10 Benefits of a Recession

If you want more bad news, then don’t read this post. But if you are tired of reading about bailouts, bankruptcies, and poor earnings, keep reading.

behind every cloud the sun is shining

I’m no Pollyanna. I have blogged previously about embracing the most brutal facts of your current reality. I know people are suffering, and I hate that.

However, I also believe that every cloud has a silver lining. It’s just part of my worldview. So here are at least ten benefits of the current recession:

  1. It causes you to get more creative.
  2. It forces you to make the tough decisions.
  3. It thins out the competition.
  4. It makes you realize you can’t take anything for granted.
  5. It reminds you that real wealth isn’t about the stuff you own.
  6. It fosters out-of-the-box thinking.
  7. It makes it easier to abandon business-as-usual.
  8. It brings you back to the basics.
  9. It accelerates change.
  10. It causes you to be less wasteful.

While you may not be able to control what happens with the economy, you can control your own mental focus. Usually, this determines whether you feel anxiety and fear or peace and hope.

Question: What additional benefits do you see? You can leave a comment by clicking here.