4 Strategic Benefits of Having a Vision

As a leader, you know you’re responsible for the vision of your company. And you have one—sort of. It exists in the back of your head, but it’s really hard to get it down on paper. There never seems to be enough time to do it. And, when it comes right down to it, you’re […]

How to Leverage the L.E.A.P. Principle for Big Results

4 Simple Steps to Beat the Law of Diminishing Intent

The turn of the year is always a good time to evaluate what’s working in our lives, what’s not, and make any changes that will start us down a better path. As we pause and reflect on where we’ve been and where we want to go, we normally have a sense of what to do. […]

How to Solve Your Turnover Problem

To lead a growing business, you need a strong team. But finding and keeping talent is a challenge. Sometimes it seems that good people leave faster than you can hire them. You’ve added all the perks you can think of, but nothing will stop the revolving door.  Why does staffing have to be so hard?

5 Ways Reading Makes You a Better Leader

The Science Behind Reading and Influence

Pollsters say reading is in decline. As an author and former publishing executive, the statistics make me wince. But I’m optimistic for another reason. Why? A readership crisis is really a leadership crisis. And for people who know how to respond, crisis is just another way of saying opportunity.

3 Essentials for Executive Moms

As a leader, you thrive on the challenges of running your business. But if you also happen to be a wife and a mom, you feel pulled in another direction. It seems that whenever you’re at work, you’re thinking at home. And when you’re home, you don’t feel fully present either. You may wonder why […]

Four Questions to Sharpen Your Vision

Sometimes it’s hard to see something, even when you’re looking right at it. That’s partly because of the way our brains work, according to psychology professor Wendy Wood. “Our minds are designed to miss the forest for the trees,” she says in her book, Good Habits, Bad Habits “We are primed by cues [stimuli in our […]

A 2020 Special Announcement

As a high achiever, you love reaching goals! But added on top of a busy life, goal achievement can seem a bit overwhelming. The Full Focus Planner puts it all into one handy system. Yet you may want a little help getting it up and running.

What’s Missing from Your Goal Achievement Toolbox?

High achievers thrive on goal setting. So you probably get revved up at the start of a new year or quarter. But the busyness of daily life can drain that enthusiasm quickly. You’re using all the tools you have to keep yourself focused and motivated. But sometimes, it just doesn’t seem to be enough. What’s […]

Making Vision Stick

4 Elements of a Crystal-Clear Vision that Compels Action

To lead others, you need a compelling vision. But lofty words are not enough. A vision statement must draw a crystal-clear picture of the future that guides action. In 2000, I took over Nelson Books, a major division of Thomas Nelson. I quickly discovered that it was the least profitable of the fourteen units in […]

Encore Episode: How to Fix New Year’s Resolutions

All of us, especially leaders, want to make positive change in our lives. But we’ve tried and failed many times. We’ll show you why New Year’s resolutions are a flawed system, and how to set achievable personal goals instead. You can avoid that sick feeling every January, and create a new habit or achievement that […]

The First Question Successful People Ask about Their Goals

Recently I had an idea for one of my coaching clients. It was a fundamental change to her business model that I knew would 10x her business and provide her with more personal margin to focus on her health and most important relationships. As we talked, she got excited about the possibilities. But almost immediately, […]

How to Do One-on-One Meetings

Leaders are often great solo achievers. But to be a truly great leader, you need to lead a great team. We’ve noticed that some leaders give too little attention to team members. Others smother them with communication and requests for updates. It’s challenging to find the right level of interaction to keep a team on […]