.

    This conference will also meld with the training I received through Dynamic Communicator’s Workshop, The Summit, and your Life Plan e-book.


  • Susan

    I read A Million Miles last summer and it completely changed how I viewed my life. Now I know that there is a story God wants to tell about people, places, and missions through my love of photography. The conference sounds like a place to dig deep and pray and reflect on what God has in mind.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5WUCZ2SU4FQWMCY4RLJQKCVPCU Liz L


    @font-face {
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    Thank you (and Don) for the opportunity that you are giving
    your readers to win a ticket… Very kind! I would love the opportunity to
    participate in the Storyline conference for various reasons… But to spare you
    from a “War and Peace” length narrative… I will give you the CliffsNotes
    version J

    As I approach 40, I believe that I have lived a very blessed
    and ‘unconventional’ life thus far. The experiences that I have lived –varying
    from missions work in the inner cities of LA and Chicago, as well as in Africa,
    Guat, and Mexico, to working at a manufacturing company for 13 years as a
    jack-of-all trades, to a career change in my mid-thirties that required me to
    go back to grad school, to working with inner-city youth in crisis, etc.—has,
    and continues to, enrich my life/work, and hopefully, my contribution to His
    Kingdom, as well. However, with that being said… I also believe that my life
    continues to be written in pencil… Rather than in a vibrant and assured stroke
    from an ink pen :/ By this, I mean
    that while it seems that I have written some interesting –and some not so
    interesting—chapters of my life, my story seems to lack the ‘symphonic unity’
    that would make it a beautiful story to be lived/shared.

    As God opened key doors throughout my life, I would obediently
    –and at times, begrudgingly—walk through them, with the faith that each of
    these ‘doors’ would lead me closer and closer to my purpose –the ‘Ta-Da’
    moment. However… As I am sensing that God will be placing another transitional
    door in front of me in the near future, I am no longer complacent with just
    going with the flow… I would like to be more intentional. My biggest fear is
    that because of my lack of a clear vision/purpose for my life, all of the
    blessings/experiences/chapters already written will all lead to me ‘purchasing
    a Volvo’ at the end of my story… And how anti-climatic and totally
    disappointing would that be???

    I believe that by participating in the Storyline conference,
    I will be equipped with the tools necessary to piece together the elements/chapters
    that I already have, which hopefully, will empower me to create and build on my
    story with a defined purpose. By
    achieving this, I will feel more confident and prepared to strive towards accomplishing
    my ‘it’ goal: Simply to help others (e.g. inner city youth, street kids,
    orphans) find/create/believe in/live their story. To be able to teach a child,
    especially one who has everything going against him/her, that he/she has a
    voice, and more importantly, a story to tell/share/live, is perhaps one of the
    greatest gifts that I could ever hope to give.

    Thank you for listening… And for your consideration.

  • Erica

    I really want to attend this conference because I am in an incredible time of transition. I have recently graduated from university and was unemployed for a good 10 months and am currently doing a random job. Don’s book really inspired me and I love his writing. It would be an incredible time to attend to this conference!

  • Shaun G Dyer

    For the last ten years I’ve been a paid pastor. A couple months ago I list my job. Now I’ve found myself questioning my identity, wondering what to do with my life, and if it’s all been a waste. In recent days I have begun to hope again, but it’s little more than a flicker. I don’t know how to live into the next season oft life.

  • http://twitter.com/ortotx Elizabeth Hurst

    I’m going to keep this short and sweet……
    I would love to attend this conference because I want to know what my next steps in life are going to be. I have been a stay-at-home mom for 15 yrs and, even though it is Mother’s Day, I would like to start doing things for me.
    I am also from Houston (Clear Lake City area) and have recently moved to Portland. I have been enjoying your blogs.

  • Hailey Wilshire

    I’m a college student who’s story has not been the best this past year. It was full of regrets and mistakes. Going to this conference I could learn how to make my story better, to write it in a way that I would want in a movie! I have no idea what the rest of my life is going to look like, but I want it to be a story worth telling

  • http://www.crittyjoy.com Christy

    I find myself in two categories as of late.
    Those in the midst of a transition; and Those who want to live a bigger, more compelling story. Both are me.

    I have taken the month to pray big prayers. For me. It is something I have never done before. And if things go the way they seem to be going… I am going to be handing my resignation to my boss….at my job of more than 6 years at the beginning of June. It’s not that I don’t love what I do, working with the teenagers I have worked with has changed me and made my heart different, but I do know I have to let go of this to move toward living a bigger story. Change pretty much scares me to death but I want MORE from this story I have been living. I also don’t have any concrete idea yet what the future holds but I know I have to take this chance and step out on faith and trust the One who knows best. I feel like the Storyline conference could challenge me and encourage me. As I read through the list of things that we could discover during the conference…I was so excited. It has been a while since I put change and excitement together!
    Either way I know this year holds a lot of transition for me…and a lot of learning to living a bigger story. :)

  • Anonymous

    I would love to attend Donald Miller’s conference. Quite honestly, I think he’s an incredibly talented writer. I would love to hear what he has to say on the topics of personal development. I finished his “Blue Like Jazz” book in 3 days and I’m already on “Through Painted Deserts”. I simply can’t get enough of what he has to say. So much of what he says applies to my life. I’m definitely in the middle of a transition stage in my life. I recently moved and have had to start completely over during the past four months. I became a Young Life leader, which is such a blessing but something that challenges me to personally grow and depend on God daily. I’m also going to intern in Nicaragua later this summer with Young Life, which will be a huge step of faith as my world gets completely turned upside down. I think Donald Miller has amazing views, points, and expresses them so well. It would be a blessing and an honor to hear him speak!

  • Anonymous

    Our stories are our banners. They inexplicably define who we are as humans on an earth we all tread. No matter what kind of personality that makes a person, we are all significant in the motion of the earth; in the eyes of a creator.

    Donald Miller’s writing is inspiring and elusive to this truth that I myself have found. I know that I am saved by grace, and I would love to grasp a new perspective on this from someone or a group of people who have “been around the block” for lack of a better turn of phrase. This conference seems like more than what I would love to find.

    I live in the South, grew up around the world, but I am from the South. I also grew up in the church, and there archetypes that emerge from being said demographic. So I would like to attend the storyline conference as not just an avid Miller reader, but also someone in search for a new perspective that makes my story my own.

  • http://www.glenwoods.wordpress.com Glen Alan Woods

    I am interested in attending this event. Late last year I resigned as a volunteer ordained children’s pastor after 15 yrs at my previous church. I jumped through all the expected hoops which I felt would bring fulfillment, only to find I was running on empty. For the first time in many years, I have no idea what my next steps should be. I feel like I am treading water in the deep end. Scary part is, I can’t swim.

  • Lisa Lewis

    I would love to attend this conference with my husband. We are at a time in our lives where we are really examining the story we have been living, especially in relation to God, and trying to make some decisions about what we would like our story to be in the coming years. Don Miller has been both an inspiration and a catalyst for self-examination in my life in the past two years, and I am fascinated by the idea of benefiting from his guidance and example during this workshop. Maybe he will bring the workshop to the East Coast for those of us who can’t afford the time or money to get to him…?

  • Drager

    My wife and I are in our early forties. Oldest daughter graduated college last year. Middle daughter graduating college next year. Youngest graduating high school in two years. We work for nonprofits. We are ready for some fresh wind in our sails and we want to do it together. We are both Miller follower. We need this.

  • Carlyraew

    I would love to hear Donald Miller!

  • http://twitter.com/krisychilds Krisy Childs

    Hi! I would love to be selected to win tickets for this conference! I am in the middle of a huge transition in my life. I am 22 years old and I am graduating from Bible college on Saturday. In the past semester, as I get ready to move forward with my adult life and am discovering what God has for me and my future, I faced some opposition from my family. This progressed over the past months so that now I have been ostracized from my family, my old friends and my old church. Everything that I have gone through is because I want to live a bigger story than those who were surrounding me were willing to let me reach for. Now, I have joined a new church and have found much support in this new community. I am starting a new job in the coming weeks. I believe God is going to use my life and my story to make a difference for Him. Being able to attend this conference would be so helpful and beneficial to me as I get ready to start this new stage in my life and discover what God has planned for me.

  • http://twitter.com/duffbert Thomas Duff

    I had the opportunity to read and review the Million Miles book, and the message hasn’t left me. As I turn 50 on Monday, the thought of “writing the story of my life” continues to resonate (as things tend to do on milestone dates). Plus, the event’s in my home town. :)

  • Bev Rogers

    I am a 50 year old recently divorced mom of two, who became an orphan this year. In the midst of all that change, I feel more energized to not only live an even better story than ever before but to begin to tell it more widely. DM has spoken into my life over the past 10 years in amazing ways through his writing – having that continue in PORTLAND would just be the coolest thing. I am on staff at a nonprofit serving women in unplanned pregnancies and sharing in their stories has motivated me now even more. So….pick me.

  • http://www.idelette.com idelette

    I’d love to be there for 3 reasons: 1. I’m on the journey of finding my unique & world-changing voice and I believe Donald Miller has some keys. 2. I have a writer friend (@teenbug) who’d also LOVE to come and she’s spectacular. 3. I would love to see you and Gail (and Lindsey, I hope) again.

  • http://twitter.com/chrischeck chris heck

    I would like to attend this conference as I believe it would give me the inspiration and jump start that I need to start living a better story.

    Although I realize that “The” story is really God’s story and not my own, I fear that I have simply been going through the motions and not being an active participant in the story. Most of my story has been about living in response to what has happened to me (parent’s divorce when I was 5-years old, diagnosed and living with a chronic disease, etc.) or living in response to other people’s expectations of me (as opposed to pursuing the desires of my heart and the things about which I am most passionate). Consequently, my participation in the story is more out of obligation.

    I want this to change. I want to resist making excuses and worrying about “what if” and instead take action and pursue answers to “what if”. What if I changed careers in an effort to give up working a job for a paycheck and instead pursued what I feel is a calling that would allow me to use my God-given passions, desires, and gifts?

    It appreciate the opportunity to be considered for a ticket to the Storyline Conference and it is my hope that by attending, I can start telling a better story. One that allows me to unleash the life that exists within and yields much fruit for God’s glory, the benefit of others, and my joy.

