#085: What to Do If You Work for a Bad Boss [Podcast]

If it hasn’t happened to you already, it will soon. Eventually you are going to work for someone who is immoral, incompetent, or just mean—maybe all three!

The good news is that you often learn more from a bad boss than a good one. But only if you are open and teachable.

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Here are five ways to cope—and maybe even thrive—when working for a bad boss.

  1. Manage your expectations.
  2. Evaluate the impact.
  3. Consider your options.
  4. Be assertive.
  5. Support your boss publicly.

Listener Questions

  1. Andy asked, “What do you do when someone you love works for a bad leader?”
  2. Cheryl asked, “What role does HR play in dealing with a bad boss?”
  3. Philip asked, “When, if ever is it appropriate to go to your bosses’ boss with a complaint about how your boss has handled an issue? I work in the medical field and I’m facing some issues now with my supervisor which potentially compromise patient safety. My feeling is that I have a responsibility to my patients take things up the chain as far as I need to go.”
  4. Ashley asked, “How do you decide whether to stay and fight or leave and find another job?”
  5. Tim asked, “What if you are working for someone who doesn’t want to grow or change? What if they are not open to new ideas?”

Tip of the Week

Make time for friends. Gail and I just returned from a cruise with our friends, Dan and Joanne Miller. We had a fabulous time together.

We didn’t do much. We laid around in the sun, played cards, took in a couple of shows, and talked. Last night, we have several friends come over for dinner, just to spend some time together.

The point is, you have to make time for friends. Your soul needs this. You were created to be in relationship with others. As a leader, this is one of the things that can keep you emotionally healthy in the midst of challenging times.

I have a list of five friends in my life plan that I want to spend more time with. I am intentionally trying to be a better friend to them, and that begins by spending time with them.

Who should you spend time with this week?

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Question: How have you handled working for a bad leader?

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