Corporate Secrecy and Transparency

Today has been a long and busy day. I haven’t had a chance to write until now. And, it’s late, so I am simply going to point you to a provocative article on corporate transparency that ran in the March Issue of Wired magazine. It is called The See-Through CEO by Clive Thompson. (Thanks to Michael Gamma for bringing this article to my attention.)

Fish Bowl

Don’t dismiss this article because you’re not a CEO. Thompson’s observations and insights apply to everyone in leadership today. He says,

Transparency is a judo move. Your customers are going to poke around in your business anyway, and your workers are going to blab about internal info—so why not make it work for you by turning everyone into a partner in the process and inviting them to do so?

This is an article definitely worth pondering and perhaps even discussing with your colleagues.

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