Why Great Teams Tell Great Stories

This is a guest post by Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton, authors of the New York Times bestselling book, The Carrot Principle. Their newest book, The Orange Revolution: How One Great Team Can Transform an Entire Organization, was just published yesterday by Free Press. As I write this, it is ranked #4 overall on Amazon—an extraordinary achievement.

For the past few years we’ve been studying breakthrough teams in some of the world’s most respected firms including Pepsi Beverages Company, American Express, Texas Roadhouse and Zappos.com.

Book Cover for The Orange Revolution

Predictably, we found that great teamwork is about such things as effective goal-setting, instilling performance measurements, and increasing trust levels; but it’s also about something much softer. Something surprising.

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Great teams create a narrative. We witnessed it over and over in the most successful businesses we visited. As teams innovate, they tell their stories. They are partly their history, but they also explain to others who they are and why they do what they do.

Take this example told to us by Arte Nathan, senior human resources officer of the Wynn Resort & Casino.

Team chemistry is something Nathan—and owner Steve Wynn for that matter—takes very seriously. One legendary story in the Wynn organization is an experience the founder and his family had when on vacation in Paris. They were staying at a Four Seasons, and breakfast had been delivered to the room.

His daughter had ordered a croissant, but she only ate half of it, leaving the other half to nibble on later that day. Wynn and his family left the room to explore Paris. And, upon returning to the hotel, his daughter began thinking about that croissant. But when they entered the room, the pastry was gone, taken by housekeeping. She was disappointed. Housekeeping assumed the half croissant was trash. Or did they?

A light was blinking on the room’s telephone. It was a message from the front desk of the Four Seasons to the Wynn family. The clerk stated that housekeeping had removed the half croissant from the room, assuming that upon return the rightful owner of the croissant would prefer a fresh pastry. So the front desk contacted the kitchen to set aside a croissant, and room service was informed that upon request, they would need to deliver the pastry post haste.

“What makes this story so powerful?” asks Nathan. “The level of teamwork and communication between different departments is simply amazing. All participants understood the end game—customer satisfaction. And, everyone accepted their role in making the experience fantastic. These are the stories that Steve Wynn shares with his teams—and you can witness that level of teamwork at any of his properties today.”

For us, the Paris croissant is a powerful example of cultural storytelling. Any employee who hears it immediately knows what the organization means when it says “customer satisfaction.” The takeaway is not literal. No one thinks, Okay, when there’s a half-eaten croissant, be sure to leave a message with the front desk. Obviously, it’s a deeper understanding than that. It clearly means that employees are empowered to be creative, intuitive, thorough, and generous.

We also suspect that telling the story is a way to weed out prospective workers who simply don’t get it. Anyone who hears the croissant story and thinks that level of service is over the top is looking for work in the wrong place.

Breakthrough teams tell such stories frequently and with passion. It is a secret ingredient of their success. Stories are vital in helping individuals understand how world-class results are achieved and in making the possibility of doing so believable. Such tales have a way of perpetuating success. The listener retells the story and, more importantly, internalizes its message and becomes part of the story.

As a leader, here are some tips for modeling storytelling among your team members:

  1. Share the truth, nothing but the truth. Fact is always more interesting than fiction, so resist the urge to add fallacious details when you share stories that promote your team’s great work.
  2. Catch their interest early. Great opening lines intrigue listeners. “Did I tell you about the time Ed flew to Japan to deliver one of our products?”
  3. Tie it to your team’s core values. Keep your narrative focused on what matters most in your organization. For instance, if Ed had to catch a plane to Asia, connect the story to your core value of never-miss delivery.
  4. Keep it simple. We don’t need to know that Ed ate Beef Wellington on the plane and watched The Matrix, Part 8. People get overwhelmed trying to process too much information, so stick to the point.

Nothing communicates your organization’s priorities and values like stories. Have you started collecting yours?

Note: I gave away 100 free copies of The Orange Revolution when I first posted this. However, that contest is now closed. I have away all the copies. Thanks.
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  • http://braunsrus.blogspot.com/ Shelly Braun

    I would love a copy of this book. I am currently majoring in Organizational Leadership in Azusa Pacific's Adult Studies Program (those of us currently in the workforce) and have a real interest in group dynamics of successful companies. I worked at Kinko's Corporate Offices for many years and we were included in this list at one time, it was such a dynamic company. When a company has it they have IT and it's amazing. I'm VERY interested to read about some of the other companies. I would love the opportunity to go and visit them some day.

  • Doug Rowles

    Love to read such an interesting book. Stories from business are the best examples to help all of us to do a better job in life.

  • http://peterscholtens.wordpress.com Peter Scholtens

    I would like a copy of the book. I've just started a job working in sales and marketing for a small native plant nursery. One of the items that we will need to wrap our heads around is how to work as a team to deliver the ultimate service to our clients.

  • Juan

    Hi Michael,
    Very interesting book, 3 months ago I was promoted to a Sales Manager Position. As an individual contributor for the last 7 years with this company I only had to focus on serving my customers. Now I know this is a team effort and the challenge is how do you perform or deliver thru others. The real challenge is when you want to continue serving your customers thru your team the same way all the time, how can the message be clear enough for everybody to perform in sync, the same message across the board to serve our customers and actually do it – specially when nobody is looking at you (me, each team mate). This book will help me greatly for that reason. Thank You

  • http://twitter.com/maenche @maenche

    I am very interested in reading The Orange Revolution. I am the leader of a small customer service team and would love to increase my knowledge in order to help my team improve. The story about the customer service at 4 Seasons was incredible! I love how they went above and beyond to serve the customer. Fabulous! This is the type of team I want to work on!

  • http://twitter.com/jbphd @jbphd

    I need this book! I work for a graduate school at a Christian university, and the vision our dean laid out for us this year was "Quality Enhancement." He encouraged us to develop both individually and as teams in two areas:
    1. Focus on the success of each and every student (faculty, staff, colleague, peer, etc). – We are Committed to Their Success.
    2. Deliver professional, skilled academic experiences with integrity.
    Both of these are about customer service, and as teams we have been empowered to be creative in how we serve our customers. Now it's time to start telling the stories so we can foster more creativity in individuals and can improve student success and satisfaction. I would love to read this book for great ideas our team could use to do just that.

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  • Richard Wanjema

    I am interested in reading this book because I have had a somewhat similar experience with the Marriott hotels and getting this kind of knowledge can transform many other fields of service. And also because the other book you recommended is a gem.

  • http://www.twitter.com/jodyfransch Jody Fransch

    Hi Mike

    As someone who speaks and preaches on a regular basis, I know that I will really benefit and learn a lot from this book. Not only am I keen to read and about the various companies being profiled but I would like to see and learn how these “great teams” are doing what they’re doing. Being a youth leader and church and having the privilege to work with a good team, I would like to learn how to enhance my team and make it better so that we can serve better and more effectively.

    I promise to read this book and share what I learn with others…because by sharing the concepts and principles I will in turn really internalize it all. Thanks for making this offer available!

  • http://www.danieldecker.net Daniel Decker

    I don't want a book (already have an advance copy) but wanted to add that this is a EXCELLENT resource! I really enjoyed it and found Adrian's information very useful and writing style easy to follow. If I had 5 thumbs I'd give it 5 thumbs up but 2 thumbs up will have to do. :)

    • http://carrots.com Adrian Gostick

      Thanks Daniel. Nice to hear you found the book so useful. Best wishes, Adrian Gostick. @adriangostick

  • http://synapticheart.com/ Phillip Gibb

    I would love a copy of this book because I am drawn to the cool carrot on the cover, it is awesome – I gotta have it.
    Otherwise …
    When it comes to teams I am a terrible leader, not sure why; seems that passion and a common interest is just not enough. However I love storytelling and would love to celebrate great stories about the team.
    I will most certainly read it, as will my wife :)

  • http://twitter.com/CelinAlexiuk @CelinAlexiuk

    I would love a copy of this book. I work in a project management team and believe we have a great team. I would like to see how we can be better and ideas on other great teams. I always believe that sitting on our laurels isn't the right thing to do and that we can always improve communication in our team and, especially, with the other teams. When I first started here, I was introduced to the team through their stories. Now I am part of that story and sharing it with others.

  • http://twitter.com/CelinAlexiuk @CelinAlexiuk

    I neglected to say that I would definately read it cover to cover and would love to share my thoughts as well about the book. Thanks,

  • http://twitter.com/jyllstuart @jyllstuart

    I would love to read this book because of its emphasis on team and not individual success. So many corporations stress individual improvement much more than team cohesion. I've even personally experienced a "team break-up" because "management" thought that the team was "too close" and needed to expand their individuality. Sad, but true.

  • http://www.tonyjalicea.com Tony J Alicea

    I manage a team in a large corporation in the security industry. I'm constantly looking for ways to motivate my team toward the common goal. I struggle with "that's not in my job description" all the time and I constantly research ways to break off that thinking and look to the end goal, which is always customer satisfaction.

    I'm intrigued by this book and would love to get a copy. I've been absolutely devouring business books recently including some by Seth Godin, Tim Ferris and Malcolm Gladwell. I'll definitely read this and would be willing to post a review on my blog when finished.

  • http://www.thirstnomore.org Craig Miller

    Michael, this sounds like a great book and I would certainly like to read it. I lead a small but growing non-profit in Austin, TX. Right now it’s all about building a great team and expanding our capacity for greater impact.

  • joshbrown

    I would love a copy of this book for our team of designers at the YMCA. We have just restructured and positioned ourselves as leaders of the brand revitalization here in Nashville. However, team is so important for us because we are going to be designing and strategizing for technological platforms that aren’t fully developed using knowlege we don’t yet have! It will be very important that we maintain a team perspective and one that is healthy, balanced and ready to change the world!

  • http://Chestnutridgechurch.com Karen H

    I am part of a church team that is working toward greater unity to have a more dynamic impact together. We said that our goal this year is to tell more STORIES! Our team leader said, “stories are the wealth of an organization.” We need this book!

