Don’t Bet the Farm on Brainstorming

3 Reasons to Think Twice Before Scheduling that Meeting

I can tell you with some precision the moment I first doubted group brainstorming. This was many moons ago. A medium sized media firm that wanted to grow much larger had engaged my consulting services. They held a company-wide powwow, flying most of the managers and yours truly to corporate headquarters in Darkest Peru. The […]

How to Lead High Achievers

Every leader would love to have a team of all-stars. But we sometimes discourage and frustrate our high performers without even realizing it. In this episode, we’ll show you how to manage the three tensions you face when leading high achievers. When we’re done, you will have the confidence to lead a highly engaged and […]

4 Things Your People Need to Win at Work

What it REALLY Takes to Lead a Team to Victory

Good leaders know that you’re only as strong as your team. Businesses thrive or fail based on your team’s ability to execute the organization’s mission and goals with skill, precision, and passion. Companies today lob everything from free gym memberships to unlimited vacation days at their most qualified applicants. But putting the right people in […]

Just Enough Cook

In Defense of Quiet Competence

Steve Jobs was a virtuoso. Using technology and design, he changed the way we think about computers, phones, music, and movies. Tim Cook, by contrast, comes off as a boring technocrat. Jobs’s chosen successor as CEO of Apple is good at keeping the global supply chains for the company’s products going, which sounds like great […]

More Manager, Less Micro

How to Step Back and Get Great Results.

“How’s it going?” The query sounds warm and innocuous enough coming from a friend or sibling. But to an early-career employee the boss just-two-minutes-ago assigned a task, it can be a stark signal that you’re probably working for a micromanager. The greeting often conveys that you’re answering to an OCD-ish, down-to-the-minute-details kind of boss, one […]

A Culture of Rising to the Challenge

Never Settle for "Good" if You Want to Grow

Building an internal culture that loves a challenge is not just a good thing for businesses to do. It is actually essential if that company is going to grow. Employees that are never pushed or challenged grow bored, and surveys have reported that a stagnant work environment is the number one reason that workers look […]

Some People Are Your Greatest Assets

Build Your Business Around the Exceptions

Most employees are interchangeable parts in your corporate machine. Your employees may be great people. They may be smart, talented, and attractive. They may be volunteer firefighters, soccer coaches, and great parents. They may never be sick, never be late, and never fail to deliver on time. It doesn’t matter. There are thousands, if not […]

4 Steps to Foster Creativity

How to Bring Out the Best in Your Team

Creativity is not some remote and solitary island. Each day, from the studios of legendary visual effects outfit Industrial Light & Magic to the conference rooms of ad agencies to the mission control rooms of NASA, teams of people come together to conceptualize, develop, and realize innovations in everything from movies to public policy. Yet […]

Elements of a Great Team Culture

All of us want to motivate our team to achieve at a higher level, but sometimes the atmosphere around us works against us. In this episode, you’ll learn how some leaders unwittingly allow a toxic culture to derail their team’s success. And you’ll discover how to create a healthy, functional work environment by incorporating three […]

4 of Today’s Best Content Management Apps

Which One is Right for You?

Calendars are the lifeblood of business operations. They always have been and always will be. One of the most common observations of successful businesses (and individuals) is they are very highly organized and have a consistent procedure. A 2017 study by PMI found that only 60% of projects actually meet their goals. The primary cause […]

The Ultimate Calendar Management Solution

Every leader manages a whirlwind of commitments, appointments, and deadlines. Sometimes it seems as if we’re one step behind. In this episode, we’ll show you the three basic tools that will enable you to manage your day. Plus, give practical tips on coordinating your calendar with an executive assistant.