Best Tools for Decision Making

Why Leaders Don't Have to Go It Alone

Decision making is a big part of leadership. As a leader, one is expected to take decisions all the time. Some of these are of a routine nature, while others have the power to change the course of a business. A lot rides on a leader’s decisions. They can impact the livelihood of the staff, […]

How to Make High Leverage Decisions

4 Simple Strategies for Making Fewer, Faster, Better Decisions

Good leaders thrive on making high-leverage decisions. But facing too many daily choices can be overwhelming. Eventually, we’re tempted to overthink every choice—or abdicate choosing altogether. In this episode, we show you four simple strategies to streamline your decision making. When we’re done, you’ll say goodbye to mental exhaustion. And you’ll gain the confidence and […]

How to Think Straight

Avoiding Fake News, Group Think, and Other Decision Making Pitfalls

Leaders make tough decisions nearly every day. Too often, they feel rushed or pressured into choices they don’t like and later regret. In this episode, we’ll show you the bad thinking that underlies nearly every bad decision.

Hobbies for Perfectionists

Learning to Embrace a Hobbyist’s Mediocrity

The Wharton-educated bank executive quits weekend bird-watching excursions after missing a prothonotary warbler (rare orange and yellow-headed songbird) sighting. The tenured physics professor storms out of the kitchen because her batch of gazpacho soup turned out a tad too peppery. First-world problems, to be sure. But they’re also the type of increasingly common complaints hyper-accomplished professionals […]

What Busy Leaders Really Need from Their Spouses

3 Factors Can Make-or-Break Marriages, and Businesses

With divorce rates hovering between 40 and 50 percent, experts spend countless hours discussing the reasons why so many Americans can’t make their marriages work. Arguments over money, sex, and kids are perennial fire starters. But there’s another issue that is critically important—especially for husbands and wives with demanding careers. Courtney Barbee credits the success […]

Encore Episode: The High Cost of Overwork

Most people try to get more done by working more hours. Despite working longer days, we get less done. As our level of investment rises, productivity plummets. Until finally, we experience burnout. In this episode, we’re going to talk about productivity, and we’ll expose the fallacy that you can accomplish more by simply working harder. […]

Patience Is Not a Virtue

When You Shouldn't Let It Hold You Back

The patience of Job; the patience of a saint; a “fruit of the Holy Spirit”; a virtue. “He that have Patience, can have what he will,” predicted Poor Richard’s Almanack way back in 1736. As you might expect from that august build up, a lack of patience has also been associated with societal rot and […]

Encore Episode: The Fine Art of Celebration

How to Fuel Your Team with Affirmation

Celebration may cost a bit of time and money, but it is well worth it. If you invest the effort in celebrating with your team, that effort will be more than repaid in improved morale and increased productivity. In this episode, we’re going to explore the who, what, when, where, why, and how of celebrating—especially […]

Encore Episode: 4 Steps to Communicating Vision

There’s just no substitute for vision. When we have a compelling, unifying view of the future—and we’re able to communicate that view—it can motivate people to accomplish astonishing things. And those who lack vision, well, they’re just “unready” for the challenge of leadership. In this encore episode, we explore the importance of vision to energize and […]