#060: How Do Busy Leaders Find Time for Social Media [Podcast]

I speak a lot on the topic of platform-building. Inevitably, during the Q&A time following my speech, I get asked, “How can I find time for social media? I am so busy now. I can’t imagine adding one more thing.”

I understand this feeling. However, if you want to leverage your leadership and increase your impact, you must make time for social media.

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 In this episode I want to share with you four tips for finding time for social media.

  1. Reframe the activity.
  2. Set reasonable goals.
  3. Schedule time to do it.
  4. Use the latest tools.

You can be active in social media and still have plenty of time for your other activities.

Listener Questions

  1. Alex Barker asked, “How can busy leaders authentically engage with their followers?”
  2. Bosede Santos asked, “How can I juggle all my various social media accounts, blog, and still find time to write a book?”
  3. Lori Lane asked, “What parts of our social media activities can be delegated without losing our authentic voice?”
  4. Vincent Duncombe asked, “Where should social media rank on our priorities?”

Special Announcements

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Question: What is keeping you from spending the time you know you should in social media?

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