From Babylon to Self-Betterment

A Quick History of the New Year’s Resolution

Are you making a New Year’s resolution this year? It’s quite likely you are, as surveys conducted in recent years show that something like 40 percent of Americans make one annually. And what are they resolving? Last year’s Marist study, the annual gold standard of New Year’s resolutionology, showed that their number one goal was—good […]

10 Rules to Read More Books This Year

How to Make Reading Central to Your Personal Growth in the Coming Year

One New Year’s resolution I frequently hear from people is that they want to read more books. Makes sense if you consider reading a key component of personal growth and development. Ray Edwards recently wrote about his reading goals here at MH&Co. He planned to read fifty-two books in a year. Instead, he read seventy-six! […]

How Generosity Can Supercharge Your Marriage

Research Shows Free, Abundant Giving Is the Secret to Marital Bliss

When Roger Hodgson crooned to his anonymous paramour back in 1977, “Give a little bit of your love to me,” so he might “give a little bit of my life for you,” the Supertramp frontman presumably didn’t have academic research in mind. But Hodgson’s next beseeching couplet—“There’s so much that we need to share/So send […]

4 Rules for Strategic Givers

Generosity Is a Business Strategy, and Almost Everyone Gets It Wrong

It’s likely that your company logo is sitting in the bottom of some landfill. Likely, that is, if you’re among the majority of business leaders who try to woo clients, prospects, and employees with self-promotional gifts. You know the kind I’m talking about: food baskets, towels, T-shirts, hats, coffee mugs, and poorly made laptop bags. […]

The Real Economy of Gift-Giving

Don’t Let the Dismal Science Steal Christmas

Exchange and gift-giving have been a part of everyday human behavior since the dawn of mankind. So, it should be no surprise that these activities are also part of holiday celebrations—such as Christmas, Hanukkah, and Eid Al-Adha. Many of us remember the excitement of wondering what presents Santa Claus—or, as we discovered later, our parents […]

What Ebenezer Scrooge Can Teach Us About Generosity

Pettiness Poisons Modern Life—Here’s What We Can Do About It

Pettiness is a word that is on the way out. Google Books shows its usage down sharply since the middle of the 1960s, and many people have a hard time getting a handle on it today. That’s a shame because it’s an important term. It may be impossible to understand much of our recent public […]

Generosity Pays

We all know intuitively that generosity is right. But it turns out that generosity also provides some very tangible rewards for the giver. In this episode of the Lead to Win podcast, we uncover three benefits of generosity that span all of your most important relationships both at work and at home.

3 Emotions That Keep You Stuck

(And How to Overcome Them)

We all like feeling happy and settled. But those pleasant feelings can plateau your growth. Big goals are bound to stir up less pleasant emotions. Namely, fear, doubt, and uncertainty. In this episode, you’ll learn to see those feelings as the welcome committee to your best performance—and pick up some valuable tips to beat them.

What Setting Small Goals Is Costing You

How to Beat the Hidden Danger of Loss Aversion

Why is it so hard to hail a taxi in New York City when it’s raining? That’s when you most want a cab. It’s when available drivers can rack up fare after fare without little time wasted waiting for new business. Yet it’s also the time when cabs are the most scarce. The problem is […]

Leveraging Internal and External Motivation for Achievement

How to Balance Intrinsic and Extrinsic Rewards for Your Personal and Professional Goals

The end of the year is always an interesting time. In addition to all the family togetherness, delicious food, and gift exchange, one of the most prominent parts of the holiday season is setting sights on how the next year is going to be better. In essence, it’s “goal setting season.” The harsh reality of […]

What Extreme Athletes Can Teach Us About Overcoming Our Fears

The Triple Power of Trust, Preparation, and Mindful Engagement

At twelve years old, when most girls her age were learning algebra and crushing on the members of NSYNC, Samantha Larson was preparing to conquer a fear that few adults would face: climbing to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa. By eighteen, Larson had also successfully climbed each of the Seven Summits, ascending […]

4 Steps for Dealing with Self-Doubt

How Barack Obama and Sheryl Sandberg Beat the Imposter Syndrome

It’s natural to feel like an imposter sometimes. But don’t dwell on your self-doubt. Instead, the solution is to recognize your feelings as a healthy part of your professional and personal development, realize that other successful people feel the same way, understand that you already have the strengths needed, and use this fear as a […]