Why Courage Requires Fear

This is a guest post by Jared Latigo. He is a designer, father, husband, writer, and aspiring speaker. You can read his blog or follow him on Twitter.

I’ve recently come in contact with a lot of information regarding courage. It’s a particularly interesting subject to me in many aspects of life.

Why Courage Requires Fear - Photo courtesy of ©iStockphoto.com/thinair28, Image #15843759

Photo courtesy of ©iStockphoto.com/thinair28

Being a father, husband, entrepreneur—and generally living in a crazy world—the opportunity to exercise courage seems to present itself on a daily basis. If we’re to be leaders on top of all that, we better understand how this thing works.

Michael Hyatt has said,

    “Courage is the willingness to act in spite of your fear.”

As he points out in his article, courage and fear have a connection, which lays the foundation for what I want to say in this post.

Courage is not the absence of fear but rather requires fear.

There is no need to be courageous if you aren’t afraid of something. Luckily, we’re afraid of plenty of things throughout the course of our day and lives. We wouldn’t be human if we weren’t.

Courage Cannot Be Separated From Action

To illustrate this point further, let me share some information I heard from the “Men of Honor” simulcast put on by Sherwood Baptist Church, makers of the movie Courageous. Ed Litton, pastor of a sister church, spoke at the event and he hit the nail on the head:

  • We were made to be courageous.
  • In trials, our first response is to run.
  • We were made for trouble.
  • Stand for what matters.
  • Courage cannot be separated from action.

So how does this tie into fear? Fear is something that we all have struggled with at some point in our lives. I remember being afraid of what was going to happen as I became a father. I’ve never had any formal “father training.”

I thought, How am I qualified to do this? But my son was born and he’s almost three now. He has yet to steal a car!

I also remember getting married. I was excited, sure—no, I was ecstatic! I had been looking forward to it for years, because I knew when I met my now wife that she was the one.

It wasn’t until I was standing at the altar that I become seriously scared. It was one of the most memorable moments of my life, because I had to overcome the fear of committing my life to her … forever.

Even though I knew it was a truly remarkable thing, that didn’t make me any less scared. (That and I had fractured my nose the night before so this would be the first time she’d seen me with my eyes way too far apart.) I was scared, and it took serious courage to keep my knees from collapsing.

So courage feeds off fear.

What Is Fear?

Ed Litton says,

    “Fear is just a call to exercise courage.”

Without fear, we can’t have courage. We cannot act courageous in any situation unless we have something to protect, something to honor, something to prove, or something to commit to. Fear is a call to action and that action should be courageous.

But lets keep in mind that there needs to be a healthy level of fear. “All things in moderation” is a saying I try to apply to most areas of my life. Don’t let fear take over and cause inaction. That would be cowardly.

The Call to Courage

Be courageous today. Look fear in the eye and shoot it down. Don’t let it take over. Don’t let it win.

As leaders of our homes, businesses, churches, workplaces, etc., we need to understand how important it is to have courage. We were made to be courageous.

Questions: So tell us. What is something that you feared that you were able to overcome by being courageous? And what was the outcome? You can leave a comment by clicking here.
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  • http://twitter.com/MomsMustardSeed Rebecca

    So true!  We all need that little bit or even BIG dose of fear to push forward and attain the goals we have been created for!  And definitely…not allowing it to take over is a must for everyone in all parts of their lives.

    • http://JaredLatigo.com/ Jared Latigo

      Agreed Rebecca…never let it take over. That’s key!

  • http://blog.cyberquill.com/ Cyberquill

    Just as, in the absence of fear, the concept of “courage” doesn’t apply, it is equally impossible to be “tolerant” of things we don’t have a problem with to begin with. To “tolerate” something means to accept it in spite of our objections to it. If we have no objections anyway, our tolerance muscle has no work to do. 

    • http://JaredLatigo.com/ Jared Latigo

      Interesting application. Never thought of tolerance that way but very true. Thanks for the addition to this. 

  • http://www.toddliles.com/ Todd Liles

    Nice work Jared! My wife and I faced a huge struggle a little less than 2 years ago. We were being sued at the same time or infant daughter was in the hospital. It was tough. It took a lot of courage and a lot of faith to make it through.

    • http://JaredLatigo.com/ Jared Latigo

      That does sound like a tough time. Glad to see you had the faith and courage to make it through :D 

  • Kristine Canavan

    Your post brought to mind the parable of the talent.  The man who the master condemns is the one who was afraid to act.  He literally buried his talent.  

