I Was Wrong About the Apple Watch

5 Reasons Why I Am Loving It

I finally bought the Apple Watch after saying I wouldn’t. I looked at it twice in the Apple Store. I even tried it on. I just couldn’t find a compelling reason to buy one.

But this past week, my watch stopped. I was overdue for a new one. So, once again, I decided to check out the Apple Watch. I probably would have walked out of the store again without the watch, except I bumped into my friend, Fred, who works at Apple.

Noticing he was wearing one, I asked, “What do you think of the watch?”

Without hesitation, he replied. “It’s awesome. I didn’t get it until I tried it. Now I’m not sure how I got along without it.” (I know, first world problem, right?)

So, I thought, What the heck. I can always return it if I don’t like it. And the verdict? I won’t be taking it back. So far, I love it. Here are my five biggest reasons:

  1. It’s a beautifully crafted gadget. Apple has conditioned us to wow experiences, but it’s hard to overstate the importance of this.

    Craftsmanship and aesthetics are critical to Apple’s success, and it shows up in all their products. The watch is no different.

    I’ve been wearing mine for over a week, and I still cannot get over how good it feels, looks, and works. The sync with my phone is flawless, and the overall user experience is excellent.

  2. It’s less intrusive than the iPhone. The iPhone may be sleek and stylish, but I still feel funny setting it on a table during a lunch meeting or constantly having to pull it out of my pocket to get information I want.

    With the watch I can limit the alerts to the main things and never have to pull out my phone unless I want to make a call or read something in depth.

    Weather, messages, feeds, and more are all right there at my wrist. And—get this—it even tells time!

  3. It’s made me more conscious of my activity level. This is one of the coolest things about the Apple Watch. I’m very health conscious, but it’s easier to be conscientious about what you can measure.

    The health tracking feature has just the right amount of information for me. And it brings me back to the simple things that matter, like how much I’m standing and exercising each day.

    There might be more robust solutions for this, but the Apple Watch is simple and does all I need. It is also the most accurate heart monitor I have ever used.

  4. It keeps me focused on what matters most. In a very real sense, my phone provides too much information. The Apple Watch provides just enough.

    For example, the watch face notes my next appointment—not my calendar for the whole day or the week, but just the next appointment.

    Nozbe shows my to-do list for the day. Between these two items, I have everything I need to focus on what’s important now.

  5. It’s just plain fun to use. This goes back to No. 1, but it’s an important aspect of all of Apple’s products.

    Beauty delights us. That’s especially true for tools where functionality is key. Instead of merely using the watch, I want to use it. Apple’s elegance invites engagement.

    Maybe that’s because it’s new to me, but honestly I don’t think so. I still love using my MacBook, my iPhone, and the rest.

In Ken Segall’s book, Insanely Simple, he talks about Apple’s “human-centric” design process. That stands out for me every time I use my Apple Watch. Now I’m just kicking myself for not buying one sooner.

Question: Have you thought about getting the Apple Watch? If you already have one, what’s your impression?