  • Enhudson

    I’ve wanted to go to this conference for a while now! I’m a recent college graduate, and I’m already so frustrated with my life. I thought that working for a publishing company and writing fiction on the side could make me happy. Now I’m wondering if happiness even exists. Right now I’m attempting to escape this long-lasting misery by volunteering and looking for a job down South, so I can be closer to family for a while. Ever since I read Donald Miller’s A Million Miles, I’ve been in love with the idea of living out life as a story. It’s so simple and yet so difficult to put into action. When I heard about the Storyline Conference, I knew I had to attend. But because of finances, I’m planning to attend next year. And when the 2012 Storyline Conference rolls around, I hope to attend with some great stories.

  • ricktheule

    As I recently turned 40, the topics of this conference match the topics daily running through my head. How do I make a bigger impact? (Kids, co-workers, friends) How do I go about being more intentional? Am I really following God’s will? What and how should the next 40 years of my life look like? I believe this conference would be great for helping define a more detailed and focused plan of “attack”.

    • http://brevis.me Robert Ewoldt

      Rick, I recently wrote a blog post that I think you might like… “Become a Great Leader (In 5 Easy Steps)”. It’s some take-aways that I wrote down from a Jim Collins speech:

  • http://twitter.com/Juanbg Juan

    Hi Mike,
    I would love to attend this conference as I am in the mids of transition from individual contributor to a management position (Sales). Now I am responsible about the good and future of my team. To me the challenge is when you have to forget about you, now it is about them. I had already some team changes, by main concern is that I do want to do something BIG, I see some manangers that just go with flow, not really working on their people, just mediocre results, Not me I really want to challenge the status quote, I am already getting some results, I also realize my main role is to lead them by example and also teach them how to do it but sometimes you just feel tired.

  • http://profiles.google.com/jwpratt01 Win Pratt

    To me, Don Miller’s memoir-esque writing has always been great. His books are an easy read, but also very insightful. Don knows how to create adventures and make opportunities.

    This conference sounds interesting because it’s unlike any other. It seeks to teach the practical methods of building a unique, worthy story. How can my life be exciting? How can it help people?
    As I write this comment, I am six days away from graduating in International Relations at North Carolina State University. I am 22 years old. I have goals for my life: further education, building and spreading the church, starting a non-profit brewery… but I have no idea how to bring these to fruition. I think I would enjoy Don’s conference because it would teach me how to START things, not just do them. It can teach me how to live inspirationally, missionally, and adventurously. That is why I’m interested in this conference.

    I want to learn to make an adventure out of life. I want to create opportunities, and not just take them.

    – Win Pratt, jwpratt@ncsu.edu

    • http://brevis.me Robert Ewoldt

      Win, have you read Michael’s post on Creating Your Life Plan? It’s a great place to start:

      • http://profiles.google.com/jwpratt01 Win Pratt

        I’ve not had a chance to read the full thing. Thanks for the link, though! I’ll definitely read it. Much appreciation.

  • http://twitter.com/btotherock blair roberts

    i honestly write this holding out little hope i will succeed in getting the two free tickets. there is rarely hope in my actions these days. it seems that my life is stuck in a holding pattern and nothing ever changes. just day after day of the same old stuff. i’m tired of feeling stuck. i’m tired of feeling like i can’t change who i am or where i’m headed. but i need to. i need to be better for my wife and kids. i just need this. it would be wonderful. i admire donald miller and when i heard about storyline last year, i was desperate to go, but couldn’t afford it. i am grateful for the opportunity.

  • Val Barnes

    Everything about this conference sounds interesting! I would love to go to witness all of the creativity, and to meet and interact with such creative people!

  • Ken

    Would appreciate consideration for the drawing of the free tickets to The Storyline Conference in Portland since my marriage is disintegrating, my life is in it’s twilight, and my career of more than 30 years is nearing its end. It could be beneficial to place a deeper meaning on what life has been about and where God might wish to take me in the years remaining. Thank you for your consideration and for making this offer possible. God bless!

  • http://twitter.com/Sadventuress Christie Abel

    Recently married, moved to a new city, attending a new church, living in a new house, and realizing that being an attorney is NOT what I want to do with the rest of my life. Looking for guidance is where I am at right now in this period of transition as I move forward with my life.

  • http://twitter.com/TimGee3 Tim Geoghegan 

    I’m already going to the Storyline Conference, but I would love to have another ticket to take along a friend.

  • copygirl

    I just finished reading A Million Miles in a Thousand Years last week, and I’ve been wrestling with what is my “better story.” The last few years we have lurched from crisis to crisis—closing a church we planted after 13 years, moving to a new state and church, paying two mortgages for a year because we couldn’t sell our house, chronic illness for me, the rapid decline and death of my mom, the loss of a grandchild. I finally feel I am coming up to breathe, but I don’t want to get comfortable. I want a life that matters and makes a difference in the world. I believe this conference would give me the opportunity to pursue the better story God has for me in a profound way.

  • Anissa_98_15

    I REALLY want to go to the Storyline Conference!!! A million miles in a thousand years was such a GOOD read. I would love to hear from Don about how to better create inciting incidents and to really live a story worth sharing! Plus I work with college students and I think it would a great opportunity to learn some tools on helping others write great life stories as well!

    thanks for the opportunity to win tix! :)

  • http://whitneycapps.blogspot.com Whitney Capps

    I’m a 32 year-old mother of three, 5 years-old and under; I am pregnant with number 4. I am incredibly grateful for God’s grace and favor to our family. These days it feels likes stories of all varieties happen to me and around me. I love the story we’re living, but I’d like to know how to take an intentional role in shaping this God-story.

    • http://brevis.me Robert Ewoldt

      Whitney, you ARE doing a great thing in raising kids. I checked out your most recent vlog, and it sounded exactly what my wife says to me (we have 3 1/2 kids, too)… there are some times when she feels like she spends the entire day disciplining, or cleaning up messes, or whatever.

      Keep pressing on! Know that you’re investing in the future generation. To God be the glory!

  • http://twitter.com/chuckbryce chuck bryce

    I would like to attend because I am tired of sitting on the sidelines wondering if my story is worth telling. I am hoping something like this will get me to stop watching and start moving. I feel like if I take action that will make it worth it, even if no one else wants to hear it I will somehow have done my part. I have lived in a dual career role, ministry and finance. I have seen a huge transition in one of those worlds if not both. I am still wrestling with where that transition is going and how I will run the rest of my race. In one of those careers I feel like a publisher looking over the horizon and seeing the “e-reader” coming. There is tremendous opportunity but I need to decide where it is because I know the ledge I am standing on won’t be here in a few years. I want to see if this workshop is the next step on the journey to tell my story.

  • Reverlandson

    I would love to be able to have tickets to this conference because everything about it seems to relate to divine synergy that God is graciously providing in my life right now. I work as an assistant priest, Christian school teacher, and writer, and God has been leading me to read and learn as much as possible about teaching, leading, and influencing others for Christ. I can’t count the number of times this year, especially, the importance of “story” has come up in the things God has brought my way.

    I’ve also been reading and thinking a lot about personality and learning to make the most of the strengths that God has created you with (and am trying to teach this to my high school students as well!)
    This sounds like the kind of phenomenal conference that God could use to show me what He wants next from my life. I know I’d benefit tremendously from this conference should I have the chance to go, but I ask God’s blessing on whoever the blessed winner of the tickets is!

  • Holly Darling

    I don’t have a grandiose story to relate to the world.

    I am simple. And small. But I do know that I fit, somehow, into a divine web of life and love, and that God has done wonders upon wonders in my life.

    I am a student, currently, but I graduate in June! I am in the process of change and growth and I think knowing where one has come from, and where one is going, or at least hoping to go, is an imperative aspect of loving and trusting God and His grace. I love how the conference embraces this.

    Also, I

    adore Don Miller’s books and beautiful insight. I know I would be deliriously overjoyed to attend the conference.

  • http://brevis.me Robert Ewoldt

    What sounds interesting to me about this conference is #3–how to be motivated by a single life purpose. It seems like I’m NOT motivated by one purpose, but rather pulled in multiple directions by multiple purposes. I’d like to hear Don’s take on how to do this.

  • Ray Eickhoff

    Don Miller and his love of story has inspired me to pursue my true calling. This conference would help me with the tools Don teaches with to create and recognize a great story. Thanks for this opportunity!

  • Alee F.

    Hi Michael,

    seven days I will graduate from college. What a exhilerating, joyous, and uncertain time! Although walking across the stage on graduation day will
    signify the end of my undergraduate academic work, I know that the lessons in patience,
    faith, perseverance, gratitude, and passion that mark my growth throughout the
    last four years have truly been the heart of my education. I also know that God is calling
    me to use my life tell a meaningful story. What I don’t know, however, is what I should do to allow
    that story to unfold.

    I could express my love for this conference, the enthusiasm that I would have
    for the opportunity to experience it, and the hope that I have for what it
    could mean in my life, I would stand outside of your window and hold a boombox
    over my head a la the movie Say Anything – really, I would. I have a passion to be the change I
    wish to see in the world and attending the Story Conference could be my “inciting
    incident” that propels me forward.
    Michael, winning this contest would be the graduation gift of a lifetime
    that would last for a lifetime. I
    would not only apply what I learned to my own life, but also use the tools
    gained to help my siblings, parents, and any other willing people around me use their lives to tell meaningful stories, too.
    I may be on the young end of contest entrants, but I promise I would use the
    prize thoughtfully.

    Thank you for your time and generosity,


  • Grace Bower

    I am number 460 – if no-one posts before I finish this note. At 65 I am ready to tell a better story. When I turned 40 i said life begins at 40 but it didn’t. At 50 i said the second half of life is going to be better than the first half but it wasn’t. At 60 I said “What a surprise!” Surprise that I made it – grateful I am still here on earth when plenty do not make it to 60. So I changed to my second/middle name desiring to focus on a journey with the character of Grace – walking in Grace and truth – leaving behind six decades of Marion and the uncanny connection to my namesake who also endured a life as a single parent, faithful and loyal to a God who gave us a different path to follow. I am leaving New Zealand in 20 days for a Global Peer Mentoring conference in Nova Scotia (www.virtuesproject.com) a wedding in Seattle on June 18th and a marathon in San Fran – as cheerleading support to my daughter. In between i am trusting God for divine appointments and expecting Godwinks . When I saw this opportunity I wondered if this might be one of them. I have not yet finalised the internal dates so I am open to Surprises!! Whoever receives these tickets will be blessed and prayed for by those who were the also rans!! Grace Bower – mgbower@xtra.co.nz ( PS if you email me a landline phone number I can call you back)

  • Five11 Coaching

    I would love to attend this conference. I am in the midst of becoming certified as a Professional Christian Life Coach. Life Coaching is all about identifying with someone elses’ story and giving them hope that they can reach their goal, as you’ve walked the same path.

