The Ultimate Sales Machine (New York City: Portfolio Trade, 2006)

This is by far the best business book I have ever read. I know that is a big claim, but I found the book enormously compelling. It is full of real-world examples, brilliant strategies, and proven tactics. And make no mistake: this book is not just about sales. It is about life and an approach to running a business that is different than anything I have ever read. I can see why Tony Robbins partnered with him. (Sadly, Chet died of leukemia in 2012.)

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9 thoughts on “The Ultimate Sales Machine

  1. I have read this book multiple times. Honestly it is jammed with good resources for running and managing small to med size business. Was sad when i head about Chet illness, followed him online, it was truly a great guy. I am interested to hear your feed back on it.

  2. This is a fine book, Michael, but a much better and more contemporary approaching subject is Kendra Lee’s Sales Magnet.

  3. Think about him a lot…still ear his commercials….I find myself using stuff from this book every single day.  I give this book away to customers (small business owners) all the time.

  4. Thanks for the book recommendation.  I am always looking for some great business books and had not heard of this one.  It is now added to my reading list.  Thanks again. 

  5. I had no idea Chet died. This is by far one of the best books out there. I have it underlined, highlighted and on my nightstand as I refer to it often.

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