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If you are a public speaker, you owe it to yourself to check out PodiumCue. It is a simple app that manages your speaker notes. You use simple swipe gestures to move from point to point. The color coding makes it possible always to know where you are in your talk. It is incredibly easy to use.

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3 thoughts on “PodiumCue

  1. How would you use something like this with PowerPoint (or your favorite software)?  Right now, I save my document/sermon with the PPT Pic (downsized) in it.  So, when I hit my next point, I know to go to the next PPT slide.
    So, how (if at all) do you use this app with your other presentation software?
    Tim Dahl

  2. Thanks Michael.  I will immediately check this app out.  This sounds awesome!  Currently I use my Ipad Mini and either a Keynote slide deck or “Pages” and just scroll.  I look forward to playing with the features of this apps.  I’ll report back my results of using it next month at a conference that I am speaking at.

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