Don’t Wake Up Dead

Inside of every tragedy, there’s always a little comedy. Last week, in the wake of the sad news about Michael Jackson’s untimely death, his former attorney, Brian Oxman, appeared on Fox & Friends. He made some startling claims about Michael’s prescription drug use.

picture of a flower on a grave

Then he said, “I warned everyone that I could. I said to family members that one day, that Michael Jackson was going to wake up dead.”Yogi Berra could not have said it better—or worse. No one “wakes up dead,” of course. That’s the whole point. If you are dead, you are dead. You can’t wake up.

The other point Mr. Oxman seemingly doesn’t understand is that no one lives forever. I don’t care if you are the King of Pop or are living in obscurity in a remote village. It’s only a matter of time. Everyone is going to die. No one gets out alive.

The only question is whether or not you have come to terms with it and are willing to live your life on-purpose nowbefore that day comes.

In our modern culture, we do everything we can to avoid thinking about death. We glorify youth—and youthfulness—and delude ourselves into thinking we are immortal.

Unfortunately, this robs us of the insights that come from reflecting on the inevitability of death. Not any death, mind you, but your own death. You are not going to live forever. Death will come. Sooner that you would like.

But what are you doing about it now? Obviously, one thing to sort out is what you believe about the afterlife and where you will spend eternity. That topic involves more than I want to cover in this post.

Another important question, not unrelated to the first, is how will you be remembered?

  • By your parents
  • By your spouse
  • By your children
  • By your friends
  • By your co-workers
  • By the poor you encounter

These people will indeed remember you. What will be your legacy? The time to build it is now, while you still can.

You can start by creating a life plan. It’s a way to be intentional. Before you “wake up dead.”

Question: How do you want to be remembered? By those closest to you?
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