    This conference would encourage and fine tune my skills to make sure the story I was telling was exactly the story our Lord wanted me to share.


  • http://www.jdeddins.com JD Eddins

    I would love to be at this conference. Don’s writings have effected me in a powerful way. I heard him speak in LA when A Million Miles released. I bought the book and read it all on the plane ride home to Arkansas. Unfortunately I won’t be able to go this year because I’ll be making my life better in Bahamas with my wife as we celebrate 10 years of marriage.
    I will definitely be adding it to list of conferences to attend in the future though.

  • Karl Mealor

    The family vacation is scheduled for this particular week. Congratulations in advance to whoever wins this!

  • Brian

    I believe every man and woman is uniquely created and wonderfully made to offer something particular with their life. Life is found in determining that thing that unique wiring and experiential currency collide to create. I’ve never encountered a person who wasn’t desperately seeking that purpose. It may not be the first question on their lips, but it is the deep heart cry of their lives.

    I am the manager of a small contracting company that I believe God is using to write the textbook on how to transfer ownership from a single shareholder to a team. Inherent in that process is creating process, procedure, and metrics to insure success. We feel like we are called to an extreme stewardship responsibility of our team members (employees). The “Purpose Project” we are creating for our team encourages a healthy life/work balance and healthier financial, relational, professional, and spiritual life.

    Further, we feel like it is our responsibility as stewards over our team members to help them determine that unique purpose and calling for their lives. Dan Allender says that calling “Is not what you do, but how you do what you do.”, but it may involve them leaving our employ. That is okay with us as long as they are pursuing their dreams and intended purpose.

    The 23 copies of a “Million Miles in a Thousand Years” I had given way allowed me to win a contest where I won a case of 36 of the new paperback version of the book. I gave a bunch of those away to our team members as a first step toward awakening desire toward intended purpose. We will eventually use “Creating a Personal Life Plan” as the guidebook to crafting a plan, but I feel like there is some additional discovery from Donald’s book that we need to do.

    Attending Donald’s story conference will help elevate the material to a practical application level that I can bring to our team…that God is going to use to the benefit of many other small businesses as we rewrite the small business playbook for honoring God with our work. I hope I am able to work out a way to attend.

    Thanks for selflessly offering the leadership experience of your life. The ripples of your life are crashing on the shores of many.

  • http://twitter.com/boydallen Boyd Allen

    I love Don Miller’s books, particularly ”
    A Million Miles in a Thousand Years”. Would LOVE the opportunity to attend Storyline. Will be posting a link to FB and Twitter. Here’s hoping… *fingers crossed*

  • http://simplyhis.org Lisa B @ simply His

    Everyone has a story to tell. Most of the time I feel that my story is not worth telling any more than anyone else’s, but I need to be obedient to God and tell it where He wants me to share. I would love to attend this conference because I’m sure I would hear from God about how he wired me differently, and I would know how He wants me to share my story.

  • Angela Bruhn

    I gave notice in January 2011 at a job I worked at and enjoyed for 6 years. I sensed God was urging me to move on last year and as if to leave me no choice about 6 months before I quit a co-worker became angry with me. The situation could not be resolved no matter how hard I tried. For 6 months I tried to bring resolution, but the co-worker had no desire to resolve it.

    So March 26th was my last day at that job and I have spent the last month and a half grieving for the loss of relationship and the end of my job, and trying to figure out what to do with my life. I am in transition.

    I live in Portland and heard about the storyline conference last year; however, due to work and schedule could not attend. Ironically, now I have the time to attend but not the funds. I am facing some major life decisions and I believe the storyline conference could help me direct my focus as I make these decisions.

  • Becky

    I want to go to the Storyline Conference for many reasons, but the biggest is because I am at a point in my life where I have a lot of decisions to make and absolutely no idea how to make them. I am a college senior (with technically 2 years to go until graduation), and I live in a constant state of wondering whether I am on the right path.
    This conference could help bring some clarity to my life right now at a time when I am in a position when it is still relatively easy to make changes.

    My only concern would be the cost of getting out there, but if I got the tickets for free, I would definitely find a way to be there!

  • http://jasoninliberty.posterous.com/ jasoninliberty

    i blinked and today is my 33rd birthday. i will celebrate my 12th wedding anniversary in two weeks. i am father to four (ages seven and under). i work for a large corporation in an industry to which i never imagined being connected. and i live in the midwest. although not all of these descriptors were part of the plan, they are the framework of my story… and i love stories.
    i’ve followed don’s stories through painted deserts (or more accurately since the art of volkswagon maintenance), and i’ve come to rely on the gaining regular insight from michael’s posts and interviews.i’ve heard the beauty of the pacific northwest in unmatched, and i’d love to experience it. i’d love to spend a couple of days regaining perspective and reawakening dreams. i’d love the opportunity to learn from don in person, and, due in large part to a buddy pass from my flight attendant brother, i think i could actually make the trip happen.thank you for your consideration,jason

  • aquamnky

    I believe I belong at that conference because I’m at a crossroads in every aspect of my life:

    – I turned 30 and realized that what I thought would “magically come together” (e.g. my finances and career) has not yet. Watching friends get married and/or welcome second babies adds to this growing feeling of displacement. Trying to “pinpoint where I went wrong” eludes me because until recently, I’ve felt I’ve made decisions that I was pleased with… it’s just that the results aren’t what I’d envisioned. I realize now that living in the moment isn’t cute when you turn 30.

    – My dog was stolen and then miraculously found the night before Easter
    by a nameless angel. I wasn’t right with Jesus and in the window of
    frantically searching for my dog prayed for forgiveness and a quick
    resolution to this nightmare. Who says that God doesn’t answer prayers

    – The next night, after a momentous Easter dinner, I watched God dissolve a 5-year relationship that I clung too closely onto. Interestingly enough, this relationship is what the Holy Spirit had been convicting me of for some time now and I even met with a pastor on Good Friday for an evening of prayer for God to remove this mountain I myself couldn’t bypass. Talk about an uncanny sequence of events! It’s hard to let go of something you know isn’t what God has planned for your life; you try to compromise with Him but, as I’m learning, it’s ultimately in your best interest to trust His perfect plan. I just wish I could fast forward and see what the outcome of His perfect plan is!

    – And if the events of the Holy Week weren’t enough, I lost my job days after Easter, having been looked over for permanent placement in a position that I wasn’t in love with but, having been working office jobs I was overqualified for, came to feel “I needed” simply in order to avoid familial assault for not having my life together.

    All of these events, with the exception of the first point, occurred within one week. At this rate I have no where else to go but up (I hope!). I’m enrolled in my church’s prison ministry which is in the midst of a restructuring and though I’ve been involved in dialogue with its organizer, feel I could be making more of an effort to be proactive in assisting its progression.

    I am at a place in my life where I’m trying to discern whether the voice I hear about utilizing my talents to minister for God is His voice or that of my own personal aspirations and goals? Or are they one and the same? I am at a standstill trying to figuring this out, all the while “losing time” in doing so.

    Do I dare to dream my wildest dreams or is that just a selfish and self-centered move on my part? What does God want me to do and though He will provide the strength and grace in which to do it, will I answer the call? But which voice is His? Has He spoken to me or am I making my voice seem like it is His?

    Did I mention that I haven’t even visited Portland yet? I’ve heard so many wonderful things about it and have a dear friend from Kindergarten who lives there that I’ve yet to visit. I attended her wedding in our hometown and sadly admit, have yet to present her and her husband with a wedding gift (related to point #1) which I was hoping to spin into a first year anniversary gift instead, which, not coincidentally, falls just days before the conference.

    Please pick me!

  • http://profiles.google.com/wiechmann.m Melissa Wiechmann

    Being from Portland, I tend to be very faithful to Portland/NW brands, like Nike & Nordstrom. I grew up with them. They make me feel at home. In recent years, I’ve been happy to add Don Miller to that list of Portland favorites.

    Don’s latest book, “A Million Miles In A Thousand Years” is one of my highlighted “life” books. The one I go to to give me a kick in the rear and to remind me what’s important. Being an aspiring entertainment producer in LA, Don has been an amazing role model as someone who can straddle both the Christian and secular worlds. He’s achieved something that I hope more and more of us can achieve, getting a Christian message across while at the same time reaching a much broader audience that needs to hear the truth. I hope to do this in my work in the future, and I hope to have had a story worth telling when all is said and done.

    There’s a section in “A Million Miles” that I think encapsulates what I would hope this conference is about: “…there is a force in the world that doesn’t want us to live good stories. It doesn’t want us to face our issues, to face our fear and bring something beautiful into the world…I believe God wants us to create beautiful stories, and whatever it is that isn’t God wants us to create meaningless stories, teaching the people around us that life just isn’t worth living.”

    I hope that everyone who is blessed to attend this conference will come away with a plan to create their beautiful story.

  • Anonymous

    Simple … I want to live a better story. I am using your recent e-book to focus on creating my Life Plan and strongly believe that this conference will serve as a great companion to the work I am doing on designing a life that is more intentional. Secondly, I read and listened (several times) to Don’s book “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years” and am inspired by his message. To hear him in person would be an experience of a life time.



  • Lyndie Blevins

    I have been intrigued by Donald Miller for a while. He is on my list to read. I am transitioning from a career in IT into a writing career. The questions outlined above are close to the thoughts I am working through as I create this new lie. This conference sounds like it would be very beneficial to me at this time of my life. Thanks!

  • Tessa

    I would like to attend the Storyline Conference because I believe the concept of “story” is an important one for us to contemplate. At the conference, I would learn more about my story and how God is crafting it each and every day.

  • Christian womack

    Were in the midst of major transition…graduated seminary 18 months ago and have not found a job. I’m wondering what God is saying in the midst of all this. I love Don’s style and am excited to check out this book, weather I win or not.

  • Christy Fike

    I had a good friend decide, very last minute, to attend the Storyline Conference last year. I would say that it was a PIVOTAL experience for her both spiritually and from the standpoint of literally sharing a story that she has been working on, through some connections that were made in Portland. She was in a new transition of life and seeing how this impacted her during that time really stuck with me. I’m about to enter into a new season of transition – ending my current job as a nanny and navigating the waters of what’s next. I started grad school for writing almost 3 years ago and that path has been on hiatus for almost 2 years now. I’m still sorting through wether to continue with grad school along with balancing the necessity of working. I am constantly reminded I have an irreplaceable role to play in this world and in God’s kingdom and I really want to get past the excuses I’ve made as to WHY I can’t play my part and move forward with my story because it’s been a good one and I know there’s more to tell. Would love the chance to be chosen for this trip!

