The Get Noticed! Theme for WordPress Is Just About to Launch

I’ve had thousands of people ask me what theme I use here on my blog. If you were one of them, I have great news.

I’m about to make the WordPress theme I use here at available to everyone. It’s called the Get Noticed! Theme. It’s been a long time coming, but it has been worth the wait.

Andrew Buckman, my web developer, and I built this theme specifically for people like you who have a burning desire to get your message out but don’t have the time to tinker with complicated technology.

This theme is simple to install and a joy to use. It is the fastest way I know to get up and running fast, so you can do what you do best—tell your story, engage with your readers, and build a large and loyal following.

We are putting the final touches on the theme and its documentation this week, so you can’t get it quite yet. But you can sign up here to be notified when it’s available.

Here are three reasons you want to sign up NOW:

  1. I will notify you the moment the theme is available. Hint: it will be sometime next week.

  2. You will get exclusive access to my sneak peek, walk-through videos. In these four short videos, I share the main features of the theme. I also provide the why behind the what and explain how these features will enable you to create more consistent, engaging, and sharable content. The first feature alone could mean a major breakthrough in your blog’s traffic.

  3. You will receive a VIP invitation to a private webinar I am leading on Monday, May 19th. I am especially excited about this session! It’s called, “My Secret Formula for Building a Massive Email List.” I will reveal the step-by-step process I used to take my email list from 2,771 subscribers to more than 100,000. I will share my tools and walk you through the exact system I used.

I can’t wait to share the details of the theme with you. Sign up now, so you don’t miss out. (If you have already signed up, you will be notified as we make these items available. If you are not sure, sign up again.)