    • http://JaredLatigo.com/ Jared Latigo

      Yepp, love that parable!

  • retail101

    Just a reminder that  God tells us in the Bible 120 different times: “Do Not Fear.”  Clearly fear is something we deal with on a regular basis and requires great faith to overcome.

    • http://JaredLatigo.com/ Jared Latigo

      That’s true. I came across that as well but I feel he means not to fear to the point of no action. We are called to fear Him though. It’s an interesting topic I agree. 

  • http://www.cjfritsch.com/ CJ Fritsch

    Michael, just an FYI.  In the last paragraph before the subheading “What is fear”, the word “Even” is double capitalized.

    Great article.  Enjoy everything that you do.  Keep up the great work.  

    • http://michaelhyatt.com/ Michael Hyatt

      Great. Thanks for catching that. I have fixed it.

  • http://www.tammyhelfrich.com/ Tammy Helfrich

    Great to see you here, Jared! Fear is something we all face and once you’ve pushed passed it is when incredible things happen. Great reminders!

    • http://JaredLatigo.com/ Jared Latigo

      So true!

  • Nicole White

    This was one of two blog postings in my feed today with the topic courage. I think society needs to hear this. For me I was recently courageous in applying for a job after working for the last 25 years for hugs and kisses at home. I interviewed for the only job I applied for and got it. I started this last week and it has been a learning curve. Each day on the job I had to screw up my courage to do something outside of my comfort zone and each time came away feeling great. Thanks, Jared, for your well written and timely words. 

    • http://JaredLatigo.com/ Jared Latigo

      Glad you found it helpful. That’s the goal with this whole writing and sharing thing :D Best wishes in your new job!


  • Martha Ramirez

    Awesome post! “Fear is just an excercise to courage”. Love it!

    • http://JaredLatigo.com/ Jared Latigo

      Thanks for your time Martha, glad it was well worth it for you!

  • http://www.livebeyondawesome.com/ Jen McDonough “The Iron Jen”

    POWERFUL STATEMENT, “Be courageous today. Look fear in the eye and shoot it down. Don’t let it take over. Don’t let it win.” @jaredlatigo:disqus 

    In looking at the past success, it seems there have been MANY times that fear has had to be faced and “shot down” – it is during those times that we seem to grow the most in life isn’t it?

    LOVE this blog. VERY empowering message to push us all to success!!! 
    Live Beyond Awesome!
    Twitter:  @TheIronJen:disqus 

    • http://JaredLatigo.com/ Jared Latigo

      Thanks for the kind words Jen! It’s an honor having you read my posts! :D

  • http://twitter.com/chapswoodard CH Greg Woodard


    Great post! Facing down my fear helped me push forward into my chosen career as a Navy Chaplain. It was somewhat counter-intuitive to what “made sense” in my early 40’s and with a family. Fear hand a grip on me during a difficult season as I was making preparations to make this big change 3+ years ago.

    • http://www.clayproductions.com/aaron/ Aaron Johnson

       Greg, I get to watch the training you guys go through in CPE and it takes a ton of courage to enter that place – not to mention the vital role that you take on each day. Thanks for your work.

  • http://www.tnealtarver.wordpress.com TNeal

     I think anyone who goes public–writing, preaching, running for office–faces fear. Every time I push publish on a post, I have to face down the demon “You’re not good enough.” My wife did that yesterday on a Facebook thread where someone ranted against Evangelical Christians. She responded and was surprised when even the ranter acknowledged where Christians have done good things. To get the pleasant surprise, she first had to overcome fear.

    • http://JaredLatigo.com/ Jared Latigo

      Yeah being in public will most definitely bring out fear in us. As Michael says, “Getting out of your comfort zone is where all the really interesting stuff happens.”

  • Jeff A

    Ultimately (I fear) the most courage I need, is to follow God. It seems he always pushing me beyond “what is comfortable” and moving me to a place where I am completely dependent on Him. Over the years I have wrestled with the enemy and I have wrestled with God. God is way harder! 

    • prophetsandpopstars

      Yeah, and it leaves you with a limp. 

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  • http://twitter.com/cupojoegirl Eileen Knowles

    Boy, there have been so many pivotal moments in my life which have required facing my fears in order to grow.  One big one was writing.  After years of being to0 afraid to put words down on paper, I finally faced that fear and it has brought so much joy into my life. 

    • http://JaredLatigo.com/ Jared Latigo

      Yeah I think many of us go through that. I know several people that are awesome writers with great stories but are too afraid to let people into their lives. Glad to hear you’re not one of them!

