#033: My Answers to Listener Questions [Podcast]

I get lots of voice mail questions every week. Many of them don’t neatly fit into a single topic, so I thought I’d deal with them in this episode. I have grouped them around my standard categories: platform, personal development, publishing, and leadership.

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I start this episode with a very exciting announcement: Beginning today, we are taking registrations for the Platform Conference which will be held in Nashville February 11–13, 2013. We only have 135 seats available. They will go quickly.

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If you are a public speaker, blogger, recording artist, business owner, entrepreneur, sales person, mortgage broker, pastor, or corporate brand manager, this conference is for you!

We have a terrific line up of speakers, including Ken Davis, Pat Flynn, Jeff Goins, Stu McLaren, Cliff Ravenscraft, John Saddington, Carrie Wilkerson, Andrew Buckman, and Michele Cushatt. (See the bios here.)

The venue for the conference will be the the famous Sound Kitchen music studio in Nashville, regarded by many to be the best recording studio in Nashville. It will provide an incredible atmosphere of professionalism and intimacy.

Again, these tickets will go fast. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to take your platform to the next level. You can find the details on the Platform Conference website.

Listener Questions

As I mentioned I have grouped these questions around my major topics.

  1. Alex Ferrero asked, “What are some of the hobbies you enjoy?”
  2. Aaron Meyers asked, “How important is networking with other bloggers for growing a blog platform?
  3. Brad Blackman asked, “What were the deciding factors in changing from one subject matter focus to another?”
  4. David Specht asked, “How did you stay motivated to keep blogging in the early days?”
  5. Emily Ryan asked, “Is it better to blog with others and reach as many people as possible, build a brand with your own name, or pursue a third option?”
  6. Jason Gardner asked, “How do I get people to my site?
  7. Scott Moore asked, “What advice do you have for people who want to build a platform but are stuck in the corporate world?”
  8. Chelsea asked, “Where should my boyfriend fit into my life plan priorities?”
  9. Jen McDonough asked, “Who do you let speak into your life? Who are some of your favorite podcasters, authors, etc.?”
  10. Keven Quinley asked, “Would I consider doing an end-of-day ritual podcast?”
  11. Otis Henderson asked, “What recommendation do you have for a self-leadership plan for someone who is not a new leader?”
  12. Robbie Kleinburg asked, “What kind of advice do you have for people living in different decades of their life?”
  13. Mark S. R. Peterson asked, “Does your book, Platform, apply to fiction writers as well as non-fiction writers?”
  14. Mike Hansen asked, “Did I have to go through the book proposal process with your book, Platform, or any of your other books?”
  15. Matt McWilliams asked, “What were your biggest fears and doubts when you became the CEO of Thomas Nelson? How did you overcome them?”

Special Announcements

  1. Last week I passed a major milestone: my podcast episodes have now been downloaded more than one million times. I couldn’t have done this without you, so thank you so much for your support.
  2. Just a quick update on the GetNoticed! WordPress Theme. We are making steady progress, but it has turned out to be a lot more work than we anticipated (shocking, I know). But this is going to be a killer theme. We really are giving this our best effort.

    I are hoping to ship the beta before December 1. I will announce next week how you can be part of that, so stay tuned. We have not finalized the final shipping date. That is really going to depend on how the beta test goes.

  3. My next podcast will be on the topic of “E-mail Etiquette.” If you have a question on any topic, please leave me a voicemail message. This is a terrific way to cross-promote YOUR blog or website, because I will link to it, just like I did with the callers in this episode.

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