Encore Episode: The Fine Art of Celebration

How to Fuel Your Team with Affirmation

Celebration may cost a bit of time and money, but it is well worth it. If you invest the effort in celebrating with your team, that effort will be more than repaid in improved morale and increased productivity. In this episode, we’re going to explore the who, what, when, where, why, and how of celebrating—especially […]

Encore Episode: 4 Steps to Communicating Vision

There’s just no substitute for vision. When we have a compelling, unifying view of the future—and we’re able to communicate that view—it can motivate people to accomplish astonishing things. And those who lack vision, well, they’re just “unready” for the challenge of leadership. In this encore episode, we explore the importance of vision to energize and […]

3 Questions All Great Leaders Ask

As leaders, we often think we must have all the answers. That can result in a leadership style that exudes arrogance and ignores the wisdom that might be sitting in the room. In this episode, you’ll learn how to avoid becoming stagnated or committing foolish errors by learning to ask three types of questions in […]

Anatomy of a Great Decision

Decision making may be the toughest thing leaders do. we have to make critical choices that affect the welfare and livelihood of dozens or even thousands of people—often using conflicting or incomplete information. In this episode, we’ll show you the three factors leaders must consider when making an important choice.

How to Keep Meetings from Ruining Your Productivity

Meetings are a necessary part of organizational life, and every leader needs to convene them. Unfortunately, we often allow them to run on autopilot, trapping our team in a never-ending cycle of pointless meetings. Today, we’ll show you the real purpose of meetings. And we’ll share 3 questions that will make your team more productive […]

How to Lead High Achievers

Every leader would love to have a team of all-stars. But we sometimes discourage and frustrate our high performers without even realizing it. In this episode, we’ll show you how to manage the three tensions you face when leading high achievers. When we’re done, you will have the confidence to lead a highly engaged and […]

Elements of a Great Team Culture

All of us want to motivate our team to achieve at a higher level, but sometimes the atmosphere around us works against us. In this episode, you’ll learn how some leaders unwittingly allow a toxic culture to derail their team’s success. And you’ll discover how to create a healthy, functional work environment by incorporating three […]