You Can Win at Work and Succeed at Life

Success at work shouldn’t cost you memories at home. We teach a model of leadership to help you win at work and succeed at life.

Start with my free leadership training on today’s crisis, Confident in Crisis: Your 3-Step Plan to Lead in Chaotic Times.

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As a leader, you are your company’s single greatest asset. While you’re guarding your health against the coronavirus, you must also deal with the stress and responsibility of running a business. It’s tough! This crisis threatens the mental and emotional resiliency of you and your team. 

Given the stress we’re under, is it even possible to keep your emotional balance?

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Weekly leadership lessons for lasting success.

Short-term wins are easy, but sustained achievement is another story. Lead to Win is your weekly guide on the narrow road to lasting success.

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The Focused Leader

Focus Your Leadership, Focus Your Team, Grow Your Business

Discover our six-part framework for focused growth at our one-day intensive in Nashville, TN. The Focused Leader process will move you from overwhelmed in your business to focused. In one value-packed, results-driven day, you’ll learn everything you need to usher new growth for your business.

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Michael Hyatt's Book Club for Leaders

Accelerate your professional development with curated books, executive summaries, and a network of like-minded readers. With LeaderBooks, you’ll enjoy a monthly reading experience crafted by Michael Hyatt & Company so you can take the hassle out of your professional development.

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Accelerate the learning curve with a winning coach.

Imagine scaling your business faster than ever without sacrificing your personal life. If you are a business owner or executive looking to drive results in your business, but feel you’re at the edge of your capabilities, you need a coach. That’s why we designed an executive group coaching experience called BusinessAccelerator™. Finally, you can get the clarity and confidence you need to grow your business.

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You can lead your organization through crisis.

With crises like recessions and COVID-19, you need to know how to successfully steer your organization through turbulent times. Learn how you can develop a clear action plan in times of crisis inside a new training, Confident in Crisis: Your 3-Step Plan to Lead in Chaotic Times.

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Full Focus Planner

Plan Your Year. Design Your Days. Achieve Your Biggest Goals.

High achievers focus on incremental progress. They translate daring goals into daily action. That same principle powers the Full Focus Planner®. It’s a tactical solution to achieve your highest priorities, both day-to-day and year-to-year. Honestly, it’s our dream planner. And we bet it’s yours, too.

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Hi, I’m Michael Hyatt.

Together with my team at Michael Hyatt & Company, I help overwhelmed high achievers win at work, succeed at life, and lead with confidence. I like to think I’ve lived that myself.

Formerly the Chairman and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers, I’m also a New York Times bestselling author. But my favorite wins are at home—a 39-year marriage, five daughters, eight grandchildren, and the best health of my life, to name a few.

Through courses (5 Days to Your Best Year Ever™ and Free to Focus®), products (the Full Focus Planner® and LeaderBox™), plus this blog and podcast—we’re creating a leadership revolution. Every day, we see leaders trade burnout for balance. We hope you’ll join us.

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