#057: Why You Must Confront Seemingly Indispensable but Disrespectful Team Members [Podcast]

As a leader, what do you do when you have an employee or a colleague who disrespects you in front of your team? What do you do when this employee is a top performer and one of your supervisor’s favorites?

Confronting these people is never easy. However, it is essential if you are going to create a healthy organizational culture that drives the results you want.

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Here are five actions you must take if you are going to retain credibility with your team and move your organization forward.

  • Action #1: Get clear in your own thinking.
  • Action #2: Count the cost.
  • Action #3: Secure your supervisor’s support.
  • Action #4: Confront the disrespectful employee.
  • Action #5: Give him some time to think about it.

This is the tough stuff of leadership that no one wants to discuss. But it is the necessary stuff. You can’t develop people and take them to the next level unless you are willing to speak into their lives—for their benefit and for your team.

Listener Questions

  1. Christy Tennant Krispin asked, “How do you work in a situation where something might be disrespectful in one culture but not in another?”
  2. Joe Consford asked, “How do you deal with a co-worker who is being disrespectful, but the team leader is unaware of it?”
  3. Kwin Peterson asked, “Why do these kinds of conversations intimidate me so much?”
  4. Michael Moak asked, “How do you deal with disrespectful team members when they are related to the boss or they are older than you?”
  5. Tom Skilling asked, “How do you confront disrespectful team members when they are volunteers?”

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Question: How have you handled situations like this? What have you done? More importantly, what will you do the next time it happens?

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