  • levittmike

    I would love this book, and would definitely read this gem! I'm into my 6th month as a Director with a not-for-profit community service organization. The agency has had rapid growth over the past 3 years, and there are many systems that have not been updated, which can cause extreme strain on the various teams working here.

    My hope is to learn some new techniques to help strengthen my team, and also improve my ability to lead them.


  • http://twitter.com/GarySchneider @GarySchneider

    Why I want this book:
    (1) Our team is championing a great cause and we need to share our story. This book will help us identify the most story worthy elements of what we do and invite others to join our story.
    (2) I buy great books and give them to friends who are living great stories with their lives. This book might be free to me but I'll likely pass purchased copies forward x 10.
    (3) I promise.
    (4) Getting an email from awesome communicator and Compassion blogger Lindsey Nobles…that would just be cool!

  • Teal-Noir

    Just the croissant story has captivated my attention! Team dynamics are a passion of mine as I have observed the magic, and sometimes tragic, outcomes of finely-tuned or Looney-tuned groups. It is stimulating to see the creativity, cohesiveness and pure energy that occur when a Team comes together, using the strengths of each member. I cannot wait to read this book — and will lend it out to others as I do all the books in my library ~

  • jon marshall

    As Jon begins his walk across the long stage to the host many thoughts begin race around his head, " Don't trip.. again ..like last year!" , " Did I turn the iron off in the hotel," and " Why am I wearing a sash,.. no one else is wearing one ..bad call on the sash" As Jon finally makes it to the host ( now trying to pocket the sash) the crowd gets silent. The question is asked. " What good could you do if you got a copy of The Orange Revolution"? Many thoughts begin to surface.. too many to count (.. ok may two or three..but he just needs one). " I got it!" Jon says with excitement " A sash?!" the host says"" Yea we all thought that was a little weird" " No, the answer". With tears in eyes he says "I want my team to make a difference that I can't take credit for" .

  • Taylor Jervis

    I'm in college. Yeah, that's right. I'm a 22 year old set to graduate in less than three months with a BA in Communication. Terrifying? You better believe it. Exciting? You got that right.
    I know the direction of my career but don't have an exact map routed out. And throughout my college career I've had "self-help" after "self-help" thrown at me and organization after organization trying to help me figure my life out. As college students, we have a vast amount of leadership ideas and teamwork concepts tossed at us faster than coupon books at soccer moms.
    Not that it matters, but the final paper of my educational career is about leadership effectiveness in organizational cultures. Ok, so it does matter. Needless to say, I'm pretty interested in the topic.
    Please don't make me by ANOTHER book. That would be just cruel. Instead, college students love free stuff. And I'm no exception…..

  • Glenn Lawless

    I’m dying to read this book and more importantly SHARE the book to OTHERS!

    I believe everyone has a story, and the only REAL way to connect a goal to an organization is to make it ‘personal’ by involving them in something that seems “BIGGER”. It’s a passion of mine to understand how to ignite that spark through the right “story” and this might be the answer.

    I’m currently in a position to lead a team to find new ways to approach a problem and like many teams have hit unexpected roadblocks. I’m confident that if I share these stories, I might inspire others to take that leap we need.

  • Nora

    Just last night, my husband and I were discussing the value of the team that he and I are- just the two of us. We have decided to make that team better so that we can make our bigger team better as well.

    One of our top goals is to read and share what we have learned with each other. As we do that, we explore ways to share with others. We are in the process of scheduling a regular time to meet (just the two of us)- an official meeting of the two of us to make things happen or change from us first. Putting this meeting in our schedule will make us accountable. The real goal is to make us better so that we can be better for others as well. We are very excited.

    I love the story about the croissant! Customer service is NOT a thing of the past thank goodness.

    I promise to read this book. It will be a race to see which one of us reads it first.

  • Abraham Gibson

    If The Orange Revolution is truly a book worth reading then I would love a copy. I want to read it because I love disruptive and innovate technology based business, and I'm keen to learn what the best do – I'm a world changer in the making and I need fuel for the fire. I pledge to not only read the book but to also pass it on when I'm done.

  • Blair

    I tell ya Michael, if you keep this up, I am going to have a huge collection of books to read. I just finished two self-help books and, conveniently, I am looking for a new one to start on. I read the review on Amazon and it seems that this book really is changing teams for the better.

    It is interesting how much impact a single team can have on a company. Where I work, we have a very cohesive team and since we are so diverse, we make some great things happen. However, I am always looking for ways to improve the team so that we can further influence others. If I happen to get this book from you (or perhaps for myself later), I promise to read it and do what I can to apply what I learn.

    Either way, thanks for the good review and for adding another book to my list of must-reads.

  • http://www.benreed.net Ben Reed

    I'd love a copy. I'm on a team and have really seen the value in sharing stories.

  • http://successbeginstoday.org/wordpress John Richardson

    Building a great team is no easy feat. It's a matter of finding the right people and having an encouraging leader. I have been a part of great teams in the past and I've also been part of very dysfunctional ones. So what makes the difference and how do you put together a great team? That is why I want a copy of this book. I really need to know the dynamics, the process, and the outcome. In today's economy, with less people and more work, a great team is a necessity. I really want to know what the secret to building one is!

  • http://www.centrikidblog.com Mary Carlisle

    I am part of a great team of people who spend their year planning CentriKid Camps. I also direct a team of individuals focused on being unified, serving kids and adults, and building relationships that point to Christ. There is never a bad time to read about how teams became great and how to apply that to the teams I am a part of so that we may become greater as well.

  • Kevin Jack

    Don't just want the book- must have the book. Church Planter- 2 months in- all I have is a leadership team and a story that needs to be told (AND NO MONEY).

  • MIchael

    In all organization teamwork is required to accomplish specific goals, missions and ultimately the vision of the organization. Being able to learn about how successful organization use story-telling to capture the hearts and minds of people is exciting.

    I think that this book will provide me with a framework for understanding how to capture people's thoughts to increase our team and ultimately departments hearts as well as their hands. Taking this book as a study of how to create teamwork & synergy amongst departments will be a task in and of itself. With the addition of good materials this process can be shortened or helped along because of a guide.

  • http://www.seekingpastor.wordpress.com pastormatt

    My interest in this book stems from something that occurred to me about the Church that I serve. While we do many things well for God and His glory, I noticed something missing. We do not often share compelling stories about past successes and what God has done in our midst. I have been there almost 3 years and, sadly, I do not think I have heard more than 1 or 2 stories (and those weren't compelling). God has tremendously blessed this group of people, yet we have difficulty expressing it. I have a hunch that this book will help.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1035719701 Teresa Bakker

    I would use this book not only to improve my customer service skills, but I would share it in the form of a speech to my Toastmaster's group, and loan it to my son (age 24) and his wife (age 23) who have their own home based business. It would be the book that keeps on giving. Teresa

  • Kurt M.

    Hi Michael,

    I would love to read this book. I came from a military background where teamwork was the epitomy of how he operated. Everyone being on the same page to accomplish the task. It works well in that organization. Once I left the military and started working for corporate America, you see a huge divide in the lack of teamwork and communication across different platforms within our company. As I am preparing for a new role as a lead planner, I feel there will be some great advice I can take away from this book. My new task will be daunting but surely not impossible. Thanks for continuing to recommend great books to expand our knowledge.

  • Brenda

    I am a manager at a retail store that employs many long-term employees. They have grown through many advances with the company such as new technology, changes in administration, the building and opening of a new store and all of the other changes that come with this long-term employment. When one of us celebrates a milestone anniversary with the company we have a party for that individual and the stories begin to encompass the party and bring us all closer together. I love the idea of writing them down to share with the next generation as they start. I would like to read your book to see what other great ideas you have!

  • http://cashwithatrueconscience.com/rbblog Ryan Biddulph

    Hi Adrian and Chester,

    A powerful post here.

    Story-telling can generate an instant connection. The audience is used to narratives in the form of movies, books, etc so their imagination is immediately attuned.

    Thanks for sharing your insight.


  • http://www.FBCLS.org Kerry Jenkins

    Thank you, as always, for your calling of encouraging people of all walks of life and inticing them to read, transform, and lead. I have enjoyed your reading your recommendations through the past.
    I would like to ask for a coy of THE ORANGE REVOLUTION because of the ever constant need to learn and adapt in this society and economic world. And it is great to know that the kindness and manners taught to me early in life are still essential in the workplace, or in my locale, the church. (Amazing, huh?)
    Thank you again for the opportunity of receiving the book.

  • Dan Brubacher

    I would love a copy of this book because my pastoral staff colleagues (there are five of us total) are not functioning as a team. We need a lot of help when it comes to storytelling in order to cast vision and achieve our mission. And for us, it's not just about increasing our profit margin. It's about making an eternal difference in people's lives.

  • http://robertgtaylor.com Robert Taylor

    The book sounds intriguing. In our office, I prize chemistry over competence. If people fit together, complement each other's strengths, and move forward as one, success in the venture is certain. I would prefer to work shorthanded with a good team than fully staffed without the right mix.

    I would like to get a greater perspective on what is central to much of my management.

  • http://twitter.com/lovinglyyoursG @lovinglyyoursG

    Inspiration — What does that word mean to you? For me, it's an illumination of what gives me a passion for being/living. Each of us in this world is different in their own unique way. We are all created with distinctive personalities and gifted with specialized talents. For each individual we are one person yet we are pieces composing of a whole.
    While I was working one day, a surprise delivery of flowers arrived addressed to me. Unbeknownst to me and without a special occasion, a dear friend of mine wanted to show how much of a blessing I had been to her. She was inspired to go out of her way to show her appreciation and in turn she truly is a blessing to me. Some people are an inspiration without even knowing it — this is my friend.
    Don't take a moment of your life for granted. You may think what you are doing in life is nonessential, but think again. You are touching lives everyday with your love, kindness, peace and of course a smile! :-)
    I definitely am excited and promise to read The Orange Revolution to learn from their stories of teamwork inspiration!

