10 Reasons You’re Hesitating About Platform University

And Why You Can’t Afford to Wait Any Longer

Twice a year I open registration to Platform University for one week and one week only. And today’s your last chance to join until next year. But you’re hesitating.

Why? I can think of ten key reasons. All I’m asking is a chance to address these very common objections.

The 10 Most Common Objections

  1. I’m too busy. Me too. Whether it’s family, work, or whatever, we all have time commitments that fill our schedule. But here’s the thing: I designed Platform University for busy people like us.

    Everything from the Master Classes to our live monthly call is designed for quick acquisition and application. People who want to go deep can do so, but anyone can reap big rewards with minimal time investment.

  2. It’s over my head. Maybe you’re just getting started building your platform. Maybe you’re not very tech-savvy. The learning curve can look extremely steep.

    But that’s the whole point of Platform University—to lower that curve and make even the trickiest aspects of platform building accessible for practically anyone. It’s not what you don’t know; it’s what you’ll discover and learn to apply as soon as you join.

  3. I’m already past that. Maybe you’re way past the beginner stage. Is there application for advanced​ builders too? Absolutely.

    Even if you’re years into your platform journey, there are still things to learn about turning your platform into a business with the potential to augment and even replace your income. We’ve created content specially for people in these advanced stages of platform building.

  4. My budget is tight. Right now the cost for Platform University is just thirty dollars a month. Practically anyone can offset that expense by trading several cups of coffee or a couple of books each month.

    But if budget is your concern, now’s the time to act. I’ve held the price this period, but I’m raising the rate next time we open registration. If you join now, you’ll lock in the lower rate.

    Honestly, at under a dollar a day, it’s a steal—a small investment compared to the huge returns you’ll see. Beyond that, registration comes with a thirty-day money-back guarantee so there’s no risk.

  5. I can get this all for free on Google, right? You can find good platform information online—right here on my blog in fact. But the teaching you’ll find in Platform University is only available in the membership.

    We’re talking in-depth video instruction from experts on influence and impact like Don Miller, Amy Porterfield, Shauna Niequist, Brian Clark, Dr. Josh Axe, and many others. Not to mention the exclusive community of like-minded, highly motivated platform builders just like you with a venue to share and learn from each other.

    It’s also where you’ll get exclusive access to me and get your questions answered.

  6. I’m more of a creative. Platform building seems too programatic. I get this, but all creatives know there are rules and best practices they can adopt and benefit from.

    Platform University makes these best practices accessible and actionable for anybody with something to say or sell.

  7. I’m worried about applying it to my niche. I get this one too, but the truth is that the strategies and tactics of platform building apply to almost any niche.

    Entrepreneurs, pastors, marketers, salespeople, musicians, professional speakers, retailers—everyone will find something beneficial for their unique circumstances. If you’re looking to get an edge or a leg up, this is it.

  8. What but brick-and-mortar retail? Traditional retail has seen a ton of shifts as once-reliable forms of advertisement and marketing have fallen by the wayside.

    A platform is what every business needs to stay connected to their customers and two steps ahead of their competition.

  9. I’m just not ready yet. Maybe you’re not. But what are you waiting for? The best time to plant a tree is, as the old saying goes, twenty years ago. The second best time is today.

    Your message or product deserves a chance to have an impact, but that won’t happen until you start. You can go slow or full bore—the critical thing is to make a beginning and see where it takes you.

  10. I’m nervous about sharing my message. Who isn’t? We all risk something by being vulnerable and sharing our unique stories, solutions, and insights.

    But if you’re message matters to you and the world—and I believe it does—then holding back is almost selfish, isn’t it? We’re waiting for what you, and only you, can contribute.

What Other Are Already Saying

Beyond what I’m saying, the best response to what’s holding you back are people already taking advantage of what Platform University has to offer:





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If you’re serious about transformational growth for your message, landing a book deal, creating more financial freedom, making more of an impact in the world, and even getting a chance to spend more, not less, time with your family, there’s no better time to join Platform University.

Ninety-six percent of our members would recommend Platform University to a friend. The content is just that valuable.

But your opportunity to join is almost gone. Registration closes tonight after 11:59 p.m. Pacific. And the doors won’t open again till next year. Why wait to begin building the influence and impact you’re message was meant to have?

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