Find out What the World’s Most Successful Bloggers Do to Drive Big Traffic

How to Leverage Social Media—Plus 8 More Top Growth Secrets

If there’s one question about platform building I hear more than any other, it’s this: “How can I drive more traffic?” We’re all asking it, right?

We want to influence as many people as we can with our message, and that means connecting with as many readers as possible. But how?

I’m a firm believer in getting outside counsel when I want to grow beyond my current reality. So I asked twenty-six of the top bloggers and communicators what they do to drive traffic, people like Tim Ferriss, Glennon Doyle Melton, Jon Acuff, and John Maxwell.

They shared nine different secrets for increasing traffic with me. And based on my experience in building my own platform and coaching others, these are some of the most effective strategies available.

Leveraging social media—and knowing how to do it—is a huge secret. There are several aspects to this. Here are four key ways to grow your traffic using social media:

  1. Create a sense of community. Readers appreciate the give-and-take that social media allows. But we have to create the right environment. How? Addressing needs is a big part of it.

    “By responding to comments [on Facebook] personally, listening to what my readers’ needs are, and sharing articles that address those needs, my active Facebook community continues to drive the most traffic to my blog on a daily basis,” says Crystal Paine.

    Guy Kawasaki calls this his NPR model. “My goal is to earn the right to promote my website by providing valuable content just like NPR earns the right to run pledge drives.”

  2. Combine the right image and headline. We’re an image driven-culture. And there’s a lot of noise in the social media space. Combining the right image and headline is the best way to get noticed.

    “Crafting headlines that are very attractive to my audience and placing them inside an attractive visual image optimized for Facebook is the most effective technique I use,” says Michael Stelzner. “A good headline draws people to your site. But a good headline along with a visual stands out in the Facebook news feed!”

  3. Find the right social medial channel for you. We’ve specifically mentioned Facebook so far, but there’s Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, Tumblr, and more—plus area-specific channels like Goodreads and The key is finding the channels that are best for you and your audience. Are you in the right place?

    Lewis Howes told me what happened when he moved to Pinterest. “My Web site traffic went up four times in two months,” he said. “I had no clue how powerful it would be, but it’s my No. 1 source of traffic now and drives twice as much traffic as Google and Facebook combined.”

  4. Turn Facebook posts into ads. There are other ways to leverage social media to drive traffic. Amy Porterfield turns her Facebook posts to ads. Here’s how she does it:

    I’ll write a content-rich blog post that is full of practical advice. From there I’ll set up a Facebook post about my blog article, using a snapshot from he blog post and simple text, such as ‘Love this post about XYZ.’ The more personal and casual the ad text, the more often it’s shared. From there I turn my Facebook post into an ad.

Those are some of the key insights from just one of the nine secrets. There are even more social media strategies plus eight additional proven ways to drive traffic, including:

  • How to connect your content with the needs of your readers.
  • The two ways to turn your archive into an high-growth annuity for big traffic.
  • How Google can work for you when you create evergreen content.
  • Tips for using podcasting and email incentives to pull more readers to your site.
  • The simple reason creating a network of partners for promotion and support is critical for driving traffic.

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