  • http://www.redbirdenterprise.com Robin Williamson

    I would love to win a copy of" The Orange Revolution". I have begun a new job as an administrator in a Christian school where I have taught for the last 11 years. It is an interesting transition. I am trying to build the idea of team and collaboration. After reading the book I will put it in our "teacher library". A new idea we have just started – the book would be the first donation to what I hope will become a great help and inspiration for our teachers.

  • Kenny

    I am a strong proponent of teamwork. Reading about best practices and successes encourages me, and give me helpful processess. I am an avid reader, and would enjoy getting this book

  • Cheryl

    I would love to read this book. I am in the process of building an organization aimed a providing leaders with tools to sustain productivity in their respective fields. I also work for a church and am responsible for building volunteer teams. I feel the information in this book will give me additional resources to provide both teams with tool they can use in every aspect of their lives.

  • http://www.meredithteasley.com Meredith Teasley

    I work on an incredible team of talented young leaders who are pushing very hard to help transform our giant organization. We have a phenomenal leader and boss, but we give him a hard time for always telling us the same stories from the good ole days. I want to help our team change that by reading this book, telling stories of our great team, and encouraging teammates to read it as well!

  • Deanna Davis

    I am intrigued with how groups of people change things. I'm a Christian, trying to create a women's community in our church with a radically different type of ethos compared to most womens' groups. I've been studying how different organizations work, move and live together in trying build something. I'd love to read this book and add thoughts to the mix as my group of ladies are trying to change our families, church and community around us.

  • Tasha Douglas

    Dear Mr. Hyatt,
    I love sharing stories. Whether I'm enjoying Thanksgiving Day dinner with my family, teaching math to my 9 year old, or imparting the life of Jesus Christ to a group of cherished sisters, I have come to understand and appreciate the transfomative power of a well told narrative. To know that someone has captured this principle, and is willing to share how the wisdom of applying it has proven successfully corporately, is encouraging as I struggle alongside my husband to galvanize our small congregation toward the great vision God has for us. I would appreciate receiving a free copy of The Orange Revolution, which I do commit to reading, as a resource that will help me lead our congregation in telling our story of life in Christ.

  • Brian Gentry

    Storytelling, like leadership, is an art. Storytelling can be learned and I think it needs to be learned by leaders who want to be relevant. People connect to other human beings and the dynamic things that happen in their lives, not static lists.
    I help lead a small family business and I know my storytelling could use a boost. My staff may attest to that. Secondly, I am involved with facilitating a community leadership program and information gained through Orange Revolution could not only have an impact on myself and my business but it could have an influance on 32 emerging leaders in my community.

  • mattbortmess

    Hey Michael…
    I would love to read this book. As the executive pastor, I lead a staff team of 10 people. We have had several new people join our team over the past two years, including myself. I think it's crucial for us to work together, united, clearly communicating our vision in compelling ways. This sounds like a great book for me to read as I think through how I lead this team and how we make our church a great place for people to connect with God!

  • DanielB

    I have to be honest when I think of orange, I think of Aquaman. I mean seriously, that orange custom just screams greatest superhero whose main power is to swim really really good. When I was a kid I used to drink from my Aquaman glass with that orange uniform and instantly thought of the Super Friends. Man, that was like the greatest superhero team ever. They screamed teamwork. They were all about truth, justice and the American way. And with those flashy uniforms they instantly caught my attention. I mean look at Batman, what was that about, I guy dressed up like a bat…I had to know more. They always worked together to achieve their core values, freedom for the common man like me. And they always kept it simple, I can't tell you how many times I screamed at my tv as the plan was simply have Aquaman swim up to Black Manta…of course he always got caught but somehow the plan still always worked. Man that was a great narrative. I really wish I could get my teams at work to function as well. Instead I often feel like the Legion of Doom without shared values making items just so complicated. Lex Luthor wanted to do one thing, and Gorilla Gordd wanted to do something else. That's probably why those Super Friends plans always worked. I really wish I had a resource that could help me teach my teams how to make a greater narrative.

  • http://www.kidmin360.com Greg Baird

    I train & consult in the area of children's ministry in local churches. Believe it or not, teamwork is huge to the success of this ministry. Always looking for new resources to help in what I do and this looks like a very relevant book. Would love to read it!

  • http://www.toddburkhalter.com Todd Burkhalter

    I will read this book. In fact look forward to sharing it also with other members of my leadership team at Catalyst. I am working hard to develop the culture in my firm to reflect my values and the type of firm that I have always desired.

  • kevinhoogeveen

    Orange is my son's favorite color. When I say 'favorite', that is an understatement. He would wear orange jeans, socks, and underwear if we would let him. We draw the line at shirt, shorts and hat. I might just get to be the coolest Dad around if he saw me reading this book.

    Seriously though, I think our teams at my church could really benefit from this book.

    Lastly, I want this book because it is free. There, I am honest. :0)

  • http://www.loyolapress.com Matthew Diener

    This looks like a great book. I absolutely believe in the importance of telling your story to customers and to your fellow employees. If you can't enthusiastically tell the story of what you do and why you do it, it is time to find a new place to work. No sales have every been easier that when there was a good story to tell about my company or one of our books.
    I'd love to read a copy of the book as we are creating a new team for a big project and telling to story to others in the company and to vendors, partners, etc., is going to be an important part of succeeding.

  • http://solyoung.com Sol Young

    I hadn’t heard of this book until reading your post. I found your post through Twitter and following your blog for the last couple years.

    Lately I’ve been examining my team building and considering how to make a team the highlight of a company. I understand how to be a star on a team, but taking and lifting the entire team is high on my mind.

    Thank you for posting about the book – if I like it I’ll post about it on my site.

  • http://twitter.com/mholloway49 @mholloway49

    Looking forward to reading The Orange Revolution. As a leader, I understand the need to continually improve and add knowledge. I promise to read it. I also promise to share it with my team. I think it would help us all.

  • Mark Widner

    I love the overall review. It drives home something many companies and people forget, we have a story to tell about the good things we do. There are plenty of people who send out the wrong impression about our company's work and achievements. I work with a team trying to make changes in a large organization. I think this book would serve as a great inspiration to the team as we try and make a new reality in our organization. I would love to be able to share this book with my team.

  • Kyle Newcomb

    This sounds like a great book for helping leadership teams in all kinds of settings to pull together. I am very interested to see how their research will apply to a church leadership setting as well as a business setting. Sound biblical principles are behind good business practices, so there is always benefit to digging deeper from good business practices to the biblical principles behind them, and from sound biblical principles to real-world application in church and business settings. Can't wait to dig deeper.

  • Joseph Iliff

    This sounds like a fascinating read. Achieving exceptional results usually requires the synergy of several people working together well to accomplish something they could not accomplish simply by adding together their individual abilities. But, that requires communication and connection between them, and a willingness for each individual to do their part trusting their teammates to do theirs. That doesn't just happen. Great stories sound like a effective way to create that kind of an environment. As a leader, developing and sharing those stories would be a great tool in my toolbox.

  • http://www.brentwrote.something.blogspot.com Brent Falcone


    Can I call you Michael? Or is it Mr. Hyatt? I'm playing of course….

    Here's a few reasons why I would like a copy of The Orange Revolution;
    1) Stories are so stinking powerful it's crazy, and we're digging deeper into how to apply this to our teams and in our communications with customers. This book would be well read.
    2) I called you Mr. Hyatt. That's got to be worth something…
    3) I can assure you I will read the book!

    Now I don't feel anymore deserving than the next person, so if I get a copy that will be a really cool thing. If I don't get a copy I'll probably go buy it. Not sure if I would have known about the book without your post, so thanks for the heads up.


  • http://twitter.com/mekalav @mekalav

    Excellent post ,lots of creative insights..Have always been amazed by the customer service industry and also all the stories related to this topic.

    Would love to learn and read lots of insights by reading the "The orange Revolution".

  • kolarcation

    Would love a copy of the book for all the reasons mentioned in the comments above,…give or take a couple. Keeping creativity mind my mom always told me that eating carrots will help improve my sight. I think this book and the Carrot Principle could help my team and I improve our vision and be more effective in sharing the gospel to college students.

  • http://twitter.com/davemc9ee David McGee

    The Orange Revolution may have some interesting sales in Ireland. Orange is special to Irish history, going back as far as William of Orange's victory, and commemorated by the Orange Order to this day in Ireland.

    I hope to read this book even if it has nothing to do with Irish History! Teams and culture are huge for me in my conception of organizations, so I'm interested to read this take.

  • http://www.livermoreprc.org Tina Harrell

    I would too love a copy of this book. I opened a Pregnancy Resource Center a little over 4 years ago and have been doing all I can to be the best business woman I can be. My passions is what started and continue to keep this center going…from what curriculum to bring in and where I see the most need is. I love my clients and everyone that walks through my doors needing help. My passion is to open a Maternity Home that helps mommies get back on their feet, go to school, have good loving people care for their babies while they study and go to school. I can go on and on :-) What I am trying to learn…and struggle in…and why I added myself to your email list in the first place is: How to build my team and make all this happen! I know I can not do this alone. But I know with a good team…we can make this happen!

  • http://thatguykc.wordpress.com ThatGuyKC

    I would like a copy of The Orange Revolution for 3 reasons:
    1. I'm addicted to reading and this book will serve to momentarily abate the insatiable cravings
    2. I'm an MBA student in need of career-related supplemental reading material not in the form of textbooks
    3. I'm fascinated by the idea of telling a story with my life and work and would love a resource to translate that into a team dynamic and company culture.

    If I receive a free copy I promise to read it AND write a review.

  • http://Adaptationsoflife.blogspot.com Jack Heimbigner

    Some of the greatest stories from my previous job have been much like this. We seemed to be able to paint a good picture of what we were about and do the job the best we could and it produced some really good results. The best part is we had fun doing it and people saw that. As Iove into a new job in a different field I think this book will give me the opportunity to learn more about modeling the right storytelling characteristics for our new team!

