3 Questions That Will Change Your Life [Free Webinar]

How to Stop Drifting and Unlock the Life of Your Dreams

Life can be crazy complicated. With all the distractions and variables, we need a way to focus on what truly matters. This Thursday I’m hosting a free new webinar that will show you how. And get this: It’s as simple as answering three questions.

When we’re unaware, overwhelmed, and distracted, we tend to drift through life in reaction mode. Some of us fight against the drift and become driven. But here’s what we miss: Drifting and being driven are two sides of the same coin.

My free, new webinar, 3 Questions That Will Change Your Life, presents a powerful and proven alternative that will help you proactively design the life of your dreams.

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In this new webinar, you’ll discover:

  • 3 questions that clear the decks and help you focus on what matters most. Answer these and you’ll be further along than most of the population.

  • 4 reasons you may feel unsatisfied with your life—and why this feeling of being “off track” happens to practically everyone.

  • The No. 1 reason most people don’t reach their potential (simply recognizing this is a game-changer).

  • A powerful exercise that will take you about an hour, but has the potential to transform the way you see your life.

  • How to regain focus and clarity if you feel like each day pulls you in a million different directions.

  • Why “having it all figured out” is a myth, plus the mentality to use instead. When you hear this, a huge weight will be lifted off your shoulders.

  • A proven process for designing a life you love—which you can do in a single day.

  • The clarity, courage, and commitment you need to make this one life you’ve been given rich with impact and fulfillment.

I’ll be hosting 3 Questions That Will Change Your Life Thursday, March 10. There are three available time slots: 10:00 a.m., 4 p.m., and 8 p.m. Central Time. Registration is free, but these slots will fill up fast.

Make sure you sign up as soon as possible if you want to finally have the clarity you need to simplify your life and pursue what matters most.

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Question: What would be possible in your life if you were able to remove the distractions and pursue your most important goals? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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