#084: Why Effective Leaders Cannot Afford to Be Easily Offended [Podcast]

As a leader, you are going to draw fire. People will criticize you. Some will second-guess your decisions. Others will impute motives that aren’t there. A few will falsely accuse you.

If you are going to be effective as a leader, you can’t afford to be easily offended. Don’t take the bait! Nothing will derail you faster and consume your energy—energy you could be using to do what matters most.

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When I am tempted to get offended, I remind myself of four great truths I have learned—and am still learning—about offenses.

  1. Truth #1: Offenses are inevitable.
  2. Truth #2: Offenses are usually unintentional.
  3. Truth #3: Offenses can be good for us.
  4. Truth #4: Being offended is a choice.

The greatest leaders I know are not easily offended. Instead, they practice the habit of overlooking offenses. They take the high road, give the offender the benefit of the doubt, and move on. What about you?

Listener Questions

  1. Brian Sherman asked, “What steps do you take to overcome your fears?”
  2. Heather Pocock asked, “How do you insure that you don’t squander your weekend or holiday time?”
  3. Hunter Clarke Fields asked, “Should I invest the profits from a successful product launch into improving the product or doing additional marketing?”
  4. Matt McWilliams asked, “Should I think people who retweet me or link to my posts?”
  5. Nate Richards asked, “How can I build a better team culture when my employees are part-time?”

Tip of the Week

I have left my iPad on three different airplanes in the last three months. Thankfully, I have my name engraved on the back of it, so the people who found it could contact me.

But that got me to thinking, What would I do if I left my MacBook Pro behind? It’s one thing to lose my iPad, but I have everything on my laptop.

I used to use a third-party utility that allowed me to put a message on the log-in screen with my name and phone number. But now that feature is built into OS Mavericks. (I don’t know how long it has been there.)

Here’s all you have to do: Go into System Preferences and select Security & Privacy. Then check “Show a message when the screen is locked.” Then click on the little button that says, “Set Lock Message …” Now enter your name and contact information.

Special Announcements

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Question: When was the last time you were offended? How could you have made a different choice?

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