    I would totally read this book, and want to take some of what it says and put it into practice.

  • http://clif74blog.blogspot.com/ Clif Ditmore

    Although retired from full-time ministry I still interact with a young staff at my last church. They desperately need this book and probably don't know it. I would like to introduce them to it and review it on my blog to acquaint others with it. I'm old and have been "rode hard" but I don't want to be put away wet.

  • http://www.abwe.org Neil Glotfelty

    I have felt for a long time that the key to great teamwork and to growing a strong company is to be able to tell a big, bold and breathless story. For this reason, I was very excited to read today's post and very interest in reading this book. I work for a mission agency, and something that we are trying to learn to do better is to tell a team narrative; one that includes both the individual stories as well as the main organizational story. So, send me the book, and I'll not only read it but encourage my colleagues to read it as well.

  • Candace

    love it! love it! I would certainly like the opportunity to read this book. I work in the Student Life office at a Bible College and two of the constsnt struggles here are:
    1. communicating amongst other departments (or even within our own team sometimes)
    2. creating excellence in everything we put our hands to even though low-staffed!
    We are modeling lifestyles for hundreds of students training to be in ministry of some sorts, many pastors!
    We have got to strive our best to get it right so we can pass on these tools to the college students who are in such formative years.
    I want to be excellent at telling our story, excellent at caring for those in our reach and ultimately I want to be an excellent representation of Christ.
    I'm thankful for this opportunity.

    • http://carrots.com Adrian Gostick

      Hi Candace,
      What a great post. I hope the book helps move your noble cause along. And wow, Michael certainly gets a ton of responses to his blogs. Best wishes, Adrian Gostick

  • http://www.aslegal.com jefferson

    Gotta have this book! I manage a small sales team that is very customer-centric, but we also need to significantly grow revenue this year. I love this company and really want to succeed. There is so much I can learn from this book, and put our 'good stories' to best use!

  • Karen Carter

    An important think about being able to tell great stories is that they help remember where you've been and set goals for where you're going. The ancient civilizations were masters at this, but now-a-days, history is easily forgotten. Keeping what an organization or church has done right helps keep the focus on the important things, remembering what was done incorrectly helps remind us to keep the main thing the main thing.

  • Todd Mosetter

    Storytelling is one of the most powerful tools in business – and yet one that is often overlooked. Whether you are a selling a product or an idea (both internally and externally), you need to have the power to connect people with what you are doing. Statistics and facts are nice – but they are head knowledge. Connect with somone's heart and you have a real chance to impact change. I loved the Carrot Principle and would be excited to read the Orange Revolution (and yes, I promise to read it).

  • http://twitter.com/jessemax @jessemax

    I love stories that show how to make an organization more affective at what it does and I'm always looking for ways to improve my ministry and the church where I serve. This looks like a great read!
    And, being an orange leader, I love the title!

  • http://www.timdaviswired.com Tim Davis

    I want this book in order to learn more about cultivating teams that make a difference, to help create a culture in which teams thrive, and to be more effective in this area of leadership. ..and, yes, i will read it.

  • http://www.tgcconline.com Josh Kelley

    I am the pastor of a small church with no library budget (which is a killer for a reader like me!) who is relentless about learning, growing, and developing my elders, deacons, and up-and-coming leaders. I am desperate to see us become a team that develops and communicates our specific church culture.

    Short version — I have a lot to learn, but little money to spend on books, so I would love a free copy. It will get read!

  • http://twitter.com/bethanyplanton @bethanyplanton

    I am a senior communication major, and this book goes right along with things we have been talking about in my classes. I also work for a small non-profit organization, and we are currently focusing on how to build a community of trust into our team. This book sounds like it would be a great resource for both my communication classes and working at a non-profit. I hadn't heard about it until reading this blog, and I would love to have the opportunity to read it!

  • M.C. Irvin

    I would like to read the book for new ideas and the inspiration of from the Team stories. I believe our Company has fallen into a rut with the economic challenges existing today and I believe some employees have lost sight of the value of Customer Service. Several of us are trying to do our part (as a mini-Team) to bring the focus back and get back to the higher levels of customer satisfaction that once propelled our successes!

  • http://www.millerarch.com Lance Harris

    I am an architect whose entire focus is devoted to expanding access to comprehensive core healthcare services in rural communities. Our current system of ensuring long-term access to comprehensive core healthcare services in rural America is broken. And to continue to address the brokenness as an issue of simply replacing out-dated facilities and plugging in new technology is irresponsible. What will be demanded and rewarded in the future is a focus on the fundamentals of a more informed, aggressive and tactical strategic leadership. It is imperative to connect strategy to facility. This will not be accomplished without seamless coordination of a breakthrough team that shares our passion. We are 2 years into this seminal work and the research of Gostick and Elton would be useful.

  • http://thoughtsaboutnothing.com Kyle Reed

    I would love to have this book and read it because I am constantly curious how teamwork works and how I can be a member of a team and lead a team. Anything to learn from others.

  • Margie Jack

    I've been a part of both kinds of teams, and the difference is so apparent, I just didn't realize what the difference was. I can't wait to read this for a better understanding of how to formulate teams that can do amazing things.

  • Lorraine Rovig

    Yes, sir, I would like to read this book. Your blog today reminds me of the time I read THE ART OF JAPANESE MANAGEMENT. The more I read, the more my brain keep saying, "That's what WE do! That's our culture!" Being a trained librarian, I don't believe in marking up books, but THIS time, I pulled out the yellow highlighter and went at it in my personal paperback. Founder stories–yes! A shared tale of how a member used the group's highest values–yes! Coming early and staying late, using our initiative –yes, yes! What we do when bad times hit–yes! My book had more yellow in it than a ripe mango and I had a huge grin of enjoyment to find some Big Boys of the management world approved of our odd ways. We were NORMAL, even if not here at home. Now I’d love to read THE ORANGE REVOLUTION to discover whether "the more things change; the more things remain the same." Is what we are still doing now "normal" in America?

  • Lorraine Rovig

    Well, uff dah, and sorry folks. Did not realize my comment made "3 hours ago" loaded so sent it again. Will be more careful with my enthusiasm next time. One good thing–The more recent comment does clean up some errors in writing that I missed the first time.–Lorraine Rovig

  • April

    Yes! I would love to have a copy of this book!! Yes, I would read it!!

    As a former worker in the service industry I am fascinated in what makes good customer service. I've worked in a grocery store, hotel call center doing customer service for properties worldwide, and tech support for a business information hub. Also, as the daughter of a pastor our family worked as a team to help members of our congregation as well as random people who found us via the phone book. Now, as a mother of two young children I want our family to function as a team empowering my children to make decisions and contribute to our family. I'm also part of a house church where the emphasis is on everyone contributing rather than on a few people leading everything. This sounds like my kind of book!

  • http://www.allnationschurch.org Brian

    Why me? Because I would be GREEN (envious of those selected), BLUE (depressed I wasn't selected), and RED (angry I flubbed a chance to be selected.) Plus, ORANGE is the best Kool-Aid flavor ever. Seriously, I'm a Virginia pastor needing to lift my leadership lid for a crucial ministry season.

  • http://musicroad.blogspot.com kerry dexter

    The power of storytelling turns up in all sorts of situations, and is a way of connecting whose power we do not always remember. Not entering to win the book, just saying.

  • stanleyjward.com

    I'm a PhD candidate writing his dissertation on how story works as a leadership tool. Thus, I am ravenously reading anything related to my topic – and it sounds like this book hits that mark.

  • Aaron


    I have read both of Gostick and Elton’s other two books, The Invisible Employee and The Carrot Principle, finding them both to be helpful in my own leadership. As Maxwell and Hybles have both pointed out, great leaders lead down, out, and up.

    Certainly I am not claiming to be an outstanding leader. In fact, in the grand scheme of things, I am no one. However, I have the wherewithall to apply principles from people who are great leaders. As I’ve read Gostick and Elton’s works, my boss and I have spoken extensively about the contents therein. She too shares a love for leadership excellence. I would enjoy their third installment and am sure I would find the contents helpful for leading our organization to the next level.

    Thanks for the consideration,


  • http://www.paulgardner.info/ Paul Gardner

    I would love and appreciate a copy of this book.

    As the leader of a church I believe it is all too easy for my teams to rely on the fact that because we serve and preach Jesus then the rest will look after itself. I don't think this for one moment and am always looking for ways to help and inspire my ministry teams to greatness for the sake of the Kingdom.

    From what I've heard about this book, it will give me ideas and tools to empower and inspire my leaders to greater things.

    Thanks and God bless

  • http://twitter.com/owensbt @owensbt

    I specialize in development of online community with a mission… shaping its tone to match the values of the group that hosts it. I am thinking about how essential a narrative is to the success of those communities. If we don't have a story… a view of ourselves in a bigger context… then it is hard to hold together well.

    Would love a copy of the book to explore what Adrian and Chester have to say about doing this well.

  • Bruce Evans

    Our organization is built on teams and our customers get served only as well as we hand off well from team to team – sales to implementation to customer service. This book sounds like a great way to look at how this operates in great organizations. I'd love to read it.

  • http://www.duffbert.com Thomas Duff

    This is EXACTLY the type of attitude and skill I’m trying to instill in our team at work. I’d love to get the book and better understand how to do that.

  • Jerry Kohlbrand

    Well, it's like this, Mike. An ole man with seven kids and a six foot "Naner", needs all the help he can get! That's it.

  • Ted

    I would love to better understand teamwork in a business organization. I am one of a few employees right now, and but we are growing. Being able to have a jump start in implementing these concepts would be wonderful. Thank you, Michael!

  • http://iamahappyman.com Jon Smith

    Mike – I would love a copy of this book for two reasons.

