How to Take the Hassle Out of Fundraising

Through the years, I have raised money for all kinds of projects: private schools, mission trips, even adoptions. It has always been such a hassle to promote and administrate. Until now.

Razoo is a new web service designed to make fundraising easier than ever before. It puts the “fun” back in fundraising. (Okay, maybe I am overselling a bit.)

It enables you and your team to:

  • Keep track of each team member’s progress.
  • Save time by eliminating all the paperwork.
  • Receive donations securely from your donors.

It really couldn’t be easier. Here’s how it works:

  1. Set-up your team. As the team leader, you simply create a team page and then invite others to join you. Team members then create their own fundraising pages, using Razoo’s simple but elegant user interface. They can even add photos and videos. Using Razoo, you and your team members stay connected throughout the whole fundraising process.
  2. Launch your promotion. Once you are ready to launch your project,Razoo provides all the tools necessary to promote your page in today’s world of email and social networking. No more printing support letters, stuffing envelopes, and licking stamps. Everything is done electronically. Every Razoo page is built to share on Facebook, Twitter, and email, making it easier for fundraisers to reach their networks of family and friends.
  3. Let Razoo handle the record-keeping. The best news for you? No more paperwork. Razoo handles all the tax-deductible receipts, sending a receipt to each donor’s inbox immediately after they donate. Razoo also gives you a downloadable Excel spreadsheet telling you where every dollar has come from and what page it came through.

What does it cost? Razoo charges a minimal flat fee of 4.9%. That’s a mere 49¢ for every $10.00 you raise—about as cheap as it gets. This fee includes full credit card processing. (In case you are interested, Razoo pays 2.9% to its credit card processor and provides their service for only 2%.) By the way, Razoo is waving its 2% fee for all teams that sign-up before September 1, 2011.

Why raise money the old-fashioned way? You are just a click away from experiencing the power of Razoo first-hand.

Question: What would Razoo make possible for your organization. You can leave a comment by clicking here.