How I Keep Doubling My Income Every Year

The Proven Formula I Use for Every New Product—Plus a Free Look at How I Do It

When people hear my business has doubled every year for the past three years, they want to know why. I can boil down my answer to just five words: Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula.

Forbes calls Jeff the “$400 million man” because PLF students have made literally hundreds of millions with his strategies and tactics.

I signed up for Jeff’s PLF course about three years ago. It was pricey—and also priceless. Why? Because it revolutionized my marketing and enabled me to put a rocket under my revenues.

Click Here to Get ‘Product Launch Formula’ for Yourself

I’ve used Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula for seven different launches so far. I’ve not only grown my email list, I’ve also beat my revenue projections again and again.

I don’t say this to brag. I say it so you know what Jeff teaches really works. If you’re serious about monetizing your platform, I cannot imagine a better investment than PLF.

But maybe you’re still hesitating. I’m sure you’re recoup your investment, but there are other obstacles, right? We all know time is the big one. How can you possibly carve out enough to create all the launch materials?

Here’s how.

I’ve got an exclusive bonus package available free to anyone who signs up for Jeff’s course here and only here.

This suite of four proven resources will you show not only how I execute Jeff’s method, but will also give you the marketing copy, Facebook ads, video scripts, and more that I have personally used in my launches. This will save you hours of time, stress, and expense.

Here’s what’s in the bonus package:

  1. The Ultimate Product Launch Swipe File: The Exact Emails, Facebook Ads, and Launch Materials of a Multi-Million Dollar Launch. This is every word of copy from my latest launch. We’re talking 13,000 words of promotional email text, Facebook ads, and more. All you need to do is swipe it and make it your own. (Value: $997)

  2. Plug ’n’ Play Video Script Templates: Your Go To Recipe For A Highly Profitable Launch. These are easy-to-customize templates for your launch video scripts. These are fine-tuned for the PLF process and work with any market. (Value: $997)

  3. Launch Calendar Pro: A Powerful Tool for Planning the Dates and Timing of a Winning Launch. How about an instantly customizable calendar to plan your launch? Now you can use this preloaded spreadsheet to plan every milestone, date, and deliverable—even if it’s your very first time. (Value: $97)

  4. A “Tell All” Reveal of a $1.7MM Launch: Watch Online as My Strategic Team Discusses My Biggest Launch Yet. This webinar provides insider analysis of my biggest launch so far, including what worked, what didn’t, and why—plus answers to your questions on coordinating email, Facebook ads, blog posts, and more. (Value: $297)

PLF isn’t cheap, but it’s the most effective marketing system I know. And if you sign up here, you’ll offset the investment with the very best resources in my arsenal for implementing Jeff’s process immediately.

Mileage varies, but the truth is I recouped my investment in the first ten minutes of my very first launch.

The only risk I can think of is hesitating. Jeff’s closing the window on registration soon. It’ll eventually open again, but do you want to wait a year to get started on monetizing your message?

Sign up for Jeff’s course today, get these four free bonuses, and watch your platform—and your revenue—grow like crazy.

I know what Jeff Walker’s system has done for my business, and I bet it will drive yours forward as well. Get his proven system now, while you still can:

Click Here to Get ‘Product Launch Formula’ for Yourself

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