    #1. I recently took over a social media customer service team at a major corporation and am looking for ways to foster a storytelling culture where they celebrate their "WOW" customer service stories.

    #2. I'm inspired by hearing and reading great stories! This sounds right up my alley.


  • Asa Veek

    What an absolutely interesting idea. This book would be a great resource for my “real” job and my volunteer issues at church.

    Thanks for the opportunity to try to win!

  • Warren

    I live and work in Washington, DC – and just about the entire country can agree we need more teamwork in this town! I think the private sector gives us some great examples, and I'd love to check out the book.

  • http://www.soulpastor.blogspot.com Gerry Michalski

    I'll take one

  • http://twitter.com/baptistjew @baptistjew

    The reason I would like a copy of your book is because I pastor a church and would like to implement the lessons taught in the book to help our church become more team focus.

  • umconnection

    I would love a copy of this book. I am trying to read a book a week this year and am only about 3 or 4 behind schedule with a 5 week trip to Africa coming up to adopt a baby girl. One challange I did not anticipate in trying to read 52 books this year was how expensive it was going to be! I will take a free book whenever I can get it!

    Thanks for the offer.

  • http://westhavenbaptist.org Mike Bronson

    Simple. I lead a church. Many of our folks have vastly different background and currently in vastly different socio-economic environments. I am trying to get them to pull together toward common goals. Any tool I can find to help me do that is extremely valuable.

  • Kevin I

    A book that will help me in developing my leadership so that I can in turn invest in leaders who will build leaders, etc. is something that I would love to have and of course read. I'm about to start a new pastorate at a large church in Rialto, CA and know that I will have to a lot of leadership development and strategic planning with my new team. Any tools that will help in this process are much obliged. Thanks Michael!

  • http://twitter.com/RawkforChrist @RawkforChrist

    As someone who actively works in groups this would be a great resource to have. I work in groups for class, work, and ministry. The book would be great to use as a tool to enhance each groups experience. I believe reading the book this semester would help me in the courses that I'm taking as well. (I am currently enrolled in a group communications class). As a college student I don't exactly have the money in hand to purchase a book like this. Though I am constantly on the look out for a great ministry resource.

  • Carl

    I hate the color orange! However, I’m reasonably sure this book is unrelated to Oklahoma State or Texas. I think telling stories that captivate people is a great method for teaching and motivating. Having a resource to improve this skill will be valuable for my team – they’ll get to read it too. Thanks for giving so many of us your time and advice on-line!

  • edifier1

    True leaders understand that they must also be active students. I would love to have this book as a tool to learn better leadership strategies and team-building practices.

    Kim (The Phone Tree Edifier)

  • mark

    I would love to have ‘The Orange Revolution’ as I am a layleader in a local church trying to help take our church to the next level. This a book that could help volunteers & paid staff alike.

  • Scott

    I'm a 23-year-old newlywed trying to navigate the publishing world as an editor while grappling with the leadership positions God has put me in as a husband and worker. While my job is to shape other people's stories, my passion is telling my own in print and in person. I'm a writer and storyteller at heart. I always will be. This book speaks to the perfect marriage of my passion and skills and would be an invaluable resource as I go forward in writing and publishing, but also in marriage and family. Thanks so much for bringing it to my attention. If I don't get a copy, I'm going to buy one.

  • PaulSteinbrueck

    Sounds like a great book. We place a huge emphasis on community and teamwork at OurChurch.Com. It's one of the things I love most about my job. For years I've asked our staff to share stories in our monthly team meetings, but a lot of times people would forget or perhaps they were just reluctant to share the story. So, last month we created a Google Doc that we all have access to & can add stories immediately after they happen. We've also been sharing some of those stories publicly in our blog.

  • http://Emergentcoaching.blogspot.com Chris Traffanstedt

    I would love to read this book! I recently graduated with a Master of Ministry in Life Coaching, understanding your client’s story is paramount. It is also important to create a connection between you & your client and stories seem to solidy relationships more powerfully than any other type of communication. I believe this book would give me greater insight & clarity on how to build great relationships with those I coach & minister to. My ultimate goal is to help small churches build great ministry teams through life coaching & I feel that The Orange Revolution can help me with principles to do just that!

  • http://www.leadershipandawareness.com david

    I just need to know if you are foreseeing some change in Leadership when you are looking in your crystal ball…

  • Dan

    My team of staff is just starting to talk about doing ministry as a single unit team. We're also talking about implementing teams in the entire organization to fulfill our mission & vision. This book seems like a great resource to plug into and pull principles from. It's about Kingdom work, and if teams will help us get there, then I gotta have it!

  • http://www.mcdaniellending.com Nathan McDaniel

    I would like a copy of the book because my father, brother and I are all in a partnership and I think the book will certainly give a good perspective to us. It could really adjust something we do to make us that much more relevant in business and other's personal lives. I will read the book because after the week in Sunriver, Or, I made a commitment to read one book per month. I will use this for my second month's book if I am lucky enough to get one. I would also love any suggestions of great books you think a young 24 yr old, that is working with his family, should read. Thanks for taking the time to read this comment.

  • marysez

    I'm the leader of one great team committed to the eternal improvement of our organization while keeping the soul of our mission in tact. Our team consists of educators and administrators of an elementary Episcopal Day School in Menlo Park, CA. We foster curious minds and discerning hearts in elementary-age children.

    I'll not only read The Orange Revolution, but I'll blog and tweet a review of it. Plus, I'll actually use ideas from it to improve our team – perhaps even having the whole team read it.

  • http://middletree.blogspot.com James Williams

    I'm not terribly creative, but I am a new baseball coach for kids, a new manager at work, and am taking on new duties at church helping people walk within their calling. I need all the help I can get. ;)
    James Williams

    • http://middletree.blogspot.com James Williams

      And by the way, I heard about this offer because I have been following Michael Hyatt on Twitter for some time now.

  • Sean

    I am putting together and team for a major project overseas and could use all of the ideas and vision building material possible.

  • Lex

    I want a copy 'cause I'm in leadership and I have no idea why. I'm pretty sure if I were a better leader, our student ministry team would be better, and our team would be changing more lives. And then the other ministry leaders would want to know what we're doing, and I'd lend them my copy of The Orange Revolution, and then their ministry teams would start working better too.

    And then our entire small-C church would be working better, and changing more lives, which means we'd naturally be raising up and training more leaders. And since The Orange Revolution is what started it all, we'd probably buy our next generation of leaders copies of the book.

    Pretty soon we'd have too many leaders for one region, and we'd start shipping them out to plant churches and nurture other ailing ministries all over the country. As churches all over the U.S. started getting better leadership, their teams would work better, and their ministry would be more effective and before you know it the Church in America will be unstoppable – and not in a strong-arming-conservative-politicians-way, either. In a we're-changing-so-many-lives-that-the-kingdom-of-God-is-here-way.

    In a nutshell, I would like a copy so revival can break out. No pressure. Your choice. I'm just sayin'.

    And yes … I promise to read it.

  • http://3-18ministries.blogspot.com/ Tory Satter

    My wife and I are in the process of starting a new mission organization. We have another couple looking at joining our staff. Our desire is to do things the right way from the very beginning. I would like to read this book to set the course of this new journey.

  • http://twitter.com/jasonarcher @jasonarcher

    Hey Michael:

    I'd like to read this book (and will buy it regardless) because i'm leading a team which is part of a larger organization. The larger piece is moving toward health, but needs leadership to get us there. The concept of our team helping transform our organization is right where we need to be. Total buy-in hasn't happened yet. But it's on the way. Our team could chart the course with our narrative. And help a denomination move toward a rapid Kingdom expansion. Regardless of winning a freebie, I'll certainly be downloading it to read on my iPad. And possibly be reading it with my team.

  • http://twitter.com/ryanrotman @ryanrotman

    This sounds like a great book. I've been reading a lot lately, but it's all been strictly Christian based books on worship, leadership, etc. and it would be great to read a book from the business perspective. Not just for that though, but because I'm a part of a team of staff at my church but also my worship team. Would love to see what gems are in here.

  • http://www.roccocapra.com/blog Rocco Capra

    If you choose to give me a copy, send it to "@owensbt" instead. I know him, and know he will appreciate the book.

    (I hope I didn't just jinx him from getting one!)


  • Travis

    I want this book because I'm the second leader in two years at a new branch of our organization. I'm just at the beginning of developing my core team and I foresee that our team will be a catalyst for change. I'm already intrigued by the post as it has led me to start drafting a list of our stories. And yes….I promise to read it!

  • http://Jeremyisaacs.org Jeremy Isaacs

    I’m the Director of Student Ministries at my church. This requires me to lead several teams while serving on a team under the leadership of our senior Pastor. My job (really a part of my calling) is to insure that the stories of the previous generations get passed on to the generation of students coming after. I attempt to do this through the various teams I lead. I would love to have this book as a resource for this effort.

  • http://thelogo.blogspot.com Andrew

    The subtitle of this book is what catches my attention. I work in a church, in a position with less power/influence than some others, but if forming a great team can transform our organization, then that is both something I can, and want, to do. So, I would like to read this book with the hope that it delivers what it promises.

  • http://ginahawk.blogspot.com/ Gina Hawkins

    Creatively speaking…I would love a copy of this book. Why? I really like croissants. They are flaky and tasty.

  • Linze Anderson

    I would love to read this book. All of your books that you have suggested have been so information and thought provoking. I love a good challenge and right now I am ready and eager to take on such a great read from a wonderful author.

  • David C

    Sounds like a great book! It reminds me of a similar experience Michael Gerber had in The E-Myth Revisited when he visited a hotel and they always seemed to be one step ahead of him! Lighted path back to his room after dinner to compensate for it getting darker, fire & favorite drink already poured when he returned to his room, covers turned down, and him waking up to coffee brewing with his brand! He wondered how they would have known….night before at the restaurant they had asked him what brand of coffee he preferred. He had similar experiences each time he visited the hotel. Identical results everytime, staff asks questions and listens to your answers and then work through their operations manual with checklists to deliver identical results everytime. A system that delivers! Thanks for the post, I would love a copy of this book to further my knowledge on storytelling within an organizational team! I am looking forward to reading The Orange Revolution!

