4 Reasons to Join Platform University Now (Before the Price Goes Up)

I can’t believe it’s been almost nine months since we launched Platform University. It has been more successful than I could have imagined. The feedback from our members has been stellar.

We extended the introductory price of $25 a month longer than we initially planned. However, the price is going up to $30 a month on Friday, September 13. Until then, you can still get in at the old price and save $60 a year!

Join Before the Price Goes Up

Platform University is specifically designed to help you launch your platform or build it faster than you could on your own. If you want more visibility for your product, service, cause, or brand, this opportunity is for you.

Our members include:

  • Authors, Speakers, and Publishers
  • Social Media Managers
  • Small Business Owners
  • Business Executives
  • Bloggers and Podcasters
  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Real Estate Agents and Sales Professionals
  • Online Marketers
  • Pastors and Church Planters

Each month, they receive the inspiration, training, and resources they need to succeed while avoiding the most common—and costly—mistakes.

Here are the four benefits you’ll enjoy, beginning on the first day you join.

  1. Practical Training from World-Class Experts. Each month, we deliver a brand new video Master Class with a world-renown platform-builder. So far, we’ve learned from Dave Ramsey, Amy Porterfield, Jeff Goins, Ray Edwards, Stu McLaren, and Andrew Buckman. I have also taught a few sessions.

    We have some amazing Master Classes planned in the months ahead. You won’t want to miss these sessions. You’ll also have access to the ones from the last seven months.

  2. Direct Access to Me. One of the reasons I created Platform University was so I could go deeper with those who were ready. Each month I take you backstage (via video) and share some aspect of my own business with you. I share the workflows, tools, and resources I use to lead my tribe and run my business.

    In addition, I host a monthly live conference call with our members. This is your opportunity to get your specific questions answered and learn from everyone else. I also participate in the discussion forums as I am able.

  3. Support from a Community of Fellow Travelers. Building your platform can feel lonely at times, which is why we have placed a high value on community and creating opportunities for our members to interact with one another.

    I have loved watching our Discussion Forums take off. They are a safe place to share your victories, challenges, and setbacks. This is also a great place to gain insight and inspiration from the collective wisdom of serious platform-builders like yourself.

    We also provide special discounts and early access to the Platform Conference, Get Noticed! Theme for WordPress, and my other products, along with special perks and bonuses that aren’t available outside the membership.

  4. A Ridiculously Low Price. When I launched Platform University, I wanted to make it affordable to anyone who was serious about building their platform. I wanted to empower as may people as possible to get noticed. That’s why we have held the price to $25 a month until now.

    However, we can no longer justify keeping it this low—what we provide inside the membership is just too valuable. The price is going up to $30 a month on Friday, September 13th.

    Until then, you can still get in at current price—and you’ll never pay more, no matter how much the price goes up in the future. But remember, you must join before Friday, September 13th.

Platform University is not for everyone. But if you are serious about launching your platform or taking it to the next level, you can’t afford to miss this opportunity. And keep in mind, there is no risk. You can cancel your membership at any time.

Join Before the Price Goes Up

Question: If you are a member of Platform University, what is your favorite feature?

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