The Very Best Way to Motivate Your Team

When leaders are driven to succeed, it’s easy to resort to power tactics to drive the team forward. While high achievers always thrive on a challenge, they also need more subtle encouragements to keep them energized. In this episode, we’ll show you the very best way to call forth the very best from your team.

George Washington vs. Workplace Drama

10 Ways to Dial It Down from America’s Founding CEO

When George Washington was a teenager, he both copied out by hand and tweaked 110 “rules of civility and decent behavior.” These rules had been compiled by Jesuits in late 16th century France and made the voyage across the Atlantic Ocean. Manners were up in the air in this new world when Washington put quill […]

Money Isn’t Everything

5 Other Currencies to Motivate People

A surprising number of people are not primarily motivated by money. In fact, some studies have found that there is only a weak connection between job satisfaction and salary level. And yet, the primary way that we attempt to motivate employees in the white-collar world is through extrinsic means: bonuses, stock awards, and benefits packages. […]

The Science of Motivation

6 Ways to Soldier On

The United States Military Academy is an elite, selective institution with an acceptance rate of less than 10 percent. Despite this, not everyone who matriculates graduates. Psychologists Amy Wrzesniewski and Barry Schwartz decided to find out why. Drawing on 14 years of data detailing the motivations and outcomes of over 10,000 cadets, they found intrinsic […]

The Science of Decision Fatigue

4 Ways to Make Fewer, Better Choices

Think back to the last decision you made. What were your options? How did you choose what to do? Most importantly, was the outcome of this decision instrumental in building your life, productivity, or happiness? Unless I caught you at a particularly productive or essential moment, probably not. Most of the decisions we make are […]

Best Tools for Decision Making

Why Leaders Don't Have to Go It Alone

Decision making is a big part of leadership. As a leader, one is expected to take decisions all the time. Some of these are of a routine nature, while others have the power to change the course of a business. A lot rides on a leader’s decisions. They can impact the livelihood of the staff, […]

Don’t Choose Your Lunch

Fewer Decisions Will Leave a Great Taste

Back in 2014, Barack Obama declared that he only focused on making the most-important decisions.  “I don’t want to make decisions about what I’m eating or wearing. Because I have too many other decisions to make,” he explained. This is understandable. Sometimes we find ourselves beset by the decisions, big and small, that we think have […]

How to Make High Leverage Decisions

4 Simple Strategies for Making Fewer, Faster, Better Decisions

Good leaders thrive on making high-leverage decisions. But facing too many daily choices can be overwhelming. Eventually, we’re tempted to overthink every choice—or abdicate choosing altogether. In this episode, we show you four simple strategies to streamline your decision making. When we’re done, you’ll say goodbye to mental exhaustion. And you’ll gain the confidence and […]

Check Baby, Checklist

4 Lists to Aid Your Decision Making

We are a society of list-makers. We gather groups of to-dos and to-don’ts, would-bes and should-bes, and we slap them down on legal pads and post-it notes, fancy journal pages, and stained napkins. Far too often those lists fail to translate to measurable success. It doesn’t have to be this way. When making lists, a little […]

How to Think Straight

Avoiding Fake News, Group Think, and Other Decision Making Pitfalls

Leaders make tough decisions nearly every day. Too often, they feel rushed or pressured into choices they don’t like and later regret. In this episode, we’ll show you the bad thinking that underlies nearly every bad decision.

New Coke: Anatomy of a Terrible Decision

5 Lessons from One of the Worst Product Rollouts of All Time

The Coca-Cola Company’s own website admits that it was probably “a day that will live in marketing infamy.” On April 23, 1985, Coke Chairman and CEO Roberto Goizueta announced to 200 reporters that the company would be changing its formula. It would be still be called Coca-Cola, but this “New Coke” would taste better and […]

Apples, Oranges, and Arguments

Better Comparisons for Better Thinking

One of the bigger problems when it comes to rational discussion today is that we don’t quite know what we are comparing. Everybody has heard the cliché that “you cannot compare apples and oranges.” But guess what: We do compare apple and oranges all the time. This usually happens when we go grocery shopping. We […]