  • jvarner

    I work in a department that sits in the cross section of multiple departments. I would love to learn more about one department changing an organization as that is what we try to do everyday. In addition to that I also lead the training and development efforts for the company and think that this book would be perfect to share with department heads and their groups as well.

  • http://www.timmilburn.com timage

    Hi Michael.
    Please add me to the list of people you will be sending a copy of this book. I am up to my neck at the University I work at assisting students and staff with our ability to tell a better story. I am in the process of raising up the next generation of student leaders in a period of time that yearns for better and brighter leaders. As I help them communicate more clearly, I am constantly stressing the importance of story-telling. We can't sit through a 40 minute lecture, but we can sit glued to our seats for a 2.5 hour movie. Would love a copy of the book. Thank you.

  • David Lloyd

    I own a small but growing company and am constantly trying to grow as a leader. I would love to read this book to improve myself, other members of the team, and our community.

  • http://johnratz.info John R

    I would also love a copy of this book! Effective teams accomplish more collectively than the sum of their parts. I lead teams of volunteers in the church would love to learn more about how to more effectively use story telling to motivate and increase a strong team dynamic.

  • http://www.geoffsnyder.com Geoff Snyder


    Thank you for sharing the opportunity to obtain a copy of this book. I'd love to read this because it would fit perfect within my current research project, which is the basis for my first series of books. Being able to see how others have grown and then sharing it with the world to read is a wonderful way for people to improve themselves. It goes with the saying: "The person you will be 5 years from now is determined by the people you spend your time with and the books you read."

    After going to Amazon.com and reading the reviews from other leading authors and description, I am very excited to find out how this book will allow me to help others with their leadership teams and their projects.

    As with any of the books I am currently reading and rereading, I also share and tell others about what I find within, so this is a very easy promise for me to make.

    Thank you again,I appreciate the opportunity. If I am chosen to receive this book…that would be great, if not…then it just means that somebody else is in need of it more than myself. Either way…I will be adding it to my current reading material.


    P.S. Thank you for getting back to me via DM on Twitter about my viewing problem. As you can see, all is well now! :)

  • TomKinsfather

    Currently building our church deacons into an effective leadership team. I’m always looking for books to give them. I’d love to read this and possible pass on four copies to the core leaders in our church.

  • http://twitter.com/davidgroves @davidgroves

    I simply find great fulfillment in being a reader. Of books that is. So few people actually still read anything more than a tweet or status update.
    I am a media professional for a ministry and always love to share with my team, and others on my blog, new and insightful material. And if you pick me I will both promise to read it and tell others.

  • http://twitter.com/jackodile @jackodile

    If you were offering a book called The Green Revolution, I'd probably not be interested, but orange is one of my favorite colors. Also, I'm a big fan of Seth Godin who espouses the power of storytelling in business. I can already see myself sharing the stories from this book with everyone I meet.

    If I get a copy of this book, I promise to devour it!


  • Greg Brown

    I’m the Associate Head Women’s basketball coach. As a coach I’m well aware that facts tell and stories sell. I’m always looking for a way to improve my communication with our team and staff.

  • http://www.soBeyeG.com soBeyeG

    I have followed some of the same companies like Zappos for the past few years. I find not only what makes them successful interesting but what makes them happy and love finding that correlation between happiness and success. This book sounds awesome, I would love to read it and then possibly do a review about it on my blog. Cheers, Ryan

  • Eoghan Murphy

    I've worked in small teams and large organisations and look forward to reading this book to better understand what works best in all cases.

    I currently work offsite from the rest of my team so would be interested to read the take they have on what works best for remote teams.

    Keep up the good work, this is another excellent example of a guest post Michael.

  • http://vickisprayerstuff.com Vicki Tillman

    I would love to have a copy of the book to read and then work with my teams. I work in guidance at a school and am in leadership at church. Both groups could benefit from a great narrative system! Thanks for the opportunity to give it a free try.

  • Michael Stinnett

    I would love copy of this book. I am a high school basketball coach, and would love to share with my team.

  • Lindell Austin

    Always interested in new leadership books to recommend to our church and staff. That and being from Florida, I wanted to prepare for the attack of the oranges during their revolution

  • Ali Blatteis

    My boss tells a lot of stories. He tells stories to inspire, warn and motivate. Whenever we hear "let me tell you a story…" we never know what we will be in for. Does he know what power this holds? My favorite story is how he moved (within our same company) from sales to operations to VP, People Development.
    We would love to add this book to our growing library where employees can "check it out" and be able put it on our internal book-club list.

  • Paul

    I am spending time, assisting a church that is loosing cohesion, confidence due to some internal issues. The other day i asked what the vision was and the blank looks gave it away. This book may help…perhaps as a gift to them

  • duffbert

    I'm in a new team at work, and this is the EXACT type of behavior and skillset I'd like to see develop. Reading about HOW to pull it off would be great…

  • http://twitter.com/KenShaddox @KenShaddox

    I'm a Senior Pastor with a church that is going through a large leadership transition among the staff. We are coming together and identifying who each person is and how we can best function as team in ministry. We don't know all the story for this new team but we are all on board to be used to tell not only our story as a church and people but the even great story that focuses on one far greater than us.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1447594387 Bruce Crews

    Michael, I would say my interest in this book lies in the ability to better devlop my storytelling skillset. As a newly ordained yet non-seminary trained associate pastor, I'm still developing this side of me that doesn't exactly come naturally. I've much to learn and share with others as I develop in His service, searching out all the help I can find. Many thanks for all you do for each of us out here in cyberspace.

  • Kevin Quinley

    As a knowledge worker working “remotely” away from the corporate headquarters, teamwork is a challenge. How to mesh with and as a team when physically you are at a separate location? We often hear that “Work is something you do – not a place where you go.” True, but how does this mesh with the concept of teamwork? The ORANGE REVOLUTION resonates with me by containing the promise of practical advice I can deploy to build teamwork in a decentralized work context.

  • Katie!!

    Wow! What a book!
    I would love to read a copy of this. I have been working in Youth Ministry ever since I left school and I am loving it! I have a great team but feel this book could really enhance our team work and build a great culture for the young leader's constantly growing and moving onto the team. Without a healthy, functioning team, our youth ministry would not exist! Not only that, other youth pastors would benefit from hearing about this book – would love to be able to pass it on to those in my network.

  • http://sojournwithme-sojourner.blogspot.com/ Michael

    That is a GREAT story and a great example of teamwork. Additionally great leaders know that alignment to values is crucial for success. Lastly, if a leader is to communicate effectively his/her rhetoric should be infused with the mission, vision and values of the company. As a master's student in the Communication and Leadership program at Gonzaga University I would love to be able to add this book to my studies. It would be a great supplement to the material and add a fascinating dimension to the research.

    Thanks for offering up another great book giveaway.

  • http://twitter.com/shawnpmiller @shawnpmiller

    This is exactly the type of book I've been looking forward to. I will definitely read it to better understand some of the things that I can do as part of the team that I am on.

  • http://www.mosaicchristian.org carl kuhl

    i lead a church plant that celebrated our 2nd birthday last sunday. our job is to tell people the greatest story ever told, and invite them to become a part of that story. the way we do that is to tell our stories–the stories of us as individuals and the story of our young church. the better we become at that, the better we can help people find hope, healing, and purpose in christ.
    (and yes, i'll read the book!)

  • christopherbmac

    Hi Mike,

    For the past two years I have worked largely on my own with little to no supervision within a large organization. Recently I have changed jobs within the company to where I am part of a team environment once again. This has led to some changes in thinking and processes compared to what I am used to. I would love to read this book. Thanks.


  • http://twitter.com/MrDW30 @MrDW30

    I would very much like to have a copy of this book! I conduct leadership workshops for teenagers, and the building strong teams is an integral part of our training. I'm very excited to add this book to my library! I'll be one of the first in line to buy it if I don't score a free copy!

  • Laurie

    I would love a copy of this book and would definately read it. I am the coordinator of a children’s ministry team. Our team oversees a volunteer team of 500 that minister to 800+ kids on any given weekend. We need to become the strongest team possible so that we can make an impact for Christ in each and everyone of these volunteers and children that God has entrusted to our care.

  • http://www.bandwagonmerch.com Arthur

    I found this preview for team building very interesting. I'm a business owner. I own 2 business' and would love to figure out more on having a great team. This book would be a great ad to my library.

  • http://www.brianhinkley.com Brian Hinkley

    Found your site while looking for orange recipes, instead I found Orange Revolution. Actually that's not true I clicked on a link of a Facebook friends blog who happens to follow you. I found your site interesting. The book Orange Revolution sounds like a book that I would read. I don't actually lead a team. I would like to someday lead a team.

    The real reason I want the book is because my wife always makes it to the mail box before me. It drives her crazy when packages arrive, with my name on them, that she doesn't know about.

    If you promise to send this book to me I will promise to read it. After all, I know you are a man of your word. http://michaelhyatt.com/keeping-your-word.html

  • Dave Boehm

    I am in the process of defining the core values that my organization will aspire to. It appears from the description above that your book would be a great jumping off point in terms of stimulating the process my stakeholders and I are about to undertake. I would definitely read the book and recommend it to anyone who asks.

