5 Reasons Why I Read So Many Books

How Leaders Can Reap the Benefits of Serious Reading

I have always been an avid reader, but over the last few years, I’ve become much more intentional and ambitious in my reading. In 2015, I set my first challenging reading goal: to read fifty-two books in one year. By the time the year was done, the total was seventy-six. I still read at least […]

Shakespeare’s Plan for Personal Growth

What Leaders Can Learn from the Bard's Plays and Career

In deference to easily scandalized students, Cambridge University has begun adding trigger warnings to English classes that teach some of Shakespeare’s plays. That’s a shame if it deters participation. Students—and the rest of us—could all benefit from what the Bard can teach us about personal growth. Declan Fitzsimons, Adjunct Professor of Organizational Behavior at INSEAD […]

How Our Partners Empower Our Personal Growth

New Study Reveals Link Between Self-Development and Spousal Connection

Leaders and entrepreneurs fail for a million reasons. The usual suspects include lack of cash flow, dearth of technological savvy, or insufficient planning. But according to researchers from Carnegie Mellon University, the cause behind a failure to thrive in both personal and professional settings may be much simpler to explain. At least for married folks. […]

3 Habits of Lifelong Learners

How Leaders Can Leverage Teachability for Personal Growth

Over the years, I’ve met many influential and successful people, and I’ve observed a common trait in nearly all of them: they were all lifelong learners. If you want to win at life, this is non-negotiable. You have to become teachable. And the more teachable you are, the more successful you become. One of the […]

4 Practices to Become a Self-Aware Leader

When a high-performer encounters a startling career setback—perhaps getting fired or passed up for a promotion—the culprit is easy to predict. Nine times out of ten, it stems from a lack of self-awareness. Understanding your shortcomings is a prerequisite for correcting them. That’s why your level of self-awareness has the power to either slow your […]

Why You Need to Hit Pause to Keep Moving

4 Simple Steps to Stay Self-Aware, Even During the Craziest Day Ever

After conducting an in-depth study of seventy-two high-performing CEOs, Cornell University researchers reached a surprising conclusion. The key predictor of success for leaders wasn’t grit, focus, education, decision-making skills, a knack for strategic planning, or even IQ. It was self-awareness. Many experts would say self-awareness is simply the ability to monitor and regulate our thoughts, […]

How to Avoid Our Most Common Thought Traps

A New Guide to Clear Thinking in a Confusing World

During the early days of the Vietnam War, U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara wanted to know if American military efforts in Vietnam were effective. He charted the numbers of weapons lost, enemies killed, and so on. But there was a hole in his thinking. A critical colleague told McNamara he’d failed to count “the […]

Do You See Yourself Clearly?

How Teams Can Help Leaders Overcome Their Blindspots

When you see a group of friends roar with laughter after taking a selfie, you can bet they used a warp app to capture the moment. Like the funhouse mirrors of yesteryear, the app stretches our bodies and squeezes our faces to hilarious extremes. We have to laugh because the reflection has nothing to do […]

How to Break out of Business as Usual

The Enneagram Solution to Upgrading Our Outmoded Conflict Responses

Whether we know it or not, we all rely on a few basic strategies for moving through the social world. Different people adopt different strategies. Some try to be helpful and friendly; others aim for perfection. Some try to be attractive and productive, while knowledge is the goal for others. The problem is that most […]

Your Power as a Leader

The 4 Realities of Your Impact on Others

As leaders, we possess more power than we think. But we can only use it for good if we understand it and embrace it.

Are You a Responsive Person?

4 Ways to Set Expectations for Collaborative Communication

Unresponsive people drive me crazy. I hate sending an email or Slack message to someone and then waiting days to hear anything back. (Admittedly, I have sometimes been guilty of this myself.) This is particularly maddening when you don’t hear anything at all. One of the questions I always ask when interviewing executive assistants is […]

3 Ways to Go Further, Faster

The Secret Power of Sherpas, Experts, and Coaches

What is the single most important thing you can do to make your dreams become reality? In this post I share a critically important success principle and three ways to apply it.