How Can Christian Leaders Get Started with Social Media?

Last April, I spoke at the Christian Leadership Alliance’s Annual Conference in San Diego, California. I spoke to the CEOs in attendance on the topic of “Social Media and Your Ministry.”

However, just prior to that, W. Scott Brown, the editor of Outcomes magazine, interviewed me on the topic of “How Can Christian Leaders Get Started with Social Media?” It was a 10-minute preview of what I covered with the CEOs.

Scott asked me seven questions:

  1. You have 75,000 followers on Twitter. What did you tweet about this morning?
  2. Is social media really that important? Do ministry leaders really need to be involved?
  3. Ministry leaders are busy. How much time does it really take?
  4. If a ministry leader has not gotten started with social media, is it too late? If not, what should he or she do first?
  5. If you already have a Twitter account or Facebook page, what’s next? How do you capitalize on social media? How do you keep it from being another form of spam?
  6. Why have you invested so much energy into blogging and should other leaders consider it?
  7. Where will ministries be in ten years if they engage with social media? if they don’t?
Question: How would you answer some of these questions?
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