How Outsourcing Can Free You Up to Do What You Do Best

This is a sponsored post by Casey Graham, the CEO of The Change Group. His company provides outsourced financial management services and bookkeeping to churches and small businesses. Casey is also an avid blogger.

I have heard it said that organizations are filled with two types of work: people work and paper work. Many leaders I meet with WANT to do people work but are STUCK doing paper work.

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Doing tasks are very important, but the role of a leader is to influence others to grow to their full potential. So, how do you deal with the tension of managing urgent tasks and spending the appropriate amount of time developing people over a period of time?

One word: Outsourcing.

It is old school thinking to believe that we have to do everything ourselves or have someone on our team to do it. The world is full of organizations that now exist to help leaders do what they need to do: LEAD!

The Change Group is built to help church and small business leaders never have to think about their bookkeeping and financial management ever again. Here are benefits of outsourcing tasks that can result in increased leadership.

  1. Hiring The Best For Half The Cost. When someone outsources to an organization, most of the time they get the expertise they need at a price they can afford. For instance, most of our churches would NOT be able to afford a Chief Financial Officer that helps them strategically navigate the future of funding their vision and mission. Now every church we work with gets HIGH-CAPACITY leaders for less than they can hire a part-time bookkeeper. That lifts the leadership capacity, and influence goes up immediately.
  2. Acquiring a Team vs. a Single Person. Outsourcing allows you to hire an entire team of people that work on your behalf. This is a huge benefit because the whole team never goes on vacation at the same time, giving you access 52 weeks a year! There are higher levels of accountability because multiple people are checking the work. The leader has to spend ZERO time training this team because this is what they wake up in the morning thinking about. This frees up the leader to lead and increases his leadership capacity.
  3. You Can Fire with Little Internal Consequences Let’s be honest: firing people is never easy. However, from time to time, it has to be done. It is far easier to fire someone for poor job performance that is not internally connected to your organization. In our organization this creates great urgency for us to make our clients raving fans. Knowing this benefit is true drives us to want to succeed at a higher level.
  4. Gives the Leader Energy. We know for our clients that most people leading organizations don’t wake up thinking about how to do better bookkeeping and increase financial leadership. A lot of leaders TRY to do this, but fail because it just drains them. When we take this burden off, the leaders and staff gain tremendous energy because they can live in their sweet spot. Trying to spend your time doing energy-draining activities COSTS you more than you think. The next level of growth in your organization might come through allowing others to do what they love, so you can do what you love.

To connect with Casey and The Change Group or for questions about outsourcing bookkeeping at your church or small business, click here.

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