Is Gratitude Your Trigger for an Amazing Year?

Discover 8 Strategies High-Achievers Use to Reach their Goals

I’ve studied high achievers for decades. They all have different traits and habits that make them unique, but what I find fascinating are all the commonalities. What if having a successful year came down to just a handful of best practices?

I asked thirty well known high achievers to tell me how they set themselves up for success as the New Year approaches. Super-successful people like Tony Robbins, Dave Ramsey, Chalene Johnson, John Maxwell, and Chris Brogan all let me peek into their year-end process.

After studying their responses, I identified eight commonalities. Consider these best practices for getting a jump on the New Year. And Thanksgiving—which we’re celebrating this week in America—is the perfect time to get started. Why?

One of the most common responses was expressing gratitude.

“I enjoy taking the Thanksgiving Holiday to be thankful for all the positive things that happened over the past year, as well as assess how I can change my perspective on the negative things that happened to a healthy one,” Erik Fisher told me.

“This sets up the time between the end of November through New Years day as part celebration and part solitude and pondering and closing up old business,” he said. “Doing this is like starting the New Year with an empty in-basket.”

Ray Edwards said he prepares with “a gratitude flood.” How so? “In my journal I write down every good thing I can remember from the past year. In that state of total gratitude I ask, ‘What do I most want to be thankful for one year from now?’ I write the answer down, and it becomes a focus for the new year.”

Tony Robbins keeps a journal of “accomplishments and magic moments” that he revisits. He told me he captures standout moments throughout the year and draws principles from these to set his goals for the New Year.

Taking stock of the past year is the best way I know to set yourself up for success in the next.

John Maxwell does it. Skip Prichard does it. Jeff Walker does it, too.

This review process was a little different for each, but most seemed to focus on what went right, what went wrong, and what could be learned for the upcoming year. In those responses were thoughts about the importance of staying positive and expressing gratitude—which leads directly to the other best practices.

At the beginning I mentioned I counted a total of eight different best practices from these high achievers. Expressing gratitude is just one. Reflecting on the past year is another.

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Question: What are you most thankful for?