  • http://twitter.com/OrdainedBarista Barry Hill

    1. I have been a youth pastor for more than 15 years and LOVE to show students how they can “Live a Better Story”.

    2. My wife, Rachel, and I have 6 children (9 and under) and I would love to help them learn to “live a better story”

  • http://nwfurniturebank.org Bill Lemke

    I have been going thru your book and sharing it with others because I think it is so foundational to a life that Christ calls us to and the conference seems to dove tail with what you are saying. I want more!
    Don Miller has been in my life in a odd way for five years now. In October 2005 I was reading Blue Like Jazz as I flew home from a business meeting in N.C. I was flying home because I just got the news my 17 year old son was diagnosed with Lymphoma.

    Thanks Giving Day 2005 my son dies. Thanksgiving Day I was given a opportunity to step into a new story for my life or turn my back of God.
    Don Miller shows up again speaking truth into my life at a World Vision Chapel in Federal Way in the spring of 2006. That same year I find myself in Africa dedicating World Vision wells that were funded because of my sons death. I was actually planning safaris and a climb of Kilimanjaro with my son in June of 2005, but found myself instead dedicating wells in 2006!

    The next chapter finds me founding and running a non profit in the fall of 2007 called NW Furniture Bank and “easing out” of a 30 year successful career. Scary….but today we serve 80 families a month.
    I feel I am where I need to be, but some major decisions are coming up and I want to be certain I am following God’s will and that I am doing what I am supposed to do. I believe the conference can focus what now seems blurry.

  • http://Wisdom4LifeCoaching.com Jason Ayers

    Dear Michael,

    Thank you for promoting this great event. We’ve had Don’s Storyline Conference on our short list for sometime now. Why do we want to attend? Simply put, to multiply the message that each of us has a story to live out loud.

    My wife Kathy and I would love the opportunity to attend. There is no doubt that we would benefit both personally/professionally but it would be our intent to learn new ways to share this important message more effectively with our clients.

    In 2007 Kathy and I began rewriting our story as we made the transition from the creative problem solving of architecture to the creative ideation process of personal coaching. What we discovered about ourselves was that we were more passionate about the people inside our buildings than we were about the buildings. As we like to say we designed a plan to make the transition from floor plans to life plans.

    Without sounding like a complete homer… we are fascinated to learn how to dovetail the lessons of the Storyline Conference with the significant aspects of life planning and our coaching methods.

    We are hopeful the Storyline Conference would position us to illuminate and magnify the story/purpose of our clients. The really cool thing, if you stop to think about, is they would in turn be equipped to do the same for their families.

    Kathy and I look forward to the chance to connect with you and Gail. If time allows we’ll treat you to a VooDoo Donut.


  • http://twitter.com/jonstolpe Jon Stolpe

    Will there be an east coast version of this conference? Like in the Philly area? I read Don’s book, and I agree that this could be an incredible opportunity. I was (and am) challenged to embrace my story and make it better each day. Have fun at the conference!

  • Justo Nunez

    I have always believed that when you die, there are two families with you. One is literal and physically there, in the room and in touch. They know your story. And then there is the figurative family, the people you have touched throughout your life, the people who will remember you even though they may never hear of your passing. Their number may be legion, depending on whether your story … your life … was meaningful to them in some way. Attending this event would allow me to not only tell my story better, but to help others by sharing that learning on my prayer blog Think.Pray.Learn. I appreciate knowing that there are people in this world trying to help people build a better legacy, not just for their good but for the good of all. Thank you very much for considering me for your tickets.

  • http://kar14.wordpress.com/ Karianne L

    The story I’ve been telling with my life desperately needs to be refreshed. About two years ago, I lost my job due to company closure, five months later I got married, and immediately following my wedding, I walked through a very destructive marital crisis of my parents who have been married for 29 years. As I walked through this unknown land filled with uncertainity, I lost some confience, lost some contentedness, and lost pieces of who I had been. Now, feeling as if I’m nearly fully emerged into a new place, I’m recognizing the changes in me. As I weave the last few years into my story, I am marked by hope. And as I search to recover the pieces that remain dormant, I’m looking for fresh perspective for renewed living and not only surviving as was the way I spent too many days in the last few years. My journey may have influenced who I am, but it doesn’t mark who I am becoming. And that’s why I’d love a ticket or two to the Storyline Conference. Because I am convinced there is more to be written.
    Thank you.

  • http://twitter.com/erinchristian Erin Christian

    This conference would be a perfect blessing in my life for where I am on my journey right now. I have been asking the questions: how do you tell your story? Who do you tell it to? Where do you go from here? I am an adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse, but I have been a minister to families with special needs in my church, a short-term missionary to India loving Muslim women and women coming out of the sex industry. But despite my passions and how far God has already brought me on this journey (such a story to tell…), I am stalled out with how the past now affects the future. Where does the story go from here, and how do I live it and tell it in ways that fit with the abundant, Kingdom life I believe in? Thanks for considering me!

  • http://twitter.com/andybondurant Andy Bondurant

    My wife and I are already registered for the conference, and I can’t wait to attend. I have been following your blog now for a few months, and am really excited to know that you will be in attendance too. Hope to see you there.

  • http://twitter.com/JeffMcClung Jeff Mc Clung

    I am so excited about the Storyline Conference! I love Don’s book and the idea of living life like a great story. My wife and I have embarked on a new story in our lives: adoption. For the last 5 years we’ve been trying to have a baby but it just hasn’t happened for us (you can read more about it here: http://mcclungfamily.wordpress.com/). Last May we began the adoption process. It’s been almost a year and we’re still waiting. It’s tough sometimes to see where God is at work in all of this. I think the Storyline Conference will help us to see more of what God is wanting to do in and through us and develop some good action steps to see what story we need to be telling.

  • Mandy Padgett

    Don Miller’s work was actually pivotal to the development my husband’s faith. We own our own businesses and have for several years, but still we are just fledgeling entrepreneurs and it would make an enormous difference to hear about how to focus a life vision and write our story purposefully from someone who already had such a great impact on our family and specifically my husband’s spiritual journey. If I win a ticket, I’ll surprise him and send him to Portland.

  • Cristina Nole

    I am so excited because I am going to the conference, signed up last month before I was following your blog. Actually was connected to you through Donald’s blog and I am thanking God everyday for the connection. I live in the Sacramento CA. area and was also at the Chic-fil-a leadercast this last week, I was behind in reading your blog post so while waiting for the conference to start I read the entry about the leaderstacst and had to smile to myself when I found out you were doing the interviews. I have read your eBook and have done the activities suggested, thank you for sharing your gifts with others. I am blessed to be a homemaker who has a heart to connecting people in community through my front porch one experience at a time and your blogs and leadership direction continue to help me stay focused on what that looks like. Had our first fun run from the front porch this past Sat. where a group of us met at the front porch and we walked/ran/jogged for three miles and had a breakfast catered for those participating it was amazing to bring people together in community for a reason a season or a lifetime. Anyway, just wanted to say thank you and look forward to seeing you at the conference next month.

    Cristina Nole
    Sacramento CA

  • Brettvaden

    My wife and I are in our late 20’s with a toddler and a baby. I’ve just taken up a pastoral role in my church, and I’m training in Christian psychology. My wife, Rachael, and I are just beginning our story (By the way, my daughter’s name is Story.) My passion is become a great story-teller of the faith; for my children, my friends, and for others. I see my life, at present, at a stage in which I’m learning to “read” my life in reference to Jesus’ story. That’s why I’d like to go to the conference with D. Miller. Also, it’s my wife and I’s 6th anniversary, May 31, so it would be timely in that regard. Thank you for the chance!

    • http://twitter.com/BrettVaden Brett Vaden

      That’s me up there.

  • Heather_k

    A few years ago I graduated from
    college, which for many marks the beginning of their ‘real’ lives. For me it
    marked the collapse of a serious relationship along with my plans for the
    future. I was busily living God’s plan for someone else’s life. I moved back in
    with my parent (probably just as painful for them as it was for me) and spent
    the next couple of years wiping food off seniors’ faces and changing their
    diapers. It was humbling. Eventually I started to see past their wrinkles and
    saw unique individuals with vastly different experiences. I realized I hadn’t
    allowed myself to be the person God created me to be. I stifled my artistic
    creativity for years because I thought it was selfish. I was pursuing a life of
    ministry while refusing to embrace the gift God gave me to USE. I took a leap
    of faith and moved and enrolled in a Fine Arts program. I just completed my
    first year and the connection I have with my creator while I’m creating is
    beyond anything I ever thought possible. Embracing how God has made me is the
    beginning of my journey but I still have a long ways to go. Going to storyline
    would be another step in pursuing the purpose God created for me, however, I’m
    a starving art student and winning these tickets would be the only way I could
    go. Please pick me!

  • Anonymous

    I swipeborrowedstole A Million Miles in a Thousand Years from my roommate, and then proceeded to inhale the book in a few short sittings. When I started reading the book I felt much like a young zombie. It had been a long, tough year punctuated by personal and familial shock, loss, and heartache. I found I wasn’t alone in riding out the pain or the numbness that followed. One friend sweetly, staunchly declared our motto: “We are prisoners of hope, dammit!” We wrote it on the window in bold marker, just to remind ourselves.

    Flipping rapidly through the pages of AMMIATY those nights, reminded me of bigger things, better things. It reminded me of what being a prisoner of hope was all about. I felt like Don’s words were daring me to dream again, to hope again. One of my friends and fellow “prisoners” declared that this summer was the “Summer of the Long Shot” – the summer where we take the risk, jump off, try it. The summer where we hold our breath, pray for mercy, and leap. I can’t imagine a better way to jump than by attending a conference that’s all about both the jump and the bigger story of the jump. The story of the long, wild journey of “hope, dammit!”

  • Ryan Neises

    This opportunity couldn’t have come at a better time for me. I read “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years” a little over a year ago and it had a huge impact on my life. At the time, being in a sports administration Master’s program, my life was so uninspired and seemed purposeless. The book spoke a new life into me that made me want to define my story in the midst of the incredible book God is writing. I got the idea to actually use the book as a way to write a mini-story with my fellow classmates. People noticed a difference in me and I passed the book to one of my friends, who loved it. I encouraged him to pass it on to someone else, who passed it on to someone else in our class, who passed it along to someone else I didn’t know. The book passed through people of all backgrounds, inspiring them to at least think about the life they are living. A week after I passed it to my friend, he got chosen to speak at graduation in front of the entire school. His speech was solely based on Donald Miller’s book, quoting him and challenging others to live a better story.