  • http://www.dogmaster.com.au Damien Torti

    G'day Michael,

    I was going to start with something like "I am an Account Manager and believe this book will enhance my skill and that of my team"… However, I thought it best just to say that;
    1. Comment: I will get back to you with a review on this book
    2.Special form. Being completed now
    3. Tweeted & FB – Why Great Teams Tell Great Stories and the book 'The Orange Revolution' – read all about it by CEO Michael Hyatt at http://bit.ly/cL3xQ9
    4. Promise made, and will be kept (see Comment)

    Thanks Damien, Dogmaster Trainers Australia

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=141700231 Michael Trolese

    My brother follows your site and has recommended several of the books you have listed on your blog. I am a recent college graduate who is always look for a good read and I'm at the phase in life where I have to figure out which path I want to take. I am always looking for insight provided from success stories. Books about successful organizations and companies are the ones I enjoy a lot. There are many successful companies but many of them have different ways of succeeding but they also all share similar traits. If I get this book, I would most definitely read and recommend it to others if it is even half as good as it seems. Thank you for your time

  • Melissa

    Mr. Hyatt,
    First, thank you for all of your words of wisdom and guidance. My manager first referred me to your blog several months ago and I find it to be quite insightful. I still consider myself quite the novice manager who is eager to continue to develop my team and myself to our full potential. While my team and I have had some levels of success in the past, I want to ensure that we are constantly sharpening our skill sets. Not to mention, of late, we have had a wave of teammates leave for new opportunities, which has been great for those individuals; however, I feel that now more than ever, our team needs a revolution, an orange one. In closing, I commit to reading this book in its entirety. I hope that you'll consider me one of your 100 lucky recipients.

  • Siu Fai

    Here's my story. I've read the book The Orange Revolution. I read how teams change transform the organization. I read bout how storytelling is the key to success. I brought change to my organization. All because I got a free copy of the book that began this revolution.

    That could happen, if I got this book.

    I believe in the next generation of young people in my organization. Therefore, I am forming a team of people that would reach out to that generation. Changing the current generation changes future generations. That's what we want to hope for.

    Can one person change the world? I believe so. Can one team change the organization? That's what I hope to read in the book and find out how to make changes necessary for transformation and growth.

    CHANGE: Change Had Always Needed Great Encounters

  • http://jackalopekid.com jackalopekid

    I want this book because it’s #4 on Amazon and that almost always means it’s amazing. I also love reading about Story. And yes, I do promise to read the book.

  • chrisloach

    Why I want this book? My answer isn't creative but I want to be a better leader and I need to learn from any leaders that are better than myself.

  • http://twitter.com/darrenprince @darrenprince

    When I first read of Elton and Gostick
    I feared "Orange" would be an acrostic.
    Now I MUST read this book
    (not on Kindle or Nook)
    'Cause my colleagues are story agnostic!

  • Kevin Xu

    I would love an electronic version of the book because I mostly read on my Kindle and iPad.

    I’m a 1st year uni student in Sydney, Australia, but will soon go back to China and start my own business– an online education service.

    It’s not that I don’t like universities or I think education is useless (in fact I think education is the key to the future, that’s why I want the book), it’s just that the time and opportunity are right for what I am going to do, so I want to be decisive and seize the chance.

    I regard teamwork as something always lacked in the minds of Chinese students but it’s gradually changing, and I’m determined to take it further with my own team.

    I hope this explains why the book can help me and it’ll be really nice of you to do me that favor.

    Thank you very much!

    Best regards,

  • Donald Crawford

    I’m working in the Middle East and this is something needed here. I love to tell the stories of our company and other great stories of companies around us. The Orange Revolutions looks like something that’ll help my company and me be better, and I like that thought!

    Plus, the economy being what it is, free sounds really good right now!

  • josephmcole

    I would love to read this book because I feel as a pastor that my life's work is to tell stories. I have been studying the art of story writing for the past three years and have been implementing those skills into my sermons, meetings and vision casting. What Gostick and Elton wrote in this post confirms my belief that stories not only convey a message, but they also carry the passion necessary to live out the message. After reading this book, I would be able to inspire my people better by the stories I tell.

    Thank you, Michael, for exposing me to this resource!

  • http://twitter.com/_jeff_p @_jeff_p

    I love a great story, but alas, am not a great storyteller. As a leader (in position and practice) and pastor I deal with broken people, systems, and ideas/vision every day. Did I mention they're broken and breaking? To re-capture a vision from God we need to see how our story (sub-plot) fits into God's Story, the true metanarrative.

    My role is as a 2nd chair leader, so communicating in small groups of other leaders is key. I'm growing into that role, though I've always thrived in smaller settings (more experience that way).

    That's why this book intrigues me: say the truth (veracity), capture interest (compellingly), tie to our core values (the Gospel, and loving God, people and serving the world), and keep it simple. As one who drifts into teacher mode by default, I need to learn how to better capture the thought simply and pointedly when sharing vision and direction with adults, or an illustration of the Gospel of grace with students, a glimpse of God's Story with unbelievers, or even in written communication with half our congregation. (My roles as a pastor are varied, a kind of multipurpose back).

    I would definitely read this book, and think it would help me grow as a storyteller, leader and leader.

  • Michael McGreevy

    I am in the process of starting a non-profit in Buffalo, New York. My goal is to transform the City of Buffalo. I believe that the best place to start is by investing in it's people. The focus will be to holistically prepare young urban men for life through education, job training and hands on skills. I recognize the importance of building the right team to accomplish this mission. If this book could be an effective resource for this effort, I would be grateful to be awarded a free copy.

  • http://www.bethellife.wordpress.com Joel Mosier

    Michael, love the idea behind the book. What a great idea to rally our ministry team behind serving others. I would love to get a copy of this book and yes I promise to read it.

  • http://www.janettefuller.com Janette Fuller

    I would love to read this book. I am an avid book reviewer and storyteller. That is an awesome story about the croissant. It shows that people are dedicated to service and not just putting in time and collecting a paycheck. What makes this even more awesome is that the housekeeping staff is one of the lowest paid jobs in the hotel…yet this housekeeper went beyond the call of duty to please the customer.

  • http://twitter.com/kgsc @kgsc

    I would appreciate the book and would certainly read it. I manage software implementations and lead the teams (both corporate and client) to successful launch of new products. Building teamwork and unity is a constant theme and one that always needs improement.

  • http://lincolnparks.com Lincoln Parks

    I truly would cherish a copy of this book because this is the area in my life that I truly fall down at the moment. I'm learning how to organize myself so that I can eventually work within a team system or organization and have everyone on one accord or at least learn the basic steps and principles that allow a team to effect an organization. I'm in NO way a leader, but would like to learn the steps to teamwork. This is a tremendous downfall of mine and this book would help me to achieve and understand those simple principles.

  • http://www.facebook.com/theresa.s.schultz Theresa Smigelski Schultz

    I am always looking for ways to help our ministry staff work together for the people of our church and community. It is always fun to exceed their expectations! I am hoping to get a copy of this book to help me continue to learn how.

  • http://www.kathyfannon.com Kathy Fannon

    I will soon be starting my own business as a health counselor, so while I don't have a 'team' to work with at the moment, I certainly want to learn more about quality customer service. (I would've offered fresh, hot coffee with that croissant!) I have a few ideas I know I want to implement from the start, but I want my clients to feel special because of the little things I do for them, like they're the only one in the world that is important.

  • Tim Wright

    We're trying to continue a paradigm shift at the church where I lead. We've been attempting to find new ways to tell stories of life change here because stories stick and remind people that life change is the norm, not the exception. Please help us get better! (I'll read it)

  • David Cowser

    This book will be a great resource for my huge team. As a retail home improvement store manager, I have an impact to develop the lives of 200 employees. This is in addition to 15,000 customers per week. My desire is to use leadership tools available to impact and improve as many lives as possible, both employees and customers.

  • http://www.joebumblog.blogspot.com JoeBumbulis

    If life exists at the brink of chaos, then the organization I am beginning my vocational ministry work at is evolving and being reborn. With changes in the staff, budgets, memberships, differing perspectives, I want to be a part of a team that will transform our organization, the church into new life.

    I'm a new minister at a church with deep history and for the most part a tenured staff. Dealing with financial issues, there have been discussions about reinventing ourselves, moving toward being an excellent organization. I want to read The Orange Revolution in order to help our ministerial team be that team which leads our community to new life,transforming the entire organization. I'm hoping the OR will help us tap into our history and tradition in order to tell those stories to transform. We must move forward by looking back and gaining perspective on our present: in a nutshell we need our story to change.

  • http://www.justopenthebook.com justopenthebook

    The advice to start collecting your stories now is invaluable. In our ministry, one of the best resources I have is my prayer journal. Seeing what God has done for us and reminding ourselves and our readers is a key way we glorify God. You presented some great tips on keeping the story simple, fresh and on point. Thanks.

  • Tommy Redding

    I have started learning about how powerful storytelling can be in the church environment. Some churches use this style in their small groups to better communicate the Bible while some church staffs use this method to communicate excitement or the importance of a new ministry. I would really like to read this book so I can develop this skill and see how I can utilize it to have a stronger ministry and hopefully to create more "stickiness" of what I communicate.

  • morganje

    I think I should winThe Orange RevolutionDue to this haiku.
    All kidding aside, this was an excellent post that ignited a desire to read and share this book. I've been a "powerpoint jockey" for our organization and created countless presentations for people. In that time, I have witnessed a very simple presentation with a compelling story create much more passion than a slick deck with nifty animation but a disjointed story arc. The ability to craft a powerful narrative is a trait that I've always admired and this book looks like it would be very helpful for me and for many of the folks I work with. Our organization has gone through a lot of difficult change over the past two years and the idea of our team helping to transform our organization in a positive way is intriguing. I absolutely promise to read this book.

  • Curtis W. Lindsey

    I would love to read this book because it would help me in my new position. I graduated from seminary back in May 2010. This August I started a new job as the Senior High Pastor at a church where I have the opportunity to lead a team of interns and staff in student ministry. I am committed to building this team of leaders and would love to see our team encourage and strengthen the ministry throughout our church. I'm loving the new job and the chances to minister and lead. Thanks!

