Seven Rules for More Effective Meetings

People get “trained” to come late because they know nothing significant will happen until well after the announced start time…. For example, “the purpose of our meeting is to report on the results of our latest market research and give you a chance to ask questions.” Or, “the purpose of our meeting is to evaluate prospective titles for Don Miller’s new book and determine which one we are going to recommend to the author.”

Bonus Episode: Start Using Your New Planner Now!

As a high-performing leader, we know you love using productivity products like the Full Focus Planner™. But any new system can seem overwhelming at first. Honestly, our planner can seem that way at first. With so many features built in, it’s hard to know where to start. You may wonder if you’re actually getting the […]

How to Conquer a Chaotic Calendar

3 Steps to Protect Time for Your Biggest Priorities

As leaders—especially leaders who have busy families—the calendar can spiral out of control very quickly. It doesn’t take long before you’re dropping important personal or family events. As a top executive and mother of four, Meg has mastered the art of taming a chaotic calendar. In this episode, captured live at the Achieve Conference, she […]

The Science of Decision Fatigue

4 Ways to Make Fewer, Better Choices

Think back to the last decision you made. What were your options? How did you choose what to do? Most importantly, was the outcome of this decision instrumental in building your life, productivity, or happiness? Unless I caught you at a particularly productive or essential moment, probably not. Most of the decisions we make are […]

Check Baby, Checklist

4 Lists to Aid Your Decision Making

We are a society of list-makers. We gather groups of to-dos and to-don’ts, would-bes and should-bes, and we slap them down on legal pads and post-it notes, fancy journal pages, and stained napkins. Far too often those lists fail to translate to measurable success. It doesn’t have to be this way. When making lists, a little […]

Fake Work and How to Avoid It

We begin each day with the best of intentions. But we often go to bed at night wondering exactly what we’ve accomplished. The problem? An endless stream of busy work invades our schedule and keeps us from doing the things that really matter. In this episode, you’ll learn the three simple steps for eliminating fake […]

When Goals Don’t Cut It, Focus on Obstacles

Becoming the Right Kind of Person to Succeed

Emily wanted to work in marketing. She was young and had no experience. She’d skipped college and used a portfolio of work and a Praxis apprenticeship to win a spot on the Customer Success team of a growing startup. But her goal was still marketing. She aimed right at it and started asking people in […]

Breakthrough Results in Operations

Applying 4DX in Production and Operations Environments

Is execution more difficult than strategy? Nine out of ten business leaders say “yes.” If you are a leader with operational or production responsibility, you may feel an even higher sense of frustration when it comes to execution. In the early 2000s, a group of us at Franklin Covey began working on the methodology known […]

Engineering Success

How to Create with the End in Mind

Leaders are responsible for getting results. Yet it seems like we’re constantly reinventing the wheel, trying to solve the same old problems. In this episode, Michael and Megan show you how to get exactly the result you’re looking for in any business process.

4 Rituals That Make You Super Productive

Leverage the Power of Daily Habits to Supercharge Your Day

All of us want to be fully engaged and highly productive, but every day brings a fresh round of small obstacles. In this episode, we’ll show you the four daily routines guaranteed to launch you into a productive day. When we’re finished, you’ll avoid that feeling that you are never quite caught up and enter […]

The Science of Naps

Snooze Now, Conquer Later

My two-year-old is asleep for the third time today. I thought I had developed a clever disciplinary method when I started telling him that cranky kids need naps, and sending him to bed multiple times. Turns out I was being more clever than I knew. Instead of being better behaved, he just keeps going to […]