    A year later, I’m in a spot where I know what my story is about, just need to figure out how to fill in the chapters. Here’s (briefly) my story:

    Entering my Senior year of high school, after a grueling summer workout with my basketball team, I began to have intense chest pains. These pains continued onto the next day and I went to the hospital. The doctor identified some concerning symptoms of “Sudden Athlete Death” syndrome. I was forced to quit the game that I thought I was going to play in college. I was restricted from any physical activity for a year before finally getting cleared to do most anything I want. The crazy thing? My pain was completely unrelated to my heart. God brought me into that hospital to get tested, who knows what would’ve happened if I didn’t.

    Now, I’m mostly free to be physically fit and was even compelled to complete a half marathon last Fall. But my main purpose and passion these days is heart related. A number of young athletes die annually while working out or playing the sport of their choice because of a heart condition they didn’t know they had. The first symptom in these conditions is usually death, and there is no policy to make these tests a required part of pre-participation physicals. The main reason that testing isn’t a part of physicals is money and lack of awareness. I feel like I was spared and now I have a responsibility to do something about this issue.

    I created an organization that is in its opening stages and its official papers are currently being filed with the state of Ohio. I want to make heart testing required in young athletes. I also want to inspire others to use their stories to impact the world. I’ve got those visions, but desperately need to know the steps on how to make those visions a reality. I need to know how my vision and passion can fit into the overall agenda that God has planned for this world.

    A little long, but that is why I want to take this trip to Portland. Thanks for reading my response.

  • Heather_k

    A few years ago I graduated from
    college, which for many marks the beginning of their ‘real’ lives. For me it
    marked the collapse of a serious relationship along with my plans for the
    future. I was busily living God’s plan for someone else’s life. I moved back in
    with my parent (probably just as painful for them as it was for me) and spent
    the next couple of years wiping food off seniors’ faces and changing their
    diapers. It was humbling. Eventually I started to see past their wrinkles and
    saw unique individuals with vastly different experiences. I realized I hadn’t
    allowed myself to be the person God created me to be. I stifled my artistic
    creativity for years because I thought it was selfish. I was pursuing a life of
    ministry while refusing to embrace the gift God gave me to USE. I took a leap
    of faith and moved and enrolled in a Fine Arts program. I just completed my
    first year and the connection I have with my creator while I’m creating is
    beyond anything I ever thought possible. Embracing how God has made me is the
    beginning of my journey but I still have a long ways to go. Going to storyline
    would be another step in pursuing the purpose God created for me, however, I’m
    a starving art student and winning these tickets would be the only way I could
    go. Please pick me!

    • Heather_k

      sorry I thought it didn’t work the first time

  • Ouida B.

    I’m pretty much obsessed with this idea of story. It’s even in the vision statement for the college ministry I run : “We are a group of diverse students pursuing God’s story for our lives on and beyond campus.”

    The challenge for me is the ongoing struggle of whether I am a character in God’s story of whether I’m trying to make him a character in mine. I fear too much of this year it has been the latter rather than the former. I want and need the space to really think about my life and the story God wants to tell through it. I feel like I keep settling for the massive “to do” list and losing a sense of story and purpose in the minutiae. How can I lead others to live God sized stories if I’m not doing it myself? Am I even in the right story?

    I think Storyline could help me recover my sense of plot. There’s just something about the way Don thinks and communicates that resonates with me. To attend would be a dream.

  • http://www.innovatelearning.com Dave Stachowiak

    I’d love to attend this conference! Since it’s probably not appropriate to simply write, “me, me, me…pick me!” I’ll add that I’m at a transition point and have been doing a lot of thinking about this recently.

    Why? First, I’ve been working through your Creating a Personal Life Plan book for the past month or so (almost done) and have already seen some wonderful changes come out of it…I think this conference will be a great way to integrate a story with the life plan. In addition, I just passed my final defense for my doctoral degree earlier today and have been thinking lots already about how to take newfound free time (and knowledge) and do more to give back to the world in exciting ways.

    Regardless of how things turn out with the tickets, a huge thank you Michael for a great book on creating a life plan and the difference it has already made. Blessings to you!

  • Cynthia Marx

    So I am going to be positive here and say that I would like to attend Don’s Storyline Conference because it is God’s answer to my prayer this morning: Lord, help me in this time of transition to know your mission for me. What interests me most about Don’s conference is “#5. How to inspire the world with the story you are attending.” My older son has schizophrenia. My younger son suffered a traumatic brain injury. My story is how to best communicate the unique needs of those with brain disease or injury. I want to see curriculum in every school in America about mental illness so we can battle prejudice and stop the bullying of those that are “different.” What drives me is Jesus’ admonition, “Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.” But, I have trouble organizing myself, focusing my efforts, and remaining on message. It seems like such an overwhelming task, and I wonder how do I connect with others so together we can make a significant difference? Cynthia

  • LesaKMelchor


    I would love to go to the Storyline Conference for several reasons:

    First, I read the book as you suggested and cried (and laughed) the entire time because it was as if God used this man to speak directly into this season of my life. I felt like I was reading myself -he’s a male version of me! LOL I am penning my story, as you know, and thought it was going to be about how to write a better memoir. Boy was I surprised!! What most effected me is that although my life has changed so much in the last 5 years, I see that I am still not engaging to the level that I desire (or God for that matter). God is calling me forth to live a better story and also use mine to effect others. I feel like I’m on the edge of a cliff about ready to jump into something new but lack the full vision and practical applicable steps to do so. I’m so ready to fulfill the purpose God created for me and want to learn anything I can to help do my part. Don really inspired me because I could relate to him so much. It was like he was reading my mail!

    Second, my career in Sales/Marketing/Business Development has been a 25 year journey that no longer has meaning for me. I’m sick of doing what has provided a living for me yet sucks the life out of the dreams I’ve had for a very long time. I want change. I want direction and will no longer sit on the sidelines accepting mediocrity. I’m thinking that there might be some answers found at this conference that will give clarity to key areas in my life and purpose. After reading his book I was both disturbed and motivated. I like being disturbed because it causes great introspection that is always profitable and necessary for change. I’m hoping this will not only help me tell a better story but live one intentionally as well.

    Bottom line: This man inspired me so much that I’ve read every one of his books in the last 3 weeks and am awed at God’s timing with this message that is dead on in this season of my life. Being a goal oriented person who likes details, and after looking over the course materials, I think this might provide what I’m looking for.

    If someone else has a greater need, pick them. I am aware that God always has His perfect timing – I trust that!



  • http://twitter.com/bethhobdy Beth Hobdy

    Hi! I’m Beth Hobdy, and I definitely think you should PICK ME to go to Portland for @87a71d943443be3583f45096e9a87b25:disqus on Miller’s Storyline Conference!

    I was given a copy of A Million Miles for my birthday last October and have since read it and Blue Like Jazz. This is when my strong desire to attend the Storyline Conference began.

    A little about myself…I am 33 years old. I live in south Mississippi with my two children, Chris (16) and Courtney (15), and I teach 4th grade in a public school. I also volunteer as a children’s ministry leader in my local church.

    When I think about the impact these two books have had on my life in the past few months, I am fearfully excited about what attending this conference could do. Here are a couple examples of how these two books have affected me.

    1) Having finished the books over our last Christmas break, I came back to school with a completely new look at my role as a classroom teacher and the impact I have upon my students. Since that time, my students have scored at least 10 points above the average of their peers on two school-wide assessments. Over the past nine years in a classroom, I have honestly never made such sweet memories with students or witnessed such personal growth among them as I have this semester.
    2) I could tell a lot about the struggles of my small church and the ongoing battle between control and growth, but I’ll skip to the good part. A few months ago, I found myself sitting on the floor at church with about six sold-out children’s ministry volunteers surrounding me as we met to embark upon a new adventure. We were about to create a ministry opportunity where there had not been such in the past. I pulled out A Million Miles and shared the first paragraph of chapter 34. In late March, we kicked off our new ministry, The Barnyard, and we are ministering to about twenty-five children on a regular basis now. We believe God has a big plan for our church and especially our children.

    I can tell you that after reading these two books, I have a renewed love for the opportunities I’ve been given and I believe this conference can spur me on.

    One last reason to PICK ME for the Storyline Conference…I so desire this opportunity for a time of personal growth with Jesus. I love him, and I believe he will use this conference to reveal my next steps. I know change is coming in our family story as my two children look forward to college in the next few years. I want to make the most of the time we have together.

    Plus, you get a lot of bang for your buck if you choose me! I get to influence 40 to 50 4th graders each school year and that adds up year after year. Then there are kids at my church and there are a few neighbors that I didn’t mention earlier. I’ve overheard my son telling friends about Blue Like Jazz, which he has been reading. And then there are a few close friends and family that read my actions almost every day.

    Thank you for this amazing opportunity and please, PICK ME!

  • http://profiles.google.com/joeytulino joey tulino

    This conference comes at a time when I find myself in what feels like the start of a transition. I have spent all of my working life bouncing from job to job trying to figure out what I want to do with my life. The only real answer that I have ever come up with is “Music,” as vaguely as I can blur the answer.

    If I am honest with myself the majority of my “trying to figure it out” has been much more a “sit back and wait for life to come and find me.”

    Back in October something snapped. I stumbled across a book by Chris Guillebeau called “The Art of Non-Conformity” and it woke something up inside of me. Since then I have been actively pursuing the course that I want my life to take. I have printed out a copy of “Creating Your Personal Life Plan” and the only reason that I haven’t started it is that two friends have expressed interest in going through it with me.

    The biggest change since October has been in my songwriting. For as long as I can remember I have written maybe 3-5 songs per year (on a good year). Back in October I was whining about not writing and a very dear friend challenged me to write a new song every week. It didn’t have to be a good song, just a finished song. Other than a few weeks that I took off around Christmas I have met his challenge. And I’m finding that the songs are actually turning pretty good!

    But that doesn’t change the fact that I still have to drag my self out of bed in the morning to go to a job that does absolutely nothing to interest me, nothing to excite me, nothing to make me come alive. And I know that there has to be more to life than this. I just don’t know how to find it.

    I have what most people would consider a good job. It pays well and is relatively secure with opportunity for advancement. And with the way things are in the world right now that is a lot more than whole lot of people can say. I know I should appreciate and be thankful for what I have instead of always chasing the horizon (especially when I don’t know where I am going). But there is something inside of me that is screaming that there is more to life than this. That there is a way to have a whole life that fuels me and not just spending my days counting down until five o’clock and counting days until the weekend.

