Killer Takeaways from a Bestselling Book Launch

6 Lessons to Fuel Your Next Release

Living Forward Best Seller Lists

The launch of Michael Hyatt and Daniel Harkavy’s new book Living Forward has been massive. Thanks to you, we hit several bestseller lists out of the gate and made a major impact in the marketplace. Our marketing team built out a launch plan over a year ago and spent countless hours refining and executing it […]

What Would You Give to Finally Have the Impact Your Message Deserves?

Move Fast: It's Your Last Chance to Register for Get Published

When I conducted my most recent reader survey, almost half of you said that you one day hoped to write a book. So let me ask you a question: When will that day come? Whether you’re a business leader, speaker, blogger, pastor, or podcaster, if you’ve got a book in you, there’s never been a […]

What You Need to Negotiate a Fantastic Book Deal

My New eBook Details 6 Factors to Consider When Your Book Goes from Dream to Deal

Let’s say you’ve always wanted to write a book. What would you do if a publisher made you an offer today? What if a deal was waiting in your inbox right now? The truth is you’ll probably have an agent who can help walk you through all the fine points. But with or without an […]

Don’t Have Time to Write Your Book? Do it Twice as Fast with Half the Effort

Register Now for My Free New Webinar ‘The Busy Person’s Guide to Writing a Book’

The hardest thing about writing a book is writing a book. I bet you know what I’m talking about. A 500-word blog post is one thing, but a 50,000-word manuscript? Writing a book can feel like a daunting task. I once heard an author compare it to an ant crossing the interstate. It can be […]

Think You Can’t Get Published? Here’s Why You’re Wrong

My Get Published Training Course Will Show You How to Work the System and Launch Big

If you’ve always dreamed of writing a book, I have good news. You’re living at the very best moment in history to have the impact your message deserves. But you have your doubts, right? Maybe you’ve heard the statistics on how many books get automatically rejected by agents and publishers. Maybe you’ve already been rejected. […]

Don’t Give up on Your Publishing Dream Until You Read This

Discover What 15,000 People Already Know about How to Beat the Odds and Get Published

The reaction to my free video series, Breaking the Publishing Code, has been phenomenal. We knew the message would resonate. But, we had no idea that nearly 15,000 people just like you would raise their hand and say, “I want to get published and have more impact than ever before!” Just like these 15,000 people, […]

How to Write a Book Proposal That Leaves Publishers Begging to Sign You

The One Essential Truth You Need to Know [Free Video Series]

I’ve been in book publishing my entire professional life—more than thirty years now. And I’ve worked at practically every level of the industry, from grunt to CEO. I’ve done marketing, sales, and editorial. I’ve even typeset books and represented authors—not to mention being a bestselling author myself. You cannot believe the number of changes I’ve […]

Do You Have a Book inside You? Don’t Miss My Free New Video Series

Publishing Can Seem Overwhelming, but Breaking the Publishing Code Guides You Step-by-Step through the Process

Eighty percent of people think they have a book inside them. I bet you’re one. But the idea of getting published can feel overwhelming. Where do you even begin? Nothing makes an impact, creates authority, and opens doors like a book. But the publishing world seems so intimidating, full of unspoken rules, procedures, and expectations. […]

What I Wish Someone Had Taught Me About Marketing Before I Published My First Book

What I Wish Someone Had Taught Me About Marketing Before I Published My First Book

If you’re an author, you know it’s as much about marketing today as it is about writing a good book. If you are an aspiring author, you’re about to learn this lesson—perhaps the hard way. Whether you self-publish or publish through a traditional publisher, YOU have to drive the marketing engine. You can’t afford to […]