Affiliate Marketing with Integrity (a Conversation with Pat Flynn)

One of the easiest and most lucrative ways to monetize your blog is through affiliate marketing. For example, you review a book and include an affiliate link to the appropriate product page on Amazon. If you readers click on the link and buy the book, Amazon pays you a commission.

This is how I got started back in 2008. I didn’t make much money initially, but it was enough to cover my blog hosting fees. Fast forward to today. Affiliate marketing is my single biggest source of income. That’s why I believe it should be part of every blogger’s monetization strategy.

In the video above, I interview Pat Flynn from the Smart Passive Income blog. This is an excerpt from next month’s Master Class at Platform University.

In this eight-minute excerpt, Pat shares:

  • How to generate buzz but avoid hype. It’s not that hard—if you understand the difference.
  • The one thing you must create if you are going to be successful with affiliate marketing.
  • His “Unbox the Mystery” sales strategy, which not only increases affiliate sales but turbo-charges organic traffic.
  • How to provide tangible proof the product you are reviewing delivers the results your audience wants.
  • How to pitch the product in a way that doesn’t make you (or your readers) feel uncomfortable.

At the end of the video, Megan Hyatt Miller, my daughter and the Dean of Platform University provides an overview of the content we’ll be sharing this month with our Platform University members.

  1. In our Master Class, I interview Pat in-depth about “How to Discover the Freedom and Potential of Passive Income.” We discuss the passive income model, a simple multi-pronged strategy anyone can use, numerous success stories, and where you should start if you are a beginner. (The above video is an excerpt from the class.)
  2. In our Backstage Pass, I share a behind-the-scenes look at my speaking engagements. My team explains how to make life on the road more comfortable and predictable.
  3. In our Member Makeover, Megan and I review the platform of one of our members. We share with her ten recommendations to take her platform to the next level.

In addition to this, I will be hosting our members-only Live Q&A Conference Call at the end of the month. This is an opportunity for our members to ask me any question they want about platform-building.

If you’re not a member, check us out. I created Platform University to help you build your platform bigger and faster than you could on your own. Don’t miss this opportunity to get the inspiration, training, and resources you need to succeed.

Question: Are you using affiliate marketing to monetize your blog? What could you do to take it to the next level?