    Other pieces of my life are coming together. My wife and I have changed our eating habits and I have lost over 60 pounds. We have started a new kick to get our home decluttered, simplified, and to make it a place that we actually want to be. We took the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University classes and are on our way to getting our debt all paid off and have a budget that we work from every month for the first time since we have been married.

    But there is this one nagging area of my life that I cannot seem to figure out how to get into place: the nine hours (plus commuting time) that I spend at my job. I know that I may never be able to support my family just by playing music or writing songs, but I know that there has to be something out there that makes my everydays better.
    And I am determined that I am going to chase it down.

    My main reason for wanting to actually make these changes is very simple: I have two small kids and I want to live an example to find the life that you were made for, the one that makes you truly come alive instead of just one that gets you by. I want them to look at their lives and be thankful that they had someone to show them that it is possible and to help them find their ways through this life. I want to live a life that makes them proud.

    • Brian

      Reading Steven Pressfield’s “War of Art” is a watershed event for the artist that is stuck! It is a call to arms for the artistically gifted who have in them a unique perspective they were created to offer. It is an arresting, but gentle kick in the teeth. Overcome the resistance!

      • http://profiles.google.com/joeytulino joey tulino

        Most definitely! I have read “The War of Art” I think three times since October! One of my motivating factors for writing a new song every week. And his new one “Do the Work” just got delivered the other day. It’s next on my list.

        Thanks for the encouragement!

        • Brian

          “Do the Work” is a free Kindle book right now…FYI.

  • Lglover39

    Over the past 10 months, my whole outlook on life has changed. I never could have predicted that at the age of 48 my teenage son would be the one to ignite my passion and awakening to the power and glory of God, that his request to find and attend a church would lead me to be so overcome and ovehelmed with the desire to serve Him and to find His purpose for my life. I want to make sure that over the next 48 years, I can add afootnote or a sentence to His story. Don Miller’s book, Blue Like Jazz, was one of the first books I randomly picked up and read last fall in this quest. This conference is the challenge I need to get out of my comfort zone and to put my small part of His story in action.

  • Ross

    Needing “jumper cables” to ignite my life. My “car battery” has been dead for years. Having no clear direction and purpose I’ve bounced through life, job to job, being reactive to the wherever the waves take me.
    This conference could not be more timely. I resigned from my sales position 9 months ago in search of my life story. Where do my skills and interest intersect with the greatest need?

    Having two tickets would help greatly help due to financial concerns but if not chosen, this might be an investment in which I may reap a greater reward…..a personal mission statement,

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  • http://twitter.com/brosspurdy Ross Purdy

    Needing “jumper cables” to ignite my life. My “car battery” has been dead for years. Having no clear direction and purpose I’ve bounced through life, job to job, being reactive to the wherever the waves take me.
    This conference could not be more timely. I resigned from my sales position 9 months ago in search of my life story. Where do my skills and interest intersect with the greatest need?

    Having two tickets would help greatly help due to financial concerns but if not chosen, this might be an investment in which I may reap a greater reward…..a personal mission statement,

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  • http://twitter.com/brosspurdy Ross Purdy

    Needing “jumper cables” to ignite my life. My “car battery” has been dead for years. Having no clear direction and purpose I’ve bounced through life, job to job, being reactive to the wherever the waves take me.
    This conference could not be more timely. I resigned from my sales position 9 months ago in search of my life story. Where do my skills and interest intersect with the greatest need?

    Having two tickets would help greatly help due to financial concerns but if not chosen, this might be an investment in which I may pursue on my own that I may reap a great reward…..a personal mission statement.

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  • http://www.rachelmillicentsmith.wordpress.com milli_smith

    Today’s the day! Hope whomever is chosen will post here and let us know….
    Reading through everyone’s comments, I don’t feel so alone in knowing it’s time to tell a different story but havng writer’s block with aspects of the plot. Such raw honesty in the comments, I have already been inspired. Prayers for all of us that we will have a ruthless trust in God’s ability to write a better story with our lives.

  • Drew Kiesling

    My wife and I have traveled a serpentine road the past eight years (six homes, five cities, six schools!) and are looking for that singular mission to pull us forward. As parents of five (16, 14, 12, 9 and 8), much of our lives are lived reacting to what is in front of us. Being able to plan, much less focus, can be quite elusive. We’ve been followers of Christ for many years, but the the weight of “doing” and “being responsible” for everyone and everything leaves us little time to think of the bigger things.

    The conference intrigues me as I believe in the concept of “know thyself.” For my wife, in particular, who never had a role model to follow into marriage or parenting, seeing a preferred future and charting a course is hard to do. Particularly when she has to get up everyday and “make the donuts,” as the old commercial goes. I long for her to find a deeper purpose – and to know herself – to discover just how God can use her in the lives of others.

    I’ve traveled to Portland on business a few times and it’s a city that captivates me. I’ve always wanted to return with my wife to show her the beauty of the urban core and the surrounding environs. Coming to the conference would enable us to accomplish many things at once.

    Thanks for considering,


  • http://thisismethinking.com/ Darrell Vesterfelt

    I would really love to attend this conference because I am 25 years old an entering full time ministry. I think a conference like this will not only help me keep good perspective on life, but also the lives of those I will be affecting.

    Not to mention I wish I could be as whitty as Don Miller when I grow up.

  • Brad

    I want to go to this conference because my heart and head have been stirred ever since reading ‘a million miles in a thousand years’. i think its the kind of conference that i can actually connect with. @deliantedesigns would love it too!

  • http://profiles.google.com/jeremiahbowser Jeremiah Bowser

    My wife and I would love to attend this conference. We were greatly impacted by the book… and it has already shaped how we approach our lives and ministry. It would be great to dig a little deeper, and to spend time with like-minded people… in beautiful Portland!

    • http://profiles.google.com/jeremiahbowser Jeremiah Bowser

      + its my wife’s birthday today!! Coincidence? I think not… haha!

  • Skfrawley

    This is great…I finished A Million Miles in a Thousand Years a few weeks ago and was so challenged by it. I’d love to explore those ideas further as I transition from grad school to the working world. Thanks for doing this!

  • http://movethemountains.blogspot.com Chad Jones

    Dear Mr. Hyatt,

    I would desperately love to attend Mr. Miller’s conference with my wife, because, like Indiana Jones, I feel like I’m making this–life–up as I go along. I don’t know the story I’m supposed to be living, and indeed only have the barest inkling of my talents and abilities. Oh, I have a dream for sure, but all but let it die because I spent about a quarter century believing someone’s lie. I want to know if that dream is still viable–because I feel my heart being pulled in that direction, but I’m desperately afraid. I don’t doubt God: I doubt me. That is why I want to go to Storyline. Thanks so much for your consideration.


    Chad Jones

  • http://www.awakenphotography.com Bart

    Everywhere I look I see the same refrain, but it’s hard to make out the words. Something like… “go for it, move, act, create, engage…” I even find myself wanting to give the advice to others, but can’t because I’m not there myself. There it was on a blog. Over there on a podcast. A friend shared it during lunch. On my wife’s nightstand in “the war of art.” Now again on this site…

    So, to say that this could be a win for me is an understatement. To create a storyline that inspires me and the world? YES. To wake up knowing what to do and doing it? YES! To move out of the j-o-b in the cube farm and the 2nd j-0-b throwing newspapers to start the photography biz full time? SCARY. But, yes, I’d really love that with everything I’ve got.

    Pick me. I’ve still got a couple days of PTO and will find a sub for the paper route. Those are baby steps I know I can handle.

  • dtb

    I would love to be chosen because every single bullet point in description of this conference applies to me. Seriously, it’s kinda freaky.

  • Shferg

    @mhyatt:disqus I would love to attend this seminar. Three years go when my daughter was diagnosed with Turner Syndrome (in utereo) it was written down that my child would forever-be-special. If she made it to a live birth, she would be special. Upon her birth, as she would grown she would face daily challenges that would make her special. Then when were blindsided by a rare tumor and a cancer diagnosis we found out, again, that she was special.

    As a first time parent I guess I thought I would think my child was special, precious, unique and wonderful. I was simply lucky enough to have been given proof by a team of physicians too long to list. It was only then, after 40 years, that I had finally connected the dots. God views us all as special and unique–so why was I choosing not to recognize my own unique traits and live the life he designed me to live?

    God gave me the courage to see I wasn’t fulfilling my life, and heart’s, desire when he gifted me with my daughter. I realized I couldn’t teach her to embrace herself, if I hadn’t embraced myself fully. I was living a list of things I was supposed to do instead of what God has designed me to do. Seeing myself reflected through my daughter’s eyes gave me the courage to seek a new course.

    I am working my full-time day gig, traveling weekly, juggling my husband’s full-time travel gig and raising a thriving, beautiful girl. We are working with our church and our community to figure out the best way to lead her growth and education. I am looking everyday for resources that will help guide me be a better person so that I may be a better mother. It is the greatest gift I can give to my daughter, my husband, my family and to God.

    It is a wonderful journey I would like to continue. Thank you for the opportunity to share my story.

  • Lindsey Andrews

    As a trial lawyer, adoptive mama and Jesus follower, my life equals what the world defines as an ironic storyline. I’d like to rewrite it and make it amazing.

  • http://profiles.google.com/whitekmw Ken White

    Everything about this conference sounds interesting. I was living a good story in my 20’s but somewhere along the way of marriage and kids I settled into routine. I put safety above adventure. I sacrificed affecting the world for protecting my own little world. Now my oldest daughter is almost 10 and I realize that I am raising her to settle for a boring story. I find myself stuck in the dicohotemy of trying to tell her she can do anything she dreams, when she sees me not dreaming at all. I would love to attend this conference for the sake of my kids and my wif: they deserve to be living as part of a better story.

  • Maybemissions

    I’d love to go to this conference. Mainly because I don’t know what my story is supposed to look like these days. I recently left a life as a full time missionary who worked with young adults in Vancouver, and am now a floating temp in Seattle. I never thought I would be here, especially cause my plan was to be a missionary forever. Strange plans god has.

  • Dawnlovesgod

    I would love to get better at living my story on purpose rather than missing opportunities to do something great.

  • Aaron Smith

    Would love a chance to go to the @donmiller storyline conference to learn how to tell the @ventureexped story better.