  • Davejarnold16

    Great post, Jared. I really like the quote by Litton,  “Fear is just a call to exercise courage.” That’s so true. Fear is a means to do something – to move forward, to be courageous. It can be used for our good rather than keep us back. Thanks for this great reminder!

    • http://JaredLatigo.com/ Jared Latigo

      Yeah me too. Litton had a great presentation for the event I saw him at. I highly respect the man!

  • Caleb

    I find that fear often makes me second guess my the next step I need to take in order to deal with my fear. If I don’t act quickly and decidedly then the likelihood that I will ever finish what I started quickly diminishes.

    • http://JaredLatigo.com/ Jared Latigo

      Oh man, good point. Thanks for mentioning that second step…very much needed to make it anywhere on our journeys. 

  • http://twitter.com/womenabiding Women Abiding

    My most recent call to courage, ie. fear, was starting a blog. There was so much to face as far as the fear of man, fear of not measuring up to the standard of other blogs, fear of my message not being understood, or welcomed. 

    But, with God’s help, I took the plunge, and that fear now seems a distant memory. I now see that once we take the step to be courageous, and place one foot in front of the other while progressing in whatever our endeavour is, it becomes easier. The fear subsides with each step, and courage becomes more the rule, rather than the exception.

    Thank you so much for this great post!

    • http://JaredLatigo.com/ Jared Latigo

      Sometimes sharing who we really are with the world is one the hardest things we’ll ever do. Don’t give up by any means, we need everyone giving their talents to make this world work!

  • Rick

    Thank you for the article. Fear is something that we can never be prepared for, it just happens. It comes out of nowhere when we least expect it. Courage is the kicker. It takes over when everything in our system(still fearful) wants to run the other way. Courage kicks it into gear without even knowing what the outcome might be, but that is just it. It is just the right thing to do.

  • http://www.NateAnglin.com/ Nate Anglin

    Amen to that. Fear is even present within the bravest most courageous men and women. It’s what makes us alert and helps us adapt to situations, regardless of the magnitude. Now, as you pointed out fear can overwhelm, but we must not let it reach this level or it becomes debilitating. Excellent post my friend. 

    • http://JaredLatigo.com/ Jared Latigo

      Thanks Nate! I certainly agree with not letting it overwhelm us :D

  • prophetsandpopstars

    This is a great post and timely. 
    It makes me think of “Turning Pro,” by Steven Pressfield. 

    Recently, I’ve had to say the hard thing to staff as a new leader. That took some courage and understanding that not saying the hard thing was not even kind. 

  • Vikram Rajpurohit

    I feel we fear the unknown and I recently experienced this and learned to overcome the fear of unknown. I never took finance or accounting classes in my entire life and I encountered these subjects in my MBA program, I was afraid of these subjects as I need to keep a GPA, I let go the fear of unknown, and  cracked these subjects courageously. (face the fears courageously, explore the unknown and experience the difference in you). Same applies to many things in our lives!!

  • http://www.mondayisgood.com/ Tom Dixon

    Good reminder…it is easy to be brave when everything is status quo.  It is when we are tested that we have an opportunity to be fearful or courageous.

    • http://JaredLatigo.com/ Jared Latigo

      Oh so true. Pushing the status quo is something I always hope to do :D It certainly requires courage!

  • Properties4u

    Thank you for doing what you do. I rarely read columns like yours, ie in this genre, but I do frequently find myself reading yours. You are concise, targeted and so very, very appropriate for me and I suspect many others.
    I am not religious at all, but certainly spiritual and believe that everything happens for a reason. . .
    Again, thank you for being here; for doing what you are doing, helping people like me realise the focus of our lives, to see what really matters

  • Linda Hoenigsberg

    When I was in my early twenties (I’m 61-years-old now) I developed panic disorder and agoraphobia.  I was afraid of…well…EVERYTHING, including the feeling of fear itself.  I developed many phobias as I attempted to avoid any place a panic attack could take place.  When I figured it all out (how I was actually making this happen to myself, with the help of my brain) I began to conquer all those fears and phobias one baby step at a time.  It was SCARY but I wanted my life back.  I made it a lifelong habit.  The last thing I did was submit to a very risky brain surgery in order to save my life and then get my masters degree while lying in bed recovering, unable to walk,  and with the loss of half my sight and hearing.  How did I do this?  Faith. And feeling the fear but doing it anyway.

