99 Resources to Make Your Personal and Business Life Hum

“There aren’t enough hours in the day.”

It’s a phrase I hear all the time. I’ve even said it myself.

We’re all busy. We’ve got long to-do lists and a short amount of time to tackle them.

Yet many people accomplish audacious goals and achieve great things — in the same number of hours a day that you and I get.

The secret?

Using the right tools.

When I have the right tool, app or software, I can save hours of my time. I can create better quality content. And I can enjoy my work more.

In fact, as a busy blogger, podcaster, author, speaker and consultant, I get asked all the time about the tools I use to get it all done.

So I decided to write a simple ebook with all of them.

It’s called Inside My Toolbox: 99 Resources That Will Make Your Personal and Business Life Hum.

In this brief, to-the-point resource, you’ll discover:

  • The word processor I use for all my writing—books, blog posts, podcast outlines, speeches—everything. Hint: It’s not Microsoft Word.
  • The online system I use to manage my automated marketing campaigns. This tool has made me tens of thousands of dollars over the last year.
  • The WordPress plugin I use to optimize my blog posts, making them SEO-friendly and more likely to get a higher ranking in Google.
  • The software I use to manage my seven-figure membership site. It’s surprisingly inexpensive—and effective.
  • The earphones I use for running. They have a unique design that keeps them in my ear, so they won’t fall out.
  • The software package I use to edit audio files. It’s like having a recording studio at your fingertips. Seriously!
  • The microphone I use in my podcast, along with all the other audio equipment.
  • The utility software I install first on any new computer. It enables me to start applications, find files, and launch workflows.
  • A simple application I use to backup my computer in the cloud. It works quietly in the background, insuring that I never lose anything important—and I haven’t in years.
  • The online program I use to document workflows, so I can share them with my colleagues and virtual assistants, making my team more efficient and effective.

And eighty-nine more. I have organized my tools into eight categories:

  1. Blogging
  2. Personal Development
  3. Podcasting
  4. Productivity
  5. Social Media
  6. Speaking
  7. Video
  8. Writing

99 resources that will make your business and personal life hum

Here’s the thing:

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Sorry, this eBook is not currently available.

All you need to do is fill in the form on the top right-side of this page. Once you do that and confirm your subscription, I will email you the download link to this amazing, FREE resource.

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You’ll never find any more hours in the day. But you CAN make the most of the time you do have.

Don’t waste any more time using the wrong tools. Get my free ebook now and find the tools that can transform the way you work and help you achieve big goals in your personal and professional life.

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125 thoughts on “99 Resources to Make Your Personal and Business Life Hum

  1. Thanks a lot Michael for sharing this invaluable book. Now no one has any reason to say ‘time is too short’.

  2. Michael, thank you for the Toolbox gift! As a visual learner, I appreciate the clean format and sharp graphics. The summaries are precise and helpful. That Evernote scanner is on my wish list!

  3. Thanks Michael :) I’m using many of the tools you list based on your recommendations! Much appreciated!

  4. This is a great list of resources. You have become one of my goto’s for resources such as these. Thank you!

  5. Michael, great job with the new ebook. The layout is clear and engaging. The content is excellent. I always check your “toolbox” list whenever I need something. Thanks for making this information available.

  6. Great stuff. Thanks for sharing this and allowing others to benefit from your research and experience.

  7. Thank YOU, Michael. The information you offer always adds value, and I am grateful for the opportunity to learn.

  8. Thanks for putting this together! I noticed you did not list HootSuite as one of your social media tools, but I have seen you recommend it before. Do you still recommend HootSuite or do you feel like it is no longer necessary with the other programs you use? Thanks!

  9. As a fellow toolbox-junkie, I really appreciate this concise and organized list. I’m checking out some of these resources this week.

  10. I love this, and it inspires me to want to create a similar e-book. I have a resource page on my blog, but I think this would be a great compliment to it.

  11. Wow! Tremendous resource for everyone from the tech newbie to the tech savvy. Thank you so much Michael for your generosity!

  12. Wow! Great toolbox and well organized. Thank you for sharing it with us. Feel really blessed by it.
    Visually is so clear and in an organized way.

  13. Michael, this is another great resource! I love the simple, clear layout. My only suggestion would be to consider numbering them 1-99. I was surprised when I got to the end! Thanks for putting this out though, I had been wondering what some of your video tools were.

      • Glad if it helps.

        The other thing I wanted to comment on is how awesome it was for you to take the initiative to let your existing subscribers know about the new eBook!