  • SSW

    After nearly two years of transition and conflict at our church, I am at a crossroads in my ministry. With a staff turnover of five (3 of them head of staff/interim), I have been the constant pastoral leader. In a few months we will call our next head of staff pastor and I must decide whether it is time to seek a new call or continue here. I’m not sure what I want much less what I should do. The Storyline Conference would help me clarify my vision and goals I believe.

  • http://twitter.com/derekbonesteel Derek Bonesteel

    I would love to be chosen because every single bullet point in description of this conference applies to me. Seriously, it’s kinda freaky. I posted this earlier, but didn’t have my twitter connected.

  • Anonymous

    i’ve been wanting to go to the storyline conference since i first heard about it last year. it’s even on my 50 before 30 list to go to portland specifically for the conference – i just don’t have the money.

  • Marionm

    I am the Spiritual Formation Director at a church in Illinois, and that means I am working to help people tell better stories with their lives all the time. I really believe that it’s key to understand the big- picture story of God and realize that it’s still being written – with your life. Don is an amazing story teller…takes you on a journey and then sneaks up from behind with a soul-stunning insight. I’d love to grow in my ability to tell my story and help others to tell theirs.

  • kerry

    I’m leaving a comment on behalf of my friend 20-year-old friend Michael; he’s part way through university and has worked for me the previous two summers, at a Bible camp in Alberta. Michael and I have had loooong conversations on many, many occasions about what it means to live an intentional, meaningful life. I think that Michael will live a big story, and I’m excited for that, for him. He’s studying to become a teacher. Last summer at camp, he spoke for a week – it was his first time ever as “the speaker” at any kind of event, and he did a fantastic job.

    I think the Storyline conference would benefit Michael, because as a university student he’s in the all-big-decisions-all-the-time stage of life. He’s a fan of Donald Miller and I know he was impacted by “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years”.
    And he is trying to and longing to live well, meaningfully and intentionally.

    As for me, I’m kind of already living a gigantic story, directing a Bible camp. 99% of the time, it feels like too much of a “story”. But my favourite thing is the young adults who work for me. I love them all, a lot. And the opportunity to be part of their lives, at a moment in their story when the possibilities are endless, is a huge privilege.

  • YouthGuyCash

    I want to attend the conference because, like you, A Million Miles has changed my life. I have been looking for ways to continue to grow into living better stories. Currently, I am going through your book “Creating Your Personal Life Plan.” Also, being able to view a screening of Blue Like Jazz would be huge as I was one of the MANY people to donate to the film.

  • http://profiles.google.com/joanieedeckert joanie deckert

    I don’t feel as though I can explain more than the obvious; it would be an excellent opportunity and a perspective-changing experience in my life. I am still somewhat young being 23 and work with impressionable youth within my church. I use a lot of the things I learn to be an example to the youth. It’s important these kids know that God uses each and everyone of us. This is something that the youth does not believe or comprehend in this generation. I really do want to attend the conference, it was just too close of timing to spend the money coming back from a couple trips. I know if God wants me there, he will send me there! All the work that God does through Donald is excellent, Donald reaches far and beyond ‘comfortable Christians’ with his Blue Like Jazz work. I recommend it to everyone; people in relationship with the Lord or not and I always hear positive feedback. A lot of seeds are being planted.
    Thank you

  • Stephanie Eft

    I want to attend the Storyline conference to better understand how my thread in the storyline intersects the threads of other characters around me in God’s bigger picture. As a young adult already enthralled with the power and impact of story in teenagers’ lives, I believe the storyline conference would make my story more impacting as well as better equipping me to help the teens in my youth ministry live out their stories with intention, purpose, direction, and confidence. If you pick me, I will write new characters into the Storyline conference’s pages by paying it forward each day my pen touches paper!

  • http://profiles.google.com/toddgorton Todd Gorton

    As I rapidly close in on my 40th birthday, I realize I’ve been pastoring and serving the local church for almost 15 years. It’s only in the past 6-9 months that I’m beginning to discover MY voice. That is, so deeply submitting to the Holy Spirit in me that God can speak clearly through me.

    Gone (or going away) is the baggage of looking, sounding, acting, needing to be a Pastor like all the other pastors. I pray for freedom and clarity as I develop that voice to see God’s Spirit work in and through me.

    I have no doubt that the Storyline Conference could play a huge part in my own life and many others in developing and growing toward deeply knowing God so others might know Him deeply.
    Thanks Michael for pushing us toward that discovery. Thanks Don for living your story as you submit to God’s leading. I pray for more men like you.

  • Matt Alberti

    I want to attend Storyline because I believe that understanding my story is essential to the process of God’s transformation of my life as well as the lives of every person my life touches through discipleship. It would be a true blessing to be equipped with the powerful insight of knowing my story and learning how to help others to do the same. To my mind, this is both a beautiful opportunity and a responsibility all at once.

    • http://twitter.com/mattalberti Matt Alberti

      It seems that most everyone here recognizes the power of the “Storyline” concept that God has placed on Don Miller’s heart. It’s truly a beautiful and powerful gift.

      Last night, after reflecting on the power of this concept, I decided that my wife and I could apply it to our parenting. We met with each of our three children, one by one, and asked them to share their story. We explained to our middle child (eleven yrs.) that the first ten chapters of her book were completed and asked her to share her outline for the rest of her book. We were blown away with what she related to us. It was one of the most profound parenting experiences we’ve shared. Next, we repeated the process with our youngest child (six yrs.) as well as our oldest child (seventeen yrs). Again, we were blown away by their stories. Now, I know that this is just a starting point; nonetheless, it’s truly a blessing to have a framework that we can use to guide our relationships as parents, disciples, and disciple-makers of Christ Jesus.

      Obviously, it won’t be possible for most of us to attend the Storyline Conference. However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t seek to better understand the “Storyline” concept and ask God to help us to apply this wisdom to our lives and the lives of the people we are connected to. I encourage everyone to think about this. If you’re fortunate enough to go to the conference, I encourage you to share what you’ve learned with as many people as possible. Likewise, ask those who you share that knowledge with to share it with others as well.

  • Jmilligan

    I am comment #583 and yet with God I am no number :) He has uniquely designed and created me for a reason. I want to discover what God is up to in my life. That is why i would like two tickets

  • http://twitter.com/luvoflilacs Anna

    I would love to attend storyline to narrow down my vision for my future, or better yet, to get closer having a clearer vision. I have had opportunities to go to many places around the world, and have seen so much need at home and abroad. Now I would just like to figure out what it is I can do. I am working on getting my masters in Counseling right now, and love what I’m learning about people, and how to help them, but I haven’t a clue in what way exactly I would like to use my degree, or really, what I have learned. I know things will come together in time, but I know that something like storyline would better help me understand how I am wired to serve others, and how I can practically do that in my everyday life, something I try to do now.

    Thanks for giving these tickets away! I know whoever receives them will be oh so grateful. :)

    • Luvoflilacs

      My email.

  • Keri Dupey

    I’d love to go. Simply put, my husband and I would love to know in what ways we can take our individual passions, goals, and wild abandon – and mesh them together to make a better story for two. Here’s where I tweeted this link.

  • Luvoflilacs

    I suppose I should have followed directions. :) Will sign in again with email.

  • http://profiles.google.com/lindsaybharris Lindsay Harris

    I am a therapist and have been compelled both personally and professionally by the concept of our life being a “story.” More and more I have been trying to implement this concept in my work with clients but also in my own life. I work a lot of with clients going through various experiences of grief and loss, which sometimes propels them to think more intentionally about using the time they have well. They often become more mindful and present. Amidst the grief, the become inspired and so do I. So I would love to EXPERIENCE this conference. I have also been amidst a series of changes in my personal life these past 5 years (marriage, birth of 3 children, job changes and moves) and have struggled to find the time to slow down and reflect on my story– how I’ve changed as a result of new roles, on my passions, on how God might be leading, etc. It would be incredible to have 2 days to “slow down,” be inspired, be challenged, be open to what God might reveal…

  • Cyndi Hake-Castro

    I would love to attend this conference, first of all, because I absolutely love Don Miller and what he writes and stands for. His books and speaking gigs have encouraged me, as well as, my son Daley. Secondly, I know I have a story to tell, but need need time to focus in on where I am headed at this point in my life. Being the mother of six sons takes a lot of time….I would love a couple of days to hone in on the gifts and talents God has given me to share with not only my family, but others. Thanks for the chance to win a ticket!!!

  • http://profiles.google.com/jeremiahbowser Jeremiah Bowser

    frequent flyer miles: check.
    hotel points: check.
    complimentary conference ticket (or two ): ?

    You can make the impossible possible Mr. Hyatt… a $0 cross country trip for a very happy guy and his wife! :o)

  • redheadkate

    I am very smart & talented. At least, that is what my mom has always told me. Ideas? Oh, I have plenty. Things to do. People to help. Worlds to change. All worthwhile causes, but I feel like Goldilocks, constantly trying the next thing to see if it fits. It is a bit overwhelming. Actually, it is a LOT overwhelming as I jump from project to project. The idea that this conference could help me focus on one single purpose opens up that tight place in my chest. Because that is what I have been looking for all along, the thing that fits me “just right”.

    I tweeted about this giveaway (@redheadkate)

  • Kstanley1120

    I am longing to live life to the fullest, with single -minded purpose. There are dreams hidden and dead in me that long to be revived and rekindled. Yet, i do not want to just make things happen, I really want to join God where He is at work. And, I’m turning 50 in 10 days…

  • Mgbower

    Number 600! today i celebrate the year of having my throat cut! May 11th 2010 i had a large goitre removed and an interesting year of losing one voice and gaining another. I have already entered so i hope this doesn’t disqualify me but i wanted to give thanks to God for his generosity to me and look forward to continuing 1st Tim 6:6 which has been hanging on my wall for 44 years and just after writing it on a fb comment this morning I heard a whole halfhour radio programme by Chuck Swindoll here in New Zealand!! WOW! Thank you God!! Grace Bower New Zealand

  • http://twitter.com/mattmetzger matt metzger

    My wife and I are right in the midst of figuring out what the next part of our story will be. We have eaten up Don’s books and his “Your Story” CD set. This would be a great chance to process even further.

  • Tracey solomon

    Every mother has a story, one that impacts generations. My passion is to Help moms write better stories to live. I have worked with MOPS international for 20 years, helping moms discover there is more to their story. I am a public speaker, writer and leader in our field. if chosen for the storyline conference, I’ll be able to first, live a better story, and second, share the experience with other moms!

    (also, my first born’s name is Michael. Did that work?)