    • http://JaredLatigo.com/ Jared Latigo

      Wow what an incredible story Linda. You certainly put things in perspective for me on this. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  • http://www.clayproductions.com/aaron/ Aaron Johnson

    Jared, thanks for this Saturday encouragement. My fear usually turns into a need for control. Whether that’s over preparing for a talk, a class, or just the day’s work, having to stop and trust God with the outcomes has been demanding a lot of new courage.

  • Drew Tewell

    Congrats on the post, Jared! My son will be three soon as well. Another thing we have in common :) Again congrats and have a good weekend.

  • http://twitter.com/VerSutherland Veronica Sutherland

    Fear does seem to be present once there is life but God has said that He has not given us a spirit of fear. This does suggest that courage comes from God and so we need to constantly look to Him for courage and send fear packing.

    • http://JaredLatigo.com/ Jared Latigo

      Very true indeed. Thanks for pointing out that courage come from God. It is our trust in Him that allows us to overcome the fear we have in the flesh. :D

  • Doug Easter

    Before I was married I took up sky diving.  After a few jumps, I asked the seasoned jump master how many jumps would I have to make before I stopped being scared? At that point he had about 800 jumps under his belt.  He replied that when he stopped being scared, he would stop jumping!  Good point.  Being scared keeps one on his toes.

    • Jane Bromley

      Hmm. I wonder if we would lose the buzz of knowing we had grown and achieved something really worthwhile without the fear….

  • http://www.danerickson.net/ Dan Erickson

    I was raised in a cult and instilled with fear. It took years to gain the courage to break away from the fear that clung with me for years after my escape from the cult as a teenager.  And took many more years for me to begin to have the courage to share my childhood experience with others.  It’s now chronicled in my first book, A Train Called Forgiveness.  And I believe that offering forgiveness, especially toward those who’ve harmed us greatly, takes more courage than most anything in life.

    • http://JaredLatigo.com/ Jared Latigo

      Very true Dan. Thanks for sharing. Glad to see you’ve broken away from a cult…there are so many out there that instill fear and rules to keep people “inline.” Thanks for reading!

  • http://www.lincolnparks.com Lincoln Parks

    There is one fear that I always speak about in my testimony. In 6th grade reading a story to the class I learned that I had Hyperhydrosis of the palms. Basically excessively sweaty palms. They would literally drip water until a puddle would form on the ground. It affected me in Social situations, and it still happens today. However,  after becoming a Christian and living in God’s word it does not bother me anymore. As an Entrepreneur that works with people daily, that is one fear that I had to ignore. Great post here Jared.

    • http://JaredLatigo.com/ Jared Latigo

      Wow that’s crazy. Glad to hear you’ve overcome it some degree! Thank for reading!

  • http://www.davidsollars.com/ David Sollars

    Jared, great to hear your voice and understand some of the courageous challenges in your daily  life.  I think that’s where most of us have to muster the strength to handle the many varied tests of our courage. They come at us with different shapes, diameters and velocities!

    Core belief and values are the foundation that I hold onto when the landscape is shifting and my usual landmarks are out of site. I find courage is a product of the actions taken from a strong place of belief. I react to my  to a committment to an idea, person or organization. As you and Michael point out, in spite of fear, not without fear.

    Enjoyed your point of view Jared. Thanks for sharing it with us Michael.

  • http://www.livingreal.net/ Steve Fine

    Interesting thoughts on the connection between fear and courage. I will add that a portion of our courage comes from trust. Trusting our team, our resources, our equipment, our own abilities and experience.  For anybody who has ever  been challenged in the wilderness or on a ropes course that trust is what allows us to wander into these life changing adventures in the first place.
    Not that fear isn’t healthy but as others have already posted – too much fear can be detrimental and the scriptures say “do not fear” then go on to encourage that we be knowledgeable and wise.  We are also told that we are not given the spirit of fear. Not to turn this into a spiritual discussion but just something to consider.

    • http://JaredLatigo.com/ Jared Latigo

      I whole heartedly agree with it being spiritual. :D Good points for sure. 

  • Matthew D. Upchurch

    To align with my truth is what feeds my courage and fear is what comes up when I’m not in alignment – it manifests itself in many forms but I always know it’s fear-based.  To overcome fear I find that my favorite Buddhist saying says it best; “the answers are not in the words but in the silence between the words” – meditation is my tool of choice to tap into the wisdom within me, otherwise “the monkey brain” spins out of control.

  • http://josephiregbu.com/ Joseph Iregbu

    Great perspective Jared.

