How to Get Rid of Professional Isolation and Loneliness—for Good

As the CEO of a large corporation, I surrounded myself with a leadership team that helped me stay energized, focused on our goals, and ready for the challenges that come in the marketplace.

But when I started the next chapter of my life as a full-time author, blogger, and platform-builder, I suddenly found myself without the benefits of that community. I didn’t realize how important that was to me until it was gone. Honestly, there were times the road felt pretty lonely.

If you’re a blogger, solopreneur, or speaker, I bet you can identify with that. For many of us, we do our work in isolation, at odd hours, without the kind of workplace community that helps us feel connected and grow.

That’s when I realized I needed to be intentional about surrounding myself with other entrepreneurs—people like me, people who were building their own platforms, people who were driven and could help push me and keep me motivated.

Corporations create community by accident. They just collect a lot of heads under one umbrella.

I wanted to purposefully create a shared learning environment. I figured if I felt this way, others must as well. So why not make room for people like me to learn about growing their platform, while also making space for us to support and share with one another?

That’s why I created Platform University, and it’s succeeded beyond my expectations.

You can join now before the price goes up on Friday. I’ll tell you more about that in a minute.

I’d like to highlight some of the tremendous progress our members are making. Some are just starting out. Others have a lot more experience. But all of them are moving the needle—and that inspires me to keep moving forward myself.

So join me in the comments in congratulating these members for their progress and contribution to the Platform University community:

Tammy HelfrichTammy Helfrich didn’t have any previous experience, but Tammy recently launched her own podcast and is off to a great start. She has now recorded almost twenty episodes and is connecting with her audience is a whole new way. Way to go Tammy!
Jonathan MilliganJonathan Milligan decided to form a group of likeminded individuals from within the community. He assembled a mastermind of individuals at similar places in their platform-building journeys, assigned roles, and scheduled regular meetings. He then laid out his entire strategy in the community forums so others can replicate the groups’ success.
Chad AllenChad Allen was able to go from generating 147 email subscription in a year to 276 in one day by adding a simple email incentive using OptinSkin. Additionally, Chad’s traffic tripled from 450 visits in a day to over 1,450. And like Jonathan, he outlines each step of his process in his recent forum post. Amazing progress.
Matt LawMatt Law launched a new blog and received over 1,400 unique visitors in just 30 days. As he explains in a recent forum post, his strategy included both video and incentives. The successful launch resulted in an additional $12,000 in revenue. Now that’s inspiring!

What will your success story be when you get plugged into a community like this? Maybe you’ll start a podcast, launch a successful book project, or see a huge spike in your blog traffic.

Whatever you do, with a community like the one we have at Platform University, you’ll get to your next inflection point faster than you can on your own.

Most importantly, you won’t be on your own anymore. You’ll be surrounded by a group of likeminded peers ready to celebrate your wins, encourage you to keep going when things get tough, and cheer you on to new heights.

But hurry! As you probably already know, Thursday, September 12th, is the last day to become a member of Platform University for the low price of $25 a month. The price goes up on Friday to $30 a month.

Join now and save $60 per year ($5 per month). That’s less than 85¢ a day. And you can always cancel your membership at any time.

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Question: How could a community of like-minded people benefit you?