3 Communication Fails You Need to Avoid

You’ve got a big vision for your business and you’re building a team to get you there. But where two or three people are gathered, there’s bound to be some misunderstanding. No matter how hard you work at it, you wind up having to repeat yourself. That costs time and wastes momentum. Why does communication […]

Communication Secrets of Remote Teams

If you’ve recently made the switch to remote work, you’re not alone. At least a quarter of U.S. employees worked from home at least part of the time before the Covid-19 crisis. An estimated 16 million U.S. knowledge workers started working remotely due to Covid-19 as of March 2020. That number has likely continued to […]

How to Choose a Business Coach

I recently had lunch with a young entrepreneur. His business had grown quickly, and, as a result, he was facing challenges he’d never encountered before. He said, “I think I need a business coach—someone who can help me navigate the road ahead. Can you recommend someone?” I get asked this question a lot. Running a […]

How a Business Coach Can Help You Now

The global pandemic has upended a lot of business plans. You’ve probably thought about getting some coaching to lead more effectively, but is it the right time to make that decision? Frankly, it doesn’t seem right that you can’t get help in dealing with the crisis—because of the crisis!

How to Make Your Vision a Reality

As a leader, you have a clear vision for the future. But the busyness of life always pulls your attention back to business as usual. You make occasional bursts of effort toward the vision, but there’s no real progress. It’s frustrating to watch your dream for the future collecting cobwebs.

7 Must-Have Tools for Remote Work

You want to stay productive while working at home, but it’s not easy! There are challenges in team communication, collaboration, conferencing, and document sharing. And? You’ve got to set up an entirely new workspace. It’s challenging. And, especially at first, exhausting. 

Avoid this Temptation in Economic Downturns

Business leaders are asking one question right now: How can my business survive the economic upheaval generated by the COVID-19 crisis? The way to do that is to help the economy keep moving. And the way to do that is to keep providing value that customers are willing to pay for.  To be frank, not […]

How to Be Resilient in Tough Times

As a leader, you are your company’s single greatest asset. While you’re guarding your health against the coronavirus, you must also deal with the stress and responsibility of running a business. It’s tough! This crisis threatens the mental and emotional resiliency of you and your team.  Given the stress we’re under, is it even possible […]