A Comprehensive Blueprint for Launching Any Product or Service

Get This FREE 22-Page Mind Map from Jeff Walker While You Can

I’ve told you about how Jeff Walker revolutionized my marketing. I use his launch strategy on every product I release. Why? Because it works like nothing I’ve ever seen.

Right now Jeff is offering a free mind map that takes you behind the scenes to see exactly how he does marketing. It’s called Product Launch Blueprint, and it comes with a full-length training video that walks you step by step through this extraordinary resource.

When I opened the Blueprint I was floored. It doesn’t matter if you’re for-profit or nonprofit, if you’re an entrepreneur or a “wantrepreneur,” if you’ve got an established business or are dreaming up your very first product. Along with the training video, this twenty-two page downloadable PDF will help you shortcut to success almost immediately.

Jeff’s Product Launch Blueprint totally free. But you’ll want to move fast because it’s only available for a limited time. Get it today and you’ll discover:

  • The big picture strategy and all the tactical applications you need for your unique product offer.

  • The nine types of product launches—we rely on #3, #4, #8, and #9—and the foolproof sequence to follow for maximum impact.

  • Why you don’t have to have a major email list to get started. (And here’s what’s cool: the launch will actually help you build your list!)

  • The key elements of an irresistible offer and how you can create one for your launch.

  • Plus a full roster of apps, tools, and resources for every aspect of your launch: audio, video, webinars, surveys, merch accounts, and more.

If you know Jeff, you probably also know that his Product Launch Formula has created literally hundreds of millions in online sales. Forbes actually calls him the $400 million man. And now, thanks to this free resource, you can see how he and his students (like me) succeed launch after launch.

Get the Product Launch Blueprint before Jeff closes the window.

Question: What would a proven product launch formula make possible in your business?

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