  • Steve Stroh

    I would like to receive a copy of this book because I'm part of several teams outside of work that are, at times, dysfunctional and at the moment I don't have the life skills / background to sort out how to fix them. From the description, it sounds like this book isn't about theory, but rather it describes in detail what HAS ACTUALLY worked in real-world situations. In addition… I'm not that great a leader, and although I don't think I will ever be a great leader, there are some situations coming up in my professional and personal life where I'll really need to be at least an effective leader. There are some projects that I see are needed in my community and some groups I'm involved with. Those situations currently have a leadership vacuum, and so it will fall to me to make them happen, and if I don't step up, they simply won't happen. But I've learned the hard way that stepping up as a "not that great" leader… I would have been better off letting the group flounder; at least there wouldn't have been expectations from the team that I wasn't able to make happen. Thank You!

  • http://www.techideas.es Pablo Hernandez

    I'm a Entrepreneur that deal very well with technology but have a lot of problems in creating a Great Team. It would be a pleasure for me to read Great Stories that can help me build a Great Team.

  • http://halfreadbooks.com Allen White

    Sounds like an awesome read. I can't wait.

  • Elizabeth Braun

    My goal everyday is to continue learning, inspiring, and improving. I am currently in a lower management role with a self-publishing company which I have been a part of for many years. I've bounced around the company holding many different roles, trying to get a complete understanding of what it is that we do, and why we do it. While my memory banks holds many different stories from over the past few years, there are always the ones that stick out, that not only prove that our organization can and will go the extra mile to provide a positive experience, but it also reflects the personnel and our personal visions of growth as human beings and also as quality employees. We are often faced with the simple, yet challenging question of "What can we do better?" In my industry there is no such thing as one clear process, or "every project is the same" – we're constantly having to think outside of the box to create solutions, to be a good business, and most importantly, to provide an experience that will inspire and motivate the customer to do more.

    I'm a firm believer in "Do what you love!", so I've always understood the value and effect of continuous self-improvement which leads to good teams, clear communication, and overall success. I'm intrigued by your blog and look forward to reading more, and learning more.

    I promise, if I am chosen to receive a free book, that I will read the book and also utilize the best practices expressed in the book to take my team to the next level. Thank you.

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  • http://tonymariani.blogspot.com Tony Mariani

    Great companies come from a great culture. Employees are your greatest asset but sadly the area of most companies that isn't nurtured and thus a culture of "do what I have to do to get a job done and collect a check".

    Its books like Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh, Pursuit of Excellence by Tom Peters (and the other guy) and The Orange Revolution that should be mandatory reading in business schools.

    I look forward to adding The Orange Revolution to my book shelve.

  • http://twitter.com/obihaive @obihaive

    Appreciate the post….I don't need the book but just wanted to say how much I love this blog. Thanks Mr. Hyatt!

  • http://twitter.com/mugisha48 @mugisha48

    Dear Mr. Hyatt,

    After a work place situation the other day, I sat down and thought about what I needed to keep growing in my career. Then God did an amazing thing. He gave me information from other leadership sources to help me in my situation and remembered this from twitter so I thought maybe I should get a copy. So, may I please have a copy?

    As a 25-year administrative assistant, I want to be more valuable to the team I work with now and in the future. I believe books like this will help me in this area of my career. I have always believed that administrative assistants aren’t just secretaries but valuable members of the team as one unit.

    I not only promise to read it but also make some changes in my life where necessary and then give my copy to someone else who would also benefit. Thank you in advance for your generous offer.

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  • CCW

    I've recently gotten a promotion at work which will change my responsibilities from technical tasks to include more team-building and strategic planning for a group of creative designers. Would love to read this book for inspiration and applying lessons to move our group forward. Thanks for the generous contest and opportunity to win a book!

  • Tim Dahl

    I would like to get a copy of this book. I'm having problems communicating vision to my staff and church. I think this might help me in that area. I would also get a kick out of my 2yr old son screaming out, "Orange" as soon as he sees me reading it in front of him. He LOVES the color orange!

    Tim Dahl

  • Todd Robison

    This book could be a great resource for our teams! I am a regional leader for a ministry organization that places "teams" in apartment communities. The mission of these teams is to "radically impact" the apartment community.
    What they do helps create a great community, and it also opens doors to ministry opportunities.
    Our theme this past year has been "Tell the Story!" We want our teams to tell the stories of impact in their apartment communities that can be shared with apartment managers, church leaders and other teams!
    I will read the book! Quite possibly, it would be bought and given to all our teams!
    Thank you.

  • http://twitter.com/bmccue @bmccue

    Always enjoy a good book especially one's that emphasize teamwork & successful organizations (Good to Great, Blue Ocean Strategy, the Tipping Point, 5 Dysfunctions of a Team, etc). Just finished Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh of Zappos. Love to be inspired!

  • Priscilla

    Thanks for this opportunity! I love hearing and telling stories! I think that I would really enjoy reading this book. I already use stories within our family as a way to help our kids remember their history and where they came from. In addition to entertainment, I also use stories when I am leading worship as a way to share how the Bible applies to my life. I would love to be able to learn how to develop a story with my worship team that we can share with others!
    Thanks again,

  • http://twitter.com/josica1304 @josica1304

    Yes, I will read this book. As a couple, my wife and I have started a business that requires us to work with a team and we are in need of growing our leadership.

  • Bob Brewer

    Thanks, Michael . . .
    for the invitation to share a story about the power of stories. I'll read the book and use its thesis in my work with executives who want help in creating and sustaining a Great Place to Work. Workshops on team building will help—a little, but they typically don't achieve the desired outcomes because they fail to focus on the power of stories to create a sense of pride, ownership and connected-ness to the organization and the people who work there. People think in pictures, not words. Telling people to act/behave certain ways may get the targeted results, but STORIES will get those results with passion and instant linkage to the hearts . . . and it's "heart-power" that shapes a bunch of individual contributors into a genuine team; the transformation is from a bag of marbles in the plant, office or field to a emotionally-bonded unit in which uniquely different people find more alike about themselves than different and they voluntarily give up their personal idiosyncracies for the bigger purpose of LIVING OUT THE STORY—a LEGACY OF MUTUAL RESPECT, MUTUAL TRUST AND MUTUAL ACCOUNTABILITY. I'm attending my high school's 50th class reunion this weekend with full expectation that the conversations will be teeming with stories—stories that reinforce the participants' shared values and further unite them in a common awareness that the lessons learned 50 years ago live on in our lives and remind us of the oft repeated observation about there being no limit to what people can accomplish together if they care less about who gets the credit and MORE about having achieved something truly extraordinary—-something they still feel good about 50 years later and something—in the context of an organization–that is gladly passed on to the next generation of co-learners as an unforgettable story of voluntary sacrifice and unquenchable resilience. Send me a book, Michael; I know story-power! Thanks.

  • Matt Lawson

    Would love a copy! Here's why…(btw, thanks for the opportunity!)
    1. The largest generation of teenagers to ever live in America exists now! Maybe Orange Revolution can help this Youth Pastor lead more effectively on the front lines!
    2. We're working through our guest services processes in our student ministry with the core value of "Find a need and meet it."
    3. Maybe the Orange Revolution can help our large corp of adult and student volunteers take us to the next level by learning to share our story
    4. Our student ministry is Revolution Students! We've got that Revolution connection!


  • Greg Schmid

    I am starting a new leadership program and this would be a great book to read to help with this endeavor.

  • Ramp

    Thanks for mentioning about this book, this is just what I'm working on currently to help improve our employee engagement throughout the company & I can really use some research and great examples the author has in this book on high performing teams.

    I've always learnt so much from your blog on leadership & management in general.Everytime you mention a book on the blog I try and make it a point to get my hands and read every word. It would be really great read if I can get this book free.

    Thanks for the opportunity and looking forward to never ending learning from your blog

  • http://www.waltersinspain.com Roland Walter

    Question: Why do you want a copy of this book? If I give you a copy, do you promise to read it?

    I want a copy of this book because I am trying to learn all I can about leading change. I lead a group of three people in an organization of 500 (Avant Ministries) and would like our group to have a greater impact than just in our assigned area.

    Yes, I do promise to read the whole book, not just start it.


    Roland Walter
    Malaga Media Center

  • http://2saveutime.blogspot.com/ Michelle C

    I saw one of these guys speak at a Human Resoucre Professional event in Michigan. I still remember his facial expressions when he talked about WOW, he made a W with three fingers, opened his mouth wide open and made a W with his other hand. It was a picture to remember tht promoted me to pull out their other book – The Carrot Principle. Knowing what moviates people is a great way to push them beyond their standard effort.
    Everyone works in a team of some sort, at different times different people take up the leadership roles of various parts of the project or effort. So I think this is a book that we all need to read. I would love a copy of this book and I promise to read it. Thanks for your blog. I appreciate the various topics you cover. Now, oft to find your post on the new Kindle.

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  • juliebmack

    I keep missing out on these contests!! LOL This time only by a day!

    I may just break down and buy it anyhow since I could always use another book in my Kindle! In addition, as a Christian, non-profit lover, military officer, elementary school teacher,volunteer-extraordinaire,inspired writer, fan of great life stories, and avid reader this will always be a nice addition to my book collection.

    Congrats to the winners!

  • sealth

    So many useful outcomes could emerge from reading this book. I work for a big four firm and, although team work is always one of the pillars on which these firms presumably rely, I prefer to say it is just a "group work" what is being done. So many values from a high performance team are lacking in everyday work and so much inefficiency is seen around that change seems almost impossible.
    However, little islands are emerging where real team work is being done and we are working to get these islands become the mainstream culture. These firms have so many individuals with great ideas that going from group to team work could just produce an incredible amount of innovation in all fields.
    From what I've read about the book, examples of big firms achieving these objectives could boost the change if we really try to put the ideas on the book in our own organizations.

  • http://jeffreyjeffords.com/2010/09/road-trips/ jjeffords

    Great thoughts. Our team is always searching for a good story that we can celebrate and feature in a blog post. We think that sharing stories which highlight wins and the value proposition of our organization is huge. Stories demonstrate vision and value rather than just saying it.

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