Early Bird Special on SCORRE Conference Ends Soon

We’re only two months away from the SCORRE Conference in Vail, Colorado, but you can still register today and save $200. But first…

Have you dreamed of being a speaker, writer, or powerful communicator? Do you have a message with the potential to change lives? Are you passionate about speaking in a way that inspires people to action?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions, the SCORRE Conference is for you.

You can be the communicator you’ve always wanted to be, and we can help you get there. I guarantee it.

And, if you register before the end of the day, September 2, you can take $200 OFF the already-low Early Bird Discount.

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Or read on to learn more …

I will be co-hosting the next SCORRE Conference with my business partner, Ken Davis, on October 13–16 in Vail, Colorado, at the beautiful Park Hyatt Beaver Creek Resort and Spa. Students from around the world will gather to learn the art of effective communication.

With our fifteen certified coaches and time-proven curriculum, the SCORRE Conference will give you all the tools you need to take your speaking to the next level. You will be shocked at how much you can improve in just a few days.

Here are just five benefits of attending:

  1. Dramatically reduce your prep time.
  2. Be more clear and focused in your presentation.
  3. Overcome your fear of stepping on stage.
  4. Learn how to connect emotionally with your audience.
  5. Make your speeches impossible to forget.

Sounds pretty good, right? That’s just the beginning!

We have had literally thousands of students go through SCORRE over the years. (See some video testimonials here.) It has had a bigger impact on my career than any conference I have ever attended. It revolutionized my speaking and influenced every aspect of my communication, including my blogging and podcasting.

If you’ve been thinking of coming to the SCORRE Conference, now is the time. You will learn:

  • The six-part SCORRE framework, enabling you to hit a home run every time.
  • The secrets of effective eye contact and meaningful gestures.
  • The strategies for finding, tweaking, and using more powerful illustrations.
  • The techniques for inspiring your audience and calling them to action.
  • Tips for using the SCORRE method to take your writing to the next level.

You will learn how to prepare effective presentations for every possible situation: from the elevator speech, to the boardroom, to the pulpit, to the convention keynote address.

This is an investment in yourself, your future, and your improvement as a speaker. It will pay immediate dividends. I guarantee it.

Thousands around the world have already benefited from this one-of-a-kind conference. Now it’s your turn. Register today and take an additional $200 off the Early Bird Rate.

Register Now

To take advantage of this offer, use the coupon code HYATT when you register. BUT you must do so before the end of the day on Tuesday, September 2. After that, the price goes up!

This conference will sell out. (It always does.) Register today and be the speaker you’ve always wanted to be.

Question: Have you attended the SCORRE Conference? What was your experience?

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