#041: 7 Actions to Take Before You Quit Your Job [Podcast]

You know it will eventually happen. You’ll quit your job to take another one. Maybe you’re in the midst of this right now—or considering it. Regardless, in this episode I discuss how to finish well and setup yourself up for success.

The time will eventually come that you have to quit your job.  The only real question is how to do it in a way that doesn’t burn your bridges. So what I want to share in this episode is this: before you turn in your resignation—or even begin looking for another job—let me suggest that you consider the following seven actions:

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  • Action #1: Determine to exit with dignity and honor
  • Action #2: Count the cost of leavening your present job
  • Action #3: Give your employer a chance to address your issues
  • Action #4: Honor your commitments to your current employer
  • Action #5: Don’t look for another job on company time or with company email
  • Action #6: Don’t share proprietary information with prospective employers
  • Action #7: Don’t conspire with others to leave the company

With a little planning, anyone can make a graceful exit. Life is short. The world is small—and cold. You don’t need to create any unnecessary enemies. You’ve already made an investment in your job. Now make one in your career. Think of the future and keep the end in mind.

Listener Questions

  1. Amy Anderson asked, “I have rarely left a job without another one waiting … How do you feel about leaving a difficult situation even if you don’t have something else lined up?”
  2. Christopher Scott asked, “Should you give your current employer a heads up if you are planning to quit or just wait and give them the perfunctory two weeks notice?”
  3. Heman Smith asked, “I want to leave my present company, enter a non-competitive industry, and use the concepts I use now. How do I do that without causing concerns about intellectual property?”
  4. Jeff Jones asked, “When I left my position as a drummer in a band, I found that I really needed to focus on where I was headed and not on the past. How did that play out in your recent transition from Thomas Nelson?”
  5. Wayne Henderson asked, “I really want to be a full-time voice actor, but I am concerned about those in management knowing where my true passions are? Should I be wary of posting too much on Twitter and Facebook about this?”

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Question: What has been your experience when quitting a job? What did you do well? What did you do not so well? How will next time be different?

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