Something Even More Important Than Blogging Frequency for Building Traffic [Video]

Almost every time I speak on the topic of Platform, someone asks, “How often do I need to post on my blog to be build my platform?” The truth is, my opinion has changed over the years.

When I first started blogging, I was like most people—I blogged when I was inspired. As it turned out, that wasn’t too often. As a result, my blogging frequency was all over the map.

Sometimes I blogged twice a week. Sometimes twice a month. No wonder I couldn’t seem to build any momentum.

About four years in, I made a commitment to post three times a week—no matter what. My traffic increased dramatically. Then I decided to dial it up to five times a week. My traffic skyrocketed.

But over the last several months, I have changed my opinion yet again. I was inspired by Tim Ferriss’s concept of “minimum effective dose.” In this video I discuss how it applies to blogging frequency.

I reveal something that is even more important than frequency. Before you watch the video, take a guess at what you think it is and leave a comment below. Then watch the video (it’s less than three minutes long) and come back and tell me if you were right.

Question: What do you think could be more important than blogging frequency for building a platform?

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