  • rgraham1981

    Thanks for a great post here, I really enjoyed this and the truth it highlights.  I’m a relatively ‘new’ Christian, in that I came to Christ about 2 1/2 years ago.  One of my greatest fears was telling others of my story, sharing my testimony and talking about things of faith with others.  Despite that fear, I started a blog about faith in God and share stories from my daily walk.  This was such an amazing way for me to take my fear and step forward in courage.  

    • http://JaredLatigo.com/ Jared Latigo

      THAT takes serious courage. I’m so over-joyed to hear you made that decision. It’s not an easy one…but is easy at the same time. Best wishes in your walk and in inspiring others :D

  • http://www.brandongilliland.com/ Brandon Gilliland

    What a great post!

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  • http://walkwiththewise.wordpress.com/ Gail

    I’ve long said that courage is the rope swing between fear and faith. It’s courage that gets us to let go of our fear and move over to faith. Fear – the place where we believer we CAN’T and act on that belief. Faith – the place where we believe we CAN and act on that belief. Courage is the rope that helps us swing from one belief to another.

    • http://JaredLatigo.com/ Jared Latigo

      Interesting analogy. I like it! Thanks so much for your time Gail!

  • http://www.borntwolead.com/ TJ Trent


    Awesome!  In 2011 I was fearful of competing against my peers for promotion.  I pushed forward and excelled.

  • Jane Bromley

    Thanks so much for this Jared. “Fear is just a call to exercise courage.” Spot on. I will put that on my wall. 

    Could it also be a call to remind us that we are far more able than we think?  A call to grow?I would love to add something to your post if that’s ok. I believe we do not always have to overcome the whole “obstacle’ in 1 go. Years ago I was terrified of public speaking. Yet, I had a dream. A dream of inspiring a large audience so much that they gave me a standing ovation. The thing is- I did not need to start with a large audience. I practiced on my mirror, a few kind friends and my mother! While I’m still working on my dream, I now love speaking and I know I have inspired quite a few people. So, whatever our dream and our fear, you do not need to move from a standing start to attack our “whole” dream in one go. You & I will conquer all by taking small step at a time. 

  • Jane Bromley

    Thanks for that Dan. Learning how to forgive is a wonderful ability. I take my hat off to you. 

  • Sam Snyder

    The day after getting engaged I got incredibly anxious about getting married. Nearly 4 months later I’m still a little scared but I feel more strongly than ever that this is what I want to do.  I can’t wait to marry my fiance.

  • Cindi

    Thanks for a powerful post Jared-as we face our daily fears for anything we want to move in a forward direction another key for many is building the habit of using that fear for motivation instead of turning the other way or standing still…not an easy task  for many people. (great to meet you here; looking forward  to reading the rest of your guest posts in the near future!!)

    • http://JaredLatigo.com/ Jared Latigo

      Thanks Cindi for your time. Glad to have you along! :D

  • Cindy

    well i moved from Ontario to Grande Prairie Alberta.  Leaving my daughter and two grande children there. I live with my husband whom i love very much but it was scarry leaving everything i know work, family, friends, client The result so far iam okay sad some times i did it because it will better mi life fell the fear and do it anyway i always say so i felt i had better practes what i preach so my children will learn to be brave and try things thanks for this

  • Connie

      When we give our fear to God,  He turns it inside out and give us His strength and courage to accomplish His good works.   I recently completed Treatment for Hepatitis C that was very difficult.  I could not have climbed that treatment mountain without Him.  With His courage and strength, He got me to the summit.  I am now Non-Detected from the Hep C virus.  

  • http://twitter.com/emilyfontes Emily Fontes

    My son was diagnosed with leukemia this year. We have learned a lot about courage. No matter your situation: what starts as a seed of fear can grow into a powerful testimony of courage and hope. Our theme verse is Joshua 1:9 “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid. Do not lose hope. For the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

    • http://JaredLatigo.com/ Jared Latigo

      Very good point Emily. I’m sorry to hear about your son but I know he has a purpose here as well. I’ve learned a lot from people that have gone through things like that. They are often the ones that teach us. Will certainly keep you in mind. Take care!

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  • Gade Inna Reddy

    Fear is something that hinders everyone to loose confidence and face problems.

    • Gade_innareddy

      Do not let the fear take over. believe in christ and he will deliver you

  • Candice Porter

    Going back to school! 