  • http://www.MamaSaysNamaste.com AshleyRose

    On June 2nd I’ll celebrate my thirtieth birthday…a perfect time to take a fresh look at what my personal storyline is. As a wife, mom, and daughter to a life coach and author, I spend a lot of time coaching others and understand the need to step back and look at my own story as well!

  • kat.

    I find the connectivity of social media makes it seem as if the six degrees of separation are condensed to about four and a half. Following my friend, bobgoff led to following donmilleris, which led to following GailHyatt (for a broccoli recipe of all things,) and then to following MichaelHyatt. Now I’m reading your blog, getting the newsletter, and I’ve downloaded “Creating Your Personal Life Plan.”

    I was registered and excited to attend the Storyline Conference last fall. However, in September my Mama passed away. In the following week two additional, unconnected deaths caused a great deal of turmoil and tasks, and I cancelled my trip to Portland.

    I’ve read the tweets and posts about you offering up tickets to the upcoming Miller Storyline conference. I’ve smiled and thought, “That’s nice.” But I hadn’t considered going until this morning, while reading an interview with Dave Morin, founder of Path. He was referring to a happiness science, talking about “…two selves — the remembering self and the experiencing self.” In the article Morin asked, “How do I feel in my life right now versus how do I feel about my life?” That’s a significant question for me.

    God has blessed me with a great life, full of wonderful people and amazing experiences. I have three kids, one by birth and two who are gifts. They are in their 20’s, just about launched. A couple years ago, I stepped away from corporate America (which I enjoyed) to help my Mama in her battle with cancer.

    So why would I want to go to the Storyline Conference? Right now, every area of my life is in and available for transition. The previous pages of my story are full, but the following pages don’t even have the barest outline. I am unencumbered by the typical responsibilities which limit others’ choices. Ready to reenter the workforce, I want to use my considerable talents and experience towards something worthwhile.

    I do not want to only be my “remembering self” I want to be my “experiencing self.” I need to learn where God wants the next chapter of my story to be.

    A side note: Thanks to the KickStarter campaign I’m one of the many “Associate Producers” of the Blue Like Jazz movie, and it’d be great fun to attend the test screening… (chances are in won’t be playing in Santa Cruz. Smile)

    Thanks Michael, for the consideration and the opportunity.

  • Modrig3

    Would love to attend b/c I’m an old guy (49 – minister) who feels like he’s getting lost in the middle of his story.

  • Julia Rowell

    I very much need to get my crap together, ahem, I mean, write myself a better life.

  • Jonathanghankins


    Thanks for the opportunity to win a ticket to Donald miller’s conference. My wife and I first read Blue Like Jazz about four years ago among a major life transition decision. Long story short, four years ago, I was a fairly successful pastor of student ministries and my wife was struggling to play a supportive role. Fast forward a few years through a miscarriage, a couple mission trips to a third-world country, our life’s story continued to unfold. We purchased a local coffee shop where we feel we have been able to do more “ministry” than ever before. We help start a simple house church where we learned more about relationships and helped cultivate intentional community. We’ve since had a son who has brought some amazing adventures and great joy into our life. My wife is a full-time student and will be graduating in June. With the economics being what they are, the coffee shop barely pays for itself, our house is in foreclosure, and we are currently living in community with my wife’s family.

    Our journey together has been a huge adventure through a lot of ups and downs. There are several others here who have far more reason to receive a free ticket, so I’m reluctant to even ask.

    Over a year ago I read “A Million Miles…” and when I heard of the first conference, I was thrilled but setback by the inability to pay. At Christmas, my wife’s gift to me was to come to this conference and her hope was that she could buy my way when she received her financial aid, which we have been living off of for the last year. After those funds were spoken for and we missed the early-bird deadline, I put the idea of attending, once again, behind me. But I haven”t forgotten about it, hoping there was a way for me to still go. In addition, my wife was bummed that she couldn’t fulfill her gift to me. I know that there will be more opportunities like this,so if I can’t make it this time that would be okay. We know that our economic situation should change when my wife starts working as an RN.

    When she does start working it would free me up to explore more of what I am interested in pursuing. In addition to helping raise our son and continue management of the coffee shop, there are some potential ministry opportunities “knocking at my door” as well as other things I am interested in pursuing. I feel as though the last few years have included some major transitions and I really need to focus. My heart wants to go a million different directions, but reality is calling me to focus. at the same time, I want to be able to articulate the story of my life that God is speaking to me and through me – to my son, and to our friends.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this and consider. I am having a difficult focusing on writing this and entering on time as my son desperately needs my attention and my wife is at school. If I was accepted to receive a ticket to the conference, I would be very grateful. We live five hours south of Portland, so transportation would not be too big of an issue. We also have friends in the Portland/Metro area who would be happy to let me stay.

  • Dave T

    I’m interested in this conference for my wife, actually. As a mom of three, and chief executive of operations for our family, finding time for herself to fully invest in her storyline is somewhat challenging. I think an opportunity like this would give her the ability to focus on what her storyline is and where it is headed.

    An added bonus would, of course, be to see the Blue Like Jazz screening. I missed our call from Steve recently which really bummed me out, but she could see it and tell me all about it!

    Thanks for this opportunity!

  • http://lizdugger.blogspot.com Liz Dugger

    The conference first got my attention because of the title and challenging question, “What story are you telling with your life?” I’ve been asking myself similar questions during this past year of transition, realizing that stories don’t end well by accident. Transitions can tweak with a storyline. For the past ten years I oversaw the worship/arts ministry at a large church in the Portland Metro area. It was a productive and challenging season. Since the season ended over a year ago, I’ve been seriously waiting on God asking, “What’s the next chapter? Where would You fit me into Your story at this transitional time in our world? What do you want me to do with my time, talent, experiences for the rest of my life? What do I need to let go of, or latch onto, as I continue this race? ” The idea of attending a conference like this seems timely. I genuinely want to connect with others who are like-minded, focused, aiming to be part of THE story. I’ve followed Don’s blog for quite some time and am a new follower here … I’d be honored and totally stoked to experience all that will unfold at Storyline. Thanks for listening …. !

  • Anonymous

    Our stories have a lot to tell about us, but it is only when we really example our story and put it into a practical plan that we can use to create a better story for ourselves. I have always been interested in and encouraging to others about developing themselves personally. At the same time, I just finished my Masters in Divinity and I am in the process of transition from going to school to now what do I do with it. I would like to have a bigger and more compelling story than the one that I have, but I want it to be bigger not about me but about God and what God has in store through me. I would like to learn more about how to be uniquely wired and how to help make major decisions. I have a personal mission statement and would like to see if there is anything that I can add to help to determine a single life-purpose. Sounds like this could be a life changing experience.

  • http://twitter.com/aquamnky Shermaine Barlaan

    P.S. I tweeted the conference link but hadn’t realized I needed to post it here also in the comments:



  • Anonymous

    The one interesting thing about this conference that excites me is the story telling element. Don is a great story teller and, as a pastor, a compelling story is a great tool for public speakers. So I would love to attend the conference for that reason. Plus, Portland is a pretty awesome city. ;)

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  • http://twitter.com/CallieTalk CallieTalk

    I would sell my spleen to attend this conference. Seriously, my life is undergoing a period of extreme pruning as I work with God on revealing and creating the second half of my life story.

    My life plans and perceptions of reality were shaken to the core when I became ill three years ago. I fought through it and got well. Nearly two years ago, my Dad became ill with cancer, and he died in May 2010.

    Losing Dad took me to a place I have never been. My larger than life Dad died. My hero. Things started to spin out of control. Wait. People can die??? It hit me hard but it has taken longer to start to understand the bigger truth: We are God’s vessels. As we move through the stages of human life, we glorify God by putting our gifts and talents into action.

    Writing was always my plan, but life got in the way. The week my Dad died, he said, “I wish you could use your writing skills in your career. I’m going to see if I can help you do that when I get to Heaven.” :)

    A few months later, my job ended, and I found myself with a new opportunity to rewrite the story of my life. There comes a point in life where you just go with your heart. I didn’t fight it.

    Writing has been my primary professional focus for the better part of the last seven months. First, I caught up on all of the style formats. Then, I started networking online. Now, I write and edit stories and am able to pay my bills as this new story unfolds.

    God is good. I hear and feel the way God built me in a way I never could have imagined before the age of 44.

    I shake my head as I write this, remembering my childhood dreams and always, always, always writing. What delayed this process?

    This is my answer, and I am sticking to it: I needed to have something to say.

    After 22 years in the music industry and marketing, peppered with a postulancy for Holy Orders, book publishing in NY, a year abroad in Scotland and two engagements, I have more than enough to say. My prayer is that there is enough time to say it all. 

    Fast forward to a few months ago. A friend who works at Thomas Nelson gave me a copy of Blue Like Jazz. Then, I had the opportunity to hear @donmilleris:twitter  speak at my church in Nashville (C3 Conference).  After that, I was led to the Storyline website, and I could almost envision the crowd participation and energy. Portland, I thought–no way. Not right now. Money is tight.

    But tonight I saw your blog posting and thought I would submit the seedling of my developing story. Storyline looks like an awesome opportunity for everyone involved.

    Thank you for reading my post. It would be a privilege to attend this conference.

    Sincerely yours,
    Callie Johnson  

    • http://michaelhyatt.com Michael Hyatt

      Fascinating story. I hope that you can attend. I can mark my life by the life-changing books I have read and the conferences I have attended. I think this will be one.

      • http://twitter.com/CallieTalk CallieTalk

         Michael, thank you for your reply. I will pray for an opportunity and look forward to meeting you one day.

  • Brooke

    Lately, I’ve been haunted by the Thoreau quote, “How vain it is to sit down to write, when you have not stood up to live.” I have known I wanted to be a writer since I was five, and yet I know if I am not living a good story, how can I write a good story?

    I have books inside me pressing to come out, but sometimes I think it will take some sort of risk, some adventure to be the driving force to get these words on paper.

    Don’s words have really shaped by writing style over the years, helping me find my voice. After reading “A Million Miles” I knew it was shaping more then just my writing, but my view of life.

  • http://profiles.google.com/daynamite79 Dana Metzger

    Just curious- have you chosen a winner for this amazing prize yet? Didn’t see it anywhere and still holding out hope. :)

    • http://michaelhyatt.com Michael Hyatt

      Yep. I chose them earlier this week as per the original announcement.

  • Karl Mealor

     I started reading Don’s latest book just yesterday, and I’ve had a hard time putting it down. (Life keeps getting in the way of my reading time.)  I greatly appreciate his transparency.  He is hugely inspiring.