#071: Help! I Married An Entrepreneur, Part 3 [Podcast]

My wife, Gail, often travels with me when I speak at various events. Inevitably, she is asked, “How do you live with a entrepreneur?”

In fact, two literary agents have encouraged her to write a book on this topic. So I sat down and interviewed her about this very topic. It was lot of fun. So much so, that we made this a three-part series.

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In Part 1, we focused on what you need to do if you are married to an entrepreneur. This also applies to those who are married to corporate executives, ministry leaders, or any other kind of “Type A” personality.

In Part 2, we focused on what you need to do if you are the entrepreneur. How do you achieve your dreams without blowing up your marriage in the process?

This week, in Part 3, we take questions from my listeners. It’s important to note a few things before proceeding. First, we are not experts in this field. We are, instead, fellow travelers sharing our experiences with you.

We approach marriage with a few assumptions:

  1. Marriage attracts opposites
  2. Marriage takes work
  3. Marriage is a long-term project

Ultimately, marriage works best when each party serves the other. If it’s all about you, it isn’t going to work, regardless of how you are wired or what you do.

Listener Questions

  1. Ben Fanning asked, “How do you discuss the sacrifices of entrepreneurship with a spouse who comes from a more traditional, 9-to-5 job?”
  2. Denise Surgeon asked, “How do you balance your career, caring for yourself and your marriage, and raising five children?” and “How do you prioritize these areas of your life?”
  3. Rabbi Evan Moffic asked, “What role has faith brought to your marriage and family? Specially, what rituals and practices have you found helpful?”
  4. Jackie Alvarado asked, “As a supporting wife have you ever felt inadequate as you have watched your husband succeed and accomplish so much?” and “As an entrepreneur, how have you dealt with the weight have having to support a family? Have their been times that weight has gotten to you? How have you coped?”
  5. Jake Olson asked “What do you say to man whose wife doesn’t believe in him and wants him to be content with a 9-to-5 job?”
  6. John Verbrugge asked “What do you think of the supporting spouse helping out with the business? I struggle with asking my wife to take on things and then wanting them back.”

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Question: What advice do you have for someone who is married to an entrepreneur?

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