An Interview with Allen Arnold [Video]

In this brief, seven-minute video, I interview Allen Arnold, Senior Vice President and Publisher of Thomas Nelson’s fiction division. I have known Allen for almost 20 years. When I first met him, he was in marketing at Word, Inc., a company that Thomas Nelson eventually acquired.

Allen is one of the most creative people I know. He is truly a great publisher. He has that rare combination of being unwavering in his core values along with the ability to spot projects that have commercial potential. In his eight-year tenure as Nelson’s fiction publisher, he has built one of the company’s fastest-growing divisions and become an industry thought-leader at the same time.

In this video, Allen talks about:

  • Why fiction is so important and the role stories have played in his life
  • How he came to be the publisher of Thomas Nelson’s fiction division (the untold story)
  • What makes fiction “Christian” and the role of the storyteller
  • How an unpublished novelist can get published
  • Why agents are so important in the publishing process (and how to find one)
  • How much of your novel must be finished before you begin shopping
  • What you should do if your proposal or manuscript is initially rejected
  • Why he has now started blogging and what he plans to write about

I loved talking to Allen, but I’m afraid I only scratched the surface. There is much more to explore.

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