Life Plan: Designing the Life You’ve Always Wanted

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Quick Summary

Few people have a plan for their life. Most are passive spectators, watching their life unfold, one day at a time. Others, unconsciously follow someone else’s agenda, unaware their life has been hijacked. In this presentation, I explain how to go from reactive to proactive and develop a plan for accomplishing those priorities that matter most.

Presentation Outline

A life plan is a short, written document created by you for you. It contains your answers to three powerful questions:

I conclude with an inspirational challenge: Your life is a gift. But it’s up to you whether or not you will make a difference. Chose wisely.

Target Audience

Organizations who want to communicate to their employees and other constituents that they are concerned about work-life balance. I have spoken on this topic to a wide array of audiences—credit unions, life coaches, mortgage bankers, mommy bloggers, university students, business consultants, small business associations, and churches.

Possible Formats

This presentation can be delivered as a keynote or workshop, ranging from 30–60 minutes long, depending on your needs. The ideal keynote length is 45 minutes.

Intended Outcomes

  • Audience members will be convinced—and inspired—that creating a life plan is essential to living life well.
  • Audience members will have a simple but effective framework for life planning that has enabled thousands of people to design the life they have always wanted.
  • Audience members will leave with practical, actionable steps they can implement imme-diately.

Topic Authority

  • My e-book, Creating Your Personal Life Plan, has been endorsed by more than thirty top leaders and bestselling authors, including John Maxwell, Dave Ramsey, and Andy Stanley. It has been downloaded more than 100,000 times.
  • I created my first life plan more than a decade ago. Since that time, I have written and spoken extensively on the topic. Daniel Harkavy, CEO of Building Champions, and I are currently working on a new book entitled, The Life Plan Book (forthcoming, 2013).
  • My weekly podcast, This Is Your Life, is focused on life planning topics. It is consistently ranked as one of iTunes top ten business podcasts with more than 28,000 weekly listeners.

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