#009: Is Work-Life Balance Really Possible? [Podcast]

In this podcast episode, I talk about work-life balance and whether or not it is really possible. In fact, I question the balance metaphor itself and pose an alternative that better describes what our focus should be.

I also share several examples from my own life, most notably a story from early in my marriage with Gail when I was working seventy hours a week.

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Episode Outline

If you are working more than 55 hours a week, you are likely working too much and out of alignment with your priorities.You may be able to work more than this for a season, but, ultimately, it is not sustainable. If you continue to work this much—or more—something is going to break.

You are putting five assets at risk:

  1. Asset #1: Your health.
  2. Asset #2: Your family.
  3. Asset #3: Your friends.
  4. Asset #4: Your effectiveness.
  5. Asset #5: Your influence.

You can achieve work-life balance—or better yet—align your practice with your priorities when you follow these five suggestions:

  1. Suggestion #1: Get crystal clear on your priorities.
  2. Suggestion #2: Schedule time for the things that matter most.
  3. Suggestion #3: Establish a set of non-negotiables.
  4. Suggestion #4: Focus alignment between your priorities and your practice.
  5. Suggestion #5: Accept the fact that there will always be tension.

Listener Questions

  1. Question #1: Ben Holbrook asked, “How do you manage work-life balance with a young family and the pressures of work?”
  2. Question #2: Bob Anderson asked, “What part is up to us and what part is up to God?”
  3. Question #3: Deirdre Baker asked, “How do you balance your work life with your home life when your office is in your home?”
  4. Question #4: Jeff Keady asked, “How do you achieve work-life balance when technology allows you to take your work everywhere you go?”
  5. Question #5: Stephanie Shackelford asked, “To be good at anything, it seems I have to give one hundred percent. How can I do this and balance work and life?”

Next week, I will be talking about “How to Shave Ten Hours Off Your Work Week.” If you have a question about that topic or anything related to improving your productivity, please leave me a voice mail. I’d love to hear from you.

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