Why You Should Still Be Charging for Your Products

You’ve probably noticed the trend in the last week of businesses offering products or services for free to help out during the COVID-19 crisis. I applaud the impulse, but there’s a fatal flaw in the logic—the economy depends on people creating value and other people recognizing that value and willingly paying for it. 

How to Balance Remote Work and Family Life

The opportunity to work from home sounds great! But the reality of being forced to make that shift on short notice can be stressful. Add to that the school closings, work-from-home spouses, and the general uncertainty of the times. It’s nerve-wracking! You may be wondering how to keep your sanity, let alone keep your focus.

7 Benefits of Working Remotely

Leverage this Opportunity to Improve Productivity and Morale

When the COVID-19 crisis made it necessary for our team to work from home, the transition was seamless. We began as a completely remote company six years ago. And when we did add an office two years ago, it was as a place for collaboration and communication. To this day, no one has a traditional […]

3 Actions to Lead Through Today’s Crisis

The COVID-19 crisis has created a lot of uncertainty for business leaders. Nearly every business has been affected, some drastically. Many are dealing with a dropoff in sales, learning to manage remote teams, and tremendous instability. It’s frightening, exhausting, and really shakes your confidence.

3 Ways to Inspire Your Team

As a leader, you have a vision for the future. It’s clear. It’s practical. And you know it will make a huge impact. There’s just one problem: nobody’s buying it. When you communicate your vision, all you get are shrugs and blank stares. How frustrating!  Based on our decades of experience and that of thousands […]

3 Challenges in Managing Change

Has this ever happened to you? You’re excited about a new project or initiative, and you can’t wait to share it with your team. But when you do, you see nothing but crossed arms and blank stares. They’re not hostile. But they’re not sharing your enthusiasm either. What gives?

4 Ways to Make Reading Fun Again

As a leader, you know you should be developing a consistent reading habit, but you struggle to prioritize it. Here’s the good news—the problem isn’t what you’re reading, it’s how and why you’re reading.

Why You Need to Take Care of the People Who Take Care of You

Customers, Bosses, Boards, and Investors Matter—But They Can’t Come First

Some leaders believe that customers are their most important priority. Others believe their boss, their board, or their investors are their most important priority. I’ve worked in companies where these philosophies were the cultural norm. But I don’t agree with them. I believe your teammates are your most important priority. If you take care of […]

Michael and Megan Answer Your Questions

Leaders are expected to have all the answers. But sometimes they need to get insight from other leaders to stay on top of their game. In this episode, we reached out to our Instagram audience for their most pressing questions for Michael and Megan. They bring practical solutions to the problems many leaders face, based […]