Wanted: Life Plan Examples for My New Book

My next book will be The Life Plan Manifesto (working title), co-authored with my good friend, Daniel Harkavy. I am currently in the Colorado Rockies writing my part. I don’t think I have ever been this excited about a book project.

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If you are a subscriber to my blog, you are no doubt familiar with my ebook, Creating Your Personal Life Plan. For the last few years, I have given it away as an incentive for subscribing to my blog. So far, it has been downloaded 238,151 times.

I don’t know how many people have followed through in actually writing a life plan, but I assume thousands, if not tens of thousands. If you are one of them, Daniel and I need your help.

What We Need

In one of the appendices, we want to include four sample life plans, written by people from different walks of life. Nothing is more instructive than seeing real examples written by real people.

We’d also like to create a “Gallery of Life Plans” on a new website we are creating. We want to tag these, so that people can search for those written by people in similar circumstances to their own.

If life planning has been helpful to you, this is your opportunity to inspire thousands—perhaps tens of thousands—of people with your example.

What You Need to Do

If you are willing to help, please take these four simple steps.

  1. Use the template provided in my original ebook. Here’s a blank Microsoft Word template to get you started. Or, if you prefer, an iWork Pages template.

  2. Send your life plan to us via email. To make it simple, just click here. You can either attach a Word, Pages, or PDF document—it doesn’t matter.

    Warning: Please don’t worry about spelling, grammar, or even formatting. None of this matters. The important thing is the substance not the form. We will do a little clean-up on our end, if necessary. Don’t worry about getting it perfect.

  3. Tell us your life circumstances. Be brief. We only need a sentence or two, but we want to be able to tag these appropriately. Please include your gender, current job, marital status, and number and ages of children. For example:

    • “Male. Mid-level executive with a medium-sized manufacturing company. Divorced. Two kids, ages 12 and 10.”

    • “Female. Stay at home mom. Married. Three children, ages 14, 12, and 9.”

    • “Male. Small business owner in the restaurant industry. Divorced and remarried. Four children (combined), ages 21, 19, 15, and 12.”

    • “Male. College student. Single. No children.”

    • “Female. CEO of large publishing company. Single. No children.”

  4. Give us permission to use your life plan. We will only use your first name or, if you prefer, an alias (i.e., a fake first name). In the body of the email write, “You have my permission to use it in your new book or on your website.”

What’s In It for You

You’re probably the kind of person who is happy to help with no expectation of return, but Daniel and I want to make it worth your while. Here’s what you will receive if you participate.

  1. A Sense of Contribution. This is an opportunity for you to impact the lives of other people. Your life plan could be the very thing that makes someone else say, “I can do this!” This could literally be the turning point in their life.

  2. An Advanced Readers Copy (ARC). If we use your life plan in the book or the website, we will send you an autographed ARC of the book when it is ready later this year—several months before it is available to the public.

  3. Your Name in the Book. We will include your name in the book’s official Acknowledgments. We will say something generic like, “Thanks to [list of people] for their contribution to this book. You inspired us with your generosity.”

  4. A Spot on the Launch Team. When we get ready to publish the book, we plan to recruit people to help us. When I launched my book, Platform, 786 people applied to be part of the launch team. I only picked one hundred. In exchange for their help, I gave them several bonuses. You don’t have to serve on the The Life Plan Manifesto launch team, but we’ll reserve a spot should you want it.

Finally, to receive these items, we need to receive your life plan by July 31, 2013. Daniel and I can’t wait to review what you have created!

Question: Have you written a life plan? If so, how has it impacted your life? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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