3 Forces That Shape Character

How Media, Habits, and People Hold us Back or Drive us Forward

Charisma may be useful in attracting a following, but it is largely useless when it comes to achieving a long-term, positive impact on the people and organizations we lead. For this, we need character. In helping people build their platforms, I frequently meet people whose public image is better developed than their personal character. They […]

Encore Episode: 5 Leadership Lessons from Martin Luther King, Jr.

Dr. King’s efforts initiated changes that would transform American society. That’s why the nation celebrates Martin Luther King Day on the third Monday of every January. It’s a chance to reflect on what he meant for the nation—and what made his leadership so successful. In this episode, we’re going to explore the leadership legacy of […]

3 Leaders Reveal Their Hardest Conversations

Here's What They Learned From Them

Building a successful organization requires interpersonal skills as much as knowledge of finance or marketing strategies. Perhaps the most important tool in the relational toolbox is the tenacity to have tough talks that lead to the sort of necessary change that makes growth possible. Here, three individuals relate their most difficult conversations, revealing insights and […]

The Gratitude Advantage

It’s easy to assume that the benefits of gratitude are primarily external. But the latest research reveals that thankfulness offers major payoffs on our side of the equation, too. Discover the advantages of gratitude—and specific practices to harness them—in this week’s episode.

Best Tools for Decision Making

Why Leaders Don't Have to Go It Alone

Decision making is a big part of leadership. As a leader, one is expected to take decisions all the time. Some of these are of a routine nature, while others have the power to change the course of a business. A lot rides on a leader’s decisions. They can impact the livelihood of the staff, […]

How to Make High Leverage Decisions

4 Simple Strategies for Making Fewer, Faster, Better Decisions

Good leaders thrive on making high-leverage decisions. But facing too many daily choices can be overwhelming. Eventually, we’re tempted to overthink every choice—or abdicate choosing altogether. In this episode, we show you four simple strategies to streamline your decision making. When we’re done, you’ll say goodbye to mental exhaustion. And you’ll gain the confidence and […]

How to Think Straight

Avoiding Fake News, Group Think, and Other Decision Making Pitfalls

Leaders make tough decisions nearly every day. Too often, they feel rushed or pressured into choices they don’t like and later regret. In this episode, we’ll show you the bad thinking that underlies nearly every bad decision.