3 Reasons You Need a Facebook Marketing Plan (and How to Get One)

People often ask me how I get so much done, and it all boils down to one word: planning.

I’ve just finished a new book, The Life Plan Manifesto, (forthcoming), blogged about taking control of your time by designing your ideal week, and more recently even created a course, 5 Days to Your Best Year Ever. Each of these focuses on the importance of planning.

I think it’s safe to say that I’m obsessed with this topic. The reason is simple: without a solid plan, you will never realize your dreams, regardless of how hard you work.

It should come as no surprise, then, that I am a firm believer in having a Facebook marketing plan. If you are want to build a powerful online platform, I believe you should, too.

Here are three reasons having a solid Facebook marketing plan is not just a good idea, but essential for anyone who wants to get more visibility for their product, service, or cause.

  1. Your time is valuable. As a busy entrepreneur, corporate executive, ministry leader, or author, you simply don’t have the time—or money —to waste on Facebook. Without a solid plan in place, Facebook can be a huge waste of resources.

  2. Your confidence is important. The right plan creates confidence. You no longer have to wonder if you are spending your time on the right things, or doubt whether or not you are doing it “right.” All you have to focus on is planning your work, and then working your plan.

  3. Your leadership is critical. Once you have an effective Facebook marketing plan in place, the hard work of using Facebook to grow your platform will be out of the way. You’ll even be able to delegate a lot of the work to another team member, since all they need to do is follow the plan you’ve created.

While I know all of that is true, I haven’t always known how to plan my Facebook strategy. The problem is, Facebook changes so frequently that whenever I think I just about have it figured out, it changes—again. Frankly, this is why I didn’t say much about it in my book, Platform.

The mistake I made was planning my Facebook strategy around Facebook features that change. So every time Facebook changed, I was left with a strategy that didn’t work, or at least not as well as it used to.

Thankfully, my good friend, Amy Porterfield, shared with me how to create a solid Facebook marketing plan. It goes beyond the latest and greatest Facebook features—which may not even exist tomorrow!—so that even when Facebook makes changes, all that is needed are some minor tweaks for me to be able to carry on with my plan.

Amy’s Facebook marketing plan has completely revolutionized the way I do marketing. It focuses on three core principles:

  1. Attraction—how to attract your ideal audience on Facebook. Growing your fan base isn’t enough. Hundreds or even thousands of fans won’t do you much good if they’re the wrong fans. This part of the plan helps you attract not just fans, but the right fans.

  2. Promotion: how to use Facebook to grow your list. This part of the plan includes powerful strategies to move your fans to action, using a free offer coupled with a Facebook ad strategy that won’t break the bank. This is key, because it will enable you to communicate with your fans outside of Facebook, where you won’t have to worry about any changes that Facebook makes in the future.

  3. Selling: how to leverage Facebook to sell your products, programs and services. Unlike a lot of people who teach Facebook marketing, Amy doesn’t sell directly on Facebook, but instead uses Facebook for lead generation, and from there uses email marketing to promote her programs.

I don’t want you to make the same mistakes that so many people (including myself) have made on Facebook, so I’d like to invite you to attend a free live workshop, that I’m hosting with Amy Porterfield. It’s called, “How to Create an Easy-to-Implement Facebook Marketing Plan That REALLY WORKS!

In this workshop Amy will explain how to create a Facebook marketing plan that is personalized and unique to your business. This plan will work for you even when Facebook rolls out new changes—which is almost guaranteed to happen!

If you’re tired of spinning your wheels on Facebook, and you want to know how to create a Facebook marketing plan that will provide you with exposure, traffic, leads, and even sales through Facebook, this workshop is for you.

Click here to learn more and reserve your spot for free!

Question: What’s keeping you from using Facebook more in your marketing activities?