In Defense of Remote Work

Help Your Company Find Its Why

The debate over remote working—what we used to call telecommuting—is endless. It’s also mostly misconceived. Pundits and consultants debate whether it’s a privilege or a right, whether it’s good or bad for productivity, good for morale or not. The truth is that data and anecdote can be marshaled to support most positions on this issue. […]

Fake Work and How to Avoid It

We begin each day with the best of intentions. But we often go to bed at night wondering exactly what we’ve accomplished. The problem? An endless stream of busy work invades our schedule and keeps us from doing the things that really matter. In this episode, you’ll learn the three simple steps for eliminating fake […]

When Goals Don’t Cut It, Focus on Obstacles

Becoming the Right Kind of Person to Succeed

Emily wanted to work in marketing. She was young and had no experience. She’d skipped college and used a portfolio of work and a Praxis apprenticeship to win a spot on the Customer Success team of a growing startup. But her goal was still marketing. She aimed right at it and started asking people in […]

Why After-Action Reviews Are So Important

Military Strategy Could Help Take Your Organization to the Next Level

One of the critical differences between military and civilian organizations is that most military organizations can only simulate their wartime missions in peacetime, and must therefore conduct training which seeks to mimic combat conditions as closely as possible. This is not something that most civilian organizations do with their more high-pressure tasks. The thinking behind […]

Breakthrough Results in Operations

Applying 4DX in Production and Operations Environments

Is execution more difficult than strategy? Nine out of ten business leaders say “yes.” If you are a leader with operational or production responsibility, you may feel an even higher sense of frustration when it comes to execution. In the early 2000s, a group of us at Franklin Covey began working on the methodology known […]

Engineering Success

How to Create with the End in Mind

Leaders are responsible for getting results. Yet it seems like we’re constantly reinventing the wheel, trying to solve the same old problems. In this episode, Michael and Megan show you how to get exactly the result you’re looking for in any business process.

4 Rituals That Make You Super Productive

Leverage the Power of Daily Habits to Supercharge Your Day

All of us want to be fully engaged and highly productive, but every day brings a fresh round of small obstacles. In this episode, we’ll show you the four daily routines guaranteed to launch you into a productive day. When we’re finished, you’ll avoid that feeling that you are never quite caught up and enter […]

The Science of Rituals

Learn Why They're So Darn Good for You

What do you do when you wake up in the morning? Do you brush your teeth, take a shower, and eat a bowl of oatmeal? Maybe you go for a run before the rest of the house is up or maybe you press the snooze and lie in bed, going over your day’s goals. Whatever […]

How a Structured Evening Ritual Can Help You Stay Sharp and Rested

Don't Find Yourself Counting Sheep

Nearly everyone knows how important sleep is to the body, mind, and spirit. Countless studies have found that a good night’s rest is important for keeping you mentally and physically healthy. And yet, most of us still don’t make good sleep a real priority. While you may not want to admit that lack of sleep […]

How a Morning Ritual Changed My Life

Wake Up on the Winning Side of the Bed

The decision to go freelance and break free from the typical nine to five workday was an exciting change. But without the office workday giving me boundaries and keeping me on track, it was easy to get lost in a schedule-less chaos. As my productivity dipped, it became apparent that something needed to change if […]

What Busy Leaders Really Need from Their Spouses

3 Factors Can Make-or-Break Marriages, and Businesses

With divorce rates hovering between 40 and 50 percent, experts spend countless hours discussing the reasons why so many Americans can’t make their marriages work. Arguments over money, sex, and kids are perennial fire starters. But there’s another issue that is critically important—especially for husbands and wives with demanding careers. Courtney Barbee credits the success […]