Have You Fallen Out of Love With Blogging?

Remember when you used to actually enjoy blogging, back before it became something you dreaded? Back then, sharing your message was all that mattered, and you couldn’t wait to get the word out, hoping to impact others with your story. But then something got in the way.

I know the drill. Here’s how it happened to me.

Platform Building Can Be So Frustrating

When I first started blogging, I did everything I knew how to do to reach more people. I had compelling content, but I knew I’d get more traction with a professional looking site that functioned at a higher level.

So I spent ever-increasing amounts of time tinkering with it—trying to get it to look the way I imagined and do the things I wanted. But all this hacking and tweaking became a major distraction and a drain.

With a full-time executive job and a family to raise, my time was tight. Instead of creating consistent content—the key to building a serious following online—I was frittering away my time and making almost no progress.

Blogging started as a joy but quickly became a chore. Instead of excited, I felt frustrated and discouraged.

But It Doesn’t Have to Be That Way

Then, something changed. I began working with my WordPress developer, Andrew Buckman, to develop a new theme that would:

  • contain everything I needed to build a personal brand online; and

  • free me from coding so I could focus on creating my best content.

The results were incredible—and almost immediate. The new theme enabled me to focus on writing, grow my platform more rapidly, and expand my influence. As a result, nearly half a million unique visitors read my blog every month.

And here’s the good news: After two years in development, this powerful new theme—the Get Noticed! Theme™ for WordPress—is ready to share.

If you’re one of the thousands of people who has been waiting for the day when you could get your own copy of the Get Noticed! Theme™, that day is here. You can purchase it today.

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Everything You Need to Succeed, Built Right In

The Get Noticed! Theme™ for WordPress is the only WordPress theme designed for platform-builders by a successful platform-builder. As someone who makes a full-time living from his platform, I know exactly what elements are essential for success.

Here are just a few of the built-in features I know you’re going to love:

  1. Simple, Intuitive Dashboard. Everyone who uses the theme agrees. The dashboard is amazing. It’s easy to use, and puts complete control of your site right at your fingertips.

  2. Email Subscription Form. Now it’s easy to build your most important online asset—your email list—with a beautiful, easy-to-use form. With perfect integration into email services like MailChimp and AWeber, you can begin list-building in just a few minutes, even if you’re a beginner.

  3. Landing Page Templates. If you dream of earning a full or part-time income from your blog, we’ve made monetization quick and easy with our clean, elegant landing page templates. No need for a designer or figuring out the code on your own. You can now share your product, service or event in just minutes.

  4. Mini-Post Types. You know that you need fresh, frequent content to build a loyal following. But who has the time? Mini-posts enable you to add valuable content to your site more often with hardly any extra work. We include fifteen different mini-post types in the theme.

  5. Mobile Responsive Design. The Get Noticed! Theme™ will ensure that your site looks gorgeous on any device. And, with thirty to fifty percent of your traffic likely coming from mobile devices, it’s critical to give your mobile readers a great experience.

  6. Social Share Bar. Make it super easy for your readers to share your posts on their social networks. Build powerful social proof by prominently displaying share counts on your site (and even set the threshold that determines when they’ll start appearing).

  7. Events Calendar. If you’re a public speaker, artist, or entertainer, you’ll love displaying your upcoming media appearances, interviews, and speaking engagements in the calendar on your sidebar or speaking page, just like I do here on my site.

  8. Code-Free Customization. Now you can have the professional-looking site that is worthy of your message. You can create a blog that looks a lot like mine or you can tweak to your heart’s content—all without touching a line of code. (If you want to add your own code, we’ve got you covered there, too.)

And that’s only the beginning of what Andrew and I have built into the Get Noticed! Theme™. You can see the full list of features here.

Okay, I’m Ready

Discover The Theme That is a Joy to Use

But the best part of the Get Noticed! Theme™ isn’t the incredible features. It’s not the rock-solid coding. It’s not even the clean, beautiful design. The best thing about the Get Noticed! Theme™ is that it is an absolute joy to use.

Imagine that! What if it could be fun to build your platform? Imagine being able to quit the endless tinkering and do what you do best again—share your message.

Imagine the people who are waiting to hear what you have to say, if only you could get out from under the hood and start driving to where they are. Imagine the kind of impact you could have, the kind of lives you could change.

Show Me How to Buy!

Your message matters. The world needs to hear what you have to say. So, stop tinkering, get noticed, and fall in love with blogging all over again.

Question: Do you have a question about the theme? If you were one of our beta testers, what do you think?