Do the Work (New York: The Domino Project, 2011)

If you are a writer—or a creative of any time—this book is must reading. It is not that different from the War of Art, but I found it more focused and helpful. If you are having a hard time getting started on that really important project or if you are stuck, this book is for you!

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15 thoughts on “Do the Work

  1. I just started reading this on my Kindle for Mac app.  Offers incredible insights that speak to the creative process with which I’ve wrestled for so, so long.

    Definitely a good shove to get moving (again)!

  2. I got a Google alert today that quoted you, saying how much you liked “Windows of the Soul.” It was very kind of you, Mike. Thank you. Ken Gire

  3. So you spend money to read a book rather than dive in. Just sounds like more procrastination to me! Plus you are poorer! LOL

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