  • Candice porter

    Hey Jared,
    This comment : Your post brought to mind the parable of the talent.  The man who the master condemns is the one who was afraid to act.  He literally buried his talent.  One day while reading my bible God led me to the chapter on talents as the above comment refers to and God spoke to me as He has before and told me He has called me to teach and thats a gift He’s given me, BUT God also said, Your called to teach but your AFRAID and you are burring your talent I’ve given you.
    So, honestly still struggle with this. I’m believing I’m going to take that first step of ACTION and do it and watch as God shows up and proves to me I need to TRUST Him.

    • http://JaredLatigo.com/ Jared Latigo

      He will show up as long as we’re doing what He says…and oftentimes even when we’re not to help get us back on course. Hope you’ve taken that action by now, sorry for the late reply!

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  • Tammy

    My Pastor was just talking about fear last Wednesday; when we let fear take control of our lives is cancels out faith. Two things in your blog that really stood out for me was…. “Courage is not the absence of fear but rather requires fear.”, and “Fear is just a call to exercise courage.” I can think of many times I overcame fear. Like, deciding to become a Christian, choosing to confess and face issues from my past, doing things that cause me to step way out of my comfort zone, and each time I choose to reach out when I am going through a time of depression. Courage is an action, courage is a choice. Unfortunately, I tend to let the battle between choosing courage or the “easy way out” go on inside of me until I reach a meltdown point. The peace the comes over me when I finally choose to take the route of courage always amazes me. I always have to wonder why it took me so long to take that first step toward courage. 

    • http://JaredLatigo.com/ Jared Latigo

      We all struggle. Glad you enjoyed it…hope it sticks with you through those tough times. 

  • http://twitter.com/landrewchalmers Andrew Chalmers

    Great post! Its such a good reminder of how facing even our greatest fears is so necessary to our growth in life. I especially love the personal story you put in about getting married. What a great example of a good decision that was still very scary and took a lot of courage. As God continues to open doors I continue to pray for the courage to walk through them!

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  • Sharon Leukert

    There is a lot to fear in my future. Crohn’s Disease doesn’t exactly have the nicest reputation, especially once you start having surgeries, and I’ve had several. If I weren’t staring this disease in the face each day, I wouldn’t be summoning up the courage to stare this disease in the face each day. Yes, there are days beyond belief, but it is worth the fight.

    • http://theordainedbarista.com/ Barry Hill

      I know it sounds a bit cliche’—but I will pray for you this week! Like you said—it’s worth the fight! Keep going!

    • http://JaredLatigo.com/ Jared Latigo

      We have a friend at church that has that. I know it can be very difficult to live with. Certainly hope you’re doing well. Keep fighting, you’ve got a purpose to pass on to everyone you meet. 

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  • Scott Dalton

    Excellent points, Jared. Too many of us think of courage as the absence of fear, and call ourselves cowards when we feel afraid. I think I was in my thirties before I realized fear doesn’t mean I’m a coward–unless I let it stop me from doing what I know I need to do. Thanks!

    I linked this post from my blog, as well: couragecounts.com.

    • http://JaredLatigo.com/ Jared Latigo

      Thanks Scott! You’re totally right too. I certainly appreciate the link!

  • Robin Leigh

    It has taken me eight years to publish my testimony. I was afraid that people would know what kind of person I once was and hate me for it. I finally bit my cheek and sent the manuscript in last year. Dear Daddy was released in October and rapidly spread to book sellers in nine countries. I was amazed and incredibly humbled at the positive response…Look at what God can do.

    • http://JaredLatigo.com/ Jared Latigo

      Wow, that is awesome Robin! I hope it’s going well for you! Now you really have something to teach those of us that are afraid…we never know what God can and will do if we trust him fully.

      • http://twitter.com/RLeigh1 Robin Leigh

        Thank you Jared, that means alot to me. With the addition of South Korea; in mid January the count was up to 21 countries. For any one who fears…God will take this if you just let go of the fears and let Him. This was all about being obedient.

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  • http://twitter.com/SwaggerDMangene David Mangene


  • http://twitter.com/nataschavale natascha valemangene


    What a great article!  My motto is your
    ambition in action. Fear will help! As long as you’re not afraid of fear, fear
    can be the trigger to a new step. Love that! And as I write, I overcome a fear
    moment. To write in English. Thanks for the article. Natascha

    • http://JaredLatigo.com/ Jared Latigo

      Glad you enjoyed it! Keep rockin it!

  • Lee

    I overcame my fear of speaking to women in a nightclub – a friend was teasing me – and I just said – ‘ok, I’ll go over and chat with those ladies’ – and that’s exactly what happened.

    The hardest fear I know of to overcome is: the ‘fear of the negative’ and once that’s done I can think of nothing that can stop a man from fulfilling his potential.