#035: The Importance of the Leader’s Heart [Podcast]

We live in a very externally-focused culture. However, there is an internal issue which is largely ignored: the condition of your heart.

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The corporate world is increasingly aware of the fact that you can’t improve productivity without increasing engagement. In other words, people have to show up at work with more than their education, experience, and skills. They have to come with their heart.

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In this podcast I share five truths about your heart. If you understand these truths—and apply them—you will maximize your influence as a leader.

  • Truth #1: Your heart is the essence of your identity.
  • Truth #2: Your heart is the most valuable leadership tool you have.
  • Truth #3: Your heart directly impacts your influence.
  • Truth #4: Your heart is either healthy or unhealthy.
  • Truth #5: Your heart is under constant attack.

It’s important that you keep your heart healthy.  There are four disciplines that can help you do that.

  • Discipline #1: The Discipline of Reflection
  • Discipline #2: The Discipline of Rest
  • Discipline #3: The Discipline of Recreation
  • Discipline #4: The Discipline of Relationships

Listener Questions

  1. Victor Manzanilla asked, “What is the biggest temptation a leader faces after he becomes successful?”
  2. Nellie Felipe asked, “As a leader, how do you maintain a fresh vision, fresh hope, fresh energy, so your people will be renewed daily?”
  3. Heather Boggini asked, “What advice do I have for the female entrepreneur who is reentering the workforce after staying out to raise a family?”

Special Announcements

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