Behind the Scenes—The People Who Make It Happen

Women of Faith is a conference designed specifically for women. It is owned by Thomas Nelson. We do about 30 of these events a year in cities all across America.

When I tell people about these conferences for the first time, they usually envision small church meetings with maybe a couple of thousand women. The reality is that these conferences are held in large sports arenas in major metropolitan areas. The average attendance is 13,000-plus. They are as polished and professional as any large performance event you have ever attended.The conferences feature world-class speakers, singers, and dramatists. They get a lot of praise—and rightly so. They are outstanding. But none of this could happen without the enormously dedicated operations and production staff who set up the event and take it down week after week. They are the real heroes. They make everything else possible. I, for one, am very grateful for their dedication, diligence, and professionalism.

Recently, Dave Koss, the video director for our Live Events division, put together a brilliant, time-lapse video showing the entire setup and takedown of a Women of Faith event. If you have never been, this “shoehorns” the whole experience into three minutes and forty-three seconds. I can’t believe they do this 30 times a year! (That doesn’t even count 16 additional Revolve events for teen girls.)

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