        The only other time I can remember something like that was with the Lee Valley woodworking/gardening business here in Canada (they’re both online and brick-and-mortar). I had a letter from them one day with a cheque (that would be a “check” for you Americans) enclosed. They informed me they had dropped the price on a product I had bought the previous year and were refunding me the difference! That was a Wow experience!!

  14. Thank you for once again sharing valuable content that can be applied to my life and my small business. I am so grateful for your generosity.

  15. Dear Coach Hyatt, time after time you and your team keep breaking new ground with delivering next level content that is both valuable and organized in a way that’s simple to consume. I’m a big proponent of “just in time leaning” – your back catalog of content makes referencing specific topics a breeze.

    Thank again Coach Hyatt

  16. Thanks for this resource, Michael! I frequently refer to your “Inside My Toolbox” page on your site, and it has become very valuable to me.

    I’ve already scanned through the eBook, and this seems like the resource I’ll continue to refer to as I’m continue to grow my platform through different stages.

    Thanks again for sharing another very valuable tool!

  17. Michael, Thanks for this great resource. I was intrigued to see that you are using a DSLR for your video recording. Do you use an external microphone as well? Thanks. Robb

  18. If these 99 apps were money in the bank, I think I just became a millionaire! Thanks for the proven resources Michael!

    • More accurately…….” If these 99 TOOLS were money in the bank, I think I just became a millionaire! Thanks for the proven resources Michael!

  19. What an incredible resource, Michael! Thank you for sharing it. I created something similar for the SheBrand audience a few years ago, but you’ve inspired me to take it up a notch and create an updated, more robust version.

  20. THANK YOU.
    A great resource to kill that dragon named FEAR. As a retired person, I have been procrastinating with the idea of writing for web readers but have been afrad to go too far with any particular technology in case it turned out to be the wrong one.
    Your book has confirmed most of the tools that seemed to be the best choices from my research and opened my eyes to so many more that will be needed to start blogs, write ebooks and create websites.

    I am just beginning to see that it is possible to become a writer.
    Thank you for sharing. I hope to follow your example.

  21. Thanks for adding value to your subscribers :) Very generous of you. We’ll look into some of these; some we already use; for others, we would choose alternative tools fitting our preference, but it is great to see what experts use. We always love how down-to-earth you are! For personal development — I will give a non-paid plug for the DailyAudioBible.com (just launched their app too). Reading alongside this podcast has been a most unique experience, and makes the stories come alive. Brian Hardin’s commentary is thoughtful, truthful and down-to-earth as well.

  22. Michael, thank you so very much. IYis rare to find someone who continues to give for no other reason than to help others out. This is just one example of what you continue to do for us. God bless you. (I can’t wait to have fun with this toolbox!)

  23. Michael, thank you so much for this book. It has many useful tools in it – some I already know/use and others that I will definitely look into. What a wonderful share….

  24. Thank you Michael for sharing. You are a great inspiration and an amazing resourceful motivator!

  25. Love the format! I’ve always been introduced to new tools from you, and I’m excited to absorb the entire book to see what else I could be using to make myself more productive. Thanks!

  26. Great resource! Since I think the PC platform has the largest market share, however, perhaps you might consider a separate or side-by-side listing of similar products or alternate versions of these same products that are PC-compatible. I’m pretty sure most, if not all, of these same products you’ve listed also offer PC versions, but it would be nice to know up front, without having to check on each one individually. Thanks again, and may God bless you!

  27. Thanks Michael, this is wonderful..I have been using a couple of those tools, and sure to adapt a few more of them.

  28. I’ve heard you talk about most of these things through your podcast, blog, or Platform U. But, having everything in one place is quite useful. You continue to amaze me. Blessings your way.

  29. Wow. Excellent curation in a beautiful layout. Imagine a world were all of these were integrated into one service.

  30. Your ebooks are incredibly clean, clear and visually appealing…are you formatting and doing all graphics yourself? Would love to know what software you use! ;) Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to pulling such a resource together! :)

  31. Thanks for sharing your tools, Michael! This will save me a lot of time in looking for the best ones. How do you find the time to learn all of these apps if your primary activities are writing, speaking and consulting? Which apps do you use and which ones do you delegate? Would you be willing to share your document workflows from SweetProcess?

    • Providing resources and tools is a key part of my job. I use all the apps I write about. In some cases, I may not use them as extensively as my team does (e.g., Infusionsoft), but I use them. I can’t share all my document workflows, because they contain too much proprietary information. However, I documented my process here and provide an example.

      • Michael, thanks for the process documentation example of delegation and the Sweet Process example of a Skype interview. This solidified my understanding of Sweet Process.

  32. You continue to out-do yourself. THE best, most practical and helpful resource book I’ve seen and, when you working online, one encounters dozens of these in a month. Incredibly helpful and my print out, I’ll be keeping on my desktop – the best testimonial I can give. :-)

  33. I LOVE this!!!!! I knew about many of them, but there are some that I had never heard you speak of before. Thank you, Michael, for your generosity to us. Some of these tools will save me a ton of time. I’m going to use BoxShot3D right away.

  34. WOW, this was a very extensive list and overwhelming for a new person to social media. A lot to learn for sure. Thank you for sharing and giving me an idea of what a successful person is all managing on a daily basis.

  35. A very thorough list. Thank you. Although making it all work is quite hard for the technically challenged. I downloaded MailChimp and got stuck on the first step…(What can I say?). I have only used (and I say that in the loosest sense) what came with WordPress when I started my blog.Love to write…hate the tech! Don’t know how to proceed from this point. But, thanks for sharing, maybe someday I can use them.

  36. Fantastic e-book! I had some random stickies with notes I jotted down during one of your podcasts on productivity apps. I am so happy to have the entire toolbox at my fingertips! I really appreciate this important resource, and will spread the word to my friends and colleagues. Thanks so much!

  37. Michael – I believe you can “read” one’s heart by watching how un-concerned they are about giving away information-experience they paid a price to receive-earn. Your information is always so good, and it is obvious you accept 0% of the concept that world is a zero sum game…more of you get what you give. That is leadership. Thanks for the ebook and your continued work…may it come back to you tenfold!

  38. This is a great comprehensive resource. Very very useful. I will definitely be making use of the information in it.

  39. Michael,

    Thanks for this amazing tool! I have a couple questions though. Do you use Feedburner or MailChimp to manage the blog subscriptions and updates to your subscribers? Which one would you recommend if I am just getting started as a blogger and need a way to manage and update subscribers? Thanks!

  40. Thanks so much! What a useful resource. I’m glad I subscribed.! From the quick look through, I already found some jewels I’ll be taking advantage of, specifically, Why Now is the Best Time to be an Author. Thanks, again.

  41. Just downloaded this ebook. I have been following you about a year or so and I believe, over that time, you have convinced me to use many of these tools and for that I thank you. I reflect back on how I did things versus what I do now versus what I will be able to do in the near future. Again, many thanks.

    • You can’t yet, unless you are a Platform University member. However, I will be making an announcement on Monday or Tuesday about how to get theme later this month.

  42. Michael or team, I am interested in designing a course similar to “Best Year Ever” called “Ignition” for churches who want to experience a life on life missional discipleship movement and need some help. Have you written a summary of how it was designed? Our ministry can do the video production but I am curious about software and plugins for website. Thanks.

  43. Dear Michael,

    Thanks a lot for your e-book which I find very helpful. Also I am using PC and Microsoft
    with Outlook’s RSS feed. I found two things I will try:
    – Blubrry to find out if I can integrate “normal” audio files
    – focus@will

    If ever I will make podcasts I will remember your list and let you know.

    I use Chrome as well since it is useful if you want to develop things. What I do not
    like is that it cannot be configured to trash all history on closing of the browser and that the rendering is not as good as on Safari and Microsoft Explorer.

    Google Analytics is indispensible for statistics.

    My newsletter tool is a professional CRM which is available for a small fee. It is
    easy to handle and the templates can be customized (important for all branding)
    I run two blogs on WordPress templates which I adapted to my needs (I know a bit of web
    programming since IT is my bread and butter)

    One blog is about management and philosophy (hexameter.net) in English and German and the
    other one is about style, style Icons and their history (stilettissimo.com).

    Meanwhile I am looking forward to reading from you.

    All the best


    • Looks great so far!!! I have a lot of learning to do, but your information looks so very helpful. Thank you Michael! I also was unaware of your viral Evernotes post, so I cannot wait to learn how to better utilize this tool. Your kindness is so greatly appreciated!

      May many blessings be returned to you for sharing so much helpful information with us!

      ~Angie Prince/”MotherGrieving”

  44. I love how quick it is to find something. I was hoping you might have something to replace the Snipping Tool, which I lost when I went to Windows 8. I will try the screen capture tool you have in your tool box.

  45. Thanks Michael .
    God Bless you and your family. This is very helpful .
    Shelliton Kibuuka

  46. This is an amaizing treasure.Thanks for sharing and making posible that people like me can have this invaluable resource.

  47. Exceptional. Thank you for sharing. Having built a highly successful conference biz, and having many leading authors speak at my events, for example Malcolm Gladwell. Marcus Buckingham etc. I am at the beginning of formulating my strategy to becoming a New York Times best selling author.

  48. My son told me about your website because I’ve encountered wireless connectivity problems on my new MacBook Pro. Nobody seemed to be able to resolve my problem (lost wireless signal; unable to reconnect to internet) until I read your solution. Less than 10 minutes later my problem was resolved. Thank you. Steve

  49. I am so happy I have this, Michael..its really a great resource. Let me ask, I really need more books from you

  50. Thank you for the great resource. In addition to the valuable content, it is also very aesthetically pleasing. Do you also create the look and feel or is that part of it something that you outsource?

  51. I believe you have a typo in your Toolbox eBook under the section for Day One journaling. (“I never could never journal…”). Cheers!

  52. Curious, did you use BoxShot 3D for the cover page and the graphic in this post?
    I’m surprised because I didn’t think it could do horizontal covers. If it can, I’m buying it today!!

    Great eBook…….thank you.

  53. I’ve been enjoying your “This Is Your Life” podcast and finally decided to commit and subscribe to your content via email. Really glad that I did as this Toolbox is a great reference point for me and also provides a stellar example of something similar that I could create for the audience that I am building through my own platform.

  54. Thank you for sharing all that information included in your Toolbox. It looks very equipping and encourages me toward establishing a blog that I’ve been contemplating and too long procrastinating in just getting started. Your Toolbox is very clearly presented and I am thankful for all of it.

  55. Excellent compendium. Even though I am already tech savvy, it will save me tons of time researching these tools. Further, agree with your assessment of those tools with which I am already familiar.

    Only caveat is that I’m mainly PC (laptop and Surface for real-time handwritten notes) with Apple (MacBook & iPad) secondary. May be worth noting that OneNote from Microsoft is a worthy Evernote competitor. It has become cross-platform. Main advantage for me is electronic handwriting abilities on Windows tablets, Surface, and convertible laptops – I’m largely paperless now.

    I long for genuine handwriting on the iPad, at which point I will likely join you in Appleland.

    Thank you for the information!

  56. Thank you so much for offering this eBook, I cannot wait to dig into it! I’ve been trying to figure out on my own how to get started with all of this, with no success, being a techie newbie and all. Again, thank you!

  57. I have just downloaded your tool box gift and WOW ! I have children’s
    stories, poems and one novel just sitting on my shelves .. THANK YOU and look out here I come world :)

  58. Great resource! Thanks for pulling it together. I use many of these, but there are some great ones that I’ve not yet tried. Thanks again!

  59. Thanks for sharing this awesome tool box with many resources that I was not even aware of. Very professionally presented as well – short and no hype. Thanks again.

  60. Thanks so much! I’ve heard of many of these and use some, but this definitely has expanded my knowledge. I’m keeping the PDF open for awhile to start implementing some of them. Question though: do you use Mail with a VA as well? I am currently debating if I need to switch to Gmail to allow a VA to help me with mail.

  61. This e-book has made my life so much more efficient. It is helping me build a #platform that will change lives. Thanks again @michaelhyatt for bringing great resources! Thanks.

  62. Thank you, Michael. I’m a recently new follower of yours and find myself leveraging many of the same tools. I’m looking forward to testing and adding many more on your list to my toolbox!

    I’m curious, do you view social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn as tools for your toolbox or for content distribution only?

  63. Michael, loved your e-book! I’ve used some of the same tools, but many I hadn’t heard of, so thanks a lot.

    Thanks for all the value you’re adding, and congratulations for taking that step of faith and following your dream! Congrats on all your success!! You deserve it!

  64. Michael,
    Happy New Year! Do you update the Toolbox book from time to time? And if so, how can those who previously downloaded it find out about changes? Thanks for this valuable resource.

  65. TOOLKIT? Seems more like my neighbors well organized garage. The guy to know with the right tool, for the right job, at the right time! Thank you Sir!

  66. Michael you are a huge blessing!! Truly an answer to my prayers!! I am so motivated and so much more focused and organized to achieve my goals now.

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